Ch 11 The Football Team

Football Practice Field, Stanford University
Palo Alto, California, USA
Friday August 6, 1999

Ben and Mary entered the football practice field followed by the other members of AU Team 1.  With them were Charlotte and Eugene Tuttle of the California Team 1.  Claire had contacted the local California team leads to let them know that they had found some Life-Mates that should be on a team.  She had explained Sherry and Jane also and that they were joining AU Team 1 so they could study under Marie.  She also mentioned their hunch that the Stanford football team may lead to additional Life-Mates that should join the California teams.

They made their way to where the girl friends of the players were seated.

We make it to be five additional sets of Life-Mates that should be on teams.  Claire told the Tuttles.

Five sets of Life-Mates!  That is more than we need to complete our Team.  We may need to start another Team.  California Team 1 was an anomaly from most other teams, which tended to be mostly under thirty.  Of their seven sets of Life-Mates, the youngest was in their late thirties.

Coach Marcus Peterson had been surprised when Jamie O’Neill had told him who would be showing up at the practice today.  He hadn’t really heard any of the other names after Ben’s name.  So, Ben Tohe was going to be at the practice to give him some help.  With Tohe, they could have won the Pac-10 and a major bowl bid.  Maybe even a national championship.  Went out to Arizona to watch him play but he ignored everyone that was scouting him.  Then he injures himself on a skateboard, but the kid that I saw playing wouldn’t have done that unless he was hit by a truck from behind.  That winter, he was jogging around campus.  Offered him a position on the team and he says that he wasn’t interested in football.  We’ll listen to what he has to say then I’ll tell him to get lost.

Coach Peterson hadn’t seen Ben and the other Team members enter the practice area, but he had seen the effect on his football team.  Players had stopped and were staring at the stands.  Five were actually heading towards the stands.

Jamie went over to talk to the coach.  “Coach, they’re here.  We can go over and I’ll introduce you to them.”

“I know Ben Tohe.”

“Yes, sir.  I meant Claire Clarke, Nancy Tohe, and the Maclarens.”

Marcus Peterson spun around and looked at the visitors.  He saw Claire, Nancy, and Robert talking to the five players that had left the field.  What is going on!  “Yes, introduce me.”

They hurriedly walk over to them.

“Coach Marcus Peterson, I would like to introduce you to Claire Clarke, Nancy Tohe, and Robert Maclaren.”

Marcus Peterson had noted a change in O’Neill’s voice when he said the boy’s name.  It was almost as if he respected but feared him.  “Glad to meet you but I am running a practice here and we don’t have time to stop and gab.”

“Coach Peterson, I would appreciate it if you would allow us to ‘stop and gab’ with the players.”  Charlotte Tuttle had been standing to the side while Claire and the others had talked to the players and their life mates.

Marcus Peterson recognized the voice.  Charlotte Tuttle, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees.  He looked over and saw her standing with her husband.  What is she doing here?  “Doctor Tuttle, what brings you to our practice?”

“Oh!  A little recruiting.”  Charlotte saw the confusion on the Coach’s face and smiled.  “Claire contacted me about the possibility of some new members for the Team we’re setting up.  We hadn’t expected to find six sets of Life-Mates.  It looks like we will have to make some changes in the Team.”

“What team?”  Marcus was still thinking football.

“One of the action Teams that we are setting up around the world.  You have done a great job of recruiting.”  Claire turned to Charlotte.  “We are expanding the size of our Teams.  We see the need to have larger teams so that Life-Mates can go inactive when they have other things that will affect their ability to participate on a Team.”

“Yes, we do want the football players to be able to play football.”  Charlotte agreed.

“Yes, it should be interesting to see how six players with top level abilities will affect the effectiveness of the football team.  We need to work with them and their abilities.  We have been collecting a lot of useful suggestions that we will be going over with you and the other leads.  Including them and anyone else that may want to join us, in the discussion may prove helpful.”  Ben looked over the players and their Life-Mates.

