Ch 14 Helping a Friend

Glazen Military Base
Planet Lotatt in the Stroven Star System
Wednesday, October 13, 1999

O-dof was the first to step through the window on to Lotatt.  He was accompanied by Palidai, his Kin bond partner.  A-tye and E-per with their Kin bond partners, Atter and Elsen, quickly followed him.  Patty and Dave followed by Jason and Teresa were the first humans.  Lisa Saunders and Thomas Farrel, the reporters embedded with AU Team 1, came through and immediately started reporting and filming the event.  They like the Human, Swizz, and Glazen members of the AU-1A squad had Kin bond partners.  They wore large tags identifying them as the equivalent of Glazen documenters.  The Swizz squad members, Swett and Smeyy were next.  Nancy, Claire and the remaining Kin of AU-1’s lead squad preceded Robert through the window.  After Robert was clear, the window disappeared.

All of the Glazen in the area had stopped and stared as the group had calmly walked from an opening that had appeared in thin air.  Who were the three Glazen that were part of the group that included three unknown species?  They were all one group since they were all outfitted the same with the only variation as per the needs of the different species.

The three Glazen were not young as most of the military personal in the area were.  Many Glazen joined the military in their late youth.  Training and travel to different worlds with the military enable the Glazen from different worlds to intermingle so that major differences did not develop between the Glazen wherever they lived.

The three Glazen smiled.  They were reunited with their own people.  Only O-dof had memories of his prior lives on Glazen worlds.  A-tye and E-per had been small children when they had come to Kartan.

“I am O-dof.  I would speak with O-bat.  Is he here?”  O-dof has seen most of the Glazen displaying the symbol of those that followed O-bat.  He had even seen one displaying his symbol.

“O-bat has called a meeting in the building behind you.”  A very senior officer who displayed O-bat symbol said.  “You have reincarnated since I saw you last.  You look but a few years younger than I saw you then.”

“I remember you as A-zer, an aide to O-bat when I met with him seventy-three years ago.  How are you addressed now?”

“I am now known at U-zer.  I command a base on the far side of Lotatt.  I believe I now better understand O-bat dreams that brought us here.  Let us hurry to the meeting where you can introduce those that accompany you.”  U-zer turned to a group of officers standing nearby.  “O-dof has returned.  Our time of waiting is over.  More will be know when we learn what O-dof has to tell us.  Pass the word.”  He led O-dof and the squad to the meeting.


O-bat had recognized O-dof as soon as he entered the room.  They had known each other over many lives and the stance and the mannerisms were unmistakable.  His dreams had told him to gather an army on Lotatt.  O-dof would return and there would be need of them.  In the dreams, he had also seen the need for shipyards to build new types of spacecraft.  These he had encouraged to be build around Stoven, the world in the system that the Glazen had colonized many generations ago.  Why had not the ships picketing the edge of the system let him know that O-dof had arrived?  How had O-dof and the others got here to meet with him?  Who were the others that he has brought?  Three species are working with this pair of Glazen.  O-dof is with them but is not part of the group.  They act as one and it is more than what they wear or that they carry the same weapons.

O-dof and the others with him easily could mentally read the thoughts of O-bat and everyone else in the room.  O-dof turned to the three Life-Mate leads.  We must teach them about mind speech and how to keep their thoughts to themselves.  It is not right to meet with them and know all their thoughts. 

O-bat suspects something by the way the squad works together.  Robert gave orders to the squad to be more subtle in how they co-operated.  Everyone on Earth knew about them thanks to Lisa and Tom who also had learned to move as part of the squads.  Homer and Babbs, the Kin who had bonded with the reporters, were also not part of the squad but integrated well with it as would be expected of Kin.  They were a mated pair of Kin who told the great stories among the Kin.

It is not right to use the abilities that we were given as an advantage with friends.  You lead and we will help.  Nancy knew that O-dof had worked helping the Glazen for uncounted lives.  The situation that he found himself in did not meet the standards that he had lived all those lives.

“O-bat, that which my dreams had sent me to Kartan to find have come to be.  That which I spoke to you privately about is but one of the abilities that the Glazen will now share with our new friends.  The Glazen, the Kin, the Swizz, and the Humans have learned many mind abilities in the past few months.  The ability to communicate mind to mind is but the first of these.  The most important is working together with joined minds.  That is how we found you on Lotatt.”  O-dof words caused a stir among the Glazen that O-bat had called to meet with him.  A smile and a Glazen laugh showed that O-bat was very happy at what he was hearing.  O-dof continued.  “The first thing that we must teach all of you is how not to have your thoughts be like shouted words.  To do that we will communicate with you mind to mind.  Then we will teach you many of these abilities.  Few learn them all.  Also, some may take more than one try to learn.”

“They that are here all have the ability to learn much.  That which gives you dreams has aided O-bat in assembling those that will be needed.”  Claire’s perfectly spoken words in the Glazen language startled the Glazen as much as what she said.

