Ch 4 Teaching

Carlisle Airport
Carlisle, Cambria, UK
Saturday May 29, 1999                                         

They had flown into Carlisle Airport just after 3 AM on one of the Presidential 747s.  A C-130 was a few hours behind with the flyers.  They had flown out of Hood AAF to lessen the attention that the Glazen received.  Diana had some souvenir passports for the ranch that she turned into Kartan passports for the three Glazen.  O-dof was listed as the Kartan head of government.  When asked what his title was he had said O-dof.  It turned out that the first syllable of their name denoted there station.  His two assistants were A-tye and E-per.  The “A-” indicated unmarried male and the “E-” indicated unmarried female.  They were single since for the Glazen the marriage was not recognized until there was a child.  The situation that the Glazen had been in on Kartan did not allow for any more Glazens therefore none of the young had wed.  O-dof had been asked how such a short name could work to identify them on their home world.  He had said that his people’s full name was made by adding Nant-O-dof Dur-Kartan, those that follow O-dof on Kartan, but they did not use it among themselves.

They were met by Alyca Jensen, Bruce Jensen, Nelson Lawrence, Sandy Lawrence, and Keyvan with two buses, two vans, and a large truck.  Introductions were made.  Nelson and Linda Tohe had been hesitant for only a second before they were in each other arms.  They both had seen Life-Mates as first meeting and they had been mentally communicating for days, so there was less hesitancy.  Jess, Kim, her family, and the older Tohes were staying at the Lawrences’ homes.  They would meet the other members of the family in the morning.

Alyca and Bruce escorted Bruce Maclaren’s people, the Glazens, and Colonel Vor’s marines to where they would be staying on Friendship.  Alyca rode with her cousins and the Glazens.  Her husband rode with the marines.  The trucks carried the many boxes of items that Alyca had requested from TDI.  Everyone was armed.

“It will take less than fifteen minutes to get there.”  Alyca had spoken loudly so that everyone could hear as she settled into the seat beside Bruce Maclaren.  “A police escort in the early morning really speeds things up.  The cafeteria is running around the clock so you can get something to eat once I show you where to sleep.”

“What time do you want to get started?  We were able to sleep most of the way so we are well rested but the jet lag will kick in during the day.”  Bruce had flown for many years with different Presidents.

“Did all the kids sleep well?”  Alyca asked.

“Kim’s did but mine still could not believe what was going on.  Betsy, who is 13, sat with Claire, Nancy and Robert.  They hit is off well.  She went to sleep when they did.  The other three kept asking Martha and me questions.  I finally had to tell them that if they did not get any sleep, they would have to wait to meet the Kin.  That got them to calm down and they got a few hours of sleep.”  Bruce looked back where his kids are staring out the window.  “When will the meeting start?”

“KA usually wants to be here as soon as possible but I think that John Harvey was planning for some family time.  Marie has to talk with Jess.  Also, there is Alice to consider.”  Alyca remembered the many long talks with her Aunt Alice.  “Bruce and I plan to get a few more hours of rest.  We will be leaving for the space craft early Sunday morning, so all of us need to make sure that we are well rested.”

“Alyca, I have never known you to sleep more than four or five hours a night.”  Brenda was smiling at her cousin.

Alyca blushed.

Mary realized that she was looking forward to when she and Ben are married.  She redirected the conversation.  “How is the design for the new controls for the flyers coming?”

“I have a basic design but I want to see how the Glazen flyers work before finalizing it.  We also might find something in the Nartak spacecraft that will lead us to change the design.”  Alyca was always redoing anything in which she was especially interested.

“O-dof expects that the Nartak spacecraft would be more advanced.  He said that the Nartak had one of the larger groups of stars that the Glazen had heard about while they had only seven stars.  The NASA scientists wanted to come, but Sol told them that they needed to get working on designing a shuttle which is the first thing that we needed.”

“The Glazen designs look sort of primitive.  I figured out a couple of ways to improve on the flyer design.  Hopefully the spacecraft is in half way decent shape since a lot of the silent ones survived.”

“What is first on the agenda for this morning?”  Robert asked.

“The Kin are meeting right before the big meeting and the learning of mental abilities.  With the Kin, training is much faster.”

The buses pulled through the gate of Smyth Industries Kingmoor Facility.  Soon, everyone was busy settling in.

Marie and John Harvey’s Home
Carlisle, Cambria, UK
Saturday May 29, 1999

Marie and John Harvey had been awakened by the smell of breakfast cooking.  When they entered the living room, they had found the six children sitting in a circle in the living room.  They were holding hands but the only sound was Kim rocking while feeding Alice.  Marie went over and gave her sister a kiss but her attention was on Alice.  Mother?  Yes, she had definitely reincarnated just as Grandma Edna had said.
John Harvey was also staring at Alice.

Kim smiled.  Yes, it is something that you actually have to experience to believe.  Go on into the kitchen.  Dad and Rob are making breakfast.  We will be a few more minutes.  I will bring the kids in if their stomachs do not get them moving sooner.