“I think that you are missing something.  There are a lot more players than girl friends.  I think that not all the girls were able to be here.”  Nancy pointed out.  “We need to teach everyone here how to identify Life-Mates.  I believe that we may have less than half of them.  Some of the plays without girl friends here have strong abilities.”

Though it had almost taken a mutiny of the football team, Coach Peterson agreed to suspend practice until everyone was taught how to identify Life-Mates and a check was take for Life-Mates for the football team.  The teaching took less than ten minutes but the check for Life-Mates and contacting the indentified Life-Mates took over twice as long.

“Thirty-one of the players have Life-Mates.  Nineteen of them should join one of the Teams and two of those should be on science Teams not action Teams.”  Claire was very surprised by the results.

“The rest of the team has seen the changes in those with Life-Mates and are trying to figure out how to find their Life-Mates.”  Robert had been talking to a number of those players.

“Marcus has been convinced on the issue of Life-Mates.  He was all ready to end the practice but Sally won’t be able to get here until early evening.”  Charlotte had found that her sister and Marcus Peterson were Life-Mates.

“Coach Peterson, let us go out on the field and show you some of the differences that mental abilities can make in the game.”  Ben led everyone out on to the field.

“Let us make a big circle so everyone can see.”  The players, girl friends, coaches and the Team members made a big circle with Jason and Teresa in the middle with Ben.  “Now everyone is probably familiar with dodge ball.  The simple explanation is that you throw a ball like this and try to hit someone on the other side.  Well Jason and Teresa came up with a variation that we are going to demonstrate.”  He tossed the ball to Mary.  “Now we will put on our blindfolds.’  Once they had the blindfolds on, he told Mary.  ”Ok.”

Mary threw the ball at Jason’s feet.  He jumped letting the ball pass under him.  The next few throws were equally easily avoided.  Then Coach Peterson threw the ball hard at Ben who jumped into a flip and caught the ball while inverted and handed it to Teresa as he returned to his feet.

A hush came over the players.  Ben had been a quarterback, but he had shown with that catch that he was a better receiver than any that they had ever seen.

“We could have won a national championship.”  Coach Peterson voice was barely a whisper.

“That is one of the reasons why he didn’t want to play in college.  He never played any of his high school games full out.  If he had played, up to his ability in college he would have been too much him and not enough team.  He didn’t want that.”  Nancy told the coach.

“Let’s try a few passes.  Robert and Charles will be the receivers but with players on defense and the offensive line.  Mary and Brenda will be blocking backs and I will throw.  Touch only since we are not wearing pads.”  One of the players tossed him the ball, which he threw to Robert, who threw it to Charles.  “I am the only one of the five that has played football on an organized team.”

They lined up.  Ben surveyed the defense.  Charles three quick steps up and turn to you left.  I will fire it to you.  You should continue your turn and toss it to Robert who is cutting across behind you.  Brenda and I will be rolling left.  Robert, toss it to me underhand.  Mary you will force the man coming at you to the inside then you will take off running across the field to the right.  I will continue running to the left then I will throw it to Mary across the field.  Mary, when you catch it run up the side of the field as fast as you can.  The players should have all gone to the left so you should have no one over there with you.  If someone catches up with you, stepping off the field will end the play.  Ben suspected that Mary wouldn’t step off the field to end the play.  She was too competitive.  The others acknowledged the directions.  The whole communication had taken less than a second.

They lined up with Ben in a shotgun formation.  The ball was hiked.  Charles moved forward and suddenly turned while Ben and Brenda moved left.  Mary moved as if to run bodily into the rusher but side stepped and the rusher went sprawling.  Ben tossed the ball to Charles who immediately tossed it to Robert.  Robert took two more steps then tossed the ball back to Ben who continued quickly to the left until he was three steps away from his closest pursuer.  He then threw the ball to Mary, who was all alone across the field.

Mary ran down the field and across the goal line before anyone could catch her.  The players stared in amazement.

Ben gathered the coaches and all the players round and explained what he had done.  He communicated both mentally and verbally.  He ran three more plays and then handed the ball off to the starting quarterback.  Within four plays, the offense had improved their co-ordination in running plays.  Ben switched to teaching the defense, who quickly improved their co-ordination.