“My young friend here and her Life-Mates spent the first day we met learning our language.  Now understanding of any of our languages can be taught quickly even to the very young.  Learning to speak them is only a matter of practice.  We learn each other languages so we may know each other better.”  He glanced at Teresa and Jason then returned his attention to the gathered Glazen.  “Let us teach you.  There is much to discuss and words are very slow compared to thoughts.”

Over the next hour, they taught these Glazen the mind abilities.  Much was learned but it had not gone as well as expected.

O-dof, I know what is wrong.  Their Life-Mates aren’t here.  Do only males work with the Long Lived on the home world.  A-tye, a female Glazen, had not known the sexual restriction of only males in the military.  On Kartan, there had been no such restriction on any of their activities.  With so few surviving, they needed every hand to survive.  Among the Kin, Swizz, and Humans, she had only seen equal treatment for the two sexes.

Of course, I have come home and I have forgotten one of the most important things that I have learned.  He looks squarely at the Glazen officers.  Whether male or female and no matter what specie, all are important for what must be done.  Think of your mates.
The officers and O-bat thought of their mates.  Every one of the Glazen had a Life-Mate.

O-dof, where is your mate?  Teresa asked.
When we died, only I was reincarnated on Kartan.  O-dofi did not.
O-dofi is here working with O-bati.  I should have called her at once.  O-bat reached for the communication device that he carried.  The rest of you call your mate and have them join us at the large conference room.
Within an hour, all of the mates had arrived.  O-dof and O-dofi’s reunion after being apart for so long after sharing over a hundred lives together brought tears to all the humans.

The training began again but of Life-Mates not individuals.  The results of the training were much improved.

The training had gone well, but only the four of the Long Lived, the reincarnated souls who led the Glazen with the help of their dreams, had abilities at the level that marked Glazens that would be joining the Teams.  The small number of Glazen that the humans had rescued on Kartan had had a number of Life-Mate pairs that had joined the Teams.

We have not found the Glazen Life-Mates that are needed for the Teams.  E-per, A-tye’s Life-Mate and fellow member of AU Team 1 had expected that they would have found the Glazen that would join the Team soon after coming to Lotatt.

Those that we have met and trained here are leaders.  Robert had realized the reasons for the problem.  Like my mother and father, their role is now to guide and support.  We of the Teams will be going forth to do what must be done.  What I see as being the problem in finding the Life-Mates to join the Teams is that the Glazen military that is here is male.  We need to find the Life-Mates for those that will join us.  We must join together and ask for help.

Ask help from whom?  O-bat and the others Glazen had not heard the story of what had happened when all humans had been taught the mental abilities.

Claire explained about the Group Mind that had formed as members of the four species had learned mental abilities.  At a meeting three months earlier, all of our world leaders had gathered to hear about the secrets that some of us had learned during the previous two weeks.  Before a worldwide television audience, we told of the four worlds that were being explored and colonized and of the three species that humans had met.  We explained how the mental abilities that we had discovered were being used in the exploration.  We told of our plan to train all members of the four species to use the mental abilities.  Most humans even those that were not watching or listening were taught the abilities that they had the ability to learn.  As with the Glazen today, not all abilities were learned by every human.  A Group Mind for all of the four races made itself known during the training when it took command of the training.  Some individuals rejected the training and the Group Mind cut them off from the mental abilities.

This Group Mind could not have been providing the dreams that we have used to guide the Glazen.  O-bat knew that though he did not how he knew it.

No, the Group Mind knows enough to ask questions of that which gives you your dreams, but the Group Mind was newly formed when the four species first joined.  We asked it about that which gives us the dreams, visions, and hunches but it has not provided more information on the subject.  The impression that we have gotten is that until all five species have joined the Group Mind, it was limited.  Claire’s mention of the fifth specie surprised the Glazen.

Fifth species?  O-bati asked.

The Clar are the fifth species.  O-dof realized that they had not mentioned the Clar as joining them.  Nancy’s father painted a picture of the five races together before we met the Humans.  The painting showed the Glazen and the Swizz that the Humans and Kin did not meet until later as well as the Clar.  We will be going to the Kartan star system to meet them.  We are working to develop spacecraft so that we can meet them in space.

We have spacecraft that you can use.  We have made plans to go to the Kartan system to find out what had happened to you.  O-bat offered.

No, we are developing spacecraft that can be taken through a window disassembled and then assembled once on the other world.
Such a spacecraft could not stand up to atomic explosions.  One of the Glazen officers commented.

We have a way to keep atomic explosions from happening.  Jason tells the Glazen.  Aunt Marie using Grandma Alice’s Adjacent World Theory found out how to stop the explosion.  Cousin Alyca, Grandpa Jess, and my dad developed the neutralizer equipment.
How will we destroy the Nartak and Qoof spacecraft?  O-bat asked.
Only we have the equipment to prevent an atomic explosion.  Smeyy, one of the two Swizz tells them.  We are working on some ideas on what to do when they match our technology.

