Ch 3 Survivors

Foothills near United States Compound 1
Air World
Tuesday May 25, 1999
The spacecraft was sleek and symmetrical with only the three landing skis marring its lines.  In flight, they would be retracted until they were just bulges on the skin of the spacecraft.  Whatever propelled the craft it was not a rocket or jet since there was no opening at the back for exhaust.  Was the propulsion method one that man had considered or was it something unknown?  The material of the hull was of some material that they didn’t recognize.  They had determined that it was very hard and non-magnetic, but anything else would require spectroscopic analysis and samples to analyze in a laboratory.  They were not even sure of it true color as there was a pattern across the ships surface.  Even the inside of the skis was colored though there the color was solid, but it differed with each of the skis.  The pattern was definitely made for alien eyes.  It was confusing and the colors were more to the red end of the visible spectrum.  There were no signs of heat damage so the spacecraft could slow down before entering the atmosphere.  At thirty-seven meters, it looked too small for interstellar flight but the mother ship must be very large since there were no signs of a means for external attachment.

They were able to gain some understanding of the layout of the interior through their ability to observe objects mentally.  The craft had what they thought of as a control area just forward of the smaller of the two hatches.  That area had three seats and a wall of equipment.  The next area back, contained mostly seats for passengers.  The air system was in the ceiling above the seats.  It appeared to have large gas containers for supplying more gas.  There was no sign of an air cleaning/reprocessing system.  It was inferior to what the US shuttle used.  The last compartment was the largest.  It was designed for cargo.  A vehicle without wheels and many containers with various items filled the compartment.

They had not found how to open the hatches.  Jess was working on a construct using two window generators to get them into the spacecraft.  The first window would take them to the Water world.  Once that window was open, a second window would take them back to the Air world and the interior of the spacecraft.  Jess was assembling the frame that would hold the second window in position with respect to the first window once that window was open.  This was needed since they were almost a hundred meters in the air on the Water world.

Jess put down the wrench.  The aluminum T-slotted framing pieces made building the frames simple.  He would have everything he needed with the next load that was being brought up.

Robert walked over to the side of the spacecraft and placed his hand flat against a section of the hull.  He turned his hand ninety degrees rotating a circular portion of the hull and then pressed it in.  The area of the hull that they had identified as the forward hatch popped up and he reached over and pulled it open.  Turning to Jess, he smiled.  “The boys took figuring out how to open the hatch as a challenge.  Can I borrow one of those long metal pieces to hold the door open?”

Jess laughed.  “Now I understood Rob’s problem with keeping his guns locked up

Mei-lei headed towards the hatch.

“Mei-lei, we should wait for the others to get back.  They will be here in about twelve minutes.”  Claire said.

They all stopped as a mental message comes from Leslie.  Will and Sol are on their way back.  They have three NASA experts on spacecrafts.  The Stanleys are Life-Mates.  Marsha Breckington is Elvis’s Life-Mate.  Bruce, will you send him back so he can be here to greet her.  Leslie was excited.

Bruce smiled.  Elvis, once you get back, you are to wait for Sol to escort the NASA scientists here.  Bruce next message was to everyone at the compound.  We have access to the spacecraft.  The Reynolds’ boys showed Robert how to unlatch the hatch.  We will put up a tent to cover the hatch and will enter after this load of supplies is brought up.  Lieutenant Johnson, Elvis Tohe will return to meet the NASA scientists when they arrive.  Assign more people to shuttle items from Earth.  You will also need people to escort them up to the spacecraft.

Later as they are about to enter the spacecraft, Bruce realizes that he would have to leave guards outside.  Claire saw that he is trying to decide whom to leave behind.  “Robert, Nancy and I will stand guard.  We have been viewing the ship while we were standing guard earlier.”

“Ok, but Robert is the one that unlatched the hatch and you are …”

Claire cuts Bruce off.  “That counts for nothing here and most any place else we go.  The only time you should use it is if it will help us impress someone.  You definitely do not want to wait for the boys to get out here to go in first.  They are the ones that told Robert how to open the hatch.”

