Ch 15 And Then There Were Four

Outdoor Sports Arena
Rising Sun Capital of the Planet Stroven
Glazen Space
Sunday, October 17, 1999

Team Pool Coverage – October 17, 1999 – Douglas Richard and Amy Tuckey
The Australian Teams will be training the Glazens in the Stroven star system in mental abilities as they taught Humans in Carlisle in June.  They will telecast from an outdoor sports arena at Rising Sun, the capital of the planet Stroven.  The difference will be that the Glazen know what to expect.  In fact, O-dof set up the Kartan colony because of a dream that he had that it would lead to the Glazen learning mental communications from the species that they would meet there.  The Glazen had been expecting that mental abilities for over fifty years.  The Stroven star system have just found out in the past week that mental communications was only the first thing that they would be taught.  It is expected that over 4.7 billion Glazen will learn mental abilities today.


“It is amazing how enthusiastic your people were to learn mental communications.”  Clair was discussing the training that had just been completed.

“It was why O-dof went to Kartan.  His dream was that by going there that we would meet those who would teach the Glazen to communicate mentally.  When O-dof returned with three other species they knew that another dream had been fulfilled.”  U-tet one of the leaders of the original Glazen colony on Kartan and now a member of Tem AU-2 explained.

“The results were very similar to what we had on Earth.  Like with Humans, some of the Glazens refused to accept the training.  Again the Group Mind cut them out.”  O-dof sigh was very like a human.  “The Group Mind told us little.  We are to send messages to all our planets followed by those sent to train them.  The trainers shall be mixed teams of the four species but not anyone from the Australian Teams.  Those Teams are to go to the Swizz at Lyysssiisss and then later to the Clar.  The Glazen and Swizz Life-Mates for the Teams are to be found and integrated into the Teams.”

“Our immediate job is first contact with other species.  We may end up doing other things but that is our current role.”  Robert gaze went from O-dof to the other Team leads.  “The Group Mind was quite explicit when it spoke to us.”

“It told Avla and me that we needed to move up our trip to Kartan if the two of us wanted to be there when we met the Clar.”  Alyca was disquieted by the short remark that had been addressed only to the lead squad of AU Team 2.

I have only a little while before I should not be out adventuring.  Avla’s pregnancy was just starting to show.  With three kits coming, I will soon be staying with those tending the herds.

“You will have to take it easy with your babies also.”  Betsy Maclaren told Alyca.

Startled, Alyca looked at the youngest of her Team’s squad leaders.  “I am having twins.”


“Are you sure?”  Alyca grabbed Bruce’s hand.

Betsy laughed.  “Yes.  They differ enough that they show up quite well.  Didn’t you check?”

“I never thought to.”  Alyca looked at her husband.  Bruce shook his head no.

Everyone but the two of them was laughing.

Betsy mentally reached out to Alyca but found Bruce and her with attention for no one else.  Claire led her Life-Mates to join with Betsy to reach out to Alyca and Bruce.

Alyca, Bruce.  Do you sense them?  Claire asked.

Alyca and Bruce’s attention expanded from just each other.  “Just barely!”

Let us help.  Avla and Velvon, the Kin to which they were bonded offered.

Two males and a female.  The same as you Avla.  Alyca commented as she continued to contemplate the new lives growing within her.

“Who else is not surprised that they match?”  Claire’s words were low and heard by only her Life-Mates.

“Let us give them a few more minutes until we check out Lyysssiisss.  It was definitely not a coincidence that a window here at the stadium opens into a major Swizz city.”  Nancy smile was matched by her Life-Mates.

Downtown Park
Wizzaaiii, Planet Lyysssiisss
Swizz Space
Sunday, October 17, 1999

The window opened in a park near the government center of Wizzaaiii.  It was the home city of Swertt and Smeyy, members of the lead squad of AU Team 1.  The two Swizz had recognized it when their squad had surveyed the city by mental sensing from Rising Sun on Stroven.  Claire and Nancy had been surprised when the two Swizz had been so enthusiastic to enter at this park.  The girls hadn’t known what to make of the many ponds among the trees and plants.  Robert had reminded them that an amphibious species like the Swizz would find the water a relaxing break from the dry land that a modern city required.

