Ch 12 New Studies at Stanford

Maples Pavilion, Stanford University
Palo Alto, California, USA
Saturday August 7, 1999
It was less than an hour before the start of Marie’s presentation when Linda Tohe and Nels Lawrence led the five Douglas siblings and their uncle, Marvin Stiles, into the room in the bowels of the Maples Pavilion.  While the six Arizonians were united with the older Douglas family members, the two AU-2 Life-Mates joined the AU-1 and AU-3 Team leads.

“Nels, you were right.  All of them have high Team level ability.  Why are Mossly and the Mossen so important, that such capable Teams will be so necessary?”  Willy Maclaren was concerned about all that they had discovered during the last few days.

“I think we are seeing our second strike force.”  Robert replied to his brother as they examined the Douglas family.  “We had the first Teams but there is much more to do than we could ever handle.  Since Patty and her Life-Mate will be going to JCU and training with us, it may be a few years before anything major happens on Mossly.  That may gain us time to contact the Glazen as well as the Clar and the Swizz so that we will have all five species on most of the Teams.”

Patty Douglas had sensed the examination that her family had been undergoing.  When she turned and saw whom it was her mouth dropped open.

Claire led them over.  “Patty, we will be helping you find your Life-Mate tonight.”

“Life-Mate?”  Patty turned to her mother.  “Mom, all you told us was that we were to join the Teams and there were new abilities to learn!”

“I told your parents not to tell you anything else.  I wanted to make sure that my hunch was true.”

“Your hunch?”  Patty starred at Nancy.

“Yes, you will meet your Life-Mate tonight.  He and you will go to Australia to train and study with us.  Afterwards you will go to a new world called Mossly to work.”  When she had seen Patty, she could tell that she had correctly interpreted her hunch.  She needed to explain her hunch to Patty and the rest of the Douglas’s who were all but staring at her.  Well, the youngest was staring.  “When I get a hunch, vision, or whatever you want to call it, it is a glimpse of a future possible occurrence, but it is not clear and it is a partial picture that does not have all of the information that one would expect or need.  What I had yesterday was one of the clearest hunches that I have ever had, but it still was not close to complete.  I could see Life-Mates meeting here tonight.  I could tell one was named Patricia and was related to your parents.  I had met them so that was a connection.  Of the other Life-Mate, I could sense nothing but that he was here to listen to Marie since the Adjacent World Theory, the mental abilities, and the species that we have met have upset his understanding of the world especially his religious beliefs.  I could sense that the two of you as well as both your whole families are going to be deeply involved in what must be done on Mossly.  You and your Life-Mate will be especially important.”

“But what do you know about my Life-Mate?”

“Well I know he is slightly older than you.  The rest are just hints.  Sort of like looking at shadows.  I have an impression but not anything solid.”  Nancy smiled at Patty.  “I know what it is to anticipate meeting you Life-Mate for the first time when they are not expecting you.  You will be sitting out with us and then we will be able to locate him.”

“Sit where with you?”

“On stage with Marie.”


Marie led Sheila Hunt, Tom Brown, Sherry Johnston, and Jane Hardesty onto the stage in the center of the Maples Pavilion.  Nancy, Robert, Claire, and Patty followed them and sat in a group of five chairs apart from them.  Patty was looking around but the lighting kept her from getting a clear view of the audience.  Suddenly she stared into one of the upper sections.

Fran, he is near the top of section 6.  He is the one starring back at Patty.  Wait for Dave.  I think that you alone would upset them.

Fran Fusco could sense the amusement in Robert’s mind.  Why would I upset them?  They are dressed funny and what is with the hats and beards.
Orthodox Jews.  I recognize Professor Joseph Meir from Tel Aviv University.  Tell him, I would like to meet with him and the rest of his family, but that we need for his son to join us on the stage.  Marie informed Dave and Fran.
Fran hesitated which was unusual for her.  Most of the people here are Professors.
Dave laughed.  So are my mom and dad.  He led her up the steps.

“Professor Meir.  I am Dave White and this is my Life-Mate Fran Fusco.  Marie, ahh, Professor Lawrence has asked me to invite you and your family to meet with her after the presentation.”

Professor Meir had watch the young couple come up the steps and had been surprised when they stopped and addressed him.  As he looked over the young man, his mixed ancestry and his name suddenly identified him.

“Will your parents be there also?”

“Yes, but Marie is the one that identified you when we came up to talk to your son.”  David nodded at the young man at the end of the aisle.

Professor Meir looked at his oldest son, who was starring down at the stage and not following the conversation.  “David Meir, they wish to talk to you.”

His sister Rachael nudged him.

“Sorry father.  That girl on the stage…”  He cut off as he realized that there were two people on the steps beside him and that all of the people around him were watching him.

“That is why we are here.”  Fran enjoyed watching the reactions when Life-Mate met for the first time.  It reminded her of meeting her Dave not that many weeks ago.  “We are here to take you down there to meet Patty.  She is your Life-Mate.”

“Patty.  Life-Mate.”  David Meir stood.

“Professor Meir, I know from Marie’s thoughts that she wanted to talk with you professionally as well as your family getting to meet Patty’s family.  We will explain more but we are holding up the presentation, which is why Marie came out early so we could have time to find David.”  Dave turned to follow Fran and David.

Professor Meir realized that it wasn’t just the nearby people that were watching them but most everyone there.  “Where should we go for the meeting?”

“We will come and get you.”  Dave White turned his head to reply and then hurried after Fran and David.