Jess laughed.  “No, we don’t want to wait for the boys.”

With Mei-lei in the lead, they entered the spacecraft.

Nancy looked around the landing site.  “The landing of the spacecraft seems wrong.  Even after fifty years, you can see where it knocked that boulder over when it landed.  See the scratch about a third of the way back on the underside.  Even with a super strong metal, there should be more than that scratch if it was coming in for a landing like the Space Shuttle or an airplane.  It looks like it was moving slowly and just barely touched the rock with the underside of the spacecraft.  It then went 25 meters horizontally while it dropped 11 meters.  That is a hot landing but there is no sign that it landed hard.”

“The skis of the landing gear look all wrong to me.”  Claire had also been bothered by things related to the spacecraft landing.  “Why have skis if you were going to land on rock.  You will not slide that far.  Taking off will be even harder.  The vehicle in the storage room has the same type of skis.”

“Anti-gravity!  They both have anti-gravity.”  Robert exclaimed.  “See the oval assembly in the bottom of the spacecraft and the vehicle.  They are both the same.  See how the one in the small vehicle is attached to the control panel and the large box under the seat.”  Jess, everyone.  The spacecraft and the vehicles in the storage compartment use anti-gravity.  Figure the small vehicle out first and then you will know what to look for in the spacecraft.

How do you know?  Jess asked Robert.

Robert repeated what they had just discussed.

Yes, now that you point it out it is obvious.  There are similar structures on the front and back of the vehicle.  They may be to push the vehicle.  Yes, there are a lot more of them on the spacecraft.  It is an excellent idea to start with the smaller vehicle.  Mary and Ben give me a hand.  Jess headed to the aft compartment.

This might help.  Ben was holding an alien tool bag.


By the time that the NASA scientists arrived, Jess had the flyer powered by an AJ Power Generator from one of the window generators and floating in the aft compartment.  They had moved many of the boxes to the other compartments.  Underneath the boxes, they had found two plates with anti-gravity capabilities.  The plates were designed to move cargo.  They could be power up by cable from the spacecraft as well as attached to the flyer and act as a trailer.

Ben and Charles exited the spacecraft as the first of the army patrol came around the outcropping and got their first sight of the spacecraft.  They had been told that there was an alien spacecraft, but the reality of it still caused them to stop and stare if only for a second or two.  Next was Sol with the three NASA scientists.  Dr. Seymour Stanley and his wife Dr Jolene Stanley were researchers in alternate propulsion systems.  Dr. Marsha Breckington was an expert in communication systems.  Following them were Elvis Tohe and his father Nantai Tohe.  They were carrying Nantai’s paints and an easel.  The rear guard was Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Vor and a squad of Marines from the 1st Radio Battalion.  The inclusion of both army and marines at the spacecraft site was purposeful.  It would allow both to gain firsthand knowledge of the spacecraft and working with those with advanced mental talents.

As they started to spread out to guard as per Lieutenant Tate’s commands, one of the soldiers saw Claire with Nancy and Robert.  They were at the spot that the Lieutenant had assigned him.

Claire smiled and started to climb down from the overlook.  The soldier hurried forward and offered her his hand.  “Thanks, you are the first person to offer me a hand all day.”

You would have reacted the same way that Grandma Edna did the last time I offered her help.  Robert thought also conveyed the laugh that his face and manner did not.

True, but I do not need to work to get your vote.  Claire replied.

When and for what are you running?  Robert was surprised but after Saturday’s speeches, he realized that being a politician was something at which Claire was quite good.

President of the Federation of Worlds.  Claire responded.

The answer surprised Robert and Nancy.  He reached out to keep from stumbling as he climbed down from where they had been keeping guard.  Then he realized that such a federation was what they would need and Claire would be of the right age by the time it could be formed to be the first president.  You are ahead of me on thinking about government.  I would like to hear what you are thinking but we have people to meet and one of them is new family.