Swertt and Smeyy led the way through the window.  It was the same squad as had stepped out on to Lotatt a few days before.  The two Swizz were looking around for someone in authority, when they spotted two familiar faces.  There among the onlookers staring at the sudden emergence of two Swizz and a number of aliens was Fllaazziii, Smeyy’s sister, and her Life-Mate, Jaaiiff.  They called out their names and hurried over to them.  After a couple of seconds of shock, the two locals moved to embrace them.

“Smeyy’s sister and her Life-Mate were the leaders of the city and they just show up here in time to meet us!”  Claire exclaimed to her life mates.  “That is pushing things a lot to set things up.”

“And the tall handsome foreigner rescuing the beautiful, blond daughter of the President from terrorist wasn’t.”  Nancy has a hard time not breaking into a laugh as she raised a questioning eyebrow at her two Life-Mates.

Claire’s mouth hung open as she contemplates what Nancy has said.  “You have a point.  Also no one got killed.”

Let’s make sure.  Squad, scan the surrounding area for any trouble.  The rest of Team 1 come on over.  Teams 2 and 3, be ready to support from your locations.  Claire’s words made my danger sense go crazy.  Robert and the Team members formed a large circle facing outward as they mentally scanned the surrounding area.

“Has there been anything strange or unusually happening?  My friend Robert has sensed danger.”  Smeyy asked her sister.

“Some animals have been killing Life-Mates.  Another attack had just been reported in the park.  We came over to get a first-hand look.”

Silent ones!  Less’s thought was heard by all of the members of the three Teams.
Leslie Lawrence!  What has got into you?  Her mother Marie is upset at her youngest daughter’s obsession with the mutant hunters that the Nartak had created to hunt those with mental ability.

She is right.  I can sense eight of them.  They are heading this way.  Moiria, who had paired with Nancy, had been from one of the Kin packs that had been almost destroyed by the silent ones.

Smeyy, they can sense your sister and her Life-Mate.  Shield them.  Robert started issuing orders.  Dave and Fran, let you shields down and draw them over your way.  They are not many Swizz over here.  Steve and Carol, warn the Swizz over there to get back.  The rest of us spread out to get clear firing lanes to either side of Dave and Fran.  Jenny shut off the first window.  Alyca and Willy, bring squads over from your locations but do not use your windows.  Block off the silent ones lines of retreat and search the area.

Silent ones do not retreat.  Alyca told them.

Only when they are not being controlled, but I think that there is a Nartak controlling them.  Robert replied.

That makes sense.  Alyca is surprised that she hadn’t thought of it.  The Nartak had all died before the Mirraaattee had crashed on Friendship leaving the Swizz trapped by the silent ones on their ship.  I have a signal locator for their control signal.
Why don’t the rest of us have one of those?  Willy asked his cousin.

Alyca, what is the frequency and characteristics of the signal.  Marsha can use our equipment to look for the transmitter.  We can then triangulate on the signal.  We can also jam it if we need to.  Elvis Tohe and his Life-Mate were the communication specialists for the three Teams.

A single side-band signal at 179.6 MHz.  The signal is to the Southwest of our position.  Alyca joy at going after a Nartak was sensed by everyone along with her message.

It is South Southwest of our position.  Move South, so that we can get a better triangulation.  Marsha replied.

Marsha, are you recording the signal.  Robert asked.

Yes, worry about the ambush.  I have the equipment all ready to set down when it is time to do a little hunting.  I will keep monitoring it until then.  There has been no change in the signal since I started recording.  Short digital packets are encoded in the signal.  Marsha informed Robert.

The silent ones are about a hundred yards off.  They are sneaking towards us.  They are definitely not the crazed killers that were encountered on Friendship.  Charles Koloski reported.

All squads, but D and A, take the silent one that matches your position.  Dave and Fran, be ready to shield.  You will take any silent ones that the others do not stop.  We will do the same.  I would like to capture one of them but do not put anyone’s life at risk.

