Ch 7 Status of the New World

President’s Family Dining Room
White House, Washington D.C.
Saturday, July 3, 1999
The steward had served breakfast before leaving Dave and Sue alone for the morning meeting.  It was still hard for them not to have either of their children around, but they had chatted with Tommy, as they got dressed.  He had told them about the geometry lesson that he had had that morning.  The student members of the Teams had visited the factory where the pieces for prefab buildings were manufactured.  They had learned to calculate the area and volume of the pieces and of the buildings that could be built.  They had also learned how geometry was used to figure how to make things stronger.  He had understood it without Jason or JJ’s help.  Tommy had caught up with the other two.  Less had been disinterested until Bruce had explained how you could also figure out how many horses could be transported in a shuttle when you needed to transport two weeks of food.  Tommy thought it was funny that everything was about horses for Less.  He said that he really enjoyed the Saturday lessons with Alyca and Bruce.  He wanted to apprentice with them when he turned twelve.  Sue was thankful that they had agreed to let Tommy go to Queensland to study with Jess’s grandchildren.

Australia and the United Kingdom would join them before the full meeting.  Jimmy and Lisa Hunt and then Charlie and Karen Blake let them know that they were ready.  All three of the men had found that working with their Life-Mates on these long distant meetings had made the work easier.  Each set of Life-Mates had progressed to the point where they worked as one.  Only one needed to read a report or receive a briefing.  They would then join and share what they had learned.  Together their understanding of the material was improved.  With the six of them working together, they could review the week’s happenings as well as the reports and briefings that each had gotten in under an hour.  It often took another hour to discuss everything and reach a decision on what actions they would take.  They had started early so that they could have time to chat before the others joined them.  The leaders of Canada, Mexico, Ireland and New Zealand and their spouses were joining the meeting for the first time.  Claire, Robert, and Nancy also would be joining the meeting to represent the Teams throughout the world.

At 6 AM EDST, the others joined them.  The time was a compromise since local time ran anywhere from 5 AM in Mexico City to 10 PM in Wellington.  Dave and Sue greeted each as they acknowledged their readiness.  The lead for the meetings rotated between the three original countries with the US being the current host.

I am glad that we have expanded this meeting.  All of our countries have had relative stable transitions to the new world in which we have found ourselves.  We have been working together in twos or threes to handle the changes that have made our old national boundaries mostly outdated.  With this meeting, we are looking to cover topics that go beyond our strictly national interests.
The first item for discussion is how we should organize the relationship that we will have with the other four species.  Dave realizes that his statement was a little ambitious.  Well that is only the other three for now.  Contact has yet to be made with the Clar.

When will the Clar be contacted?  Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien had been curious why they have not been contacted.

Let us give you a report on what the Teams have been up to and why we have selected the priorities that we have.  I believe that that would answer many of the questions that you may have as we have not been keeping secret what we are doing but we have not been announcing it either.  Robert expects that knowledge of what the Teams were doing would be important for many of the decisions that these leaders would be making.

Yes, that would be a good idea.  The United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom have had reports of what you are doing but we have not heard the reasoning behind those decisions.  Charlie Blake is curious to understand their reasoning.

Claire sensed that everyone was very interested in the report so she proceeded.  First, let us talk about the status of the Teams.  You all have heard about the first three Teams and you know that additional Teams are forming.  Most of these will be based on the first three Teams but there will be some exception, like Teams dedicated to scientific exploration.  Also there will be a special Team S that will be sent with the Swizz spacecraft Mirrraaattee when it returns to the Swizz worlds.  This Team will be different from the other Teams that are being set up.  It purpose will be primarily diplomatic.  We have the Glazen and Swizz members and some of the Kin members and a few of the Human members.  We are looking for additional Human members to represent the different regions of Earth.  Currently we have representatives from the UK, US, and China.  We need five more Life-Mates pairs.  We are configuring the Teams with around eight human Life-Mates pairs.  Teams 1-3 and S will be the only ones to have Glazen and Swizz Life-Mates pairs until we reach their worlds and have more Glazen and Swizz candidates.  We will need Life-Mates from those two species that are suitable to join a Team as well as inclined to do so.  The Kin on each Team will be those that have partnered with a member of the Team.  Also the Teams will have student or apprentice members who are relatives of the Team members or whose parents are not joining a Team.  My brother Tommy is a student member of Team 1.  Sol and Mei-lei White’s three children are apprentice members.

The criteria for Team members are strong mental abilities and the ability and interest to take an active role in our exploration and interaction with other species.  Nancy has taken over presenting the report.  Others are taking responsibilities that can be better handled if they were not Team members.  Sol and Mei-lei are directing scientific research.  Jess Maclaren is overseeing the integration of engineering knowledge from all the species.  Dr. Margaret Gillon is doing the same for medical knowledge.  This will include medical training for medics and all Team members in how to treat those of other species.  O-dof and Nantai, my father, are looking into dreams and visions among all the species.  We do not know from where the information is coming so we just have to take the information on faith.  We hope that a better understanding here will help us with some of the religious problems we are having around the world.
You have your doubts about the source of the information?  Mexican President Roxanne Martinez has had a hard time reconciling what they had learned with her Catholic faith.
Not doubts, we just do not know where the information is coming from or even if it is from the same source for each race or even each individual.  That is not where all of us are having a problem.  I am having the reverse problem that you are having.  Nancy explains.  I had a hard time logically reconciling the dreams and visions with our knowledge of the world but I have faith in them.  You may not have known but I have visions that I paint just as my father does.  We have questioned what the pictures meant and how much we should base our actions on them.  We mostly have let the information be just a guide to another possibility to consider.
My father has taught me that any piece of information must be weighed with other knowledge that you have.  Aunt Alice’s dreams worried and confused Alice, Jess and him for many years.  They discussed the dreams and did research into what they could mean and what they should do about it.  Robert switched back to the discussion of the Teams.  Currently there are over two hundred Teams being set up.  In a little while, they will start sending members to Queensland for advanced training that we will be offering.  They will then return and teach the rest of their Team. 