Nancy took out a pencil and a drawing pad and began drawing.  Claire and Robert watched what she drew.

“O-bat, may we bring over the three Teams?  They will be able to help us in reaching the Group Mind.”  O-dof asked in the Glazen language.

“Team 3 will stay there when we try.  They will continue to help in getting the compound setup but more importantly, we will try to link to everyone on Earth.  We need to see if we can connect the major concentrations of the different species when they are on different worlds.”  Claire spoke in the Glazen language as she continued to watch what Nancy was drawing.

“Yes, do what you feel is necessary.  From what you have told us, our different species will be more than friends.”  O-bat wondered why O-dof felt the need to ask to allow the Teams to join them.  “What are these Teams?”

He was surprised when Teresa answered.  “The Teams are groups of Life-Mates that will scout out the Nartak and Qoof worlds.  We will learn about where they are and how they live.”

Teresa, it will be the older Life-Mates.  You and Jason are too young.  We know that the two of you are progressing faster than anyone expected, but you will not be going on any dangerous assignments unless your special abilities are needed.  Robert had used mental communication rather than spoken words.  The argument was old and he and his Life-Mates had a hard time with their side of it since they had so thoroughly upset the normality of how old you had to be to do what the Teams would be doing.  Especially since the three of them were the leaders for all of the Teams on Earth.  He wondered how the addition of a large number of Glazens on the Teams would affect their position.

The Lotatt Glazens were surprised as the Team members started to appear in the auditorium where the meeting had been moved before the arrival of the female, Glazen Life-Mates.  Those on Mars had set up another building to help with the movement between planets.  Keyvan, followed by Sandy Lawrence, his Life-Mate, hurried over to the three Life-Mates.  A Qoof is watching this system.  He told them even before he got to the prime leads.

Nancy held up her drawing.  It showed a Qoof astride a large swift looking animal.  This is where the Qoof is.

“A Demzoin?  They are native to our home world.  They are much too small for a Qoof to ride.”  O-bati was surprised at how accurate the drawing was.  How did the young human know about the animals of their home world?

“The Running Demzoin just returned from a mission to the Kartan star system.  They were scouting for our invasion to rescue O-dof.”  O-bat understood what O-dof and the humans had meant about the coincidence that had been happening to them.  They had arrived just as a Qoof showed up.  “I will have The Running Demzoin destroyed before the Qoof can do any more harm.”

“No, we have been planning to capture one.  It is so nice of the Qoof to come to us.”  Alyca had a very big smile.  “JJ, are you ready?”

JJ, John Jess Lawrence IV, had a smile as broad as Alyca.  He caught sight of Marie’s face going white.  “Mom, I am not going to take the first Qoof I run into on alone.  We will handle it as a group.”

“Yes, I know.  Your sisters, father, and I have been training with you.  I was just not expecting it to happen so soon.”  Marie knew her fears were unwarranted but she was still a mother with her son leading the capture of one of the most dangerous beings in the galaxy.  Well maybe not leading but he was the one that would have to control the Qoof is things didn’t go as planned.

“O-bat, can the spacecraft land near here or will we have to go meet it in space.”  Robert asked.

“The captain requested a personal meeting with me.  He had urgent information to give me.  It did seem odd that he couldn’t radio the information.”

“Definitely an assassination attempt, but why go to the trouble of getting the Glazen mad at them.”  British Colonel Eric Lawson, who with his wife Lisa, was the human Life-Mates for squad 1F.

“O-bat was planning an attack on the Kartan system.  That might interfere with the Qoof’s plans there.”  Robert was thinking about what has been upsetting the Clar.  “I think that they are planning their own invasion.  How long does it take one of your spacecraft to get to Kartan?”

“About two hundred days.  That would mean that they would invade before then.  It would have helped them if we had attacked the system before they invaded.”  O-bat understood the implication of the Qoof plan to assassinate him.

“Have the captain asked to speak to you alone?”

“No, he expected to meet me here at my headquarters.”

“I assume the landing site is nearby and the ship has nuclear weapons.”  Robert was busy conferring mentally with all three Teams.  “O-bat, send a message to the captain.  Tell him that you will be late, that you had to take care of an emergency at some place a good distance away.  Ask him to land and wait for you to arrive.  Tell him that you will be there not long after he lands.”

“You don’t want to blow up The Running Demzoin before it can fire its nuclear weapons?”  O-bat was puzzled.

“Remember we have the means to stop nuclear weapons.  You don’t have anti-matter weapons on The Running Demzoin?

The question really surprised O-bat.  Had they figured out how to make an anti-matter weapon?  “No, it has nuclear weapons including a nuclear explosive to destroy the ship instead of being captured.”

“Good!  We are getting a dozen of the nuclear explosion nullifiers ready to bring over.  We need six placed about 200 klothers around where the spacecraft will land.  We will take two with us to the spacecraft when you return to meet with the captain.  The other four should be placed on spacecraft that can pursue The Running Demzoin if they try to get away.”