Robert, we have located the Nartak.  There are two of them in what looks to be a hotel.  JJ says that he could scare them by make them think the silent ones are in the room with them.  Jason statement was a surprise to the squads of all three Teams.

Robert was as surprised as anyone was, but quickly reacted.  Smeyy, ask your sister to get someone over there to take the Nartak into custody.  Let them know that they will be scared out of their mind.  Keyvan, would you make sure that JJ does not make it impossible for us to interrogate the Nartak.  Jason, I want a written report from each of you.  You and Teresa are to do a summary.

Yes, sir.  Jason wasn’t sure if it had been such a good idea to join with his cousins in searching for the Nartak.  Well, we kept JJ, KA, and Less from going after the Nartak.  The three siblings were partnered with Kin whose pack had been almost completely destroyed by the silent ones.

Yes, Mort was ready to go with them.  Mike was scared that KA would get hurt.  Teresa squeezed her Life-Mate Jason’s hand.

We are too small to be fighting the Nartak and Qoof physically.  Our job is to locate people and things.  Jason looked around at his brothers and cousins.  Right now, we need to keep track of those Nartak and see if there are any more here.
Since Robert had told him to go easy on the Nartak, JJ joined with Keyvan when he mentally attacked.  The Nartak had been monitoring the silent ones as they approached the two leaders of the city.  Their plan was to destabilize the government and help to set up another one that was beholding to them for their help in stopping the creatures that had been killing the Swizz leaders.  Suddenly they knew that their Z-117s would soon be attacking them.  Quickly the leader grabbed the controller and sent out the signal to put the Z-117s asleep.

Keyvan had monitored what JJ had done to the Nartak.  JJ, they should be thinking about asking protection from the Swizz.  When the Swizz police arrive, they should be ready to be taken into custody for their own protection.

Less laughed.  That is better than going over and shooting them.

We will secure the silent ones.  Do not take any chances.  Smeyy can you asks for some help in putting them in secure cages.  Robert was smiling since no one had gotten hurt.

Outdoor Meeting Area
Wizzaaiii, Planet Lyysssiisss
Swizz Space
Sunday, October 17, 1999

Later that evening, they trained the Swizz in the Lyysssiisss system in the mental abilities.

Again, the results of the training are in line with what we saw for Humans and Glazen.  Claire reported the results of the survey of the Swizz after the last round of training.  Now we need to find Swizz and Glazen Life-Mates to fill out the Teams.
No, there is more to do.  Let us reach out to all that have been trained.  There are some things that I need to tell you.  The Group Mind of the four species told them.

All?  That is seven star systems.  Nancy realized the implications of the request.

Also the Mirrraaattee.

We can tell those on the Mirraaattee that we have reached Lyysssiisss through the windows.  They can return to Friendship.  Swertt knew that most of the Swizz on the spacecraft had wanted to stay and explore the new worlds that were accessible through the windows.
You are much stronger with more of us mentally trained.  Nancy stated.

Yes, I am eager to find out what it is like when all five species are joined together.  The Group Mind thoughts reflected its eagerness but also an apprehension.

With Nancy, Claire, and Robert guiding, the three Teams reached out to the Swizz of Lyysssiisss, then the Glazen in the Stroven System, to all four species on the different planets they had explored, and finally to those on the Mirrraaattee.

All those joined together could reach out and mentally contact others no matter on which planet on which they were.  Many experienced their first personal contact with those of the other species.

I can sense anyone that I know by just thinking about her.  If a large group of people have a problem like the hurricane battering Cuba, it stands out.  There is also a hazy trace of the other Glazen and Swizz that have not yet learned to join with us.  Claire was stunned at the ability to sense so many others.

We can also sense worlds in between our worlds.  There are so many with their own species.  Robert was surprised that they could sense those not of the four species.  There is the Mirrraaattee as it travels between the stars.  They are preparing to return to Friendship

We are not what we could be.  Look at the Kartan and Mossly systems.  The Clar are like a hole that needs filling.  We must join with them.  Nancy sensed what they are missing.