Marie stood up.  “Greetings.  It falls to me to make the apology that my mother, Dame Professor Alice Farwell Maclaren, had planned to make.  The misdirection that she employed when she presented her Adjacent World Theory was meant to allow us to find and explore the worlds that we have done over the last few months as quickly as possible.  If she had convinced people about the theory then we would just be setting up the committee to decide how we would look into proving her theory.”

The last remark brought a laugh from the audience.

“Tonight I will discuss the Adjacent World Theory, the worlds that we have found, and a number of other items.  We were surprised at the strong interest that was shown in this presentation, so we have decided to hold a number of other presentations with other speakers that I will talk about at the end of the presentation.  First, let me make some introductions.”  Marie turned toward her four apprentices.

“One of the unexpected consequences of the new mental abilities that we now have is the ability to identify those that have the ability to visualize the actuality of the Adjacent World Theory in the real world.  Of those, a few also have a high aptitude for mathematics and physics.  Four of them are with us here tonight.”  She pauses and turns towards her apprentices.

“Sheila Hunt and Thomas Brown are Life-Mates that met earlier this week.”  Sheila and Tom stood.  “Sherry Johnston and Jane Hardesty are Life-Mates that met at a meeting on the Adjacent World Theory that Doctor Solomon White held here at Stanford earlier this year.”  They stood up.  “Yes, they are not a heterosexual couple, as are most Life-Mates that have been in the news.  Let me introduce, the most famous of those different Life-Mate sets.  Nancy Tohe, Claire Clarke, and Robert Maclaren.  Yes, they along with everyone else are unsure what to make of their bonding, but research into bonding is something in which I am taking a personal interest.  The more so in that we are finding that those with the strongest Life-Mate bonds have the strongest mental abilities especially in understanding the Adjacent World Theory in the real world.  Now the three of them have a good aptitude for mathematics and physics, but their special aptitudes lie elsewhere.”

Fran lead David Meir up on to the stage with Dave a few steps behind.

“We had a little commotion in the upper seating before we started today.  That is because we have a pair of Life-Mates meeting for the first time.  Both Patricia Douglas and David Meir have very strong mental abilities, but only David has a very strong aptitude for mathematics and physics.  Those of us here at the pavilion may have noticed something mentally when they first noticed each other here.  Patty joined us here on stage because of a hunch that Nancy had that Patty would meet her Life-Mate here today.  Patty was able to point us to where to look for David.”

“Dave White and Fran Fusco are Life-Mates from the AU-1 Team.  They asked David to join us on stage and had to run after him as he made his way to the stage.”  Dave and Fran smiled and left the stage.  Patty and David were seated and holding hands.

Marie smiled and returned to the center of the stage.

“Now many of you may be looking at what just occurred as an interruption but it was actually one of the major new finds that I have to present tonight.  The physics that the Adjacent World Theory starts to explain also holds some of the explanation for the mental abilities.  It is one of the avenues of investigation that I will be pursuing.

Her statement started a commotion in the audience.  Marie poured herself a glass of water and waited for the commotion to subside.

Patty and David let us begin your advanced mental training.  Claire smiling at them is the only visual indication that she was doing more than following the presentation.

During the presentation?  Patty looks around at all the people watching the stage.

Robert and his sisters did some of my first training on a shooting range as they taught me how to shoot.  One of the most important things that we will be teaching you is the ability to continue with other activities while doing things mentally.  Let us start off by teaching you how to shield your thoughts from everyone except for the ones with whom you are communicating.


The first part of the presentation went smoothly.  Marie was surprised that she did so well with such a large audience especially from the floor of a sports pavilion.  She was used to large lecture halls but not to thousands of people in a live audience with many times more watching on television.

“That summarizes my mother understanding of the Adjacent World Theory at the time of her death.  I have used what we have found in studying the four new worlds to show the relationships that the theory postulates.  The theory needs to be changed to accommodate things that we have discovered since her death.”

“At James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, I am involved in setting up a research group to look into those changes.  We are now preparing to set up a second research center here at Stanford University.”

Marie again waits for the audience to quiet.

“Doctor Solomon White will lead a research group that will be studying and teaching the mathematics and physics related to the Adjacent World Theory.  Professor Mei-lei White will lead a research group studying the life forms of the new worlds.  They will jointly lead the effort to set up two other research groups.  The first group will be studying the species that we have met and the second group will be studying the medical knowledge of all the species we meet.  The Whites will be busy with so many different things that they will need others to handle the day-to-day activities of the groups.  The details will be worked out this coming week during meetings which will include the Stanford administration, faculty, and board of trustees, and the Teams from California, Nevada, and Arizona.”

“The local Teams are being brought in to help with a new world that we explored this week.  This world, Mossly, is inhabited by a species called the Mossen.  The Mossen have three sexes and are very different from the Kin, the Glazen, the Swizz, and Humans.  I will leave it to the televised discussions that the Whites will be having tomorrow to go into more details.”  Marie’s revelation of another new world has resulted in the noise level increasing drastically.

“Next, I will discuss how we were able to explore it.”  The sports pavilion’s sound system was easily able to make Marie’s last sentence be heard over the audience.  Marie waited while her statement slowly brought order.  It took three minutes, with the audiences shouting for the last of the talkers to be quiet.

“When Ben Tohe heard about my mother’s death, he was determined to prove the Adjacent World Theory.  His approach to proving it was very different from what we had done with the windows.  With the help of his twin sister Linda, they used meditation techniques that they learned from their parents.  By combining their Diné and Vietnamese heritage, they were able to cross to another world without a window.”

