Ch 5 Plans for the Future

Smythe Industries Kingmoor Facility
Carlisle, Cambria, UK
Monday May 31, 1999
The room was crowded.  At a table at the front of the room, Prime Minister Blake was flanked by John Harvey and General Sir Thomas Davy, Chief of the General Staff.  O-dof and Cappaa were next to the General.  Vorosta was lying on a high bench between John Harvey and his father, Sir John who was representing S-I.  The rest of the room was filled by numerous politicians who wanted to be associated with the first official meeting between members of all four species.

John Harvey shook his head, as he looked around at all the self-important people gathered for the meeting.  Dad, when do you think they will realize that these types of meetings are no longer necessary?

I thought I taught you better than that.  These types of meetings will always be necessary for personal interaction.  We still had people going long distances to have meetings when they could do the work by phone.  Mental communication is better, but meetings will not disappear.
I don’t think that they will work well with the Clar.  They breathe a different atmosphere and their temperature is much colder.  Physical meetings with them will never catch on, though I see a couple of people here that I would like to sent to meet with them personally.
Son, I think that the Clar are too important to risk offending that way.  They both smiled.

Similar assemblies were at the White House and Lavarack Barracks thought this was the only one with the allied species present.

Charlie checked to see if Dave and Jimmy were ready to start.  “Since everyone attending the meeting has the ability to mentally communicate, we will use that means of communication.  It will allow us to include others on Earth with the ability.”

This is the first face-to-face official meeting between members of our four species.  I am Charles Blake, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  David Clarke is President of the United States of America.  James Hunt is Prime Minister of Australia.  Vorosta is representing the Kin.  O-dof is representing the Glazen, and Co-Captain Cappaa is representing the Swizz. 
Of the four species, only the Kin fully know about the other three species.  There is no means to contact the Glazen and the Swizz worlds to let them know.  As for humans, we are working towards letting them all know.  We have many fictional accounts of meeting with other species.  Most of those scenarios we want to avoid.  The other problem that we have is that humans are divided into many different groups that are in competition if not in conflict with each other.  These groups are of many different types: nations, religions, companies, and even sexes.  We need to minimize the possibility of starting a war among humans when we inform everyone.  Adding to this are the new abilities that we all have a capability to learn.  The abilities will add more turmoil.
I expect that the Glazen and the Swizz will have similar problems varying only because of the unique qualities of each species.  I am amazed at the Kin’s ability to absorb the changes that we all have experienced.  If only it could be so easy for the rest of us, we might avoid any major conflicts.
We may be able to teach mental communications to all humans at one time.  That would lessen the impact of learning about the other species and the mental abilities.  Claire interrupts PM Blake.
We have seen that those of us that have found a special relationship with the Kin, working as a group can teach much faster and at a distance.  When all four species are included, the group is much stronger.  Such a group working together with all the others that have learned mentally communication may be able to teach all humans at one time.  We do not know if we have enough people, but we could train more people to make sure.  Claire explained.

I believe that the number of people that have learned mental communication has expanded faster than you know.  Lien Pai commented.  E-per, A-tye, and the Kin helped us train our families and some friends in Shanghai.  They in turn have been teaching others.  There are others that have done the same with family and friends.
Well that explains the change in the Chinese messages.  Lien Pai, they are no longer demanding to know why you were murdered.  They are asking that we turn you over to the Ambassador in London.  John Harvey was smiling.
Kun Tsui, I talked with Ambassador Huang just before this meeting.  He demanded that we turn you over immediately.  Dave added.  I told them that you were free and that we were helping you to gather the information that they were interested in.  He was unsure if he wanted the information or you.  I took the opportunity to invite President Zemin to meet with us in Carlisle on Saturday to discuss what we have found.  That sent the ambassador rushing back to the embassy.
The British Foreign Minister left the S-I Conference Room.  Well, I have just ordered the invitations sent.  If the training in mental communication is spreading, there is no reason to hold back Charlie was surprised at how much he was looking forward to the end of the secrecy.