You three alone can fully sense what I feel of the four species that comprise me and of those that are yet to join with us.  The other species that we sense are not to join us, but I get a sense of purpose with them as the Kin have with their herds.  The Group Mind tells the three Life-Mates.  For while they contemplated what they could do.  I should contact that which sends the dreams and visions.

The three Life-Mates can sense the Group Mind reaching out but cannot sense what occurs.  The contact was brief.

That you could not join with me in the contact was expected by it.  What has occurred is right to its plan/vision/desire.  It is pleased with what has formed but urges that the Clar be contacted.  With them joined, what is to be done can be done.  That the Group Mind is trying to put what it has found into thoughts that they could understand was obvious to the three.

War with the Qoof and the Nartak.  Robert thoughts weren’t happy ones, since he knew of the many deaths that would occur from such a war.

No!  Both the Qoof and Nartak have strayed from the path that they were to have taken.  They also have diverted many species from their paths.  The job that we have been given is to return all of them to their paths.

There will be less death and destruction but that definitely it is a harder goal to achieve.  Robert was relieved.

It is a goal that will help us grow and not lead us close to a path such as the Qoof and the Nartak find themselves on.  Claire could see the benefits to what they have been asked to do.

We need to let all those that we are joined with know of the path we are to travel then we need to find Glazen and Swizz Life-Mates to complete the Teams.  Nancy realized that the knowledge would help to unite them.

I am also informing everyone that you three, the only three-fold Life-Mates, speak with me and that you sense much of what I sense.  You will advise them on what should be done.  Remember that the Teams need Clar members to complete them.  The Group Mind told them.

You do not use the word ‘lead’.  Claire noticed the difference.

No, you three need to grow and learn.  That may come in time.  Now I must break this connection between all that have joined.  It is a strain to maintain it.  It is something that should be done only when there is great need.
The three Life-Mates knew that the Group Mind’s thoughts were true.  There was much that they needed to learn about themselves but that they were unique among the four species was the biggest thing that they had learned that day.


Team Pool Coverage – October 18, 1999 – Douglas Richard and Amy Tuckey
The Swizz planet Lyysssiisss was found adjacent to the Glazen planet Stroven.  Following the training of the Swizz in the Lyysssiisss star system, the Group Mind facilitated the joining of all Kin and Human with the Glazen and Swizz that had learned mental communication.  The Group Mind spoke with us and told us a number of things.  The most important was that the Clar needed to be contacted to join us.

When the Group Mind talked of the Qoof and Nartak, it was not of conquest but of helping them to each return to the correct path for their development.  This still means conflict with them but not to conqueror them but to free those species that they have enslaved and to guide each species to the paths from which this three-millennium conflict between the Qoof and Nartak has diverted them.

The goal of guidance rather than conquest is very importance to us.  If our goal were to be conquest then we would be no different from the Qoof or the Nartak.

The Group Mind assigned Robert Maclaren, Claire Clarke, and Nancy Tohe the job of advising us on what must be done.  The Group Mind referred to them as the Three-Fold Life-Mates.  They are able to communicate directly with the Group Mind, which will allow them to pass on its guidance.

Claire told us that this meant that they were advisors for the five species and not the leaders.  When Amy asked about that, Claire laughed and said that they had so much to learn especially about themselves.  That the method of governing that the five species worked out must come from interaction and agreement among the five species.  It mustn’t be imposed by the Group Mind.  What the five species determined for the method of governing will affect the Group Mind in what it will become.