“We returned to their apartment here at Stanford to attempt to duplicate what they did.  Ben had taught the members of Australian Team 1’s squads A, B, & C how to step between worlds without a window.  Squad A has members of all four species.  All were able to learn this.  Since then we have attempted to teach others.  We have found that only those that can sense a window, especially the opening or closing of a window, are able to learn how to step between worlds without a window.  All of the active members of the Australian Teams 1, 2, and 3 have the ability to sense other worlds.  Prior to this week, we had not gone looking for these abilities in others.  There were two reasons for this.  The first is that we, meaning all Humans and Kin and the few Glazen and Swizz with who we have contact, have had plenty to do with four new worlds.  Our plan was to check out Mossly, the world that Ben and Linda had visited, only to learn more about adjacent worlds so we could refine my mother’s theory.  The second reason was that we were worried about having large numbers of people that could step between worlds without a window.  The ability might tempt some to use it for illegal actions.”

“With these two abilities, we were able to send a group over and collect the data that I needed to calculate the setting for a window so that anyone may enter Mossly.  What we found is that Mossly is part of a different set of worlds from the set that includes Earth and the first four worlds we found.  The window equipment had to be redesigned to allow us to gain access to this world.  Where the original windows generator had ten to the sixteenth setting combination, the new design has ten to the twentieth setting combination.  To make access to Mossly even more difficult, the planet is smaller than Earth.  You have to leave from a low altitude on earth and travel to a mountaintop on Mossly.”

“The existence of Mossly and the data that we collected there showed that the Adjacent World Theory must be expanded.”  Marie paused.  “The abilities to sense another world and to step from one world to another, showed an even bigger need to expand the theory.”

Since the discovery of Mossly, we have attempted to teach these three abilities to local Team members.  We have found that ability to sense another world could be taught to many of them.  The ability to sense another world that you learned about from a window opening to it can be learned by some of those.  We have been able to teach the ability to step without a window to another world only to a few outside of the Australian teams.  The ability to sense worlds that we do not know about from windows has been learned by only a handful on the Australian teams.  Why these abilities are not more universal is something we wish to learn more about.”

“Now everything that I have mentioned tonight indicates that we have much to learn and discover about adjacent worlds and mental abilities.  I have mentioned JCU and Stanford where we are setting up research groups, but that doesn’t mean they are the only places that we should be doing research.  Both of those universities were chosen for specific reasons and because of the ties to members of our growing extended family.  Additional, there have been hunches and visions that have indicated the importance of the work that will go on there.”

Marie scanned the audience both visually and mentally.

“I am reminded of the seven blind men when they first met an elephant.  Each encountered a different part of the elephant.  Each learned about the elephant differently but incompletely.  We need to learn and understand more than those at JCU and Stanford will learn.  We need your help.  I am encouraged by the interest in this subject shown by the large attendance here tonight and by the large television and radio audience.”

“Now, I am sure that there are quite a number of questions, but we will only have time for a few tonight.”  Marie pointed to one of the raised hands from the seats immediately in front of her, where they had seated many of the foremost researchers in Mathematical Physics.  “Doctor Henri Koenig of CERN.”

“Professor Lawrence, I wish to apologize for what I said after Dame Professor Maclaren presented her paper.  I—“

“Doctor Koenig, as I said earlier, you did as we expected given what mother presented.  She set herself up for the remarks that so many made following her presentation.  We are sorry to have manipulated so many of you but we believed it was necessary to find and explore these worlds as fast as possible so they would be available to all.  We hadn’t realized how important that it really was.  So let us forget the past and look to the future.”  Marie’s smile took any harshness out of her words.

Henri returned the smile.  “What evidence do you have for a connection between the Adjacent World Theory and the mental abilities that most of us have?”

“A statistical correlation based on a small data set of those that have a good comprehension of the real world relationship between the worlds and the perceived strength and range of mental abilities.  I see research on this being of two types, proving the relationship and disproving the relationship.  Both are important avenues of research.”

“Disproving?”  Henri was surprised at Marie’s acceptance of those that would seek to disprove her idea.

“Yes, I believe there is a relationship between the two but also that it may not be straight forward.  Those that seek to disprove the relationship and show other causes may be the ones to make the largest progress in our understanding.”

“Professor Meir of Tel Aviv University.”  Nancy had suggested that they should respond to his question.

“Why have you chosen to go public with these new worlds and these abilities?”

Marie, we would prefer that you answer.  Robert told his cousin.

“When Robert, Claire, and Nancy met the first three Mossen, they were recognized by them as the Guardians that were going to protect and help the Mossen.  They were referring to a centuries old Mossen prophesy.  Our three young people realized the danger of taking on this roll directly, so they looked for a way to avoid direct contact with the Mossen as much as they could through having someone else take on the responsibility for working with the Mossen.  We met with Teams from California, Nevada, and Arizona to teach them mental abilities.  We have found many new members for these Teams this last week.  During this meeting, Nancy had another of her visions.  She saw your son David and Patty Douglas meeting here tonight and learning that they were Life-Mates”

“We believe that what is happening is extremely important.  We realized that we had to come forward with the information that there are additional adjacent worlds.  We will actively seek more knowledge about Mossen and the other worlds that we can reach from Earth.”

“Professor Lu of MIT” Marie selected the next questioner from those seated directly in front of her.

“How many worlds have connections to Earth?”

“All, but I believe that you question is how many worlds can we reach from Earth.  I don’t know.  It is more than mother and I expected, but how many I am not sure.”  Marie turns to the AU-1 leads.