Marie had no need to take back her kitchen; her dad was long familiar with making breakfast there.  She fixed tea for the adults.  John Harvey had just finished setting the table when the kids had come in with Kim.  KA and Less were escorting Kim who took the seat next to her sister.  KA took the seat on the other side of Kim, who turned and placed the sleeping Alice into her arms.  Marie motioned for Less to sit with her.  The boys had taken seats on the other side of the table.

Soon everyone was eating breakfast with the two alien species being the topic of discussion.

As the table was being cleared, Alice awoke not with a cry or other sound but with a thought to all of them.  I am glad to be with you one last time.  I love you all but I can no long be what I was.  It is time for me to start my new life and become what I will be.  I will forget what I know of this world and you will help me to learn again.  I have one last piece of advice.  The five species of Nantai’s picture should learn from each other and work together much as the Kin do.  Each species has much to contribute so seek the others out.
Before they could reply, that which they sensed as Alice changed.  She was still identifiable as Alice, but what they sensed was a baby not the Alice Maclaren that they had known.
“More aliens to meet!  When can I meet O-dof?”  Less was excited.

“I want to meet your friend Mort.  Will I get a special Kin friend also?”  Jerome was also excited.

“We will leave after the dishes and ourselves are cleaned up.  So run upstairs and get ready.”  John Harvey hustled the kids upstairs.  “Rob and I will clean up the kitchen.  Why don’t you three take Alice and head upstairs?”

Jess realized that he and his daughters were being given some time alone now that Alice was gone.

Smythe Industries Kingmoor Facility
Carlisle, Cambria, UK
Saturday May 29, 1999

Alyca, her three Australian cousins, and all of their Life-Mates had just returned from the Water world.  Alyca had wanted to try out her new coil guns.  She had found them as good as had been reported.  Claire, Nancy, Ben, and Charles had also found out why the Maclarens were always talking about how Alyca was a natural shooter.  Even Mary was far behind Alyca.  Alyca had watched each of them shoot and had given them pointers.

“John Harvey just contacted me.  They will be here in three minutes.  We are all to meet over on Friendship in the meeting area.  I need to hurry over to check if the Kin are ready.  Claire, go and tell the Glazens that we will be meeting soon.  Bruce, take the rest to the cafeteria and see if all the food has been sent over.  If not, carry it across.”  Alyca hurried off.

The twins were laughing.  Claire looked at them trying to understand what is so funny.

“For the past three years, it has been one or both of us that Alyca had issued a string of orders to before running off to somewhere else.  She did the same thing to Sandy when working at S-I on one of her projects.”  Brenda smiled at Charles.  “Don’t worry, neither Mary nor I do a dozen things at once and need a team of helpers.”

“Sis, I think that you underestimate Bruce.  I believe if John Harvey had communicated with Bruce, you would have seen Alyca heading to the cafeteria to check on the food while Bruce headed over to Friendship to make sure everything was OK with the Kin.”  Robert smiled at his sisters.

The twins stared at Bruce.  “Two of them.”  Mary said in mock horror.

“We definitely need to get back home as soon as possible.”  Her sister said.

They all laughed.
Near the British Compound
Saturday May 29, 1999

The last of the Kin from nearby packs had arrived that morning.  They were being fed on food provided by the humans that the local kin had found acceptable or more than acceptable.  This was the first major gathering that the Kin had been able to hold since before the silent ones had arrived.  The ability of the humans to supply a large quantity of food allowed the number of Kin able to attend the meeting to be many times any previous meeting.  They had started their meeting when the last of the attendees had arrived.  The humans, the silent ones, and the Glazen were the topic of discussion.  They were using a dell just over a kilometer from the compound.  The humans and Glazen would join them after their meeting was concluded.  Many logs had been placed on a hillside by the humans so that they and the Glazen would have a place to sit.

Alyca was greeted by Avla, the Kin to which she was paired, as she entered the dell.  We have agreed to work with humans.  The problem of the silent ones has shown us that there are things that the Kin cannot handle by ourselves.  We agree to let the humans be our herders.  We will help find the place from which the silent ones are coming.  We do not understand about the Glazen.  Are they the human’s herders?
Alyca was shocked by what the Kin had thought the relationship would be.  Avla, I need to communicate with the Kin.
I will let your thoughts flow through me to the Kin.  Avla responded as if she had been ordered.

My friends, the nature of the relationship that we see between Humans, Kin, and Glazens is not one of herder to herd.  I believe that we may share a common herder, that sends the dreams and speaks through those that live many lives among us.  I believe that this herder has decided that it is time for her separate herds to work together.  That is what we come together today to discuss.  Alyca could sense the many thoughts that her message has stimulate among the kin.  Working with Avla, she could make sense of most of it.

An agreement was quickly reached by the Kin.