The Glazen and Swizz are sending fast couriers to their other planets to let them know what is happening.  Teams will be formed to teach those on theses planets the mental abilities.  The Mirrraaattee has changed course to return to Friendship now that the Swizz have been contacted.
Grand Reception Room
Planet Administration Complex
Wizzaaiii, Planet Lyysssiisss
Swizz Space
Monday, October 18, 1999
The Swizz held a reception to let them get better acquainted with the Australian Teams and the Glazen.  The job that the Group Mind had presented to the four species was the main topic of discussion.  Everywhere Team members were sought for their thoughts on what they should do about the Qoof and the Nartak.  That is every Team member but three.  Jason and Teresa had a particularly large group of Swizz and Glazen around them, but there the topic was different.  They had been sought out since they were the apprentices of Robert, Claire, and Nancy.  There the questions were about the only Three-Fold Life-Mates.
They are not different.  They are just more than everyone else is.  Teresa knew the three as individuals and friends who helped her learn what it meant for her and Jason to be Life-Mate, and all the other new things that were to be learned.  They are my friends.
Grandmother Alice warned my brothers and me to be careful not to act as though we were better than other people were just because we could do things that they couldn’t do.  She told us that we had been given our special abilities to help others.  What we found out today is that all of us have been given abilities to help others.  That is what is important.  Robert, Claire, and Nancy just have been given more to help us.
O-bat looked down at the two very young humans.  You two have been given wisdom, which few have.  Your words have reminded me that I have lived many lives guiding the Glazen and that I had always sought not to be apart from my people.  Now we are isolating them when they must be one with us.  He turned and walked over to the three-fold Life-Mates.
Before he reached them, he saw six Swizz approach.  Smeyy and Swertt led Fllaazzii and Jaaiiff and a younger couple to them.  He could tell that the two Team-members were all but physically dragging the other four to the Three-fold Life-Mates.

My Team Leads, you have met my sister, Fllaazzii, and her husband Jaaiiff earlier.  I wish to introduce their daughter Fllaajjii and her Life-Mate, Reeemmii.  Swertt actually pushed the young couple forward as his Life-Mate Smeyy made the introductions.

They are the ones that we have been looking for.  Nancy tells her Life-Mates privately.

Yes, but they are so frightened of us that they do not see the ties we have to each other.  Claire commented.

The Over-Mind thoughts have put you three above them and everyone else.  I hope it is listening, it has much to learn about how individual interact.  Moiria, the Kin bonded to Nancy thought.

It is monitoring what goes on here.  Remember that it did not exist until a few months ago.  It is learning a lot as it grows.  Robert offered his hand to Reeemmii.  Both species had similar customs and he used the Swizz style.  Claire and Nancy both offered their hands to Fllajjii.  The three of them timed it so that they all touched at the same time.

The contact startles the two young Swizz.  They felt their bond with the Humans.

You are the Swizz Life-Mates that we have sought for our squad.  Smeyy and Swertt joined the Team but their interests are in science.  Claire tells the young couple.

We would like for Fllaajjii and Reeemmii to take our place on your squad.  A science Team is where we feel we could do the most good.  They have recently graduated but cannot find their purpose.  They came to us with an interest in joining our Team.  They said it is what they are called to do.  Smeyy was nervous about resigning from the AU-1 Team after all they had learned in the past few days.

Joining us is what they are called to do.  Moiria has likened the connection that we have between us to that of the Kin to one of the Team members.  Claire and her Life-Mates stepped aside to allow the squad’s other members, A-tye, E-per, Jason, Teresa and the Kin to which they were bonded to meet the two new squad members.

When the Swizz touched the other squad member, individual bonds similar to those with the Kin had formed, but then as the last of the squad members had contacted them, they all noticed the bonds changing.  A bond existed between all of the squad members.  It was in addition to the Life-Mate bonds or the bonds that the Kin had between pack members or that which existed between all of the Kin.