Jimmy changed the subject.  We have a tabloid with a story about people communicating mentally with aliens.  We traced in back to a reporter overhearing a couple of teenagers talking.  Their parents are in the military.  We talked to the parents and then trained the teenagers in mental communication.  Should we start to expand our training to anyone that can keep quiet until we are able to tell everyone?

Robert answered.  I would like to suggest that we all join together as we do when training and seek an answer to that question.  This would be similar to how the Kin make major decisions.  We have Teams 1 and 2 Earth side.  The Teams now include Glazen and Swizz as well as our Kin partners.  We were checking the Solar System and near space for any signs of Nartaks or Qoofs.  I can report that we have found no sign of them.         
Teams one and two?  Jimmy asked.
It started with Claire, Mary, Brenda, and I working with my young cousins, Jason, Jerome, and Eric, during the memorial service.  We added our Life-Mates, Nancy, Ben and Charles, and the Glazens, E-per and A-tye, when we were in Texas.  When we got to Friendship, we all found Kin partners, then added Roott and Rickk of the Swizz.  We can all mentally join and work together.  That was the start of Team 1.  Alyca and Bruce working with KA, JJ, and Less was the start of Team 2.  They also now include members of all four species.  We are restricting the Teams to only one Glazen pair of Life-Mates and one pair of Swizz Life-Mates because of the small number of Glazen and Swizz that we have.  My brothers and cousins and their Life-Mates have set up a Team that includes Glazen and Swizz Life-Mates that are here.  The Glazen and Swizz are the only ones on Team 3 that have Kin partners.
Have you tried setting up a Team that had none of your family members on it?  Charlie asked.

That is one of the things that we are looking at.  We found from using the Teams during the training that they add to the ability of the larger group mentally but they were not running the training.  A group mind similar to what the Kin have when they are joined emerges.  The group mind controls the training.  Robert explained.

I do not remember any group mind leading the training.  Dave was having a hard time believing that a group mind had led the training.

We have found that only those in one of the Teams sensed the group mind.  We have asked additional Life-Mates from my family to join so that we can get some added expertise.

Can Sue and I join your Team so that I can learn more about what is going on?  Dave asked.

No!  Dave was surprised that Claire was the one to turn him down.  We have found that a Team continues to be connected at an unconscious level.  We do not know what that does to the individual.  It is not something that we want to have happen with a politician until we know more.

I have to agree with their thinking on this.  Charlie understood the implication of mental topics with respect to politician.  John Harvey, is that why you want to step down from parliament?

Yes, sir.  We felt that Marie could provide useful insight into understanding what was occurring.  In addition, we wanted to work with our children on this.

Those are two very good reasons for the two of you joining.  I assume that Kim and Rob are joining Team 1.  Who is joining Team 3?  Dave asked.

Will and I have joined Team 3.  Leslie answered.  She does not mention the others that have joined the Teams.  I suggest that we go with Robert’s suggestion.  It will help us to determine if we are strong enough to train everybody.

Let us give it a try.  If it works, it may eliminate the problem that we were expecting working with all the governments.  Jimmy saw the group mind as a very important development.

Yes, it would help with that.  Let us do it.  Charlie agreed.

I also agree.  Dave sends a private message to Claire, Nancy, and Robert.  I would like the three of you to discuss this with your mother and me.

Sure, Dad.  Claire responded.  We planned to do that anyway for you, PM Blake, and PM Hunt.  We can do a personal one also.

Good, they don’t have a daughter in one of the Teams.  Sue had walked over to where Dave was sitting.  They joined hands.
Not yet.  Alyca and Willy are arguing about which Team should get Rich and Laura Hunt.  Claire commented.

What are you planning?  Dave was concerned about what the Teams saw as their purpose.

