Ch 6 Telling the World

Warehouse at Smythe Industries Kingmoor Facility
Carlisle, Cambria, UK
Friday June 4, 1999
It was late Friday evening, when the three young people got back from Edinburgh.  They had been surprised at the changes to the warehouse where the meeting would be held.  Tables, one per country, were arraigned across the floor of the warehouse.  On a platform across the front of the room, tables and benches were setup for Team members from each species.  Flanking the platform was two of the large windows for accessing adjacent worlds.  The one to the left would connect to Friendship and the other would connect to Refuge.  They would be the human representative for Team 1.  Alyca and Bruce would represent Team 2.

The BBC was all over the room setting up to broadcast the meeting live to the world.  The three hadn’t entered the room, but viewed it from a doorway so as to avoid the BBC people.  After a few minutes, they had retired to their quarters on Friendship so that they would be rested for the meeting.

Smythe Industries Kingmoor Facility
Carlisle, Cambria, UK
Saturday June 5, 1999

In a warehouse adjacent to the one for the meeting, the delegates that had arrived early were viewing the new products that made use of the AJ Power Generator.  The Blakes, the Clarkes, and the Hunts circulated through this crowd.  They talked about the items there but didn’t discuss anything else including the impact of the AJ Power Generator on the world economy.  They were repeatedly asked about the meeting since the invitation had simply stated that further developments with greater impact than the AJ Power Generator would be presented.  Their reply was always that they would wait for the presentation at the meeting.  The complete, polite avoidance of the topic of the meeting by the three couples was correctly interpreted that the developments were major.  It dawned on the Brazilian President’s wife that these developments must be really important since the AJ Power Generator was being used as a teaser to get them to attend.  When this thought made its way around, the anticipation of the crowd increased.

At 11:45, PM Blake requested that they move to the meeting room.  Surprisingly, everyone was seated by noon when the meeting started.  That the Hunts, Clarkes, and Blakes also had seats in the audience created almost as big of a stir as the six people seated on the stage.

“I am John Lawrence III.  I am the British Minister for Planetary Exploration.  Great Britain, the United States, and Australia have been exploring on four worlds, Friendship, Kartan, Refuge, and Frontier.  Families are moving to these worlds to set up the first colonies on each world.  With me on the stage are members of two Teams that have ventured on to these worlds.  On my left are Alyca Maclaren Jenson and Bruce Jenson from Team 2.  They will describe what was found on the world Friendship.  On my right are Claire Clarke, Robert Maclaren, and Nancy Tohe from Team 1.  They will describe what was found on the world Kartan.”

The audience was stunned.  Not even the reporters in the balcony said a word.

“First though, I will explain how we were able to go to the four worlds, worlds which will soon be available for colonization.”

John Harvey was interrupted by an assistant to the Chinese Premier.  “The Chinese people will not move to a British colony on another world.”  He shouted.

Sorry John.  We did not expect the strength that he showed.  JJ has been called away to help with an incursion or we would have had him give his personal attention.  Marie told her husband.

That outburst actually helped.  That people would be thinking that we controlling the colonies was a major concern.  Your answer will dampen it until we mention the species we have met.  After that, whose colonies they are will not be important.  Claire was leading those reading the mood of the audience, including samplings of some of the television audience around the world.

“By the time that we complete our presentation, you will understand that the colonies are not British, American, or Australian.”  John Harvey didn’t pause but continued his presentation.

“In July 1997, my mother-in-law, Dame Professor Alice Maclaren, presented her paper on Adjacent World Theory at a plenary session of the XIIth International Congress on Mathematical Physics.  As she planned, the Adjacent World Theory was met with near universal skepticism and disclaim.  Her only intent was for the presentation to make her theory known to the world so that it couldn’t be suppressed.  By not having it taken seriously, we hoped to ensure that it would become available to everyone.  On May 17th of this year, she and her husband, Jess Maclaren, successfully open up the first window to an adjacent world.  The AJ Power Generator was used to power the window generator.  A window to a second world was also successfully opened.  When they opened up a window to a third world, it was under water in a lake.  The water from the lake shorted out the window generator and electrocuted Dame Alice.”

