Why I Write

I read a lot of science fiction.  Now I would like to write a little of my own as pay back for all the great and not so great stories that I have read.

I have posted my first two novels, A New World and A New Life, as well as six short stories in my series, Adjacent Worlds.  I have started on the third book that start five years later.

UPDATE April 15, 2014

I have posted AJW ANW chapters 1-16 at sfwritingbyedp along with a star map for first 5 worlds on the Hand and the location of the major species.  Also adding hyperlinks to Google Maps for places in the story.  Check out location and date headers for links. (CH 1-4 & 16 so far.  Just doing first time mentioned not all of them.  Still working on first of the conflicts with the Nartak for Book 3.  I am posting cleaned up chapters and all new chapters at


WordPress has improved again so that it would take longer to post a chapter.  It was taking over an hour.  Google sites takes a couple of minutes.  I use to dread adding or updating a chapter.  Now it is simple with Google sites.  More time for writing (in the time I have to work with.)  I will also be using more hyperlinks.

On WordPress, I have a second series Young Again.  I will post the last chapter (40) of book 2 in the next few weeks.  All new chapters will be at


In the past, I have also posted some of this material in the Slush Pile at bar.baen.com.  Since there you post it and can not correct it afterwards when comments tell me of mistakes, the better copies of my writings are here where I can make correction.  Also here and at Google sites, I am able to use more than plain text.  Hyperlinks in the stories lead to additional information.

I am most interested in an online presentation of the novels so that I can have links to background information (maps, character information, references to location, short stories, etc.)

Key to colors in text:

  • Link to information either on this blog or elsewhere or between chapters – Balerno
  • Mental communication or thoughts – I can hear his thoughts. (I have discontinued the addition of color for mental communication which will only be distinguished by italics.)
  • News stories, etc. – The Scotsman, May 18, 1999 – Douglas Richards – obit for Dame Alice Farwell Maclaren