Our Teams will train for exploration and combat.  Initially we will defend against any attack from the Nartak or Qoof.  Eventually, we will take the fight to them.  Robert replied.

The Teams led everyone in joining together mentally.  The group mind’s presence was known to the Team members and some of the others, but all sensed that they acted as one.  As the group mind, they considered whether to expanded training.  Four minutes later, they had the decision to continue training but not to accelerate it.  Everyone had it firmly in mind to keep quiet until all humans were taught.  Everyone remembered having taken part in making the decisions but also that it came from a higher level.

Does anyone have any problem with the decision reached or how it was reached?  Charlie addressed all of the individuals connected by mental communication.

There was a long pause.

Well, I was woken up from a sound sleep.  Sheila Demondai seemed tired but not upset.  I joined the group mind after only a couple of seconds of being awake.  I didn’t know what had happened until I discussed this with Joyce afterwards.  Now if there is nothing else, I need to be up early.  Her mind had then broken off from them.

Sheila is my mother-in-law.  Tony is on the fire world so I explained what had happened.  I had noticed that she joined the group mind after the rest of us.  I think that the group mind sought her out so that she would be included.  I don’t know why.  Joyce Macphater Demondai explained.

My cousin Joyce and her sisters Jane and June are triplets.  Robert explained.  They and their Life-Mates are members of Team 3.  We may want to let everyone know when the big training session is on Saturday so that everyone can voluntarily join.

I believe that our group mind is showing us that we will be able to reach everyone on Saturday even if someone is asleep.  Keyvan commented.  That’s one of the problems that I had been anticipating.

Does anyone anticipate any problems with training the rest of the human species on Saturday?  Charlie asked.

I have had concerns about the impact on devoutly religious people but I now understand that it is the next step for us and in fact all four species.  I guess that also includes the Clar.  I feel that it’s important that we contact them as soon as possible.  Speaker Al Hartley declared.

There was a short pause.

The Teams have just polled five percent of us that are in communications now.  No one disagreed with the two ideas that Al just expressed.  That what we are doing is the next step for all four of the species and that the Clar needs to be included as soon as possible for they are one of our group.  Claire informed everyone.

I think that covers more about the training than what we had expected and we ALL are in agreement.  Everyone agreeing is something that I personally didn’t expect to happen.  That the group mind helped us to reach a consensus is important.  When we have everyone in the world involved, it will be much different because I believe that most of those that have learned mental communication up to now are more similar than different.  With the entire human species involved, that will not be the case.  Dave wrapped up the discussion of the training.

The Kin would like to spread out on all five worlds.  We have a very small population and the attacks by the silent ones showed us how vulnerable we are.  We also need to expand our population.  Vorosta stated.

Many were stunned, as they had not realized the vulnerability of the Kin.

Our family will fully support the Kin in this.  We offer them windows dedicated for their use on our lands in Queensland, Texas, and Cambria.  We will share our land with them on Earth and work with them to see that they have land on the other worlds for their herds.  Leslie declares after a quick discussion with the members of the family.  We also offer help to the Glazen and the Swizz for their settling with us on these planets.

Dave, Charlie, and Jimmy held a quick discussion with the members of their governments after which Dave spoke for the three of them.  The governments of the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia cannot act as swiftly as Leslie has shown her extended family can but we here today acknowledge that this is necessary and important and that we will work to see that all our species shall live together for the benefit of all.
The Glazen will also work together with the other species so that all who share the group mind can prosper.  O-dof declared.
We of spacecraft Mirrraaattee have been given the responsibility to initiate agreement with species that we encounter.  That which we find ourselves in is beyond the expectations with which we set out.  The Swizz gathered here today agree on the need to live and work together but we will need help from the other species to present this to those on our worlds.  Cappaa stated.
We thank those of the other species.  Vorosta happily replied.

Are there other items that need to be considered by all of us?  There was a long pause.  If not let us, break up.  We will make an announcement about Saturday’s meeting in a few hours.  Charlie ended the meeting.