“With her death, we realized that we hadn’t understood the danger of opening a window into an unknown area of another world.  If a window had been opened into the molten lava of a volcano, the pressure would have caused sufficient lava to come through the window to burn down the village in which they lived.  We also realized that we would have to have a method to determine where it would be safe to open a window.  We had that equipment designed and build within three days.”

“We knew that Dame Alice’s death would lead to others realizing that her theory was right and working to open up windows which might kill thousands of people.  We sought out government help.  We quickly met with Great Britain’s PM Blake and Australia’s PM Hunt but we didn’t have the contacts to meet with United States President Clarke.  That is until providence, allowed us to rescue Claire Clarke from her kidnappers and gain access to President Clarke.  We helped these governments access the four worlds through the windows.  On May 22nd, Australia and the United Kingdom were able to open windows and explore these worlds.  On May 24th, the United States opened windows to the four worlds.”

The window to Friendship was turned on.  “To my left is a window that opens onto Friendship.”  John Harvey then pointed to the window to his right that has just been turned on.  “To my right is a window that opens onto Refuge.  At the end of this meeting, those here will be able to tour both worlds.  We will work with other governments in helping to set up windows so that their people will have safe access to these worlds.  For now, we will turn off the windows and continue with the meeting.”  The windows were turned off.

“I will now let those that were instrumental in making the biggest discoveries describe what was found.”

“I am Alyca Maclaren Jenson.  Jess Maclaren is my uncle.  I had worked with my aunt and uncle on the development of the window generator and the modifications and changes that were made to improve the safety of the window generators.  On May 18th, I was at the Lawrence’s discussing the meeting with the UK government and the plans to move forward in exploring these worlds when we were interrupted.  Karen Lawrence, KA, told us her dogs had captured an intruder.”

“I am Bruce Jenson.  I was that intruder.  The CIA had tasked me to investigate the work being done with the AJ Power Generator and to discover what Dame Alice had been working on at the time of her death.  When you have twenty guard dogs herding you somewhere you go where they want you.”

“The dogs had brought Bruce up to the house.  Nels Lawrence and I went out and covered the intruder with our guns.  KA came out and ordered most of her dogs to return to guard duty.”

“Regis, KA’s lead dog had brought the parabolic microphone recorder that I had thrown away to KA.  With that piece of evidence, I knew that my cover story wasn’t going to work.”

“We brought Bruce inside and discovered that he worked for the CIA.  Sir John Lawrence, John Harvey’s father, then told me to go off and explain to Bruce all that we were doing.”

The audience realized that the two of them were alternating telling the story.  The words flowed smoothly as they repeatedly switched between the two of them.

“I was stunned first by the capture by the dogs, then by the offer of all the information that they had, but the real shocker was when I started talking to Alyca.  I fell in love with her.”

“And I with him.  What we hadn’t noticed had been noticed by other members of the family.  Bruce and I are Life-Mates.”

“I didn’t know anything about Life-Mates but I realized that Alyca and I were meant for each other.  We talked for hours that night about the work they were doing.  Alyca told me more than technical and business details.  She told me about the thrill of designing that she felt and the fun of testing what one had created.”

“When I saw the enthusiasm with which Bruce followed my description of my work, I knew that he was the man for me.  Then we discovered that we weren’t only sharing emotions but also thoughts.  Soon we were able to communicate without words.”

“I hadn’t known that one could communicate mentally.”

“I had seen KA and her brother JJ and her sister Less do it for years.”

“KA controls her dogs mentally.”

“She had taught her brother and sister how to communicate with them and they had learned to communicate among themselves.”

“Alyca and I found that we could communicate without speaking to KA, JJ, and Less.”

“We don’t even have to be near each other.”

“One of the observation windows had taken pictures that showed that there was intelligent life on one of the worlds.”

“Even without sound, we could tell that the aliens didn’t speak.”

“The aliens were not using tools but appeared to communicate mentally with the animals that they kept, just as KA communicated with the dogs.”

“It was decided to seek them out when we went to their world.”

“We realized that we would need KA, JJ, and Less to communicate with these beings.”

“Bruce and I escorted my three young cousins over to meet them.”

“Mental communication was established with the Kin, but they had been followed by creatures that sought to kill them.”

“The British Army defended both the Kin and us against these creatures that the Kin called the silent ones.”

“They were named because they were mentally silent to the Kin.”