Ben walked over to Coach Peterson.  “I think you will surprise USC in the opening game.  I noticed Robert showing you how to co-ordinate with the other coaches.  You will be able to communicate with the players before and during a play.  You still will need a lot of experimentation and work to figure out how you want to run things.  I am not sure what else we have that may be helpful.”

“We can try teaching them how to sense medical conditions in a person.  With the number of Life-Mates that will be joining Teams there will be quite a few that will be able to learn the ability.”  Brenda suggested.

“Medical conditions?”

“Yes, you broke you arm when you were an adult.  It healed back but it looks like it hurts when the weather changes.  You have one pre-cancerous mole and scars that indicate that you have had two removed.  Now I am pre-med and have had further studies so most people will need to interpret what they sense, but breaks, sprains, and possibly concussions should be understandable.”

“That is amazing.  This will let us know when a player has a fracture so they won’t continue to play on it.  Why are you willing to teach us all these abilities?”

“Coach Peterson, I never had a dislike for football.  I just didn’t have the interest to play at the college level.  My interests are in understanding the universe.  Dr. White introduced me to Dame Alice’s Adjacent World Theory.  It provided a scientific basis, which tied in with my father’s heritage as well as my mother’s heritage.”

“I have been to every home game since I came to Stanford.  What we showed your players and staff today will help your football team and as well as the action Teams that we are setting up.  We need to know more about these abilities in a stressful environment.  What better way than with football.  In addition, you have a large number of players that will be on the action Teams.  This will give them practice with the abilities.

“No interests in playing football, but you were the best high school quarterback that I ever saw.  Today you showed how great you could have been, even without your mental abilities.”  Coach Peterson was having a hard time understanding Ben’s disinterest in playing football.

“Why should I play football and deny someone else who wants to play a chance to play?  I missed the combination of mental and physical challenges that you have in sports, but with the action Teams, I have found that plus the chance to explore and learn more about the universe.  In our Team, I am not the best athlete.  Not even the best male athlete and when the younger team members get older, I may not even be in the top half.”  Ben laughed at the surprised expression on Coach Peterson’s face followed by the realization of what he had seen now that he stopped being obsessed by Ben.

Most of the others with Ben were not American and half were female.  Only Charles might have played football but not on a team.  Mary in sneakers had beaten the pursuit to the end zone, even though one of the defensive backs had a good angle to catch her from his position up field.  Coach Peterson looked over at the young boy and girl.  He might be nine and she looked younger.  They had had no problem dodging the ball blindfolded even though it was thrown by adults.  Most kids their age would have had problems doing that without the blindfold.  He nodded his head in understanding.

Stanford University
Palo Alto, California, USA
Friday August 6, 1999

It had taken a bit of searching to find a lecture hall that had the correct elevation to allow a window to be set up to Mossly.  Permission to use the hall had been a minor outcome of the Whites and the Tuttles meeting with Stanford President Rice.  The news that Stanford was to be the gateway for relations with a new alien species on another new world had been greeted with much enthusiasm by President Rice.  A joint meeting of the board of trustees and the university senate was scheduled for Monday to discuss the development of plans for how to proceed with the Mossens.

Willy and Robert set up an extra table and the women brought in the extra chairs.  Sol had been surprised by the arrival of the leads from two of the Arizona teams and the Nevada team.  They had heard about the meeting from members of the California team and had decided to crash the meeting.  They had driven from the airport together and had arrived unannounced.

That they had been readily accepted and that the leads of the two Australian Teams had hurried to provide them with seats on the stage with the other leads had surprised all the US Team members.  Sol and Mei-Lei had greeted them and had asked them to join them on the stage.