“You are not afraid of the spacecrafts weapons, but you need the spacecraft to be on the ground so it cannot be used as a weapon.  You figured that out fast.”  O-bat was amazed at how fast this young human had come up with his plan.

“Old friend.”  O-dof addressed O-bat.  “You forgot the mental communication that you have just learned.  Robert didn’t make this plan on his own.  He and his two Life-Mates worked with me, the Teams here and on Mars, and even with his father on Earth.  This is change like we have not seen in many lives.”

O-bat paused and considered what O-dof had said.  “That has been one of the problems that we have always had.  After living so many lives, we don’t take to the new so easily.  Our time may be past.”

“Those of us that only remember this life also have problems with new things.  The wisdom and knowledge that you have build up over your many lives has been important to the Glazen and will be just as important to all of us.  We all have to adjust to the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Just because you have not done it for a while does not mean that you cannot do it.”  Nancy knew that they all were important.  That knowledge did not come from a vision but from deep inside her.

“You need to send someone to where we first showed up.  My brothers have the first of the nullifiers ready to bring over.  They will open a window and bring them through.  Ben and Mary will go and help set them up.”  Robert’s words got them working towards capturing the Qoof instead of worrying about changes.

Glazen Spaceport
Lotatt in the Stroven Star System
Wednesday, October 13, 1999

The Running Demzoin had been on the ground for almost a half hour when the shuttle with O-bat arrived.  The six nullifiers were set up around the spacecraft so that there was a large area of over a half million square miles of coverage where the spacecraft’s weapons would not explode.

AU-2 Team was prepared to mentally battle the Qoof.  If it was necessary, four squads from AU-1 with Glazen soldiers were in place to fight their way on to the spacecraft.  AU-1 squads A, B and C were on Mars preparing to enter the spacecraft from there.  Again, things had worked out such that the altitude differences were close enough that they would be able to step into the spacecraft.  Robert, Claire and Nancy in the lead squad were going to capture the Qoof while Robert’s sisters’ squads along with U-zer and V-tra, his Life-Mate, secured the spacecraft.  Jason, Teresa, Eric, and Jerome were with O-dof and the boys’ parents, Kim and Rob.  They had been passing on the information that they learned about The Running Demzoin.

They had determined that some of the crew was missing.  Whether they had been able to resist the Qoof and were killed in the takeover or that they had been killed as unneeded was unknown?  There were no signs of damage from attack by another spacecraft, so they had not been killed in a space battle.  Whatever, there was still 43 Glazen to convince to surrender and not to seek to kill the Qoof.  U-zer would be able to take command once the Qoof was not controlling the crew.

As O-bat was identified when he walked from the shuttle, the Running Demzoin’s crew was ordered to launch missiles to attack bases on the planet after which they were to self-destruct the spacecraft.  Team AU-2 had been ready.  Most of the Team had shielded the Qoof so its thoughts couldn’t reach anyone.  O-bat and O-bati mentally commanded the crew not to follow the Qoof’s orders.  They told them that a rescue was underway and they were to do nothing.

JJ with help from his cousin Sandy Lawrence, her Life-Mate Keyvan, and their Kin bond partners had mentally attacked the Qoof as soon as it had been shielded.  There was never any question of who was more powerful.  The Qoof had been only strong enough to control the crew of the spacecraft.  Maybe the other crew were killed since there had been too many for this Qoof to control.  In any case, the only advantage the Qoof had was that his race had been fighting mentally and controlling other species for thousands of years.  Keyvan kept JJ’s mental attacks to a slow even pace.  JJ was only eight and though he was mature as only a boy that had mentally communicated with his sisters most of his life could be, he was still a young boy.  Keyvan though had had to mature quickly on the Iran-Iraq battlefield when he and other boys had been handed guns and ordered to attack an Iraqi dug in position.  He had calmly shot the Revolutionary Guards that had given them the gun and then led the boys with him through the battle lines and on to Europe.  Keyvan plan was to wear the Qoof down physically as well as mentally so that it could be interrogated.  At the same time, they wanted to learn about how the Qoof fought mentally.

The first indication that the Qoof had that anything was wrong was when his command to attack had been blocked.  A shield.  Has a Master from another family taken this planet?  No, this shield is not that of one of the Qoof.  The Qoof struck out at the shield but there is not effect.  Another race that can produce the shield of a Master.

Just then, the first mental attack, a stunning strike that the Kin used against large predators, from the Team members was felt by the Qoof.  The Qoof was only momentarily affected until it adapted to the strange attack.

They seek to discipline me.  That type of attack was one used on very young Qoof by their parents.

The Qoof’s attack wasn’t one used for discipline but for killing.  It struck out at what had attacked it, but the attack was meant for a single mind not joined minds.  JJ recognizes the seriousness of the attack.  In less than a second, he studied it and knew how to block it.  His block came up just as the Qoof adjusted the attack when it realized that it is not facing one mind but several working together.