Ben and Charles had been introduced to the NASA scientists.

Ben was looking at the young woman standing by his brother Elvis.  He could see that she was attracted to Elvis and that the attraction was in strong competition with her eagerness to start exploring the spacecraft.  It was obvious that no one had explained Life-Mates to her.  Should he say something?

Be patient.  His father had understood what he was thinking.

“Ben, can you explain what has been discovered?  Lieutenant Tate, I would like to have all of your men hear the status report.  Everything is new and I want everybody’s input.  We cannot afford to overlook anything.”  Sol had taken control of the investigation of the spacecraft.

Tate called the men back.  He was about to argue put Robert’s mental comment reminded him that more than his men were on watch here.  We could have watched from anywhere.  There is a great view up there so we climbed up for the view.

“Sol, Robert should start.  Theirs is the most important discover so far and it will help in understanding what we have been doing.”  Mei-lei told her husband.

After a short introduction of Robert, Nancy, and Claire, Robert explained what the three of them had noticed about the spacecraft and what they had assumed about the spacecrafts means of propulsion.

One of the soldiers raised his hand.  “Sir, how did you know about the drive in the spacecraft?  The three of you were outside on guard duty.”

“Corporal Schmidt, first off, I am sixteen so I am not a “Sir”.  Just call me Robert.  This explanation will take a while so everyone have a seat.”

Robert goes into explaining mental communication and the ability to perceive people and things.  This was the first time a mixed military group of those that showed the ability to learn mentally communication and those that didn’t show the ability had been told about the abilities.  It had been decided that the abilities would be useful for the work with the spacecraft so they needed to train the people working there.  Both the Army and Marine commanders had said that they didn’t want to separate the soldiers into those that could learn and those that couldn’t, so it was decided to train the first mixed group here.

“So we have the ability to sense people and things around us as well as communicate with other people.”  He reached up and caught a knife that Claire had just thrown over his head from behind him.  “That is a little dramatic but shows you some of the possibilities.  Claire threw the knife when I told her that I was ready.  We had not practiced it but we have very good communication and coordination between us because we are Life-Mates.  Life-Mates are those that have a strong bond between them.  I realized that Claire was my Life-Mate when we were setting up to rescue her on Wednesday.  Most of what we can do was learned since then.  I had had the ability to sense what family members and friends were doing and where they were but it was weak and spotty as long as I can remember, but it is nothing compared to what I have learned in the last week.  Some of us can also recognize when others have the ability to communicate mentally.  We have found that it is not that common in the general population, but it is more common in the military especially with those that have been in combat.  We do not know why these abilities have become known recently but we believe that it is because they will be needed.  We also believe that being around those that are using the abilities brings it out in those that have not shown it.  Therefore, as we go about our work here we will be training those that show the ability and watching to see if the others start to show the ability.  Yes, this is an experiment.  We are also learning how to tell the world about the abilities.  We do not want to separate mankind into those who have the ability and those that do not.  What we will be learning here is more important than the spacecraft.

“Sunday, we discovered another first.  All the other Life-Mates that we have found have been pairs, male and female.  That day Claire and I met Nancy Tohe.  We found that the three of us are Life-Mates.  Watch the comments.  Nancy has two brothers here and I have two sisters.  They all consider us there brother and sisters, so be especially careful of my sisters.”  Robert laughed.  “No, we do not know what it means that there are three of us, but as we have found out when something unusual has occurred there was a need for it.  By that, I mean for exploring and the things that we are finding out.  This is the second race that we have discovered.  The Kin were discovered by the British four days ago.  A person with mental communication and a member of the Kin can form a bond similar to a Life-Mate.  That is a strictly mental bond.

Bruce, Mary, Brenda, and Mei-lei have joined them.