“We can sense 67 worlds at this time.”  Robert answered Marie’s unasked question.

“To be able to open up a window to those worlds will require us to learn more about each of those worlds.  This will require a group with the ability to step between the worlds to visit a number of worlds and collect data.  Then my apprentices and I will calculate the window settings.  We believe that some of these worlds are in or near the Nartak and Qoof regions.  We know of no other species with the ability to use windows to go between worlds.  We will be restricting use of windows to worlds that are important or worlds to which we have already opened windows.”

“What if the explorers are captured?”  Professor Lu was worried.

”Most likely they will be able to leave the world just as they entered it.  If not, we have practiced rescues but suicide may be necessary to ensure that the secret of adjacent worlds do not get to other species.  Claire replied.


“Mom and dad were not happy with that possibility either.”  Claire remembered her mother’s reaction when informed of the possibility.

Robert realized that an explanation of their exploration plans was necessary.  “Let me describe our current plans for initial exploration of a world.  With our ability to sense another world, a location will be chosen that match altitude with our world and that does not have any signs of intelligent beings.  So far, none of the worlds that we have sensed shown any signs of intelligent beings but we have only checked from here and Queensland and the area that we can sense is not that large.  Even Mossly did not show any signs of the Mossen until the first-in squad had crossed over.  They then sensed the Mossen but none was sensed nearby.  The three that ran into us were purposely keeping their minds quiet since they were running from their families.  We identified not noticing them sooner as a mistake and that is one of the things that will be considered when we revise our plans for future exploration.  The three of us were part of the rescue Team if there were any problems.  We stepped over, grabbed the three Mossens, and stepped back to Earth as soon as they noticed the first-in Team.  Primary data collection, which provides the information necessary for setting up a window as well as basic planetary information, took fourteen minutes.  The three Mossens delayed the collection of biological samples and setting up of the automated, astrometric observatory.  We had planned for the first-in Team to be on the other world for about an hour follow by data collection from the observatory taking a week.”

“For our first entry into Mossen, we had three Life-Mate pairs step over with twenty-four Humans supporting from Earth.  Four of those had joined us only a few hours before.  We may increase the size of the first-in Team but we will increase the size of the support Team especially those that will be ready to go over to help if anything goes wrong.  There is a lot that needs changing.  What we did on Mossly caused no risk of anyone finding out how to get to Earth but the risk to those that stepped over was too high.”  Robert hands the microphone back to Marie.

“A report on Mossly will be televised in about a week.  Doctor Sol White and Professor Mei-lei White will include the Mossen and Mossly in their discussions tomorrow.  Mei-lei will be talking about the comparative biology of the five worlds.  Sol will discuss exploration of the five known worlds.  He will discuss how Mossly is changing our plans for exploring.  Now let us stick to question more directly related to the Adjacent World Theory.”

After the presentations, the Meir and the Douglas families met in the locker room.

Maples Pavilion, Stanford University
Palo Alto, California, USA
Sunday August 8, 1999

Jeff Wilson was still unsure about the President meeting on the floor of the Maples Pavilion with such a large group without the Secret Service having time to ensure security.  With the President own daughter and her Life-Mates confirming that the Teams had kept the area under surveillance for the last three days, he could not think of anything short of someone flying a jetliner into the building that could get to President Clarke.  When he jokingly mentioned that to Bruce Maclaren, he had been told that the Teams’ rail gun rifles would shoot the plane down before it got close.

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s security detail had objected to the AU Teams members carrying guns, especially the younger members.  Bruce had thirteen-year old Carol Stanley who was stationed nearby demonstrate her proficiency.  She had shot a broom handle out of Fran Fusco’s hand across the Pavilion.

“Bruce, what are my agents doing here.”  Jeff asked in front of the head of Canadian security detail.

“They are providing an example on how security should be done.”  Bruce replied with a smile.  “Any of the AU Team members can out shoot your agents including you and most of the time me and they can detect problems before the agents are aware of them but most of them don’t know what to do in a protection detail or what to look for in a crowd.  Yes, I have told them but they need real world experience.  Every one of them will be paying as much attention to what your agents are doing as they will be to the discussion.”

“Then what they should be learning is to pay complete attention to what is happening without getting caught up by the discussions.”  Jeff reminds Bruce of one of the primary rules.

“That is not relevant to Team Life-Mate members that are joined with the members of the other species.  They are all multi-track.  We aren’t sure of what the top end of what Robert, Claire, and Nancy are able to do when they are tied into all three Teams.  The interaction between the Team members is continuous.”

The meeting is starting.  Claire thought went out to all the Team members who all stopped talking.

“Let us start the meeting.”  President David Clarke was surprised at the sudden quiet just before he spoke.  “I have invited President Roxanne Martinez and Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to join us here today.  They both have expressed interest in learning more about the Teams.  I felt that recent discoveries would provide them with greater insight.”

“Excuse me, Mr. President.”  Dave knew that Robert addressing him formerly meant that the interruption was official, but how should he address him in return.  Claire, how should I address Robert.
Claire’s answer was short but Dave could detect amusement from all three Life-Mates in it, which must have been deliberate.  Robert.
“Yes, Robert.”

“What level of security or press coverage will apply to this meeting?  Our imbedded news people were requested not to record or take notes until it was OK’d.  None of the three heads of state has press accompanying them, but Mexico and Canada officials have people recording the meeting.  If it is requested, we can shield the meeting from external mental observation and communication outside those attending.”  Robert continued mentally to the three heads of state.  We suggest you continue the recordings.  Allow our press to take notes and make audio recordings but not video.  However, you may want some taken when the three of you are on Mossly.