JJ, let us find out if the Qoof handles that type of attack as you did.  Keyvan told his young apprentice.  Start with a lighter attack and see how it reacts.  Then add strength.  When it cannot stop you, stop.  We will see what it tries next.

JJ did as ordered.  It can’t handle an attack as strong as its own.  Any of us could kill it.
Yes, but we aren’t here to kill it but to learn from it.  Let us see what it does next.  Sandy, be ready to stun it if we cannot counter its attack.  Keyvan tells his Life-Mate.
The Qoof tried six other forms of attack before it stopped.  They are playing with me.  It set up a different type of shield that cut it off mentally from everything around it.

Nothing happened for several seconds.

Should I attack it?  I have figured out how to get past this shield.

Do a light attack but stop before you hurt it.  Keyvan told JJ.

JJ’s attack struck the new shield, which was only a little more effective than the previous type.

Yes, that is effective.  Keyvan learned how JJ performed the attack and passed it on as he had with everything else that they had learned.

Robert, Claire, and Nancy were waiting on Mars ready to intervene physically with the Qoof.  They had mentally followed the mental conflict as well as the work of the two squads securing the spacecraft.

The Qoof has retracted behind his mental shields.  As planned, we haven’t tried to harm him.  Keyvan thoughts reached them on Mars.

His shields are not very strong.  JJ was surprised that the much feared Qoof had put up little resistance.  The silent ones would be able to detect him.  The silent ones were genetic creations of the Nartak, which had been attacking the Kin when JJ, his sisters, their relatives, and the British Army had rescued a group of Kin at the first meeting with the Kin.  He is hiding something.  Do you want me to command him to tell me what it is? 

No, let us keep with the plan.  We will go in and see how he reacts to our physical presence.  Robert replied as he and his Life-Mates stepped into the presence of the Qoof aboard the Glazen spacecraft on Lotatt.

As soon as he saw them, the Qoof lunged at Claire and touched her.  She felt an attack on her mental shield unlike any that she had ever felt, but it didn’t even come close to disturbing her shield.

The Qoof was in shock.  The attack has not even disturbed this being.  It is a little confused about what I have tried to do but there is no concern.  Then even that small bit of information was cut off as Claire realized that the Qoof had detected her feelings.  Not even an Ancient Master could ignore a mental attach when there is physical contact.  It would have had to counter it and then the weaker one would have died.  Even a lesser one such as I could not have been ignored.  This being had done nothing to counter my attack.  The shielding of the feelings had been automatic once the being learned that I was receiving them.  That meant that the being can read my thoughts behind my shield.  He had not even known that it was in his mind.

Robert reached over and took the Qoof hand off of Claire.  Nancy took hold of the other hand.  They started to put the hands behind the Qoof and place the special handcuffs on him.  The handcuffs had been designed similar to the Chinese finger trap puzzles that always amused children when first they were shown them.

When Robert and Nancy had touched the Qoof while it was still in physical contact with Claire, the Qoof had gotten his biggest surprise.  A three-fold mind!  A natural three-fold mind.  Some of the Qoof were able to take command of a lesser Qoof and work as a two-fold mind but it was not stable and the lesser Qoof suffered and would die if it were continued too long.  These three beings had a natural three-fold mind and it is stable.  It does not draw power from one to feed the other.  The three shared and worked as one and they did it without physical contact.

The Qoof fainted.

The three Life-Mates privately discussed what they had learned about themselves from the Qoof as they secured him.


Over the next couple of days, the three Teams trained the Glazen soldiers and civilians while the human scientists had found themselves with much more than they had expected.  The Glazens had provided them housing and workspace on Lotatt so there was no need to live on Mars.

Glazen scientists had also joined them to explore Mars and the adjacent worlds and share the existing scientific knowledge of the different races.  The six Swizz Team members had also joined in the exploring.  They were part of the scientist and engineers of the Swizz spacecraft Mirrraaattee that the Maclaren family had rescued after it had been captured by the Nartak.  The Mirrraaattee had been on an exploration mission to find and explore new worlds and meet new species.

The Qoof captive was being interrogated.  JJ special abilities had not been needed except to occasional come by and check that the Qoof had been forthright, honest, and not holding anything back.  What had broken the Qoof was meeting Robert, Claire, and Nancy.  That they were a natural three-fold mind terrified him.  The fact that all the Life-Mates were two-fold minds distressed him, but the presence of the three of them made the Qoof so upset that he could not be interrogated if they were present.

Meeting Room
Lotatt in the Stroven Star System
Saturday, October 16, 1999

The meeting was the third daily status meeting.  It was held in the largest room on the Glazen base since it gave easy access to Olympus Mons and the base that was being set up there.  O-bat and O-dof and their Life-Mates had decided that the Glazen would be setting up a major spacecraft shipyard in orbit around Mars.  It was still in the planning stages but an expanded base on Mars’ Olympus Mons was the logical starting point.