“Now we have a number of Life-Mate pairs here.  Charles Koloski and my sister Brenda, Ben Tohe and my sister Mary, Sol and Mei-lei White.”  Robert pauses and upon a nod from Sol continues.  In addition, we have two other Life-Mate pairs.  Drs Stanley.  No that is two formal.  Seymour and Jolene, the two of you are Life-Mates.  Sol has told me that you have four children.  We believe that after you have learned these new abilities that you will be able to go home and teach them.  Since that is not something that we expect young kids to be able to keep to themselves, we would like you to move to one of the new worlds.  It could be here or one of the other location.  We will be setting up on site research facilities to study the new worlds and thing that we find there.  Oh, the military will be assigning forces to the new worlds.  That would also include military families.  I know that Australia will be offering land grants to those that accept the assignments.  President Clarke is working to get similar grants set up.”

The soldiers and marines realized what is being offered them.  They were excited.

Brenda had been watching Marsha.  She could tell that Marsha had not missed the fact that Robert had not mentioned the other Life-Mate pair.  Marsha looked over at Elvis Tohe.  He was smiling at her.

Let’s greet her into the family.  Mary steps over to Marsha.  “Marsha, I think you have realized who the other Life-Mate couple is.  We look forward to you being part of the family.”
Marsha was stunned.  Elvis tentatively reached out his hand and she took it.  She had been surprised at the strong attraction that she had felt towards the marine.  She had dated but she had thought that her lack of success there was because she was so driven by her career.

Charles had walked over.  “Marsha, I know how you feel.  Meeting Brenda was the biggest and best surprise of my life.  We don’t understand the why of Life-Mates, but once you have met them, it’s obvious that you have found the person that is the one for you.”

Marsha looked at Elvis.  Yes, that is what I am feeling.  That he is the one.  She stepped into his embrace.

The marines and soldiers had watched this unfold.  This was an example that they understood.  Their shouts of joy were soon joined by everyone else.

Mary had kept Jess updated on what was happening.  He had been trying to figure out the propulsion system of the flyer.

Grandpa, there is another flyer in the big box in the corner.  I think that there are some books in the box. 

Thank you, Eric.  Is it the same type?  Jess asked.

No.  It’s bigger.  The seat is a lot bigger.  Like a motorcycle instead of a bike.


By mid-morning the next day, they had figured out how to operate the flyers.  The larger one was the one that Robert took the first test flight on.  The controls were simplistic and were all controlled by the hands.  Everyone agreed that the response of the controls was sluggish but they were divided on whether it was a safety feature or that the other species had slow reaction time.  The controls on the other flyer were the same except for a control to release the sled.  Both flyers were powered by large rechargeable, lithium batteries that were long dead.  Jess had had no problem replacing the batteries with AJ Power Generators.  From the headset for the crated flyer, Mary had modified a couple of motorcycle helmets so that a mike and headphones would work with the flyers.  Marsha and Elvis were then able to identify the frequency and modulation technique that was used.  The information was passed to all of the off Earth location for monitoring.  The Stanley’s had wanted to disassemble one of the flyers to learn how the propulsion and  anti-gravity worked but settled for one of the cargo plates which also had the same capabilities.  Claire and Nancy had assisted them as they taught the Stanleys how to mental observe and identify people and objects.

Mei-lei and Brenda had finished the examination of the body that was found in the control section of the spacecraft.  It had died from a wound to its body that could have been made by a bayonet.  It had been using a first aid kit when it had died.  Mei-lei had left with the body soon after Sol had arrived.  This body had been better preserved than the head and hands in the cave.  Kim and Mei-lei were performing a more thorough examination to learn more about the new species.