After Sol and Mei-Lei returned to their seats, he addressed the assembled Team members.  “I am Sol White and this is my Life-Mate Mei-lei White.  We are in charge of off world exploration for the United States.  Before that, we taught here at Stanford.  We have been in Australia for the past couple of months.  We will be staying here but our three children will return to Townsville.  They are members of Australian Team 1.  I believe that this is the largest assembly of human team members that I have seen.  It is twice the number of human team members that we have on the three Australian teams that we have at Townsville.  Of course with all the Kin that are members of the teams along with the small number of Glazen and Swizz team members we have a larger group.  Now I would like the team leads to stand up and introduce themselves.  Tell us something about your team and about what you have been doing.  Let us proceed with Australia, Nevada, Arizona, and California.  California Team 1 will go last.”

“Robert Maclaren, along with my Life-Mates, Nancy Tohe and Clair Clarke, we lead AU Team 1.  Our team is larger than what was normal with seven apprentices, seven students, and four inactive human members.  We have two Glazen, two Swizz, and a large pack of Kin many of who are bonded to team members of other races.”

The Australian Teams will soon be getting students and some new members from teams around the world.  After they are trained, the students will be returning to their teams.  We just as I am sure you are doing continue to look at how we should be organized.”

“I am Willy Maclaren, Robert’s brother.  Together with Linda Steele, my Life-Mate and fiancée, we are the lead for Team 3.  We originally had not planned to come on this trip but we recently discovered Leroy Brown was Linda’s sister Mary’s Life-Mate.  We accompanied Mary on her trip to meet him.  The ability to know if people that you know or meet are Life-Mates is an ability that we will be teaching later.”

“James and Sally Flynn, Nevada.  I guess if we count the kids, we will have 23 members in our team.  We are interested in finding members for our Team from the other species.”

“Melissa and Rich Douglas, Arizona Team 1.  We live in Mesa on the east side of Phoenix.  Including the children, we have 37 members on the team.  We are mostly family like the Australians being that most of the team is LDS.  We are looking forward to learning about the windows first hand.”  She nodded towards the window set up to the side of the room.

“Julio Mendez, my Life-Mate is Martha Thomas.  We are the lead for Arizona Team 3.  We have six pair of Life-Mates on the team.  The team members have three children.  We are very interested in learning how to find Life-Mates.  Our brothers and sisters have not found theirs.”

California teams two through eight indentified themselves.  None mentioned anything special that they were doing.

“Marine Captain Linda Serrano and Lieutenant Marco Serrano.  Camp Pendleton.  The CA Team 9 includes twenty-two Life-Mates of which sixteen are Marines.”  She glanced at Sol, who nodded.  “I command a company which has been reorganized to include all the Marines on the team.  The Corps is setting up a Marine Expeditionary Unit to support us.  The ability to find Life-Mates may cause us to restructure the MEU.”

Sol could see the inclusion of a team inside a military unit was causing some concern among the other teams.  “The purpose of the MEU that Linda spoke of is for off planet action against the Nartak and Qoof.  It was felt that we would need more than teams when we come up against them.  The Marines are training to work in support of Teams when they run into problems on other worlds.  The Marines have led the exploration from Hawaii and they are finding that they need to change how they do things.  At Camp Pendleton, they are looking to put what is being learned into the training that they do there.”  He saw that his explanation had lessened the concern that had started to build up.  In fact, some of the Team members looked relieved.  “Charlotte, can you include what happened this morning in your presentation.”

“Charlotte and Eugene Tuttle, California Team 1.  We have sixteen members, eight sets of Life-Mates.  In contrast to Australian Team 1, we may have been the Team with the oldest average age.  We also had not been considering our children as members of the Teams, since most had left home.  Some are married and living out of state and some are in college.  Since we learned about finding Life-Mates this morning, we have found that five have Life-Mates.  Some may join a Team, but that is not where the big change to our Team occurred today.”

“Yesterday, the Australians ran into some of the Stanford football team.”  There was a stir from some of the players as they wondered how much would be said about that run in.  “They found that one of the players and his girl friend were Life-Mates that should join one of the Teams.  They wondered if there was other of the players who if they had Life-Mate might also join a Team.  Today my husband and I accompanied the AU Team 1 members to the football teams practice.  We identified twenty Life-Mate pairs that will be joining Teams.  This included Coach Marcus Peterson and my sister Sally McNamara.”

The Team members had known that there were a lot of big, young men in the assembly and now they realized who they were.