U-tri, the Glazen officer responsible for setting up the Glazen shipyard had just finished reporting on the status of the plans for the shipyard.  There are three major problems.  Access to Mars, resources, and how to pay for everything.  The seventeen windows that we have do not provide enough transfer of material and people between Lotatt and Mars.  We need to build pieces of the shipyard that are too large to go through a window.  To do that we have to build factories on Mars, which need resources that will have to be shipped in from Stroven since we have only a few mines on Lotatt  and there are no mines on Mars.  We are still mapping the ore deposits on Stroven.  All of this will take money.
A quick mental interchange between the leads of the three AU Teams appointed Willy Maclaren to address these issues.  Lets us start with the easiest one first.  I assume that new ore deposits on Lotatt are what are needed first followed by new ore deposits on Mars then on Stoven.  Let us know what ores you need and we will give you the best mining locations.  We just completed our detailed survey of Mars.  We need to know if there is anything that is needed that we didn’t check for on Mars.  Lotatt will be your best source.  My brother Ian believes that it must have a very dense core to provide such a high gravity.  

How can you survey so fast?

One of the abilities that those that have become Team members have is the ability to sense things at a distance.  O-dof explained to U-tri, who had not gained very many abilities.  The reason that they can do it so fast is that two of the young humans, Jerome and Eric, have this ability very strongly.  They can do the survey from anywhere on the planet but it is easier if they take a shuttle ride so that the location can be marked accurately.  O-dof saw that U-tri was upset for not knowing this.  We have these meetings because there is so much new to learn.  When have you ever had to learn so many things in three days and still do the planning that you have worked long hours to present to us?  Do not forget that you have many beings willing and able to help.  Use your mental communication ability to contact those that may have information that you need.

As to where to get the money for all this work, many of the new things that are being shared with the Glazen will bring savings in the cost of doing things, like the AJ Power Generators being able to provide inexpensive power.  Part of that savings should go to the work you are planning.  Other things are new to the Glazen or an improvement over how you do things.  Alyca and Bruce’s improvements for spacecraft are an example.  Part of the payment to them for the new designs goes towards funding their work.  The remainder should go to the work you are planning.  Make use of the advantages of the new things to pay for that which you are planning.

The Humans would contribute that money to the shipyard, foundries, and mines?  The mineral survey alone will be worth a lot.  U-tri was surprised at the openness of the humans to help.

The Teams see this as us working together.  The shipyard will build spacecraft that we will need near the Solar System.  Humans are already setting up planet-based factories on Friendship.  They will build shuttles and other equipment there that we will need to start space industry around Friendship.  The idea is to use most of any savings or advantage that we get from things shared among us to support the effort that we will have to make in defending against the Qoof and Nartak.  You know how the Glazen do things.  You will have to decide how to take advantage of your systems.
What about transferring material and people to Mars?
MME has a number of inventions that help movement through the windows.  Willy realized that they needed a way to exchange technical and other information.  Has anyone done anything about setting up a communication link from Earth to Lotatt so we can transfer technical information?
Elvis and I have started working with Jess on it.  Marsha Breckington, the former NASA space communications expert, answered.  We went with a get something working now approach.  After we have had a while to work with the Glazen communication people, we will work on a beta system that combines our different technologies.  The network is currently being checked out and it will be available within the hour.
O-dof, I see what you mean.  U-tri realized that he would have to adjust to how fast things were changing, but he could see that the Humans also had to make adjustments.  They just had started before him.  Thank you.  Whom should I see for help in making use of these inventions?

That would be Joyce and me.  Tony Demondai replied.  We were responsible for them when we started using them.  We also would like to consult with some of your engineers.  I expect that they may have some ideas for improvements.

I will contact them and have them meet us after the meeting.
Colonel Lawson, give us a short report on what we have learned from the Qoof.  Eric Lawson had been a Major and the British Military Attaché for the embassy in Australia.  He had been the British representative at the opening of the Australian windows at Lavarack Barracks in Queensland and had provided many useful suggestions.  He and his wife Lisa, Kim Reynolds’ best friend, had grown up in Balerno, the village where Jess and Alice’s home was.
The Qoof first attacked the Clar just after O-dof set up the colony on Glazen.  They used oxygen-breathing species for the attack since the Clar have not been very susceptible to mental control by the Qoof masters that have led the attacks.  This Qoof does not know why this was so but suspects that one of the high masters would be successful but most are busy fighting the Nartak.  The Clar have since attacked any spacecraft that they have found near their worlds.  The Qoof took many years to conquer the first Clar star system.  Kartan is in the second system that they plan to conquer.  As we suspected, the attack on the Mossly system is to make the Clar move more of their spacecraft there to make the Kartan system easier to conquer.  Eric’s report is the first knowledge of what the group interrogating the Qoof had found that anyone not connected with the interrogation had been told.
The Qoof captured The Running Demzoin when it was scouting the Kartan system.  The Glazen captain didn’t know that it was a Qoof controlled spacecraft that it had met.  The other spacecraft’s crew was under the control of the Qoof on board.  The Qoof captain decided to get rid of a problem.  The Qoof that we captured was monitoring the Qoof captain for his faction.  The problems in conquering the first Clar world had led to a much higher Qoof to order three rival groups to join together in the attack on the Kartan system.  The Qoof captain compelled our Qoof to come here, assassinate O-bat, and destroy as much as he could.  The Qoof captain expected that our Qoof would not return.