This is Vice President DeSang.  I would like to report on the findings on the intelligent species that we found.  He was mentally informing everyone with the communications ability on the Air world about the findings.  They are not from any of the worlds that we are exploring.  Their biology is different from ours and the Kin.  It is also different from the silent ones.  They stood about two meters and weighted about 140 kilograms.  It appears that the lost soldier that we found killed both of them.  We have read his diary and he writes that he killed two creatures and that they had burned him.  He died of an infection from that wound.  Prior to encountering them, he wrote of seeing a fire in the sky like a very large firework.  He had seen a large object come from the sky and land in the hills, which he had gone to investigate.  While he was climbing the hills, there was a bright light to the northeast followed by an earthquake.  A short time after that a vast wind had blown from that direction.  Major Hernandez, the Army intelligence officer who read the diary, believes a spacecraft was destroyed in space, and then a ground settlement was destroyed.  He believes that the small spacecraft that we have found may have been a shuttle delivering supplies.  It was on its way down when the spacecraft it was from was attached and destroyed.  It landed and hid.  He believes that the soldier was mistaken for one of the attackers and was attached when he approached.

General Kamalski is sending out patrols to see if they can find the remains of the settlement.  Kim is informing President Clarke.
We can provide air support with the two flyers.  Robert commented.
That would be very useful.  Who would be going?  General Kamalski missed the ability to have aerial support.
I would suggest Lieutenant Koloski and Brenda Maclaren on one flyer and Claire Clarke and myself on the other.  Robert expected opposition.
I agree with Robert’s idea, but how about Nancy instead of Claire.  Bruce was still uneasy about putting Claire in risky settings.  The women would fly and the men could use the cameras.  They would be armed in case there are any problems.
No, Claire is the better choice.  Nancy didn’t explain her reasons.
Thank you, Agent Maclaren for the use of your people.  Yes, those coil guns would be very effective at long range.  General Kamalski almost wished that there were a reason to use the guns.  He was very interested in what the combination of flyer and coil gun could do.
I have just had my boys take a look in the direction of the ground explosion.  They report metal like on the spacecraft 43 miles out at a heading of 37°.  To the east of that location, they report beings living in the hills.  There are two hundred thirteen of them, all full size.  Rob reported.
It sounds like they have not had an easy time.  A colony should have many times that number and many young ones.  Mei-lei observed.
There may be more elsewhere.  Rob can you have your boys check and see it there are any others in the area.  Robert, try not to spook them.  Keep the sun to your back when you approach.  General Kamalski ordered.
Sir, we can approach at ground level and pop up if we are needed.  All four of us can detect beings and objects just like the boys but we do not have their range.  Robert felt safer coming in low in case they had retained anything that could hit something flying.
You, Nancy, and I easily have the range to sense them from here.  Mary, Brenda, can you sense them?  Claire was limiting her communication to the family. 
Not by myself, but Ben and I can sense them when we work together.  Mary replied.
Charles and I can also sense them when we work togetherBrenda added.
General Kamalski was unaware of the discussion on the Maclaren range of perception.  Yes, it would be better to keep you as a reserve.  Captain Steven Sumner is leading the reconnaissance.  You will be under his direction.
Yes, sir!  All four replied.
Rob reported that the only other ones that the boys could find were five that may be out hunting as they were near a herd of medium size animals.  They wouldn’t be back for hours.
The Survivors’ village
Air world
Tuesday May 25, 1999

Captain Sumner’s patrol using the new ATVs reached the village an hour and a half after setting out.  He and four soldiers approached the village on foot as the others stayed a quarter mile back.  The villagers were at first wary but after an argument among a group of them, three of them approach.

After half an hour, communications was developing slowly.
Captain Sumner, Robert and I would like to come in and help with developing communication.  I believe we may be able to speed things up.  Claire had broadcast her thoughts so that those back at the compound also got her message.  I think that if Nancy, Robert, Mary, Brenda, Ben, Charles, and I work together we will be able to work out their language faster.
Captain, this is General Kamalski.  Vice President DeSang has suggested that you take Claire up on her offer.
Yes, sir.  Captain Sumner’s replied.  He had heard of a few of the many things attributed to Claire and the Maclarens.  He was interested in seeing firsthand what they could do.  Claire, I would appreciate the assistance. 
We will walk in.  Continue your work, your repeating of what you are doing and learning mentally is what gave me the idea.  I just want to take in up a notch.  It will be a few minutes.  Kim, can you get Naz to join us.  Her expertise would be useful.
 Claire and Robert left the flyer.