The three Teams wish to discuss some other items with the three of us.  Dave conveyed to Jimmy and Charlie.  I think our Life-Mates should also attend.

I need about fifteen minutes to check on the invitations and some other items that came up.  Charlie tells him.

That works for me.  Jimmy agreed.

We will be communicating with Claire, Nancy, and Robert.  Dave informed them before they broke contact.

Mom and Dad, the others will join in after we have talked with you.

Dave and I were able to sense the group mind.  It exists but that is all we could tell.  Sue told them.

That was probably due to the close connection to us.  Nancy was getting used to the idea of three sets of parents.  The Teams have a higher function in the group mind, as do Life-Mates, which is something that we need to learn more about.  As a Team, we have stronger, more intimate communication and the range of our abilities increases.  Look at how the young cousins were able to scan the solar system with the help of the Kin.
Are there things that Life-Mates or a Team can do, that individuals cannot?  Dave asked.
We do not know and we need to find out.  We have gotten the impression from the group mind, that adding Clar members to the Teams will be a significant increase just as it will be for the group mind.  Robert replied.

But they are so different!  Sue didn’t see how they would be able to interact with the Clar.

Mom, that may be why they are so important.  Humans, Glazen, and Swizz have a lot in common compared to the Kin, but the Kin add much to us.  The Clar may add much more.

Then why not add more species?  Dave wondered about the limit of five species.

That is another of the things that we need to look into.  It may look to you like the Teams are working out fine but we are more like a group of recruits directly off the bus or a student the first day at university.  The Teams need time to work out what they can do and learn to work together.  All three Teams are planning to reside in Townsville.  We plan to investigate our abilities and become proficient with them.  The three of us will enroll at James Cook University but we will be studying under the new curriculum that takes into account what has been learned.  Claire realized that they are telling her parents what they will be doing and not asking.
This sounds like something that we should wait for the others to discuss.  How are the three of you doing?  Do you get much time alone?  Dave had missed Claire and worried how all of the changes were affecting her.
We have constant mental communication.  It has even continued a few times when one of us stepped through a window.  I think that we could communicate between the planets if we knew what we were doing.  That is another thing that we need to look in to further.  As to physical time alone, we get some here and there but things are too busy.  Don’t worry, the only times we have slept together is on the plane.  We have plenty of chaperones.  In fact, I think that Alyca and Bruce are the only two that were in a hurry and they got married first.  We will have a bunch of weddings in the next few months, so we will have a lot of examples for planning ours but Mom you will be there to help in the planning.  We do not plan to rush it.
Robert, what are your thoughts on this.  Dave asked.
Claire promised Alice that she could be in the wedding.  I do not think that Alice was expecting to be a two-year old flower girl.  I expect that it will be a while.  We will have a long life together.
Robert’s response was not one that Dave expected from a sixteen-year old boy.

Nancy, you have been silent.  How are you taking all these changes?  Sue asked.

You accept me?  Nancy sensed the concern for her in Sue’s thoughts.

Yes, you are one of our daughter’s Life-Mates.  A Life-Mate isn’t something that a person chooses.  The bond is a gift.  You may be able to reject it but you cannot just ignore it.  Dave and I were Life-Mates even before we knew the term.  You will have problems with those that don’t understand Life-Mates, but we love all three of you.  Sue words reassured Nancy.

We look forward to spending some time with you.  We will support the three of you wherever this leads.  Most will not understand, but your wedding is a few years off and much will change in that time.  I expect that by then, people may have a different opinion since I see the three of you being in the forefront of what will be happening.  Dave’s comments surprised them.

Dad, what do you mean?

The three of them could tell that Dave and Sue were laughing.