Nancy sensed that there were others that needed to be introduced.  O-bat, there is a pair of Life-Mated Glazens that are also meant to join a Team.  They are over there.  She pointed to the far corner of the room.  I think you should introduce us to your great-grandson and his Life-Mate.
O-bat looked to where she pointed.  His great-grandson A-typ and his mate E-kel stood their conversing with Patty and David, the Life-Mates that were slated to lead the Teams working with the Mossen.  Though still in school, the two had declared that they were mates and that they were not going to have the children that usually signified a mated pair of Glazen any time soon.  Their parents had brought them to him and O-bati in an attempt to get them to follow the Glazen ways.  The night before that meeting, he and O-bati had had dreams that the two young Glazen were mates in a way that the Glazen would learn about when O-dof returned.  They had told the parents and young couple of the dreams.  The parents had been surprised and had asked many questions.  The young couple had asked only one.  Could they stay on Lotatt until E-kel’s great-great-grandfather, O-dof, returned.  They both wanted to learn from the soldiers that O-bat had gathered there.  Over the following weeks, he found them both disturbing and reassuring.  They were something he had not seen in many lives.  They received dreams just as he did, but they were different.  When he and O-bati had learned mental communication, he realized what they were.  They were Life-Mates and had been communicating without him understanding what the difference that he noticed was.
He called them over.  Patty and David followed them.  Yes, they would fit nicely with the others.
After O-bat introduced everyone, Nancy asked.  Did you know that the four of you will be the start of your own squad?
Patty looked at David, who said.  We felt a connection but did not know what it meant.
Make physical contact and you will. 
Again, the special bond formed when they first made contact.  The bond that formed was like the one that the other squad now had.

Now, let us see if you can find the Swizz Life-Mates for your squad.  I think that they are over there.  Robert pointed off towards the main entrance.

The four looked as one.  They saw two Swizz entering the room.  The recognition was instantaneous and they hurried over to greet each other.  They then returned to introduce their new squad members.

The squads when we have the right Team members are closer and stronger than we had expected.  Robert looked at those gathered around him.  Let us try something now that our squads are more fully formed.  He holds his hand out to David.

When David takes his hand, another level of bonding formed between the two squads.

That is interesting.  O-dof is not sure what to make of all of the new bonds.  I guess you will be off to form up your Team when we get back.

We still have a lot to learn.  David had meant his words one way but found that they covered not only he and Patti but all of them.  We need to stay with you and learn more about working together.
We also need to meet the Clar.  They also will contribute Life-Mates to be part of our squads.  Nancy commented.

They will benefit from being with us when we contact the Clar near Kartan.  The Teams on Mossen will need to know how to contact the Clar.  Robert was concerned about contacting the Clar that had been bombarding the Mossly.

What will happen if they find Clar members for their squad?  Teresa looks concerned.  They cannot use the windows to go from Kartan to Mossly.
Nancy laughed.  I cannot wait to find out how we handle traversing the windows with our Clar Teammates.
They all realized that they had become dependent on the windows that were on planets that the Clar could not visit.

Conference Room
Wizzaaiii, Planet Lyysssiisss
Swizz Space
Tuesday, October 19, 1999
The three Australian Teams were gathered in a conference room in the hotel where they were staying on Lyysssiisss.  For all of them to communicate in a meeting being together was not necessary but personal contact by being together was part of the habits of each species, even the Kin.  The Kin would often travel days to meet together in a group even though they could communicate without traveling.  All told, there were two hundred fifty three individuals in the room.  Like the Humans, the Glazen and Swizz had also brought children and siblings when they joined the Teams.  In fact, the parents and other family members of two of the Swizz Life-Mate pair had also joined the Team but more as advisors.  The family had owned and operated an independent spacecraft.  Eleven family members had joined the Team only four of which were full squad members.

Then there were others who were not part of the three Teams.  Six were Patty’s and David’s squad, who had to return to Earth to find their Kin members.  Another seven were not members of any Team but Glazen and Swizz doctors.

Robert called the meeting to order.  We will start off with Eric reporting on what was found out from the captured Nartaks.

Colonel Eric Lawson stood and addressed the meeting from near his seat in the front row.

We have interrogated the three Nartaks that were controlling the Z-117’s better known as the silent ones.  The Nartak ship that attempted to escape has been captured and is being brought back to the local spaceport.  It had only six Nartak on board and a crew of three other species.  We will again work with the local Swizz authorities on the interrogations.
For the first interrogation, JJ had no problem in getting information from the three Nartak.

“How did you get them to cooperate so readily?”  One of the Swizz doctors asked in Swizz.

“We thought you might be concerned with our methods.  JJ, will you give us an example?”  Eric also spoke in Swizz.

“Tell me about the last time you swam in the ocean.”  JJ commanded the doctor.