Sol stood up and raised his hands.  “For the next portion of the meeting, we will only communicate mentally.”  What we are going to tell you is only to be passed on to other members of you Team.  Do all of you agree to this?  Sol checked that everyone agreed before proceeding.  I suggest requesting that your teammates agree before telling them.  Some of this information we want to keep to the Teams.  We are also be shielding the room, against those outside reading any of what we will be discussing.  You will notice that the shield that we are using is more effective than that which most of you have learned.  This will be taught later when we teach some additional abilities.

The anticipation could be felt by those in the room as all mental communication was cut off from those outside the room.

We are Ben and Linda Tohe.  Nancy is our sister.  We were graduate students here at Stanford.  Now, we are members of the Australian Teams.  They briefly stood so that everyone could identify them.  On the day that the Australians and the British used windows to visit the four new worlds, we visited another world without using a window.  We were lucky that we didn’t die as Dame Alice did, for no one would have found our bodies.  We are also lucky that we found our way back.  Another who had stepped into another world before us did not return, but that is another story for another day.

Linda took over.  Ben was a physics doctoral candidate with Sol as his advisor.  He had believed in Dame Alice’s Adjacent World Theory from talking with Sol.  After we heard of her death, Ben was determined to prove her theory.  We combined the theory with what we had learned from our father and mother.  Some would call it mysticism.  What we came up with was the ability to step from this world to another without the use of a machine.  We just didn’t know what world it was.  We did notice that the world had three moons so later we knew it was not any of the four that were being explored.

The afternoon that my Aunt Alice died, we carefully went back to exploring the two worlds that they had successfully opened windows into before she died.  Robert told of the experimenting with the window that first day.  I found that I could sense an open window and after the window had been opened a number of times that I could sense the world on the other side.  I could sense how far underground on Friendship that the window was.  It was decided to try turning on the window with the settings off from the settings for Refuge.  Again, I, and now others, was able to sense the world without the window being open.  We next tried the settings for the world Frontier.  The settings were off and the window was on for an extremely short time.  Again, we learned to sense the world.  What we found was that we had been extremely lucky to not have had opened a window to Frontier from that location.  The window would have opened into the molten lava inside a volcano and the entire village would have been destroyed.

Everyone was intently following Robert’s tale.

We decided not to tell anyone about the ability to sense a window and the ability to learn to sense the other worlds.  Uncle Jess and Alyca came up with the design for the observation window, which would allow anyone to check for location to set up windows to the four worlds.

Nancy took over the telling of the story.  This week we returned to Ben and Linda’s apartment here at Stanford.  We set up and learned how to cross over to this other world as they had.  Scientific instruments were used to make measurements so that Marie could calculate the settings for a window to access this world.

While there, Brenda became aware of the approach of three aliens.  They were on a path to the clearing where the exploration squad was working.  We made plans to detain them so that they could not tell others about us.  My Life-Mates and I were to cross over behind them so that they could not get away, but they sensed something and stopped before they reached the clearing.  They were right at where we were prepared to cross.  We stepped to the other world, grabbed them, and returned with them.  We then disarmed them.

Claire told of what occurred with the aliens.  We with the three aliens were in Sherry and Jane’s apartment, down the hall from everyone else.  The aliens looked around in shock at where they suddenly found themselves.  When they saw the three of us, they dropped down to the ground with all four legs folded under them and with their two arms crossed across their body.  We had been monitoring their mental communication and understood that they recognized us, but the words that they said in their own language is what stunned us.  ‘We ask for the Guardians protection.’

She pauses to let the impact of the request be understood by all the Team members.

The three Life-Mates alternated telling about the world Mossly and the Mossen.  When they had finished the tale, Sol explained what they needed.

We need your help to find out what is happening on Mossly and who continues to restrict their technological advancement.  We suspect that it may be the Clar since it is similar to what happened on Kartan to the Glazens, but it could be some other alien race.  Not allowing species from Earth type worlds into space may be a way for them to defend against the Qoof.  Sol paused as Charlotte Tuttle raised her hand.  He indicates for her to speak.