Does “our Qoof” have a name?  Linda Steele asked.

It might translate as the flunky of the lower master of the fourth spacecraft of the middle master of the third fleet of the high master of the planet of the long legged swimmers.  Not something that we would want to use.  Eric had also been bothered by the lack of a name that they could use.

Call him Demzoin.  That will remind us of what he has done when we talk of him.  Claire suggestion was met by immediate approval by the Glazen.  The Demzoin was a fast sneaky animal from their home world, which also described the spacecraft that they had sent to the Kartan system to spy on the Clar.

The attack on the Kartan system will occur in a few months.  The Qoof captain didn’t want a Glazen fleet showing up and deciding to take the side of the Clar, which was the reason that the Qoof captain was going to use to explain why he sent Demzoin on a suicide mission.

That does not make a lot of sense.  The Glazen would have treated such an attack as a reason for war with the Qoof.  Would the other Qoof be happy with that?  Would they not see that it was a reason to get rid of Demzoin?  Fran Fusco thought that the attack on O-bat made little sense.

Fran, the Qoof would not care if the Glazen attacked them.  The Qoof captain does not respect them or worry about them after he found them easy to control.  As for other Qoof, infighting among the Qoof is continual.  As long as a Qoof can show that something was done to further the Qoof then no one will object even though they know what the primary reason for doing it was.  I suspect that the Qoof captain may have gained status from how he used the situation to further himself as well as the Qoof.
What do the Qoof know about our other three species?  Robert wanted to know if the Clar and the Glazen were the only ones that the Qoof knew about.
The Qoof know nothing of the Kin or Humans.  We are sure of this because Demzoin is very upset about what he has learned about the two species.  The Qoof have never met a species with mental powers that co-operate among themselves the way the Kin do.  The Qoof constantly fight for position.  Any co-operation is forced from above and that only places limits on the fighting among the Qoof.  It does not end it.  Human especially the three-fold mind that he sees in you and your Life-Mates scares him.  From Demzoin’s reaction’s, we know that any knowledge of Kin or Humans is not widespread.
As to the Swizz, Swertt has been attending the interrogation but his Life-Mate Smeyy has not.  Swertt has no experience in this type of situation and his main purpose is so that we have a Swizz taking part.  Demzoin is not sure what to make of Swertt.  We are using this as one of the ways to keep him off balance.
When U-mon, the lead Glazen on the interrogation team, returned the second day with his new Life-Mate, I-miz, we had Demzoin faint again.  That U-mon was now part of a two-fold mind, when he had obviously not been the day before and that the life-mating was like the humans upset him.  Eric smiled as he remembered what has happened.  That the Glazens who the Qoof had found as no threat now had two-fold minds threatened his understanding of the universe.
I guess we should not let him know about how we can combine multiple species in the squad let alone the Teams.  Alyca smiled as she thought about the increase in ability that such unions allowed.
No, we don’t want to scare him to death.  We haven’t even let him know about the Kin linking with the other species.  Eric agreed.  His biggest fear is that we will join the Nartak against the Qoof.
The Nartak are worse than the Qoof.  They turn animals into monsters.  Leslie Lawrence had been quietly sitting with her father John Harvey.  The thought that they might align with the Nartak upset her.  She had seen and worse had felt the minds of the monsters that the Nartak had created to hunt those with mind powers.

John Harvey looked at his youngest daughter.  Less, what Eric said was that us working with the Nartak is what Demzoin fears.  No one would suggested that we should work with the Nartak.
Why should we not consider working with the Nartak?  U-tri asked.
The Kin will not work with the Nartak.  Avla declared.  She was the Kin bonded to Alyca.  She had gained high status with the Kin for the triple birth she was expecting.