The doctor started to tell about the trip that he had taken to swim in the ocean.

“Thank you.  That is enough for now.”  JJ commanded the doctor to stop.

The doctor realized that the young human had easily commanded him to talk about his swim.

That is one of the less publicized mental abilities.  It is also one that very few have been able to learn.  Eric returned to the discussion of the interrogation.  The key is to get on friendly terms with the subject.  That was the hardest part for JJ since he and his sisters hate the Nartak for what they have done to the Z-117s and other living creatures including we believe the crew of their spacecraft.  We stayed away from such topics for now but we will need to question them about such topics.
A little white lie there.  JJ could have commanded the Nartak to tell him anything and they could not have resisted.  Claire communicates privately to her Life-Mates.  It was good practice for him to control his angry and get them to talk with us.  We will need to work with the Nartak to get them to return to the right path.
We may have to force them to get some information.  Robert remarked.
I do not think so.  The three of us working together should be able to learn more than just what they say.  Nancy replied.

No, not just the three of us.  The whole squad except for Jason and Teresa.  They are too young.  It will help us grow closer together.  Claire suggested.

Let us include Jason and Teresa for the first part of our interrogations.  We will not be touching on the biological changes that the Nartak partake in any but general terms.  That may be enough for Jason and Teresa not to want to hear more.  That way they will understand why we want to exclude them from part of the interrogation.  Robert explained.

They reached agreement.

These Nartak knew nothing about the capture of the Mirrraaattee.  They were exploring.  When they found out about Life-Mates among the Swizz they decided that it was important enough to try to take over this world.  It is a technique that they have used before but I think that even without our intervention they wouldn’t have succeeded.  I think that they were in over their heads.  They didn’t even communicate what they had learned back to their superiors.  Eric started to discuss what was learned.

Later, he summarized what they had learned.  These Nartak were essentially out on their own.  They were looking for new biological finds that would help them in the war with the Qoof, which they believe that they are slowly loosing.  I might add that this would surprise Demzoin, the Qoof that we captured.  Though he never said that they were losing the war, he said much that indicated that things had gotten worse lately.  The attacks on the Clar involve mainly subject species from nearby star systems.  Few Qoof spacecraft were available which is why the campaign is taking so long.
These Nartak saw an opportunity with Lyysssiisss to capture a planet with an intelligent species that has mental capabilities.  We gather that the only other species beside the Qoof that they have encountered that had mental abilities had been able to resist the Nartak takeover.  We have a general idea of how the Nartak Empire is structured and that their nearest world is over a year’s travel for this spacecraft.  With all of their neighboring species, their relationship range from isolation to hostile.  The Nartaks are being consumed by the conflict with the Qoof.  Almost everything they do is war related.
Eric, are you saying that we are dealing with some of the third rate members of two species that are slowly wearing each other down in this three thousand year war.  Fran Fusco asks.

That is one way of putting it.  Eric laughed.  What we have seen so far is dangerous to any of our five species individually and probably even to all of us together.  If they brought a fleet from the conflict and attacked us, we would be swept away.  The only thing that is keeping that from happening is that they cannot afford to use any such fleet against us.  If they did, the war would swing against them.

Therefore, we must remain unthreatening to the Qoof and the Nartak until we are stronger.  We must learn more about both of them and determine how to bring both down at once so that the other will not be victorious and then attack us.  Robert added.

“That does not sound easy.”  Jenny White whispered to her twin brother Al.

“No, it will not be easy but it does not have to be accomplished right away.  We will have time once we stop the coming attack on the Clar.  There is much to learn.”  Claire spoke in Swizz while Nancy translated for the new Glazen Team members who have not yet learned the language.

How did the Swizz get the Nartak spacecraft to return?  Laura Hunt asked.
The told them that some strange wild animals had attacked the three Nartak and that they were captured.  The injuries were beyond the Swizz capabilities to heal them.  They were asked if they could do anything for them.  When they were asked about the news reports that they had heard about the strange aliens that had captured the animals.  The Swizz had gotten indignant and told them that they had captured the animals.  They told them that the aliens were friends of the sister of the city administrator who had just been in the park at the time of the capture.  It took a bit more to convince them but they are on the way back.  Eric told them.