“These creatures, the silent ones, were three times the size of the kin.”

“They had been seeking out and attacking the Kin since they first appeared a few month ago.”

“One of the Kin had had a vision of another species that would come and help them hunt the silent ones.”

“After helping the Kin, we found that we had made a friend.”

“When we asked them the name of their planet,”

“They said that they didn’t have one but they decided to call their planet Friendship because of us.”

“We also found that when joined mentally with the Kin that our mental power increased.”

“We could communicate and work together over longer distances.”

“We decided to help the Kin with the problem of the silent ones, but we were concerned about wiping out a species even one as kill crazed as the silent ones.”

“We didn’t find out for several days that the silent ones were not from the planet Friendship and had been bred to attack those with mental powers.”

John Harvey turned to his left where six of the Kin had entered the room.  “I have the pleasure to present, Vorosta, who I am mentally bonded with.  Bonding is similar to Life-Mates in that it increases the mental power of the two when they work together mentally.  Next, let me present Avla who is bonded with Alyca and Velvon who is bonded with Bruce.  They are also on Team 2.  With Team 1, I present Xeria who is bonded with Claire, Lantarn who is bonded with Robert, and Moiria who is bonded with Nancy.”

Claire, Robert, and Nancy started to tell their story.

Claire spoke first.  “Most of you have heard the story of how I was rescued by Robert and his family, but there is more to that story.”

Robert continued.  “Like Alyca and Bruce, I had just learned to mentally communicate with my young cousins, Jason, Eric, and Jerome.”

Nancy took over from him.  “More importantly, he learned to identify and locate individuals at a distance from Jason.”

The three young people started off by alternating who spoke each sentence.

“From Eric and Jerome, he learned to identify and locate items at a distance.  “
“This is how we knew that the terrorists were nearby and that the kidnappers were bringing Claire to the house behind us.”
“Like Alyca and Bruce, Claire and Robert discovered that they were Life-Mates.”

“We also found that we could communicate with Robert’s sisters, Mary and Brenda.”
“As more family learned, we found that we could also teach others to communicate mentally. “
“Some who learned were just individuals but most were Life-Mates.”

“We learned to work together to teach others.”
“The more people that we taught led to more people that we found who could be taught.”
“When Claire, Robert, and his sisters went to the memorial service, they found that terrorist waited for them there, but the threat was more than to them since one of the terrorist was wearing a bomb.”

“Were we the only ones threatened, we could have walked away and let the police and the Secret Service handle it.”
“With the bomb, we realized that only the four of us could handle it.”
“Therefore, Mary and Brenda killed the men so that Robert and Claire would not be interfered with as they disabled the bomb.”

“Robert once again found himself in the role of protector but now with me by his side.”
“President Clarke knew that Claire would be targeted by the terrorists, so he let her join us in exploring the new worlds.”
“Mary and Brenda were wondering when they would find their Life-Mates.”

“I got a call from a man that wanted to talk to Mary about her Aunt Alice’s Adjacent World Theory or that was the reason that he thought he was calling.”
“Ben Tohe had seen Mary on television and had to call her.”
“Claire had met my brother Ben when our father, Nantai, had received an award at the White House.”

“I realized that Ben and Mary were Life-Mates.”
“Claire and my sisters arranged for the Tohe family to meet us in Dallas.”
“The next day Claire and Robert flew with his family to Dallas.”

“All six of the Tohes came to Dallas including the youngest daughter, Nancy.”
“Claire had not met Nancy who had been sick and had not accompanied her family to the White House.”
“Mary and Ben met.  They are Life-Mates.”

“Brenda and Charles Koloski met.  They are Life-Mates.”
“And then the unexpected happened,”
“Claire and Robert met me.”

“Robert and I realized that Nancy was also our Life-Mate.”
“We were a triple not a pair.”
“I had found those that I had long sought.”

“No one understood but”
“those that can communicate mentally knew that we three were Life-Mates.”
“Now, Claire had had another reason for inviting my family to Dallas.”

The Life-Mate triple progressed to finishing each other’s sentences without breaking the cadence of their talk.

“I remembered a painting that”
“Nancy’s father had shown on”
“his visit to the White House.”

“At my request,”
“he had brought it to Dallas.”

“Claire had also requested that”
“a photograph of KA and her Kin friend Vesta”
“be taken on Friendship.”