We find the thought of a herder common to us all and that we will work together to be superior to what we have been thinking.  We look forward to you telling us more about how it will be.

Alyca could tell by the thoughts that she heard that they still considered Humans the senior partner in the alliance.  She would have to warn John Harvey about that.  Bruce, tell everyone that the Kin are ready to meet with us.

Within forty minutes, the Humans and Glazens had joined the Kin in the Dell.  The humans included those that knew of the windows and Kin even if they hadn’t shown the potential to learn mental communication.  PM Blake, members of the cabinet and senior military officers were among those in attendance.  Those that had Life-Mate had brought them and their children.  Two of the Chinese intelligent agents were there.  When the senior Chinese agent that had been captured in Texas had started ranting about the Chinese agent that had been killed in Carlisle, Bruce had had him brought to the TD Ranch.  A linking of the Maclaren Life-Mates and Jess’s grandchildren had been able to identify the two agents as Life-Mates.  When President Clarke had been told, he had arranged with PM Blake that the two should be reunited in Carlisle.  Dave had realized that this would be a great help in bring the information of the windows and other species to the Chinese.  Altogether, there were nine hundred and seventy three humans.

As the humans moved in a number of the kin drifted over and met with the Humans and the Glazen.  Alyca had expected this.  She had seen it a number of times as Kin had paired up with their Human partners.  That the Maclaren family and all their Life-Mates and families would be selected had also be expected.  That Bruce Maclaren’s daughter Betsy and Colonel Richie’s son Todd were selected had been a surprise.  Totally unexpected was that a pair of Kin had chosen the Glazens, A-tye and E-Per.  KA had explained through Robert to the Glazen what had just occurred and they had listened intently.  A-tye and E-per were Life-Mates, something that the Glazen had known nothing about.  O-dof had laughed.  He was learning many new things.  After all the lives that he had lived, learning something new did not happen often, but he could not count the number of times that it had happened in the last few days.

John Harvey and Marie with their Kin partners Vorosta and Kaitu had stood watching the bonding.  Neither species understood what drew the bond partners together.  At first it had looked like it was male to male and female to female but Vorosta and Kaitu were both female.  Some of the pairings were Life-Mate to mated kin pair, but most were not.  For the first bonding, Alyca had known which Human and Kin to pair off.  Later, sometimes the Human knew to approach a certain Kin and other time the Kin knew who to approach but this time it was the Kin who had made all the approaches.  Moreover, it wasn’t just the first time an unattached human and an unattached Kin touched.  Marie had not met Kaitu until yesterday afternoon.  She had spent the last few days talking to the Kin.  Contact had often occurred between her and the unattached Kin as each had seen if Marie might be their bond mate.  No match had occurred until Kaitu had come in with the others of her pack attending the meeting.  Marie and Kaitu had seen each other and then walked over to each other and found that they were a bonded pair.  John Harvey wished he had someone to ask about what was going on, but the only possibility had been Alice.  Her farewell speech had indicated that they wouldn’t get her help until she got older.  He was beginning to wonder if a higher being was having fun with them as they selected pairs to work together.

“John, it looks like it is time to start the meeting.  No other Human or Kin is coming.”  Marie took a seat behind him and Kaitu had lain down nearby.

“Good day.  I am John Lawrence the third.  To keep from confusing my father and son, both of who are John Lawrence, use John Harvey, otherwise John.  Of course, once you have learned to communicate mentally, names are only part of the way you identify someone.  I am in charge of British exploration in the new worlds.  I report directly to Prime Minister Blake.  My counterpart for Australia is General Jonathan Albright and for the United States is Doctor Solomon White.  Jon and Sol along with some of their people are at their compounds on Friendship so that they may follow what is occurring here.  Robert Maclaren is our link to the Australians and Claire Clarke is our link to the Americans.  They will pass along any questions that arise either here or at the other compounds.”

“With us today are representatives of the two other species, the Kin and the Glazen.  The Kin are native to this world, Friendship.  Their main form of communication is mental.”  John Harvey points to his wife.  “My wife Professor Marie Maclaren Lawrence will be translating the verbal portion of this meeting to mental communication for the Kin.  She will also be answering any context questions that the Kin have.  She has had to explain the idea of Australia and the United States as separate countries.  Luckily, mental communication is much faster than verbal.  From the Glazen, we have three representatives, O-dof, A-tye, and E-per.  They are part of a colony that came to the world Kartan over fifty years ago.  They were stranded when their supply spacecraft was destroyed.  O-dof had a dream that led the Glazen to send the colony to Kartan to meet humans and Kin.  The colony is out of touch with the Glazen worlds.  Nancy Tohe is translating for the Glazen.  One of the things that we will do today is to teach the Glazen to communicate mentally.”

“Finally with us today we have some official and unofficial representatives for other countries.  All the representatives here have the ability to learn mental communication.  Some of them are spies sent by their governments to find out what we were doing here.  They were captured while spying.  The spies that have the ability to learn to mentally communication were offered the opportunity to come here today.  They accepted.”  John Harvey paused.