You don’t know.  You have been too busy doing things to realize how much you are at the center of what is going on.  When Sue and I went to Ottawa and briefed Prime Minister Chrétien and other members of the government and their spouses, I got a question about the two of you from Aline Chrétien before the meeting even started.  After the meeting, we had dinner with the Chrétiens and the questions continued.  They are Life-Mates and we spent most of the evening training them.  Only after they started to understand what Life-Mates really meant, did the questions taper off.  Dave explained.  
Then he told them about Nancy.  Sue laughed.
Well they needed to know about Life-Mates first and since they were so interested in the two of you, I had to tell them it was three Life-Mates and not two.
The three young people moved closer together with the two girls sitting on Robert’s legs with everyone’s arms around each other.
Well they both want to meet you.  Do not be surprised if they ask for autographs.  Dave teased.
Sue continued to explain their fame.  Even without knowing what you have done on the new worlds or the work with the species that we have met, the tabloids were going crazy about you and Robert.  Then someone got pictures of the three of you.  Just walking together, but the pictures did show that you were more than a couple.  They haven’t identified Nancy yet, but I am sure someone from Arizona will tell them soon.  The amount that they are offering will be hard to resist.

Where was the picture taken?  Robert asked.

It was in Carlisle.  Did you go into town to buy some clothes?  Sue was amazed how their fame was unknown to them.  The story said that the woman had been surprised to see the three of you coming out of a shop.  You had dropped out of sight for over a week and there was speculation about where you went.

What are we going to do?  Claire realized that this was worse than being the President’s daughter.

Nothing.  Nancy reply surprised them all.  After Saturday, everyone in the world will know what we have been doing.
That is true.  Dave was the first to realize that Nancy had seen what they had been missing.  You might want to stay out of sight so that no one connects you to what is going on in Carlisle.
No.  We should go to Edinburgh and visit Robert’s grandparents.  That will draw them off from here.  Nancy again had seen what they had not.
Yes, we are not needed here until Saturday.  I think we can talk Edna into chaperoning.  Robert looked forward to introducing Claire and Nancy to both his grandparents and their twins.  If anyone, they might understand the relationship that the three of them had.

Jimmy and Charlie are ready and their wives, Lisa and Karen, have joined them.  Dave informed them.

I will let the rest of the Team members know.  Robert was eager to get through the meeting and head to Edinburgh.

Richard, what are you and Laura doing here.  When the Teams had joined them, Jimmy was surprised that his son and daughter-in-law were in the meeting.

We will be joining one of the Teams, but they haven’t decided which one.  Rich told his dad.

That was one of the things that we wanted to tell you.  The next is that once you are on a Team you cannot transfer to another Team.  Robert explained.  We wanted to shift Lisa and Eric Lawson from Team 3 to Team 1 but we could not do it.
We don’t know.  Not understanding something was a condition that Alyca did not tolerate.  The only foretelling information related to joining together is Nantai’s picture of the five species.  Nothing in any of his pictures even infers the idea of Teams.  The Kin suggested a Team might be like a pack.  They go through a ceremony when a Kin changes to another pack.  We will be looking into the ceremony, which they will use when they set up the new packs that will be part of each Team.  It looks like we will be finding things out by experimentation, which will be mostly trial and error until we start to understand things a lot better than we do.
Father, that picture!  Nancy message was to only Nantai.
Yes, it might give us some clues.  I think it is not yet the time to mention your pictures.  Nantai considered Nancy’s picture that had trouble them for the past year.
Alyca continued without knowing about the private conversation between the two Tohes.  Ann and Larry have made a start with the study they were conducting of their nieces and nephew.  They have taken leave from the University of Edinburgh medical school so that they can devote full time to the research.  We are learning new thinks so fast that we will be starting a major research group to study the personal interrelations and the mental abilities that we are displaying.  Our plan is to move all the Teams to Queensland.  James Cook University will be setting up an interdepartmental research group to study our abilities.  Of course, most of the researchers will be members of the family or the Teams to start.  With the three teamsl together in one place, we hope to make quicker progress even though it may take years to reach full understanding of our abilities. 
 You didn’t expect things to go as fast as the last two weeks.  Charlie joked.
Yes she does.  It was almost up to her regular pace.  Mary smiled across the conference room where her cousin was sitting.
Oh.  Some of the results are better than her usual excellent work.  Nels smiled at Linda Tohe, his Life-Mate, who was sitting with him.