I contacted her as soon as the army set out.  She is at the Australian Air world compound.
They turned their flyer over to Brenda.  Brenda and Charles flew back to the spacecraft. 
Naz, Robert and I are going to join in on learning to communicate with the new species that we have found.  We have no indications that they are telepathic, but I thought that if the seven of us here merge together that we would be able to learn faster.  I would like your help and guidance.
It sounds like an interesting idea.  We have been working with using mental communication to teach the children.  We have found that it really helps in learning a language.  Naz was tired from being awaken in the middle of the night but her eagerness to participate was obvious.  With her pregnancy, she had been kept away from the new worlds, but both Ians, husband and grandfather-in-law, had agreed that no medical problems had arisen from the new worlds.  Her husband, Ian, was hovering over her like a protective hen but she was enjoying her first chance to experience one of the new worlds.
Claire and Robert found that they were able to learn the language much faster that the soldiers.  Per Naz’s suggestion, they communicated what they learned to everybody as the learned it.  When Brenda and Charles returned they brought Nancy, Mary, and Ben.  The seven of them held hands.  The learning progressed even faster.  Within four hours, they had learned almost two thousand words and the syntax of the language.

Claire summarized their findings from the discussion.  They are the Glazen.  They came from a world over two hundred light years spinward.  They are a long-lived people, with the average life span on the home planet being over two hundred years.  Their resupply spacecraft and their village were destroyed by the Clar.  The Clar is a race that lives on colder planets.  They own this system and have two colony worlds here.  The Glazen have been living a very subsistent life here since few of the native foods were edible.  Much of what they had including food stock was destroyed by the Clar attack.  They have learning machines but the batteries have died and they have not been successful in finding a way to generate electricity.  They had hoped for one of their ships to come by and rescue them but they had given up that hope.  They expected to die out.  They have asked if we could help them.

Sol had realized that much of what they had found on the spacecraft would be of immediate help to the Glazen stranded on this planet.  Al, what we have found on the spacecraft is rightfully theirs.  Half the cargo is seed.  Let us give them everything, even the spacecraft.  Jess and the Stanley’s have learned how the propulsion and antigravity works.  We can also give them some AJ Power Generators to power their equipment.  We will ask their help in learning about the things we cannot learn from the spacecraft.  In addition, they can tell us things like who are the Clar and why would they attack them, what other species they know about, and how to travel between the stars.
Yes, I agree with you.  These people have suffered for over fifty years.  We should help them and ask for their help in return.  I will go back to Earth and contact Dave.  Al and the senior people had been seated in the conference room at the compound discussing what finding the Glazen meant in terms of what they would do on this world.  He got up and went through one of the windows back to Earth.

Fifteen minutes later Al returned.  Dave agreed.  Al told Sol and those in the conference room as soon as he steps through the window.  It took longer than expected.  We forgot to tell Dave and Sue that Claire was leading the talks with the Glazen.  After they accepted that Claire plan was right and that she hadn’t been in much danger, Dave and Sue agreed that it was the right thing to do.
Claire, I just talked with your dad.  He agreed to Sol’s suggestion that we give the spacecraft and everything in it to the Glazen.  It is theirs.  We would like to ask if they would teach us about travel between the stars and the other races that we will meet there.
Al, we have been thinking the same thing.  Ben and Charles have just left to take the flyers back to the spacecraft to see what they could talk Sol into giving them.
Good.  Al was glad to see that the young people had thought the same way.  Wait until they come back with the first load to tell the Glazen.
Al, you might want to consider putting windows here.  If you stay away from the reservoir on Earth, there are several places that would work.  A number of houses are nearby so it will be more obvious what we are doing with the window.  Sent an observation window up there and use it check for a location to place a window.  That way we can keep the ability to sense other worlds secret.  Robert suggested.  You might also send us some food and someplace to sleep.  We will be here for a while.
Good ideas, I will see that we send an observation window there tomorrow.  I will ask Dan or Diana if they can provide some tents.  We will need to have the windows to set up a building.
Forty-five minutes later Charles was back with the first load.  As Charles landed near where they were meeting, the natives recognized the flyer.
Claire spoke in the language that she was learning.  “Two days ago, we found one of your spacecrafts.  It was bringing you supplies when your larger spacecraft was attached.  A human had gotten lost on this world.  When he approached the spacecraft, he was fired on by your people.  He killed them.  He died from his wound.  We found out about this from the words he had written down.  We are bringing what is in the spacecraft to you.  It belongs to you.  We have learned to make the flyers work but not the spacecraft.”
U-tet, the taller Glazen, stood up and started towards the flyer.  “You learned how to make the flyers work in two days.  How did you power them?  The batteries in the ones we have died forty years ago.”