“You may wonder why we have invited those that were spying to join us here today.  Additionally, you may ask why none of this has been made public.  The reason at first for the secrecy was to gain the advantage of the knowledge.  Later as we found out about the Kin and the silent ones that are preying on them, we wanted to find out more before going public.  Then when we met the Glazen on Kartan, we found that there were two hostile species in space near us and the silent ones were a creation of one of them, the Nartak.  The Nartak have been at war for three thousand years with the Qoof, another species with space travel.  Both are aggressive towards other species, which they enslave.  We believe that the silent ones that have been attacking the Kin are survivors of a space battle between the Nartak and Qoof.  The location of the wrecked Nartak spacecraft was found a few days ago.  Tomorrow an expedition will set out to investigate the wreck.  Planning and preparation for the expedition is another of the purposes for this meeting.”

“The one conclusion that we do have is that we cannot go it alone.  Not the three countries that have started to explore the other worlds, not Humans, and not the three species gathered here.  We expect that two other species will join us.”  John Harvey gives a nod and photographs are passed out.  “This photograph is of a painting by Nantai Tohe.  He did a painting of my daughter Karen and the Kin Vesta six years ago.”  Nantai rose when John Harvey pointed to him.  “This recent painting shows Humans, Kin, Glazen and two other species standing together.  It was done before we met the Glazen.  One of the other species is the Clar.  They control the star system in which Kartan is located.  They destroyed the Glazen supply spacecraft.  We don’t know why they did that.  They didn’t communicate with the Glazen colony at the time of the attack or since then.  We have no recent knowledge of what the situation in space around any of the four new worlds is.  Information is another thing that we hope the expedition will provide us.”  John Harvey waved off several questions.

“There is a lot that needs discussed but I want to hold it for now.  What we will be doing next is attempting to teach all of you here to use mental communications.  We have found that working with the Kin improves the ability to teach mental abilities.  Physical contact also helps.”  He moved towards Marie.  Jess’s grandchildren were on two logs facing each other in front of the crowd and joined hands forming a circle.  Some of their relatives with their Life-Mates stood behind them.  Nancy, Robert and Claire stood behind Jason with the girls holding hands with the other hand resting on Jason’s shoulders.  Robert’s hands rested on the shoulders of his Life-Mates.  The other Life-Mates took up similar positions.  The remaining human were directed to take up similar positions.  The Richie/West family had seven children for the four adults.  Colonel Richie beckoned others to join them since their children outnumbered the adults.  Marie, Kim with Alice, and Marian Tohe sat holding hands.  John Harvey, Rob, Jess, Nantai, stood behind them.  Alyca and Bruce stood with Alyca’s family around the four Maclaren grandparents.  The Kin that had bonded with a human stood near their human.  In a few minutes, everyone had found a place, even the unattached Kin who had formed a circle around the humans and Glazen.

“We will start with mental communication.  Then we will teach other abilities that we have found out about in the last two weeks.  Remember, we have only learned about these abilities in the past two weeks and not everyone has been able to learn them all.  I didn’t learn some of them the first time that I was taught.  We expect better results with this large group and the inclusion of the Kin but much of what we are doing is trial and error based on guessing.  We expect surprises but we also do not expect everyone to learn everything.  Robert just reminded me that we should be on the lookout for other abilities.  So if you find that you are able to do something that we have not spoken about, let one of us know.  Normally learning mental communication had taken a half hour to an hour.  With the Kin, it has been faster.  So let us find out what we can do.”  John Harvey switched to mental communications.  Alyca and Robert, take over.  Your teams are the strongest. 

Alyca and Robert had not been idle while John Harvey was talking.  Already they had led their groups to learn the abilities that the individual members of the two groups had learned.  They including the Kin with whom they were paired had quickly learned most of the abilities.

Claire realized that in teaching the Kin with who they were paired they had also taught all of the Kin.  The link between the Kin made this almost automatic.  When we teach others, we should not teach everyone the abilities about sensing windows and worlds and world walking until later.  Claire tells the two teams and all the Kin.  She was amazed how fast the exchange of abilities had gone.  We want to keep exploration to the four new worlds until we better understood the problems that we could face.

The training of the larger group took a little over eleven minutes.

Interesting results.  Jess reported to the family members.  Everyone has learned to verbally communicate, talk with animals, and sense the location of people.  The other abilities have had varying degrees of success.  Those individuals including the Glazen that have paired with one of the Kin’s have done the best.  I think that we should try reteaching the abilities that were not easily learned. 