That sounds good to me.  Dave’s mental reply included Jean and Roxanne.


Are we being mentally observed by those outside the meeting?  Roxanne asked.

Your attendance at the meeting was not announced but it has not gone unnoticed.  Those observing appear to be locals and a couple of members of the press.  We should assume that TV crews are on the way and that they will want to speak with you.  Our suggestion is to block mental communication but allow mental viewing of what is going on.  We as a matter of course are blocking mental probes of those here.  Bruce Maclaren will be teaching that to the US Secret Service, but he could include both of you and Madame Chrétien as well as others in your security details that have the ability to learn.  This ability we would like to keep quiet.
Will you be able to teach us to sense the other worlds?  Jean asks.
We will find out when we have the windows operating.
They agreed to the suggestions regarding security and the press.
“A few days ago, the adjacent planet Mossly was discovered.  Events led to my daughter Claire and her two Life-Mates, Nancy and Robert, bringing three Mossen back here.  They were surprised when the three Mossen identified them, as the Guardians that had been foretold would protect their species.  Someone, possibly the Clar, have been bombarding any major industrial development on Mossly for a number of years.”  Dave smiles before his next words.  “Claire has let her mother and I know how much they don’t want to be identified as the Guardians even by the Mossly but they agree that it may help in the beginning of our relationship with them.  I agree with them and we must work for a relationship with the Mossen that is more long term.”

“The second discovery that has happened is that the Stanford football team has a large number of players and Coach Marcus Peterson who will be joining local Teams.  This gives a large concentration of Team members here at Stanford where we have just discovered Mossly.  This is another one of those meaningful coincidences that we believe marks the importance of these discoveries.  Now I am turning this meeting over to Claire, Nancy and Robert.”

“I am Claire and these are my Life-Mates Nancy and Robert.  It was decided that we needed to find out more about Mossly so we brought the rest of the first three Australian Teams here to go to Mossly and investigate what is going on there.  We will be checking Mossly and its star system.  There will also be a delegation of Mossen with whom we will meet.  What we will be doing is new to most of you so we will also be taking this opportunity to teach those that can learn these abilities.  Lastly, we will be opening a window from Friendship to Mossen.  There are some Kin packs that will be joining us.  We believe that they are destined to join the local Teams.”

They teach mental abilities to those that can learn.  The ability to sense other worlds and sense the operation of a window is the last ones taught.

“We have set up four windows that will open onto Mossly.  They all open in the same location on Mossly.  Some have been raised on account of the local terrain.  Yes, it is another coincidence that the floor of the Maples Pavilion works for this.”  Robert and his Life-Mates lead the AU-1A squad through one of the windows.  Other squads lead through the other windows.  The three heads of states join the local Teams, Stanford professors and administrators, and some of the attendees of Marie’s presentation of the previous night.


The next few hours are devoted to learning about Mossly, meeting with the Mossen, and training.  The three Mossen that they had initially met were the only Life-Mates that they found among the Mossen with which they met.  The three Mossen Life-Mates were only able to learn a few of the more basic mental abilities.  The local Team members learned many of the abilities but only a few were near the ability of the AU Teams.  Three families, the Douglas, Meir, and Thorenson families, though had been able to learn the abilities on a par with them.

The Clar were found to inhabit the Mossly star system.  They had numerous armed spacecraft in the system.  There were signs of past conflicts in the system including craters by one of the cities on one of the three gas giant moons that they inhabited.  Remains of non-Clar spacecraft were also detected.

“The signs show recent conflict, but it looks more like raids.  Why have the Qoof not launched a major attack.  They have a large empire and control thousands of stars.  They should be able to attack with a large fleet and overwhelm the Clar.”  Colonel Charles Richie was confused by what they had found.

“Those are not Qoof spacecraft.  There are two different types and the bodies indicate that they were different species.”  Alyca had studied the Qoof and Swizz spacecraft to which they had access.

“We have to remember to think about what will make the Qoof strategy different from what we are familiar.  It take months or years to travel between star systems and the Qoof have subject species that they appear ready to use as cannon fonder.”  Lieutenant Colonel Eric Lawson had been looking into what it would take to wage war against the Qoof and Nartak.

“We still don’t understand why the war with the Nartak has continued for three thousand years.  A prolonged war should have crippled one or both of them.  Yet, they still have the ability to wage war with other species.  Why are they doing it while still are war with the Nartak?”  Will Maclaren was also confused by what they had found.

“We need to learn more.”  Robert told them.  “We need to capture a Qoof.  Also, this is not the system in which to approach the Clar.  I think that they would shoot first and ask questions later.”

“We need to keep a low profile here.  Our presence may cause the Clar to wipe out the Mossen.”  Claire addressed her next remarks to the three politicians.  “We need to help the Mossen but we cannot do anything to draw the Clar’s attention.  The local Teams and the Stanford faculty can work with them here but we need to give them access to Friendship to set up their own factories, schools and other facilities that the Clar have destroyed.  The Kin have no problems with allowing them to set up on Friendship.  We will be contacting the Clar from Kartan in the next few months.  After that, the Clar should not attack the Mossen.”

“Other than the moral reason, what reasons do we have to help the Mossen?  Roxanne, the President of Mexico asks.  “Many of my people and other humans need help.  How can we afford helping the Mossen?”