U-wef, the Glazen that had seemed nearly blind spoke.  “You have been communicating with each other without words.  We have heard of this.”

O-dof, who had sat in the middle and seemed much younger but at who the other two continually glanced at to get his nod or cough of direction, spoke for the first time.  “Back on the home world there was a legend of a species that would come to meet us not from space but by walking between worlds.  They would help both species in their darkest time.  In return, we would teach them of travel between the stars and of the races there.”  He paused.  “How did you come here?”

Robert nodded his head in respect.  “We have stepped through a portal, what we call a window from our world to this one.  My aunt and uncle designed these windows for my aunt had dreams … ah visions while she slept.  In these dreams, she saw us living on many worlds where we would only have to take a step to get to another world.  She saw that there would be danger for us and that having the windows would help us.”

“I would speak to your aunt about her dreams.  I need to know more about the fate of the Glazen.”

They had only known the Glazen for a few hours, but it was obvious that O-dof was very concerned for his home world.

“I am sorry but my aunt died eight days ago.  There was an accident when a window was opened and she was killed.”  Robert was unsure how O-dof would take it.

“I will wait to talk to her then.”  O-dof said.

Robert looked at Claire and Nancy.  He believes that Alice lives again.  We need to talk to him in private.
“It is getting late.  We will look at what you have brought for us.  Will you be staying here?”  O-dof asked.
We have food and places to sleep coming.  May we stay where the others have waited for us?”  Claire pointed to where most of the soldiers were waiting.
“Yes, we will dwell and work together now.  Have you met our other friends yet?  We look forward to meeting them.  You and they will teach us to speak with our minds.”

“We have met another species, the Kin.  They were being attacked by another race from among the stars.  This race had animals that hunted those that spoke with their minds.  Do you know of such a race?”  Robert asked.

“Yes, they are the Nartak, but they are very far away.  Over a thousand light years.  We were told that they have battled with the Qoof for over three thousand years.  The Qoof are to be avoided at all cost.  They use their minds to control other races.”

“How do you know all this, you Glazen have been stuck here for fifty years.  You appear young.  You must have been born here after the Clar attacked.”  Robert was intrigued by all the information that O-dof was providing.

“Yes, I died when the Clar attacked.  Like your aunt, I have dreams and I have been born many times.  I am a Guide for the Glazen.  When a Guide comes of age, we start to remember what we have learned before.  This is how I know these things.  One of my dreams told me to come and live on this world.  That is why we are here.”

Claire realized the importance of what they had just learned.  She passed the information back to those that were in the conference room.  Al, you need to get this information to my father, John Harvey and Ian Macphater.  We may have to go public.

I agree, I will go to Earth and let them know.  It would be helpful if Blake and Hunt could communicate mentally.

Talk to John Harvey.  If we and the Kin will be able to teach mind communication to the Glazen, then maybe Blake and Hunt can also be taught.  Robert suggested.

Yes, that might be true.  Al hurried to the window to Earth.