Let us wait a few minutes.  Nancy commented to the family members.  We have additional Kin moving to pair with individuals.  The Chinese spies, ahh agents, are surprised that the Kin had sought them out.  Everyone is talking about what was learned, so the break is not a problem.
We will wait ten minutes then we can give the original training a retry.  Robert directed.
The ten minutes passed quickly as everyone discussed what had occurred.
Ok, we did much better than expected.  Everyone learned to communicate mentally.  As expect, not everyone learned all the abilities, so let us try it again and see if on a second try if we do any better.  We have found that exposure to active mental abilities increases one’s capability to learn an ability.  So let us try again.  Robert liked the fact that with mental communication that you did not have to tell people who you were they just knew whom the message came from.
For the second time they taught the abilities.  The speed of the training was faster since everyone knew what to expect.  Some people learned things that they had not been able to learn before.  Those that had just been paired with a Kin did the best in the relearning.

Jess again reported the results of the training.  Everyone learned how to sense a window.  The two Chinese agents, Betsy Maclaren, and Todd Richie were the only ones outside of our family to learn them all.

We need to adopt those four into the family.  Kim commented.  We were doing it for the Steele’s even before we knew Linda was Willy’s Life-Mate.
John Harvey smiled.  The two Chinese agents have asked for asylum.  They wished to defect, marry and have a large family on one of the new worlds.  I have told them that we would like them to join our family.  I am explaining what that means.  This ability to do multiple discussions comes in handy.
Let us hold off on Betsy and Todd until we can talk to their families.  Their families also did much better than average in learning the abilities.  Marie suggested.

OK let us go on to the next item.  John Harvey commented to everyone.  I hope that this goes as well as the previous training.  He waited while everyone settled down.

Claire, I think that I have a new ability.  Betsy’s message was only to Claire.

Can you describe it?

I can see where things are not right with a person’s body.  I think Dad may have a small cancer on his neck.

That is a wonderful ability.  That could be an early stage melanoma cancer.  If so it is easily treated.  We have a number of doctors in the group.  They will be able to check that out after we get done here.  Have you wanted to be a doctor?
Yes, do you think that is why I was able to do this?

I expect that you wanting to be a doctor and that you having the ability, are related.  You have done very well in learning the abilities.  They need our help in the next part so let us join everyone else.  Claire was excited that Betsy has done so well.  She and Nancy had found in her a kindred soul.

We have others from Australia and America waiting to join us.  John Harvey explained what they would be doing next.  We will get into communications with individuals at each site and then we will train them as you have just been trained.  Those of you who did not succeed in the first two tries will also be taught again. 
The training began again.  This time those from Queensland, Texas, and Hawaii joined in.  The Marines had succeeded in opening windows to each of the four worlds, but only Friendship had a compound.  They and their families were gathered in that compound for the training.  Those in Texas and Queensland were similarly gathered.  Even the Glazen had come over to Friendship to learn.  In Queensland, PM Hunt and other members of the government and military were among those in attendance.  Dave and Sue Clarke and others with the ability to communicate mentally who were in Washington had not joined them since there were no windows there.

The results for those in other locations are in line with what we found here.  Jess reported.  Our family did better than average.  We may have the makings of another group in Queensland.  We even have some of Ian’s great grandchildren that did very good.  In Queensland and Hawaii, they brought their families over.  General Kamalski is upset that he did not think of it.  I told him we could do the training from Earth when we trained those in Washington.  He is making plans for the married soldiers to return to their families to be with them for the training.
Al has gone back to Earth to advise Dave on how things are going.  We may invite most of the world leaders here by the end of the week.  John Harvey looked both excited and worried.  We will need to get moving on getting the expedition ready to move out in the morning.
We need to do the rest of what we planned so that we have the information that we need about Friendship.  Robert reminded them.

John Harvey directed all the Humans, Kin and Glazen gathered there.  The remainder of the Kin on the local land mass also accepted his direction.  The first thing that they were going to do was to see if there are any more Kin elsewhere on Friendship.  We will join together and search Friendship for Kin and silent ones. 

John directed the search to sweep from his location towards the location corresponding to Texas.  The search was about one hundred kilometers wide.  Next, let us check towards Hawaii.

John.  That is not the way to do it.  Marie told her husband.  Just do the whole world at once.  We have the power to do it.
Show me.
Marie and John jointly led the search using a zone of a solid sphere throughout the whole planet.
Why do the interior of the planet.  John asked.
It is easier than doing only the area between two spheres with a common centerMarie replied.
No other Kin or silent ones except for the ones we know about on this land mass, but there is another intelligent species at the downed spacecraft.  Alyca commented to everyone.
The silent ones appear to have them trapped in a portion of the spacecraft.  They have created a barrier but the silent ones are roaming around looking for a way to get at them.  The silent ones do not appear too smart.  They keep smashing against the barrier.  Robert observed.
They may be dumb but from the looks of the barrier, I think that it will eventually come down.  See there was one farther back that they broke through.  Alyca had been looking at the structure of the spacecraft.  I do not think they are the silent ones masters.
They are not the Nartak.  O-dof commented.  The Nartak have many subservient species.  There is webbing on their hands.  I believe that they are of the fifth species that Nantai showed in his painting.
O-dof, this spacecraft is more advanced than your shuttle and it is well made.  Alyca stated.
That is not a Nartak spacecraft.  They are not what you call engineers.  They are biological manipulators.  They change species to meet their wants and needs.  When I was describing what they did, Brenda referred to them as mad scientists O-dof gave a summary of what he had heard about how the Nartak used their biological expertise.
That is worse than anything that I have heard discussed about gene manipulation.  Even those that protest against gene research have never thought of anything like that.  Kim was shocked by O-dof’s description.
Daddy, we must stop them.  Less was angry.
Less, you and all the kids were supposed to be blocked from these conversations.  John Harvey said to his daughter.  How do you know what we were discussing?
We were.  Todd showed us how to get around a block.  I can do it but his sisters cannot. 
Todd, show me how to get around a block.  Robert knew that Todd also was listening in.