“What we are proposing uses very little resources that could be used to help the people of Earth.  We will need to maintain a presence on Mossly to learn more about what is happening between the Clar and Qoof.  Allowing the Mossen to use Friendship while we help to advance their development will not require much more than what we will be using to study them and keep an eye on the Mossly system.  Trade may also benefit them, Humans, and the Kin.”  Robert answer showed that he has learned just as much from his mother as from his father.

“I agree that we can gain much from helping the Mossen.”  Jean Chrétien is the first to voice acceptance for the plan.


President Martinez, Prime Minister Chrétien, and President Clarke were the first to return.  They sat together discussing what they had learned.

Dave, I understand the Teams much better from seeing them in action.  From the actions that were taken against the terrorists after Claire’s kidnapping, the world has seen that they can react quickly and decisively to danger.  This has led many to think of them as soldiers or maybe mercenaries.  What I have seen today and what they have been doing lately show that they are much more than that.  I found that they are very deliberate when they have the time.

Jean, do not forget that mental communication is much faster than talk.  You have seen the effect it has had on you and your wife.  I know that as members of a Team that their mental abilities have progressed even more.  Sue and I know how much it has changed Tommy.  He has advanced almost a grade level and his physical abilities have also advanced.  Claire’s progress has been even greater.

They may be growing apart from most humans.  Is it good for them and is it good for us?  Roxanne is still disquieted by the special status and abilities of the Teams.

You have learned new abilities today.  You also have advanced further beyond what man was less than a year ago.  We are discussing this mentally.  Sue Clarke knows that Roxanne having lost her husband to an assassin didn’t know what it was to have a Life-Mate.  They don’t want to be different.  They are looking for ways to relate to people.  They believe that if they can find more people with the ability to be Team members that they may reach a critical level where most people will be able to advance to Team level.  They also expect the five species to grow closer together after all five join the Teams.  She paused, unsure if she should mention this or not.  Claire, Robert, and Nancy will probably remain separate from everyone else.  Maybe not separate but different.  There is a purpose for which they exist that sets them apart.  The most important is that they can contact the Over Mind.  Neither they nor the Over Mind no why this is.


“We have one last discovery or piece of information that we need to give you.”  Sol was standing of the speaker platform from the night before.  “Nancy will you tell us about the hunch that you had Friday.”

Nancy speaks from where she sat between her two Life-Mates.  They are holding hand.

“Friday night when I met Mel and Rich Douglas, I had a hunch or vision.  It was more complete than any I have ever had but it is still a very poor shadow of reality.  What I knew from the vision was that the Douglas’s had a daughter Patty, who with her Life-Mate would lead our efforts on Mossly.  I knew that she would meet him last night at Marie’s presentation.”  Nancy smiled.  “Millions of people saw them meet last night.”  She nodded towards where the two sat with their families.  “I knew that they would go to Queensland where they would attend school at JCU with us.  They would become members of the AU-1 Team while they were at JCU.  We would work and learn together.  When we found the other members of our Teams from the other species so would they.  My Life-Mates and I would become close friends with them.  When things became critical in the Mossly system, they would be in charge while we were elsewhere.”  There is a long pause.  “No I do not know what will be happening only that they will be in the Mossly system and the AU Teams are elsewhere.”

“I learned David Meir’s name when they met last night.  What happened last night and what happened today reinforced the hunch but only one additional thing did I learn.”  She paused and looked over at Liz Thorenson and Dray Berger.  The two Life-Mates were sitting with the football players who had found their Life-Mates.  “Liz and Dray, you will be our representatives with the Mossen until Patty and Dave are ready to return to Mossly.  The Mossen consider Robert, Claire and I as their Guardians.  This is something with which we are very uncomfortable.  Your role is not to be in charge but to be the ones that the Mossen go to when they have a concern.  I expect that you will see that the appropriate people know about the problem so it may be resolved.  You should go to Sol White, President Clarke, or us if you need help.  You will lead your own Team but it will be both an action Team and a science Team.  Mossly is but the first step in the journey that your Team will travel.”  She paused.  “There is more but it dissipates when I try to look at it.”

“I guess I need to find a replacement for our Dragon.”  Coach Peterson didn’t look happy.

“No, you will need him.  Like the rest of us, Dray and Liz will grow as they meet the challenges that they will face.”  Nancy sent a thought to her brother.  Without him, they will not win the national championship.
“I guess we will be too busy to attend the games.”  Ben sighs.

Stanford Shopping Center
Palo Alto, California, USA
Sunday August 8, 1999

They had chosen the Stanford Shopping Center for the young people to meet and talk with others their age.  It was an open shopping area not unlike the one in Townsville where they had talked with people after they had met the Fusco family.  Except that there were a lot, more people there, even though they had not announced that they would be there.  Lisa and Tom had arrived early with a satellite truck so that the broadcast would go out live.  All that the networks had been told was that there would be a live feed of the younger Team members meeting with people.  When asked about it, Tom had told the networks that it would be similar to what they had reported about after the fact a month earlier.  The mall management had been informed by the owners who had a family member on one of the California Teams.  Again, the information was not specific just that there would be a live broadcast starting at 3 PM and additional security would be provided.

Dave and Fran were the first off of the bus followed by the other two White siblings, Jenny and Al.  This was familiar grounds for the Whites where they had shopped their entire life.  The twins were looking for old friends.  Dave was a little concerned about running into an old girl friend.  They had not been going steady but it had been a little more than casual with Carol.