“Father showed his painting”
“which he had done when”
“President Clarke had first won the presidency.”

The photograph was shown on a large video monitor.  Nancy uncovered the painting where it sat on an easel.

“It appeared as if “
“the painting had been done”
“from the photograph.”

“Both showed KA with her arm around Vesta with”
“Friendship’s two moons above them.”

“The painting had been done”
“six and a half years before the photograph.”

“No one knew what to make of the two surprises,”
“but the Tohes joined those”
“who would be exploring the new worlds.”

“On the world, Kartan,”
“my three young cousins located”
“a spacecraft while mentally searching”
“the hills near the compound.”

“After those exploring that world”
“investigated the shuttle,”
“the young boys located”
“the remains of a colony”
“and the village”
“where the survivors”
“had taken refuge.”

“With the help of Robert’s sisters”
“and their Life-Mates,”
“we learned to speak”
“with the Glazen.”

“By joining in a tight mental bond,”
“we were able to learn their language in four hours.”

Their speech showed that they were in mental communication for how else could they be speaking as they did.  Thus, mental communication was demonstrated to all those watching.

John Harvey turned to his left when five Glazen had just entered the room.  “I have the pleasure to present, O-dof, Guide for the Glazen colony.  E-per and A-tye, who are members of Team 1.  U-tet and I-ver, who are members of Team 2.

John Harvey and the other humans on the platform smiled.  “We have just been informed that members of the same terrorist group that had tried to kidnap Claire have been caught nearby.  They had brought an atomic weapon to kill Claire, Robert, and everyone gathered here.  Luckily, we caught them before they set it off or we would have had to deal with radiation poison while we interrogated them.  Yes, an atomic weapon won’t go off near here.  That was one of the byproducts of the adjacent world theory that I was going to mention later.  We have developed a means to keep an atomic explosion from happening.  We have quite a number of these device deployed.  Information on how to build these devices will be sent to all governments that haven’t sponsored these terrorists.  If it turns out that, the delegates sent here from those countries didn’t know about the attack we might offer them sanctuary until they can return to their countries.  We now know the countries that sent the terrorists.  We expect to have finished the interrogation before the end of the meeting.

Claire looked towards the cameras and smiled, but the look in her eyes was not friendly.  “Game’s over!  I may be seeing you soon.”

The five human members combined to continue the story.

“My father had painted another picture the day before we met the Glazen.”  Nancy smiled as she thought of the picture.  Alyca uncovered the picture, which was on another easel.  “In this picture, you see five beings standing side by side.  In the center is a red-headed, human female.  Beside her is one of the Kin.  The other three species were unknown to him.”

“Nantai brought the painting to where we were meeting with the Glazen.”  Claire took over the tale.  “We saw that the being on the other side of the women was a Glazen.  O-dof identified another one as one of the Clar, a space faring species that lived on worlds with cold, poisonous atmospheres.  One of their worlds is in the same system as Kartan.  The fifth species was unknown.”

“O-dof told us of one of his visions where the Glazen were taught to mentally communicate by the Kin and Humans.”  Robert told the audience.  “It was decided to bring Team 1, O-dof, E-per and A-tye to the Kin on Friendship in an attempt to do this.”

Alyca took up the tale.  “The plan was to assist in the training of more humans as well as the Glazen.  Later Teams 1 and 2 would assist the British Army in securing the spacecraft from which the silent ones had come.”

Bruce continued the tale.  “We gather together on Friendship and mentally abilities were taught to Glazen, Kin, and Humans.  We searched the planet Friendship to locate all of the Kin and all of the silent ones.  There are Kin only on the land mass on which we had first found them.”

“Less than fifty silent ones were found.  A check of the spacecraft that brought them to the planet, found beings that the silent ones had trapped there.  Our three species working together could tell that they were of the unknown species in the painting.  We mentally reached out to them and taught them mental communication.”  Robert described the discovery of the Swizz.

“They are the Swizz.  They were captured with their spacecraft by the Nartak.  The Nartak are the species that created the Z-117s, the creatures we knew as the silent ones.  The Z-117s were created to fight the Qoof, a species that uses it mental powers to conquer other species.  The Nartak have been at war with the Qoof for three thousand years.  The Nartak were planning to take over the Swizz to use in their war with the Qoof.”  Claire explained the presence of the Swizz on Friendship.