Would not the Guardians be the better ones to deal with the Mossen?

Melissa Douglas from the AZ-1 answered.  Didn’t you sense how the three of them felt about the idea of being the Mossen Guardians?  That shows a lot of sense not to want to be put into the position of Guardians.

The three Life-Mates looked relieved that someone had understood the temptations they would face if they in fact became the Guardians.  That Melissa had sensed how they felt had been a surprise.  They had thought that they had kept their feelings out of their thoughts when they had spoken about the Mossen.

Claire explained what they had considered for dealing with the Mossen.  The three of us do not want to have to interact daily with a race that thinks of us as the Guardians.  We especially do not want to be tempted by having them think of us that way, but there may be advantages to having us in the background as the Guardians until we have them accepting all four races as there to help them.  The Glazen, the Swizz, and the Kin will have representatives here to work with you though the Glazen and Swizz will not be Life-Mated.  The Kin wish to check if any of you would bond with Kin as we have.  Kin bonds increase your mental capabilities.

“Kin Bonds” was heard from several people in the audience.

We have learned to identify Kin and Human bond pairs much as we do with Life-Mates.  We did not bring any of the Kin to whom our Team is bonded with us.  They along with others that are interested in the recent developments here will be here tomorrow.  We will begin checking if any of you have Kin with whom they can bond.  If you have any other members of your Teams that can be here in the next few days, we will be able to check for them also.  This includes teens and children.  All of us that came from Australia have Kin with whom we are bonded.

Claire nodded to Sol.  Mei-lei and I will take charge of US activity on Mossly.  We have discussed this with President Clarke and others in the administration and we all agree that the California Teams will be responsible for working with the Mossen and discovering who has been interfering with them.  The US will ensure that you are supplied with what you need to accomplish this.  The Marine MEU forming at Pendleton will be dedicated to supporting you.  Once they are equipped and trained, they will be deployed to this area, probably by basing them on the planet Refuge.

Leslie & Will Maclaren, my parents, will be here tomorrow to help in getting the local Teams set up.  My mother will be helping you to figure out what special items you will need and when we can make them available to you.  Special items include windows, AJ Power Generators, and the new equipment that we have developed for the new worlds.  In a few months, some of the new shuttles will be available for your use.  Also, personal financial help will be available to cover your work on the Team.  This is coming from the royalties and profits from the windows, AJ Power Generators, and other new items that we have.  There is not a lot of money available since we are also funding the work on the other worlds.  She will be able to explain it to you much better than I can.

Robert glanced over at Nancy, who shook her head no.  Nancy has had another of the hunches that have proven themselves over the last few months.  The Arizona and the Nevada Teams should work with the California Teams.  Their participation will be necessary on Mossly.

“Why?”  Melissa Douglas of AZ-1 asked.

With her question, Nancy lost her reluctance to speak about her hunch.  “You and yours will be critical to what must be done.  Do you have a daughter, Patricia?”

“Yes, she will be a freshman at ASU.”

“No she will meet her Life-Mate this weekend and they will study with us at John Cook University and train with our Team.  Once they have graduated, they will return and work on Mossly.”

“Her Life-Mate.”  Melissa voice was barely a whisper but Nancy had been watching her and knew what she said.

“She and the other children must be here tomorrow.  Tell your brother to see to it.  We will cover the costs.”  She shook herself.  “That is the strongest hunch that I ever had.  I even knew Patricia’s name.”  But not her Life-Mate’s!  The last she mentally told to her Life-Mates.

“Let us take a fifteen minute break.  When we return, we will teach the other abilities to you.”  Sol had been surprised at how Nancy had presented her hunch.  Usually she would interrupt and tell you.  It was also more detailed than any other of which he had heard.  He was not the only one to take notice of the difference.  We will have to discuss it later, if the three of them want to discuss it.


After learning to identify Life-Mates, everyone was asked to go through people they know and those in the meeting to check if they could identify any Life-Mates.  They were told that often the relatives of those who were part of a Life-Mate pair would also have Life-Mates and that they should start checking there.