Fran had sensed Dave’s thoughts since he wasn’t trying to hide them from her.  He knew that they were Life-Mates.  He just was unsure what would happen if they ran into Carol.  Fran decided to make their relationship plain.  She put her arms around Dave’s neck and pulled him into a long kiss, which he returned with equal fervor.

The White twins were laughing which caused the kiss to be broken off much sooner than what Fran had intended.  She looked at them.

You know that Tom’s camera has been on us since we got off of the bus.  Al informed Fran and Dave.

Dave, I don’t think you will have to tell Carol that you found someone new.  She will hear it from quite a few people.  Jenny was surprised when not only her brother’s face but also Fran’s face turned red.

I think that the two of you need to pay a little more attention to situation awareness.  Robert thoughts went out not only to Fran and Dave but also to all of the Team members there.

Dave, you know your old girl friend Carol.  You should have checked the shopping center for her before you got off the bus.  Claire added to the lesson being taught.

Dave did a scan of the shopping center for Carol.  He was surprised to find her with one of his best friends from school.  They were heading towards them, but they weren’t in sight of the bus.  “Fran let us go and I will introduce you to Carol and Mark.  As close as they are walking, I think that she is not missing me, but I want to be the one to let her know about us.”

“Yes, I have some questions I want to ask her about you.”  Fran enjoyed Dave’s reaction.  They hurried off to meet the other couple.

I think I will concentrate on the rest of you.  I think that that reunion would be more appropriate for a teen publication.  Lisa told the Team members.

I can remember when you would have had us running after them.  Tom teased her.

I need to concentrate on the assignment, which is to cover the younger Team members meeting with kids their own age.  Besides, I need to be taken more seriously.

When Claire had told Dave to scan for Carol, it reminded Jenny and Al that they might have friends somewhere in the shopping center.  Both quickly found some friends.

Send them messages that you are here and that you would like to see them.  Nancy told the White twins.

All but the last seven of the Team members were off of the bus.  The shoppers had quickly recognized the Team members.  All but a few were holding back unsure whether to intrude on them.

Claire stepped up on one of the benches and addressed the gathering crowd.  “It looks like most of you know who we are, but for those that don’t we are members of the Australian Teams that accompanied Marie Lawrence for her talk at Stanford last night.  We have come here to talk to you on a more one to one level.  We did this in Townsville a while back and found it very rewarding so we decided to do it again.  Before we start, we have some more members that I would like to introduce.”  Claire motioned towards the bus.

“Karen Alice Lawrence and her Life-Mate Mikael Thorenson met yesterday.  Mike sister Liz recognized that KA was her brother’s Life-Mate when she met her Friday.  Next, we have Vesta.  KA and Vesta share the mental bond that has developed between a Kin and one of our allied species.  Next, we have John Jess Lawrence and Jevron.  Last, we have Leslie Lawrence and Mort.  JJ and Jevron and Less and Mort also are mentally bonded.  This is the first time that the Kin have met with the general public.  Now the Kin only communicate mentally so their bond mates will speak for them.  We could keep this strictly to mentally communication but we have Lisa Saunders and Tom Farrel reporting the discussions that we will be having and it will be broadcast live.”

“To accommodate as many people as we can we will separate into smaller groups.  So choose who you want to speak with.  It will take a few minutes to get far enough apart that we will not interfere with each other.”

“You only brought one camera.  Are you going to be the one on camera?”  Someone yelled out.

“Lisa and Tom will shift around as they report on your meeting with the Teams.  We cannot meet with everyone in this world but you will be representing those that are not here.”  Claire words and smile captivated the crowd.  Each felt that she was talking to only them.


When Fran caught sight of Carol and Mark, she was surprised.  They are a couple of geeks.  She needs someone to show her how to make herself up and what clothes to select.
Dave laughed.  I am a geek.  My family is all geeks.  Many would describe a lot of the Team members as geeks.
You are more than a geek.  Fran surveyed Dave’s two friends that had just noticed them.  They could be too with a little help.
“Carol, Mark!”  Dave called out as he hurried towards his friends leaving Fran behind.

Let’s check if Carol is Dave’s Life-Mate.  Well that would make her my Life-Mate also.  No, she is not his Life-Mate.  Something is strange.  Fran checked Mark.  With him also.  She decided to ask one of the Team leads.  Nancy, I was checking Dave’s friends for Life-Mates and I don’t understand what I am sensing.
I see what you mean.  Nancy in turn calls to more of the Team members.  Fran has found something interesting when checking Dave’s friends for Life-Mates.  It is almost as if they are trying not to be Life-Mates.
Yes, I see what you mean.  Marie was very interested in this new finding.

Fran, invite them back to the house.  I will call their parents and let them know if they agree.
Yes, Mei-lei.  Fran replied as she privately thought.  Dave’s mom was just like hers in so many ways.  She was so lucky.
Dave had hugged Carol Albright then Mark Thomas.  Yes, they did look pretty geeky.  I guess I have changed a lot.  “I have someone that I want you to meet.  This is Fran Fusco.  She is my Life-Mate.  We met in Townsville.  Fran, this is Carol Albright and Mark Thomas.”  Dave had been dreading telling Carol.  They had been dating regularly during the last school year, so he was surprised at the look of relief on both Carol and Mark’s faces.  The two looked at each other and smiled.

They have realized that they can be Life-Mates.  They were fighting it because of Dave.  Fran hurried forward and warmly hugged both of them.  This surprised Carol and Mark but not as much as it surprised Dave.  Fran realized that her action in hugging them was confusing.  “You two are Life-Mates.  You have been fighting it because you both didn’t want to hurt Dave.  We on the Teams know that being Life-Mates isn’t something you choose.  There was no reason to fight it.  I want the four of us to become friends.  You two did something that we thought was impossible, but you did it out of love for Dave.  Dave and I couldn’t ask for any better friends.”