Nancy continued the tale.  “The Kin, the Glazen, and the Humans working together rescued the Swizz and killed all of the Z-117s.”

John Harvey again turned to his left and introduced four Swizz as they enter the room.  “I have the pleasure to present, Swertt and Smeyy, biological scientists and members of Team 1, and Roott and Rickk, planetologists and members of Team 2.”

“We have found that what one is able to do is increased if they work with others.  If Life-Mates work together, their individual abilities increase.  When you work with another species, the ability increases more.  When all four of our species work together, what we can do is vastly increased.  We have mentally scanned each of the star systems of our five planets.”  Alyca explained the benefits of working together mentally.  “The Clar in the star system which includes Kartan are the only other intelligent beings we have found.”

“From the Glazen and Swizz we have learned about some of the other species that are near our five planets.  They are many and varied, but space is vast and most have no reason to interfere with each other.  The exception is the Qoof and the Nartak.  Their war has been going on for three thousand years.  They have found it necessary to take over other species since war is basically destructive and more resources to fight and manufacture items are needed.”  Bruce described the situation with the different species among the stars.

“We know that both the Qoof and the Nartak are expanding.  They both know of the planet Friendship.  The Nartak were planning to conquer the Swizz.  We believe that the Qoof may be attempting to conquer the Clar.  The Glazen live farther away but O-dof and the other Guides of the Glazen are concerned about their species safety.  Humans and Kin are not space faring species.  Any of us would have little ability to defend our species against either the Qoof or the Nartak.”  Robert explained the problems that all five species face.

“Glazen, Kin, and Humans have had dreams or visions of the species working together.  These have been bits and pieces but when we look at all of them together, we find a bigger picture.  One that may give our five species the chance to defend ourselves.  One of the important ingredients is the increase in mental ability when the four species work together.  That is not just these special abilities that we have talked about but also an increase in ability to communicate and think.”  Claire explained the possibility of working together with the other species to meet the threats of the Qoof and the Nartak.

“Now that is a lot to take on our word alone, so we offer you all the ability to learn more, to ask questions, and to join us in finding a solution.  We offer to teach all Humans the ability to mentally communicate.”  Nancy told all those listening.

Finally, something had broken the silence of the audience that had existed since the question about the colonies.

The first question came from the wife of the leader of the Congo.  “Why are whites offering to share it with blacks and other people of color?”

Robert answered.  “I am part aborigine.  Nancy is Native American and Vietnamese.  My sister-in-law Naz is Muslim Indian.  My future sister-in-law Linda Steele is Afro-American.  Those that have learned are not all white.  In addition, it is not just humans that are offering to teach you.  It is members of all four species, Kin, Glazen, Swizz, and Human.”

The next question came from a monk from Nepal.  “Why were you able to learn?  We have been seeking this for centuries.”

Alyca was the one to answer this question.  “Most of us have only been able to communicate for less than a couple of weeks.  We need those of the human species that have studied this to help all of us understand.  Once you learn, you will also be able to communicate with those of the other species.  We find that the four species working together have given us knowledge and insight that exceed that of any one species.”

The German Chancellor asked.  “How long will this take?  Many people have to work.  We do not have days or weeks to devote to this learning.”

John Harvey replied.  “It is obvious that we have never done it with the number of beings that we will be teaching today.  At first, it took hours to train someone.  Later when the four species were joined together in teaching, the speed of the training increased so that it took only minutes.  We also find that not everyone learns the first time and that repeating the training increases the number that have learned to communicate.  We will stop after the first time and discuss the results.  We have found that people like to try out the ability to communicate mentally.  We will then try training those that didn’t learn again.  We will have the help of those that have just learned and expect much better results.  Again, we will stop and discuss the results.”

There is some that are against this but it is much better than we had expected.  Claire passed on to John Harvey.  We are ready to start.

“We will start.”  John Harvey told those in the room and the over two billion people watching on TV.

They reached out to train those who were watching.  The training took just over seven minutes.  Robert/Claire/Nancy thought as one and could sense the Group Mind expanding.

The training stopped.  There was much mental communication by those who have just learned the ability.