You are not mad.  Todd had been worried that he was in trouble.  I think I know how to do a better block but Jason can get around it.

No, Todd you did something important in learning how to get around our block and how to do a better block.  Show us how to do it.  Robert was excited.

Todd showed them how to get around the older style block and how to set up his new block.

That is excellent work you did.  You see how you and the others were upset by the description of the work that the Nartak do.  That is why some things are discussed behind blocks.  Robert sought to keep Todd from eavesdropping.  What would have happened if your sisters had heard about what the Nartak do?  Would they be able to sleep tonight?

Robert was looking over at Todd as he asked the questions.  He saw Todd look at his younger sisters and go white.

But it didn’t affect Less?

It is no worse than when a big bird attacks a small bird’s nest.  The small birds, even if it isn’t their nest go after the big bird.  Less was angry but not upset at what she had heard.  That is what we have to do to the Nartak.  

Less is very wise.  Mort, the Kin that had partnered with her, stated.  The Kin will help against the Nartak.
Can we contact these beings that are trapped by the silent ones?  Claire asked.
How would we talk to them?  John Harvey asked.
To Claire the solution was obvious.  The same as we just did with the Glazen.  We teach them mental communication.  If they are the ones in Nantai’s picture then they can learn.

When one is small, it is good to have many friends.  Keyvan commented.

John Harvey had grown to value his cousin’s Life-Mate’s comments over the past few days.  He knew that he was not the only one.  His children were very attentive when Keyvan spoke.  He suspected that all of the Life-Mates that the family had found in the last two weeks would add much to the family.  Alice had told him once that she was very glad that Rob and he had married her daughters.  She had then said that you would be much help in what we have to do just as will the others that will marry into the family.  He had not really understood the comment at that time, but looking back it now made perfect sense.

John Harvey communicated with everyone.  We have found the unknown species that is in Nantai’s picture.  They are trapped on a spacecraft by the silent ones.  We will teach them mental communication so that we can let them know help is on the way.

Robert and her two Life-Mates led when they contacted the new aliens, but they found that all of the aliens had a mental block.  Todd, work with me to figure out how to bypassing their block.
Robert, their block is slightly different from the block that you were using.  The only difference is how to get around it.  He showed Robert and his Life-Mates how to bypass the block.
Let us contact them.  The humans, Kin, and Glazens joined together and contacted the aliens trapped in the spacecraft.

Greetings, we noticed that you are trapped by the silent ones.  We will send help to free you.

The Qoof found us.  The thought was common to many of the aliens who began arguing what to do.

It isn’t the Qoof.  A pair of the aliens thought as one.  They calmed the others.  Who are you?  You are three species.

We are the Kin from this world, Friendship, Glazen from Kartan, and Humans from Earth.  We are looking to stop the silent ones from killing members of the Kin.  The three Life-Mates spoke for the three allied species.

Kill the Z-117s.  They are monsters that the Nartak created to attack those who can communicate mentally.
They are one of the Nartak’s creations?
Yes, when we retook our spacecraft from the Nartak, their keeper freed them as he died.  We landed and tried to drive them off the spacecraft, but we could only get some of them to leave.  The others keep trying to get at us and have slowly broken down the barriers that we set up.  They will get through soon.  Please hurry.
We want to teach you some additional mental skills that should help you until we can get there.  We were going to start with teaching your species to communicate mentally but you already can.  So, we will teach you…
You were going to teach all of us to communicate mentally.  Only certain mated pairs among us can communicate mentally.  That will not protect us from the Z-117s.  What else were you offering?
Yes, we see that now.  We will teach you how to create a shield so that the Z117s cannot sense you.  Additionally, we will teach you how to sense Z-117s so that you can avoid them.
The aliens discussed it among themselves.  It took a while but the same two sought contact with the three allied species.  We accept your offer to teach us the mental abilities.  Our species is the Swizz.  We are Cappaa and Cellii and we are the co-captains of the spacecraft Mirrraaattee.