Quickly Fran and Nancy brought Dave up to date on what his two friends had been going through.

Dave face was red with embarrassment.  “Carol, I should have called and told you about Fran.  It just felt like I would be breaking up by phone, so I decided to tell you when we came back to Stanford.”

“Dave’s mom has asked me to invite you to return to the house with us.  She can call your parents and let them know.”

“You are staying with Dave.”  Carol blushed as she thought about them sleeping together.

“No, I am sharing a room with Jenny and my sister Teresa.  With everybody being on the Teams, they are able to sense where people are so we have too many chaperones.”

“We don’t want to intrude.  I am sure you are busy.”  Mark had realized that Fran was talking about the first three Australian Teams that had been leading all the exploration.

Mark didn’t have that much control of his thoughts and the reason for his reluctance to come was obvious to all the Team members who were monitoring them.

Fran, they should be on one of the California Teams.  I think they may be destined for a scientific Team but they may blossom just as Dave did when given the challenge.  Let them know then go shopping with them.  They were looking for clothes for school.  Nancy informed her.

Fran was not surprise at how one of their leads had pieced together the situation so quickly.  The three of them were in a different class from the rest of us Team members.  Even Alyca-Bruce and Willy-Linda were not at their level.

Compare you and Dave to the California Life-Mates that we have met here.  Only a few like Patty and David are at the level of the members of our three Teams.  If you wanted to you could stay here and be the leads for a Team.  Nancy had again not read Fran thoughts but had interpreted the reaction from the delay in passing on the information and to the emotional state that she could sense in Fran.

No way are we leaving AU Team 1.  I don’t want to miss out on all the action.  Maybe when we are old, we can have our own Team.  We both want to be leads, but not now.

We want you on Team 1, but we would not stand in your way though we would try very hard to talk you out of leaving.
Nancy, is that one of your visions?  Fran wondered about what Nancy may have seen about them.
No, it is more basic than that.  When we think about the Team, you and Dave are part of it.  Things would not be right without you.  The Teams will be changing but you and Dave will be with us for a long time.
Nancy’s thoughts made Fran very happy.

“No, you are part of the reason that we are here.”  Fran looked at both of her new friends and saw what she had missed being caught up in the more personal side of the meeting.  “You are the type of Life-Mates that we are looking for the California Teams.  I would like to have you be with us in Australia, but we need to build up the Teams here.  We will talk about it at the house.  Now let us do some shopping.  This is my first time to the United States and I want to see what I have been missing.”

Mark and Carol were momentarily surprised that they were going to be on one of the California Teams.  After a quick glance at each other, they agreed to come over.

Carol took Fran’s arm.  “Let us start at Neiman Marcus.”  They headed off leaving the guys to trail behind.


The Kin were drawing a large crowd at their three locations.  The Lawrence children were handling the questions for the Kin to which they were bonded.

“KA, I understand you had been breeding for more intelligent dogs or cats.  Are you still doing that since you have met the Kin?”  A tall, skinny girl with braces and pigtails asked.

KA had automatically passed the message to Vesta before she even thought about it.  “Yes, I am working with the Kin on breeding programs.”  Then she realized the implication of the question.  “Vesta is part of the family.  She is another sister to me.  The dogs and cats that I was breeding are also part of the family, but they were more like children.  I am helping them to be more than other cats and dogs.”

Yes, that is what we are.  Vesta agreed.  Tell them about the breeding programs.
“Vesta agrees.  She wants me to tell about the breeding programs.  The Kin had recognized that certain problems were passed down from parent to young, but they had also seen where it had skipped one or more generations.”
KA, you have a lot of young kids listening to you.  Robert told her.  You need to address all of them.  The girl that asked the question is interested in what you have done and will be even more interested about what you and the Kin are doing.  Ask her if she would like to talk with you, Mike, and Vesta about it where you can go into details.  If she does, I will talk with her and her father and set something up.
“My cousin Robert reminded me that what you want to know is more detailed than what we should talk about here.  If you would like to meet with Vesta, Mike, and me and discuss my projects and the new breeding programs, we will set something up.”  The anxious nod and the big smile showed the girl’s eager agreement.

Her father was very surprised.  He knew his daughter.  Tracy was interested in genetics, but he was unsure why these Team members wanted to talk to her on the subject.  She read college level books on genetics and related subjects.  As she had got caught up in the subject, her schoolwork had fallen off until he had shown her how some of her courses would help her with a career in genetic research.  For the other courses, he had said that excellent grades would be needed to get in to Stanford or another good university.

Mei-lei, we have another couple of guests that we would like to invite over to your house.  KA has found a girl that has a strong interest in her breeding programs.  We would like to have her and her father come over to talk with KA, Mike, and Vesta.  Robert informed Professor White.
I could use some young, interested students to help develop teaching material for the schools.  Can you point out who they are in the crowd?  Mei-lei had linked with her three children at the shopping center so as to sense about whom Robert was talking.
The girl and her father are about seven feet in front of me.
That is Professor Marvin Wendal.  He is in the Stanford Chemistry Department.  Yes, invite them over and make sure that he knows that I will also join in the talk with his daughter.
The meetings with the Team members continued for a couple of hours and the interest did not slacken.

Chapter 13 – Mars and Beyond


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