While the Teams surveyed the results of the training, John Harvey spoke so that those that have not learned so they also knew what was going on.  “The first training session is complete.  We are checking to see how well it went.  We only sought to contact those that were listening to us.  Many people are asleep or are doing something else.  If you can contact anyone that you know that might not be watching or listening, have them tune in.”

Many government leaders in the room took out cell phones or other means of electrical communication and called to increase the number of their people listening to the broadcasts.  Others realized that they could communicate mentally with those back in their countries.  Soon more were tuning in.  John Harvey explained to those that were tuning in what was going on.

Well over a billion people learned.  Still many did not.  Jess reported.

We are lucky for our shields.  There are many individuals trying to contact us mentally.  Alyca/Bruce commented.

The Teams should join and welcome them.  Claire/Robert/Nancy replied.  The three Teams including members of all four species joined as one.

It was nearly a half hour before they were able to break away.  In that time, the number of people watching or listening to the broadcasts had more than doubled.

“We welcome the many people that have joined us.”  John Harvey told the audience.  “With the first training that we did less than an hour ago, over one billion people learned to mentally communicate.  We will now repeat the training with the help of those people.”

The training started again, but this time the Group Mind took control.  It taught not communications but all the abilities and it taught all humans.  Whether they were awake or asleep, they learned.  Even pilots landing planes learned for the Group Mind suppressed any emotional reaction until people were safe.  People driving cars pulled over to the side of the road and stopped.  Not everyone accepted the training.  Some, especially among the deeply religious and atheist, could not accept the change.  Others wouldn’t accept the new relationship among all humans or between humans and the three other species.  For these souls, the Group Mind didn’t teach them the new abilities.

The biggest change was for those with certain neurological related conditions.  Since the ability to communicate mentally added new capability to one’s mind, the Group Mind ensured that some of this capability went to addressing deficiencies.  Dyslexia, the learning disability, was among the conditions eliminated.

Many individuals with exceptional mental abilities came to the Teams notice.  The percentage was much lower than they had been finding, but out of six billion people, the number was quite large.  These individuals including many Life-Mates were spread across all the people of Earth.  The three Teams started working with each one as they contacted them but quickly delegated the work to those that that they had already worked with in various regions or countries.  From those that felt called, new Teams would be formed.  The Teams would learn and explore for to them would fall the job of tying the five species together.

From the Group Mind to all the individuals, came the knowledge that the Group Mind needed the majority of the Glazen, Swizz, and Clar to join with it.  It was less than half formed and these species would be needed for them to face the Nartak and Qoof.  With all five species, complete Teams would be able to be formed, whose job it would be to go forth and deal with the problem of the Nartak and the Qoof.

The Group Mind let it be known that it would communicate with them when all five species could join in.

The Group Mind disconnected from all but the three Teams.  Your three Teams will be the models for the other Teams.  You need to learn and explore the possibilities before you.  You should help the other Teams but the focus of the Teams should be away from Earth.  You will lead by example.  Leave the internal turmoil of the species to others for now.
Why are we three?  Claire asked.  All other Life-Mates are two.
It is a question that we also have asked, but no answers were given.  The Group Mind responded.

Asked whom?  Alyca does not understand whom the Group Mind could have asked.

Not who.  It is more what but that is also not correct.  What or who gives Alice and O-dof their dreams?  Where do Nantai’s and Nancy’s visions come from?  From where does the knowledge for Keyvan’s hunches comes?  The Group Mind informed them.  We are new formed.  We have just started to put together the information that we have gotten from our individuals.  We will grow on what you learn and on the new individuals that join.  To you still falls the need to learn new things.
What is your roll?  Robert asked.
We still need to discover that.  The Group Mind responded then it was gone.
Did you notice that most of the people only learned the abilities to communicate mentally, to shield, to sense people, and to sense objects, but not the full abilities for these that we have.  Mary Maclaren commented.

I am surprised at how few learned the other abilities.  Jess added.  The ability to sense other worlds and the knowledge of stepping to other worlds wasn’t learned by any outside the Teams.  You only know of an ability if you could learn it.  I don’t know how the Group Mind could have attempted to teach ability and then people don’t remember what they couldn’t learn.

The ability to learn will increase.  There are those that should learn more.  Keyvan answered.  We need to decide how we will teach them.

Chapter 7  Status of the New Worlds


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