The Swizz were surprised at how fast the training went.  Afterwards, they told their story.  They had been captured by the Nartak, who had then taken over their spacecraft.  The Nartak had been forcing them to take them to one of their worlds so that the Nartak could determine what was needed to take the Swizz over.  On the way, the Qoof had ambushed them.  They had won the battle when the Qoof spacecraft had crashed into one of the moons.  While the Nartak rejoiced at the defeat of the Qoof spacecraft, the Swizz had retaken their spacecraft.  The last Nartak killed was the keeper of the Z-117, the silent ones.  He had let them loose as he died.  They had lost control of part of the spacecraft and had decided to land on the planet.  They had opened an outer hatch for the Z-117 to leave the spacecraft.  Many had gone out but some had stayed.  They had closed the hatch so that the others could not reenter.  They did not have weapons to kill the Z-117s.  They had improvised simple weapons to kill the Nartak but they were ineffective against the Z-117s.

You must hurry.  The barriers won’t hold much longer.  Cappaa told them.

We will start out in the morning but the trip will take a few days.  Robert tells Cappaa.

The barriers won’t hold that long.
You need to strengthen them.  Alyca had been examining the barriersFor the one nearest to you, take off the door to the room behind you and weld it behind the barrier.
You can sense the barrier from where you are.  Cellii was surprised.

With our three species joined together, we are must stronger.  Robert explained.  That is not the last of the surprises that we have for you.  We will discuss them when you are free to join us here.
We look forward to the meeting.  Cappaa and Cellii said as one.

Alyca gave them instructions on how to strengthen the other barriers.

After the discussion with the Swizz, John Harvey broke up the meeting.  They needed to plan the rescue of the Swizz.

We found the Qoof spacecraft.  Jason announced.  It is on the smaller moon.  It is damaged.  There is no air in the spacecraft.
You have that much range.  Rob was surprised.
The six of us joined with our Kin friends can reach all the planets.  Eric replied.
You forgot to get your family to help you determine what things were like up there.
 Robert led the joint effort.  They searched the wreck on the moon.  It looks like they died right after the impact.  They must have holed and lost their atmosphere.
There is no sign of any emergency equipment for a hull breechAlyca added.  There must be five alien types there.  The Qoof are obvious by the items that they had and the fact they are the only ones with private rooms.  The spacecraft is more advanced than the Swizz spacecraft but it is not as well made.
Slave labor.  Jess remarked.  The Swizz spacecraft can be repaired.  We just need some space suits to allow us to repair the Qoof spacecraft.
I will talk to dad about that.  Claire volunteered.  We may want some astronauts to do the work.  I think that that is a little more than we can do.  How are we going to get the spacecraft to Friendship?
With the workshop that is on the Swizz spacecraft, I can have them build an anti-gravity and propulsion unit to bring the spacecraft back.  Alyca looked forward to working with the alien technology.  She was not the only one there with the same longing.
Why do we have to wait to rescue the Swizz?  Robert askedIf we take the two flyers and the trailers, we can fly to within a few miles of the spacecraft.  We let down our shields and the Z-117s will come after us.  When they are far enough away from the Swizz spacecraft, we put our blocks up.  We then circle around to the spacecraft.  Once there, the Swizz let us in and we kill off the Z-117s that are inside the spacecraft.

You want to trap yourself inside the spacecraft with Z-117?  Dr. Marge Gillon asked.

No, we use the same tactics inside the spacecraft, except one of us acts as bait while the others are the shooters.  Charles was considering the situation as a combat mission.

I do not know about the rest of you, but when I hunt dangerous animals, I do not let them get close enough to hurt me.  Nancy had hunted with her family on the Navajo reservation. Why not just draw the Z-117 out of the spacecraft and hunt them from the air using the two flyers?  I am sure we can kill all of them without getting close.  Those on the trailers with their shields up are dropped near the spacecraft while those on the flyers draw off the Z-117 in and near the spacecraft.  The ones on the ground head for the spacecraft once the Z-117 start to chase the flyers.

The others realized that they hadn’t been thinking of the Z-117 as something to hunt but someone to fight.

Robert gave Nancy a hug that turned into a long kiss.  Claire smiled as she realized that her Life-Mates had finally overcome that which had kept them from showing the affection that they had for each other.

The discussion continued until they have a solid plan.

Near the British Compound
Sunday May 30, 1999

The next day they followed Nancy’s basic idea.  Before noon, all of the Z-117s near the spacecraft were killed.  After meeting with the Swizz, Robert, Brenda, Charles and Nels rode in a Swizz shuttle and killed the remaining Z-117s by sundown.  They returned to the Swizz spacecraft which was now located near the river a few kilometers from the compound.