Marie ignored the byplay among her cousins.  PM Blake, we do have an important piece of research that we need your help on.  We may have a way to deter a nuclear explosion, but it needs to be tested.  To do that, we will need to use a nuclear device.  The test will be in space in the Friendship solar system.  The Swizz using spacecraft Mirrraaattee will help place it in space and then observe the result from a safe distance.  We need one of the British nuclear weapons to conduct the experiment.

I take it that this is a spin-off of the adjacent world theory.  Charlie looked at John Harvey, who had a surprised look on his face.

Yes, I have only discussed it with dad, Alyca, Rob, and some of the Swizz.  Someone putting a nuclear weapon through a window is one of our concerns since we planned the first window.  I have been learning what the other three species know of the universe and it is helped me to complete my theory on how to prevent a nuclear explosion.  With the theory, we were able to build some prototypes.  Dad is now informing MME and TDI how to build them.

I take it that this S-I facility is being protected by such a device.  Charlie was smiling.

Yes, the effect is good for about 237 kilometers.  We saw no reason not to passively try it out.  We were checking to see how far the effect extends.

I would like to include some nuclear experts on the Swizz ship when the experiment is conducted.  They will probably have a lot of questions before the test, but I cannot think of a reason that we should not proceed with this before the questions are answered.  Charlie was wondering if this was almost putting the genii back in the bottle.  Maybe not, but it would make Earth a safer place.

The United States fully supports this experiment.  We look forward to the deployment of this project throughout all the worlds.  Dave mental thoughts conveyed his happiness with this development.  We look forward to the United Kingdom’s report on the results.

I totally agree.  There is no reason to delay this.  Jimmie added.

Dave, you don’t want to send anyone to observe?  Charlie was surprise by how Dave was taking the news of the test.