Not long after they started checking, a tall blonde and one of the football linemen approached the Lawrences.  “Professor Lawrence, I found a Life-Mate pair.”  She was very nervous and kept glancing at the back of the room where the five youngsters sat on the floor holding hands.

Marie had been mental discussing Adjacent World Theory and the impact of Mossly and the other worlds that were in its group with her four apprentices, and had been surprised when John Harvey had mentally told her that the Life-Mate couple was walking towards them.  “That is very good.  You need to get them in contact with each other.”

“That is why I came over to talk with you.  They seem to be in a trance.”  The young women looked over at the children again.

Both Marie and John Harvey were surprised as they realized the implication of what the young women said.  KA, JJ, Less would you come down here.  We have someone that you should meet.  Marie had a sudden thought maybe we have another triple.  Jason and Teresa, would you also come down.

The call caused the five children to turn their heads as one.

When KA saw the young woman talking to her mother, she jumped up and runs down to them.  “You are Lisbeth Thorenson.  I saw you in the documentary that your parents did about dolphins’ interaction with humans.  I want to go to Sea World and talk with them and see the dolphins and the killer whales but we don’t have any time this trip.”

“Karen Alice, she has something to tell us.”  Marie was smiling.  She has a one-track mind sometimes.  Marie motioned the other children to come closer.

“You know me?”  Liz Thorenson was surprised that Karen recognized her from the documentary with which she had been in with her parents.

“I want to swim with dolphins like you did in the movie.”

“KA, Lisbeth has something to tell us.”  John Harvey knew that his daughter could go on for hours about dolphins.

“I think that we could arrange that for my brother Mike’s Life-Mate.”  Liz gave KA a hug.

“You could. …  Life-Mate?”  KA was focusing on something besides dolphins.  “Do you have a picture?  When can I meet him?  He is in San Diego with you parents.”  She turned her head to her father.  “Can we invite them to come up for the weekend?”

“Yes, we can.”  John Harvey extended his hand to the football player standing behind Liz.  “I am John Harvey Lawrence.  You are Lisbeth’s Life-Mate.”

“Dragan Berger.  Call me Dray not Dragon that is just my on field name.  Liz and I have been dating for over a year.  In May, when we learned the mind abilities we found out how close we really were.  We had not known that we were Life-Mates.”

“Both of your families should come here for Sunday.  You might have others in your family who we can help find their Life-Mates.”  Marie told them.


Later after the meeting and the discussions that had broken out afterwards, Sol brought up the need to discuss the hunch.  Nancy, we all should sit down and discuss your hunch that you had this evening.

Yes, we have been discussing it.  Claire tells Sol, Mei-lei, and the others on the Australian Teams.  We will do it Sunday morning.  All three sets of our parents will be here as well as O-dof, Alyca, Bruce, our Glazen and Swizz Team members, some of the Kin Team members and many more members of our Team.  We will also need to include the local Teams leads and some of their members.  We will discuss it, visit Mossly and see what is going on in the star system.  After which we may know more but probably not enough.  It will be a start though.

Your father will be here.  He was to address the UN about everything that had occurred in the last few months.  Sol knew that Dave and Sue had been monitoring the meeting through Claire.  He suspected that the Maclarens and the Tohes had been doing likewise through their children.  The UN felt that they should take control of the new worlds and especially the Teams.  Most everyone knew that was impossible.  The UN was strictly humans.  The new worlds were to be shared between the four species and the Teams would have members from all five species.  Three of those species were space faring and had multiple worlds.  No, the days of the UN were over but it was refusing to die.

Claire had not followed Sol’s private thoughts but she knew that he was thinking of her dad’s upcoming UN speech.  Mossly and the Mossen changed what is going on.  He needs to know how that will fit into things.  We had thought that he could just monitor things from Washington, but Nancy’s hunch shows that he will need to be here and participate.  He and Prime Minister Blake are switching their speaking times.  Dad will now address the UN on Friday and not Wednesday.
Sol laughed.  I knew things were going too smoothly the last couple of months.

Chapter 12  – New Studies at Stanford


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