That evening, the crew and passengers of the Swizz spacecraft along with additional humans were taught mental communication and whatever of the other abilities that they were able to learn.  The range and number of abilities that the Swizz were able to learn were comparable to what the Glazens and Humans had learned the previous day.  All the Swizz, since they had a natural mental shield, were able to learn the improved shielding that Todd had discovered.  They reported that Swizz natural shields had been proof against the Qoof mental powers at a Ridanna trade station but the Ridanna restricted access to the trade station to low level Qoof.  A high level Qoof had once entered the trade station and taken control of individuals from a number of species.  The Ridanna had freed them before they were taken off the station but it had led to a decrease in trade.  The Ridanna now checked all Qoof near their trade stations.  The Swizz were extremely pleased with the improved shielding.

When John Harvey had heard about the Ridanna, he returned from Earth to speak with the Swizz co-captains, Cappaa and Cellii.  They were Life-Mates which pairings were known to the Swizz.  Because of their natural mental shields, only Life-Mates had had mentally communication among the Swizz.  Therefore, the Swizz valued life mating.  They had found the ability to determine Life-Mate pairs fantastic news.

John Harvey asked Vorosta and O-dof to join him in the discussion.  They found the co-captains in the engineering area of the Swizz spacecraft Mirrraaattee, listening to the discussion that Alyca and Jess were having with the spacecraft’s engineers.

Cappaa and Cellii, may I speak with you.  John Harvey asked.

Of course.  Let us leave this room.  Even with mental communication, there is often a lot of shouting as they forget that the voice is not needed to communicate.  Your children have learned that lesson well.  Cappaa said.

They have communicated among themselves for years.  John Harvey smiled as he remembered the many times that he had seen his three children sitting quietly together holding hands, before Alice had explained what was going on.  I would like to know more about the Ridanna. 
The five of them discussed the Ridanna for over an hour.  John Harvey saw benefits for trading with them but he also did not want to be put in the position of a savage who is trading valuables for trinkets.  The AJ Power Generators, the window generators, and Alyca’s rail guns were all items that the Swizz and the Glazen felt were unknown to the Ridanna.
Vorosta commented.  Do not these things give us an advantage over the Nartak and their herds of killers?
Celli added.  They also will help against the Qoof.  As will the new shields. 
I believe that we need to learn more about each other.  We should learn to work together before we let others know about our special relationship.  John Harvey suggested.
We also need to meet with the Clar.  O-dof added.  Nantai’s painting shows them as one with us. 
Yes, we do not want to ignore the guidance from our herd master.  Vorosta stated.
We need to return and warn about the Nartak.  Cappaa stated.  We will have to look elsewhere for a world to colonize.  The Swizz spacecraft had been an exploration vessel.  They had been looking for worlds suitable to their amphibian lifestyle when they had been captured by the Nartak.

You should place your colony here on Friendship.  Vorosta said.  It will allow us to learn to work together.

The Swizz were surprised by the offer.

I expect that all four species should have colonies on each of the four worlds that humans have reached through the windows.  In fact, Earth should also be home to colonies from each of your species.  The Clar may even find a world in the Sol star system where they may want to put a colony.  I expect that when they try using a window on their world in the Kartan star system that they may find that it leads to the Sol star system.  John Harvey was smiling.

That is not something against which I would wager.  O-dof laughed.

The room reverberated with the laughter of all four species.

Smythe Industries Kingmoor Facility
Carlisle, Cambria, UK
Monday, May 30, 1999

“Sarah, my family needs to get some warmer clothes.”  Marion Che-Tohe told her elder daughter’s Life-Mate’s mother, Sarah Lawrence.  She was still having a hard time with the fact that all four of her children had found their Life-Mates within the last nine days.  None of them had even been seriously dating and now they had the ones that they would be with the rest of their lives.  Even better Nantai and she thoroughly approved of all five of them.  “Only Elvis had anything suitable for this weather.  We had brought clothes for Texas last week, but we had not planned on this English weather.”

“Yes, I was wondering how you were handling the weather with the clothes you had.  We can run into Carlisle and get some clothes.  I think that some of the young people could use a break.”  Sarah looked over to where Nancy, Claire, and Robert were grabbing some food for a late breakfast after having returned from an early morning visit to Friendship.

We can sense them on Friendship but we cannot communicate.  Robert discussed with his Life-Mates their latest attempt to contact the three kin, Lantarn, Moiria, and Xeria, to which they had individually joined.  Even with them joined with the other Kin in the group mind that they have, it did not make a difference.
Ben, go over to Friendship and tell the Kin thanks for helping us.  Nancy tells her brother.  Then get Mary, Brenda, Charles, Linda, and Nels.  Join us in the cafeteria.  Mom is talking to Sarah about getting some warm clothes.
I can use some.  This is cooler than at Stanford.  You, mom and dad are use to Scottsdale weather so you definitely need something warmer.  We will join you in a bit.   

Chapter 5 Plans for the Future


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  1. Saturday May 29, 1999
    Alyca, her three Australian cousins, and all of their Life-Mates had just returned from the Water world. Alyca had wanted to try out her new rail guns. She had found them as good as had been reported.

    Is that a coil gun or rail gun.

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