No, it is more important to keep this quiet.
When do you want it?  Charlie asked Marie.
The Mirrraaattee is scheduled to go and retrieve the Qoof ship tomorrow morning.  Cappaa and Cellii are excited to hear that we have a way to prevent a nuclear explosion.  That is what they used against the Qoof ship.  Marie replied.
I am not sure if I can get it authorized that fast.  Oh why not.  Everything else we are doing is this fast.  I will tell everyone that we are using it to prevent an attack.  Charlie decided that this was too important to have anything but a can do attitude.
What about using a Swizz nuclear device?  Jimmy asked.
Alyca answered.  We fully understand our nuclear devices.  The scientists will want to analyze everything that happened.  In addition, the Mirrraaattee will need every weapon that it has for its return to the Swizz worlds.
Speaking of worlds, we have information on where our five worlds are located.  Professor Charles Siftarski was excited.
What do you have Charles.  Jimmy had become well acquainted with Professor Siftarski over the past week.  He had worked wonders coordinating the science teams on the four worlds.
Friendship is the closest of the five worlds to the Nartak and the Qoof.  The Nartak worlds may be slightly closer to Friendship.  Sol and Earth are in the opposite direction from Friendship from the Nartak.  That makes Earth close to equal distant from the Nartak and the Qoof.  Kartan is the next closest of the worlds.  It is closer to the Qoof than Earth is but near to the same distance from the Nartak.  The Clar are in the opposite direction from Kartan from Earth.  O-dof believes that Kartan is the closest Clar world to Earth.  The Swizz worlds are closer to the Nartak than the Qoof.  The Clar worlds are closer to the Qoof.  The Glazen are the farthest from both.  The Kin are the closest to both.  It is good that the Kin have decided to spread out to all five worlds.  The other two worlds are the farthest from the Nartak and Qoof.  It had been suggested that we call them Frontier and Refuge.  Refuge, the water world, is closest to the Glazen. Frontier, the fire world, is closest to the Swizz.  Charles thoughts were rushed.
So we are unlikely to see the Nartak or the Qoof at Refuge or Frontier before we see them at Friendship or possible at Earth or Kartan.  With the Kin spreading out to all five worlds, the Clar are the most vulnerable of our five species.  Robert analyzed the threats.
Charles paused for a moment.  Yes, that seems right.  Of course, we don’t know if there are other species about who we may have to be concerned.
The Glazen had not known of any others aggressive species like the Nartak and Qoof, but that was over fifty years ago.  O-dof added.
The Swizz did not know of any other aggressive species as of when we departed a year ago.  However, aggressive species are not the only thing about which we need to be concerned.  Any unsettled planet could be claimed by another species.  Roott, the Swizz planetologist who was a member of Team 2, commented.  Only if you have a strong settlement will most species not contest a planet.
I suspect that within a year there will be millions of humans on each of these worlds as well as members of each of the other species.  Free land has not been available for a long while.  Dave said.
We need to get the Qoof ship from the moon to Friendship and operational as soon as we can.  The Mirrraaattee needs to return to the Swizz planets and warn them.  Next, we will need to contact the Clar. 
Charlie interrupted Robert.  Where do we have a shipyard to fix an alien spacecraft?
The hull is in fine shape except for the breech that killed everyone aboard.  The ship was not designed to allow the slaves to survive if the Qoof masters died.  Will answered.  We have an area where we can set up windows close to the MME facility.  We have the equipment to fabricate anything we need.  We will change out the living quarters since we don’t have a few masters with a lot of slaves.  Alyca and Jess have improvements that they want to make all over the ship, but it’ll still be a hodgepodge of equipment from many different species.  The Qoof tech level is whatever they have gotten from captured planets.  Slavery isn’t a good motivator for innovation or even maintaining a technology base.  We have a number of things that we need to learn from the Swizz before they return to their worlds but we will completely refit the spacecraft within a year.  Hopefully, it will be much sooner.  We will also need to make plans for building ships of our own design, but that is beyond MME’s expertise.      
Why there and not here?  Charlie believed that the spacecraft should be British.
Jess has entered the S-I conference room where Charlie, John Harvey, O-dof, and Sir John sat.  We need to train the three Teams and see if we can form more.  John Cook University, Lavarack Barracks, and MME have the start of what we need.  All three Teams and most of our family will be moving there.  We have been lucky or things have been made easy for us, but we cannot count on that in the future.  We need to be able to defend our worlds and eventually take the offensive against the Nartak and the Qoof.  This will be where we start to learn about our new abilities and how to use them.  From there, other training and research location will be started.  In addition, Great Britain and the United States have more negatives associated with them by other nations than does Australia.  We will be seeking additional help from all nations so that they can learn and take the knowledge home.
I agree with the selection.  That doesn’t mean that is the only area that we will develop, only that this ship and the Teams will be there.  Dave added.
The Glazen will also move there.  O-dof stated.  It will be a while before we have a spacecraft to go to our worlds and tell them what is going on.  We need to learn as much as we can so we can teach them.
This is the first that I heard of it.  Jimmy was clearly happy but he was concerned about the costs.  I’m not sure how we are going to pay for all the improvements.
Our family will be paying for most of it.  For the rest, the taxes on what we will be selling overseas and the taxes from the increased employment here and elsewhere in Australia will give you enough money and you will also be able to make improvements elsewhere, which will include the four new worlds.  Leslie explained.
The taxes on my royalties will help you with the work you will have to do here.  Jess told Charlie
I just wanted the first spacecraft to be British.  Charlie said.
This spacecraft will be for all four species.  I expect that eventually we will have to figure out how to include the Clar but those types of changes are more than we may have time to make.  Robert replied.

Chapter 6 Telling the World


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