There were a few more questions but then they moved on to the next topic.

Kim mentally addressed the gathering.  One of the biggest problems we have is when the Teams explore on unknown worlds and especially when we get to worlds controlled by either the Qoof or the Nartak.  How do we supply medical care to our different species?  I have been the only medical doctor in our Teams though we have others with varying levels of medical training.  With the addition of more Glazen and Swizz members to our Teams, we now have a Glazen doctor and various others who have medical training.  This is an improvement but it is still not, what we need.  We will often be working as individual squads or multi-squad groups where we might not have someone with medical training.  We will be training all of you in basic medical procedures for each of the five species, but we have to have more than that.

Our original thought was to have a medical Team to accompany the action Teams but the last few days have given us another possibility.  When we taught mental abilities to the Swizz on Lysssiisss, we were able to communicate with those on other worlds, but it took the joining of all three Teams and those being taught to reach the other worlds.  With the addition of our Glazen and Swizz Team members yesterday, the squads and the Teams became much stronger mentally.
Claire took over.  We would like to check to see if we have the ability at the Team and squad level to communicate to another world even one that is not adjacent.  If this is possible then we can set up a medical Team on one of the adjacent worlds and have them support those in the dangerous situations.
Were you able to do it?  Alyca asked.
Our squad tried Mom and Dad first.  Robert answered.  After success there, we were able to contact others, even those like Aunt Marge who does not have a Life-Mate.  We next tried with another squad and then only a partial squad simulating casualties.  It was harder but we still could get through to Life-Mates who were then able to help us contact Aunt Marge.
A job for the pregnancy Team!  Linda Steele referred to the Team of those who would not be on an action Team while they were side lined due to a pregnancy.

We had not considered that.  Nancy Tohe smiled.  Well the plan is to practice this and see if we can all pick this up.  We have found that other abilities have taken awhile to learn.  The new members are just starting to learn what we have been practicing for the last few months.  We expect that it will take awhile to have everyone trained.  Now we also have some non-Team members here.  They are medical doctors who have expressed an interest in learning the medicine of the other species.  We thought that they should be brought into this from the beginning.  Both because they may learn more about us and what we will be doing but also as observers that can offer us some advice.

They started off with everyone joining together to communicate with those on Earth in Queensland.  That gave everyone a feel for how to set up the communications.  From there they switched to individual Teams and then squads making the contact.  The squad for the California Team worked with the AU-1 Team.  Like with prior training in new abilities, some learned faster than others and some were more able than others.  The four human, Team leads were the only Life-Mate pairs that were able to contact individuals of any species.  Groups of Kin were able to contact individual Kin.

I would say that worked much better than we expected.  When everyone has gotten more familiar with mental abilities, we should have much better results.  What we have now is more than sufficient to set up medical Teams on adjacent worlds with a lead medical Team in Queensland.  Nancy told them.

This is remarkable.  Doctor Flleeennaaa was excited.  I had originally wanted to learn about the medicine of the different species, but I have found something else to study.  The four species work together as one.  I had expected many years before mixed Teams could work together smoothly.  I wish my surgical Team worked this well together.
We missed that.  We need to have more than doctors join together.  We need members of the whole medical community from each species working together.  Kim had worked the last few years as a genetic researcher and not as a care provider.

I did not expect the Kin to have healers.  Doctor U-til had a surprised look on her face.

The Kin were not tool users so their healers have had to develop methods much different from ours.  You will find that how they do things gives us new perspectives in how we approach life.  Of course, we are finding that with the Glazen and the Swizz also, but Humans, Glazen, and Swizz have more in common.  We are expecting the Clar to change our worldview even more.  Robert and his Life-Mates were quiet for a few seconds.

Nancy laughed.  Our Group Mind has just reminded us that we are just beginning and that there is much more to learn.  She did not go into the specifics of what they had been told.

Chapter 16 – Return to Earth


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