Ben landed with the large flyer.  Besides the boxes, he had brought his father.

“I need to speak with O-dof.”  Nantai along with others in mental contact had learned the Glazen language and had heard what had been said.  “I have other pictures that I haven’t shown you.”

Robert did the introduction.  “O-dof, this is Nantai.  He is Nancy and Ben’s father.  He has a gift similar to my Aunt Alice.”

“Similar.  You do not have dreams?”  O-dof asked.

“No, I do not have dreams of the future as Alice Maclaren had.  What I do is paint things that I have not seen.  I have painted a picture years ago that showed Robert’s cousin and one of the Kin, as they were a couple of days ago.  I also have painted pictures of the past.  This is a picture that I painted today”   Nantai showed the picture to O-dof.

“That is Mother, our home world.”  U-tet is surprised.  “You said that you have not left your world.

“We have only been to our moon.  What is your name for this world?”  Robert was tired of calling this world ‘air world’.”

“Kartan is what we call this world.  It is a mythical land from an ancient story.”  O-dof absently answered.  Most of his attention was on the painting.  “This picture shows our world without clouds.  It even shows the four moons in the corners of the picture.  Nantai, you have another picture.”

Nantai showed the other picture.  “I painted this picture yesterday.  It shows beings of five separate races standing next to each other.  I knew about the Kin but the other three races were unknown to me.  Now we know of the Glazen but not the other two races.”

“The one on the left is a Clar, but you would never see them standing next to us.  Their atmosphere is poisonous to us and they live on moons around gas giants.  They have two worlds in this solar system.”  O-dof paused.  “We had had permission to settle a small community on this world but they attacked when our first resupply ship arrived.  I believe that we had a misunderstanding of what we were allowed to do.”

“What of the other being.”  Claire asks.

“I do not know that race.  Look at the webbing between the fingers.  On Mother, creatures that live in both the water and the air have such webbing.  Nantai, you have shown the Glazen making the sign of friendship.  Is the human making a similar sign?”  O-dof is intrigued by the painting.

“Yes she is waving.”  Charles explained.  “I see that it is another red head.  Brenda is this one of your cousins?”

“I do not know her, but I think I know who her parents will be.”  Brenda was smiling.  “Claire, she has your nose.”


It was three days before they were ready to leave for Carlisle.  There were no agreements to be worked out; both sides were willing to provide the other with anything that they could.  The problem was in knowing what to ask for.  Diana brought in the local agricultural extension agent and professors from Texas A&M to ensure that the Glazen crops would prosper.  More NASA scientists came to learn about interstellar space flight.  All had grumbled about the security requirements until they found out what was being kept secret.  Even then, some wanted to go public right away.  When they found out that there were hostile species to worry about, those critics calmed down.  It wasn’t until Thursday that anyone thought to ask the Glazen for data on the planet Kartan and the local stars.  The detailed planetary map was sent to those exploring Kartan from Hawaii and Australia.  The maps confirmed that the United Kingdom had no access to Kartan.  Through it all, the need to teach both mental communication and the Glazen language kept the growing extended Maclaren family busy.

Friday morning brought a request for help from the British.  They had located the Nartak spacecraft using an observation window suspended from a blimp.  Its Earth equivalent position was west of Scotland and north of Ireland in the ocean.  They were going to have to travel overland on Friendship.  Alyca asked that they bring the coil guns and the flyers.  O-dof immediately agreed to lend the flyers and the trailers.  He requested that he and two of the young adult Glazen accompany them to Carlisle.  Jess and Bruce agreed but had to bump the question up the line.  Al and Dave were at first reluctant until Sue reminded them that this was part of what Bruce’s team had been set up for.  When Dave realized that the three Glazen would also be going, he decided that this would give them an opportunity to have a meeting between PM Blake, PM Hunt and himself and the two newly met species.  They needed to decide when they would go public with the new worlds and races.  The meeting was set for the following week in Carlisle.

Chapter 4 Teaching


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