The Swizz also will not work with the Nartak.  No being with any morals would.  The Swizz biologist Smeyy on the AU-1 Team agreed.
U-tri, I have seen and felt the mind of one of the monsters that the Nartak had created.  O-dof nodded to Smeyy.  I agree with Smeyy.  No being with any morals would align with the Nartak.
O-dof has shared his experience with some of us.  O-bati stated.  As a healer, I do not feel that you can say that either the Qoof or the Nartak is worse than the other is.  At a certain level of evil, comparisons are meaningless.   
We need to decide what we will do in response to the attack here.  When do we send the armada that I have assembled here to help the Clar?  O-bat was not worried about the Nartak.  He had an enemy that had tried to attack the Glazen.  We must have members of the other species on every spacecraft, so that each will be protected from the Qoof.  The Swizz will need to go on three of the command ships.  We will need Humans and Kin for each of the 1332 spacecrafts.  When can they be here?
O-bat, we cannot order the others to serve on our ships.  All the species must be in agreement.  O-dof told O-bat.   
The Glazen have been attacked and we are the most numerous of our different species.
Actually, the Swizz were attacked first by both the Nartak and Qoof.  Additionally, there are more Swizz than Glazen, Human, and Kin combined.  I believe that they have seventeen planets at or above the level of development of Stroven.  The problem is that we have only had contact with the Swizz on the Mirrraaattee.  They cannot commit the Swizz to an offensive campaign until their worlds are informed and they unite with us.  How can you commit all of the Glazen to an attack on the Qoof who have hundreds of worlds without letting them know about the attack first?  We have not even taught all the Glazen in this star system to use mental abilities.
Robert continued after Claire with a seamless transition that only Life-Mates could achieve.  You need to upgrade your spacecraft.  They need more than just the nullifiers that keep atomic explosions from happening near the spacecraft.  Mental communication allows instantaneous communication among the spacecraft.  We have made a number of changes by combining what we have learned from each of our species.  It will take time to make those changes.  Then we have the problem of accommodating other species on the spacecraft.  The Kin have not used much technology before we met.  Humans have not been long in space.  The trip to Mars was the farthest that we have ever gone in space.  You will need to add specie specific facilities for the other species in all your spacecraft.  To move quickly to attack the Qoof at Kartan you do it without the advantages that we will be gaining by working together.  We do not even know if you can get there before the Clar are attacked.  Your spacecraft have a top speed of 250 times the speed of light.  The Mirrraaattee had a top speed of 350 before Alyca helped them with some modifications.  That starship now does 500 times the speed of light.  Plans for our first new design using technology based on what we learned from our four species will better that   If we can upgrade your spacecraft in half of the time that it will take you to get to Glazen you can get there ahead of when you would if you left now.  The fleet will also be stronger with other modification that can be made.
We are losing sight of what is really important here.  Nancy takes over from Robert.  We must warn the Clar and help them if we can, but that is not our most important goal.  We must unite our five species if we are going to have a chance in the long term against the Qoof and the Nartak.
The Clar have attacked two oxygen breathing species that we know of.  How can we trust them?  O-bat was surprised by the improvement in speed for the spacecraft, but the Qoof must learn that they cannot attack the Glazen.
They have been attacked by the Qoof, who are oxygen breathers using other species that are oxygen breathers.  How can we get them to trust us?  O-bati did not see how they were going to make friends with the Clar under either plan.
As you know your Life-Mate, so shall they know us.  A-tye and I knew that we should be together even before we met the Humans.  E-per spoke up.
What we can do when our four species work together mind to mind is even more of a gain than when Life-Mates work together.  We know that the Teams are incomplete and that Clar Life-Mates are needed.  Swertt, the Swizz biological scientist, added.
The Master Herder has brought us this far.  He will see that the Clar join us.  Moiria, the kin bonded to Nancy, remark was reinforced by the fact she spoke not as herself but for the Kin Group Mind that linked all the Kin even those beyond Lotatt, Mars, and Earth.
All of the other species in the room were stunned for they could feel that Moiria’s words came from beyond her.
I did not know the Kin could unite across all the worlds.  Nancy thoughts are directed at the individual Moiria.
Neither did I.  Moiria was stunned.  To be the voice for the Kin Group Mind was a great honorIt had not been done before.
O-bat, you need to send messages to all the Glazen planets telling them about what has happened.  Information on the AJ Power Generator and the nuclear explosion nullify should be send with the message.  Once we have more Glazen trained that can sense other worlds, you can send them with information on the Adjacent World Window generators.  By then, we should even have some Human and Kin Life-Mates to send with them to help.  Bruce and I have been studying your space drives.  We will soon have enough information to start working with your shipyard engineers on deciding what changes should be made. 
Claire interrupted Alyca.  What we need to do first is call on our joint Group Mind to help teach everyone in this system mental communications and other abilities.  Once we have that we can tell everyone in the system what is happening.
Yes, let us do the training.  O-dof turns to O-bat.  You would agree that arriving at the Kartan system with a more able fleet and possibly sooner would be better.
Changes.  So many changes.  O-bat shrugged in exasperation of how things were out of his control.

O-bati took his hand.  Let us do the training.
We need to explain to the population of this system what is happening.  It would be helpful, if we were on Stroven and video broadcasting to its population since they are over 99% of the Glazens in the system.  There is too much time lag for us to broadcast from here and correctly monitor the response.  Nancy attention switched to Roott, one of the Swizz on AU Team 3.

There is another good reason for the Teams to go to Stroven.  It matches Lyysssiisss in size and orbit.  We may be able to open a window on Stroven to Lyysssiisss.  Roott and his Life-Mate Rickk were Swizz planetologists.  They had been studying all the new planets.  They had noticed that Stroven’s size and orbit matched Lyysssiisss.

Chapter 15 – And Then There Were Four


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