Will the Teams be setting up the new government?  Irish President Mary McAleese sees the Teams as a natural focus for setting up a government that covers all the species.

The focus of the Teams will be external not into the interactions of the five species.  We have assisted in a couple of rescues and some special tasks that needed to be done but that is more a good neighbor type of thing.  We are more like scouts or military for the five species.  I think that most of us agree that the military should not be involved in politics.  Claire has been one of the leading voices in keeping the Teams out of politics.  It had been less than a week since they had reached agreement.  Many of the Team members came from countries where the military had an active part in the countries government.

With a better understanding of the Teams, you can better understand the missions that we feel we need to undertake.  Robert has taken over because he did not want Claire’s interest in being the first President of the Federation of Worlds to slip out.  Our two major purposes are to explore new worlds and to defend all five species from the Nartak and Qoof.  For the defense, we need to have all five species fully working together.  We will then need to develop the method to take the fight to them.

They are taken aback at Robert’s assertion that they will be attacking the Nartak and Qoof.

How are we going to be able to fight two species that have multi-planet empires?  New Zealand Prime Minister Silvia Wilson asks.

It will not be by waiting until they come to Earth and we have to fight them alone.  We believe that the Clar may already be having problems with the Qoof.  That may be why they destroyed the Glazen supply spacecraft at Kartan.  They did not understand what the Glazen were doing or felt that the Qoof might use the Glazen on Kartan to attack them.
When did the Clar destroy the Glazen spacecraft?  Aline Chrétien wonders how they could be considering working with the Clar.

About fifty years ago.  The Glazen that we met had been stranded on Kartan since then.  Of course, they had come there to meet humans.  Nancy warns Robert to cut off the information before he mentions the reincarnation of O-dof.

Claire takes over before anyone realizes that Robert had stopped.  We need to join with the Clar and the main bodies of the Glazen and the Swizz.  For that, we must have space travel.  We have a Swizz spacecraft that will be returning home, but we do not have spacecraft to go and meet with the Clar or Glazen.  Yes, we have the Qoof spacecraft at Friendship but we will need that to protect that planet.  It will take a half year for the Mirrraaattee to return to the Swizz worlds.  That will be after Alyca’s upgrade to the drive system is complete.  The Swizz will then have to decide if they will join us and modify their spacecraft with the faster space drive.  This will take at least eight months and more likely more than a year.  For the Clar, we need spacecraft so that we can meet them is space.  We cannot just call to them from the surface of Kartan.  Why would they want to join with us?  Why would they think that we had anything to offer them?
We do not have the time to develop a real spacecraft and the ability to build it on Kartan.  We do not even have the time to wait before meeting the Clar while one is built near Earth then sent to Kartan.  Therefore, we have decided to design a shuttle that can be built in pieces on Earth, moved through a window and assembled on another planet.  It will not have the ability to go to another solar system but we will have the ability to explore and fight in each of the solar systems that we have windows to get to a planet in the solar system.  Robert explains the solution with which they had decided on.
AP – New Space Race – The industrial nations of the world are competing to be the first to build a space craft base of what has been learned from the Swizz and the Glazen as well as the recovered Qoof space craft.  Jess Maclaren and his niece Alyca Maclaren-Jenson are leading the effort to combine the knowledge of the different species so as to come up with a superior baseline design for new spacecraft.  Cappaa, co-captain of the Swizz space craft Mirrraaattee, during a visit to the Houston Spacecenter said that he was very excited about the improvements that have occurred. He had addressed a meeting of engineers from the US, Russia, China, France, Brazil, Israel, Great Britain, Germany, and Japan.  The meeting was to set up procedures for sharing and disseminating information about spacecraft design among all countries. …
What about the Glazen?  Karen Blake asks.
Once the Clar have joined us, we will use one of their ships to go to the Glazen worlds.  Robert answers.
What is your timetable?  Dave already knew about the plans, but not the reasons or the particulars.

The Mirrraaattee will leave in late August or early September.  The shuttle prototype will be flying in mid-August.  We want at least twelve shuttles operational on Kartan before we introduce ourselves to the Clar.  We felt that a dozen shuttles jointly crewed by four species will make them take notice more than one shuttle will.  The shuttles should be ready by mid-September but we may delay to do some exploring in the Solar System to get some practice.
What can the Kin do on a spacecraft?  Martin McAleese asks.
Their front paws are capable of manipulating things.  They just have not developed tools since they had their herds of animals that could do so much for them.  Nancy explains.  Jess Maclaren has designed a number of inventions for the handicapped.  He is working with them developing devices to their requirements.  They have taken very well to the ATVs that have been built for them.
The three young people continued the report on the projects that the Teams have been working on.
Jerome and Eric Reynolds have started to survey the MME mines and other nearby mines for large deposits of metals that we will need.  Robert has grown up learning about the Macphater mining operations.  Major deposits of gold are especially needed for the spacecrafts.  Their largest find in Australia is a large deposit of gold adjacent to Xstrata’s Mount Isa mine.  We filed the mining claim but mom worked out a deal with Xstrata to develop the mine. We get first call on the gold at ten percent off of the average price for the last quarter and they get a ten percent discount on any mining equipment that they buy from MME.  That will give us a cash inflow now, which will reverse when they start producing.
The boys have started to survey the area around the Australian windows sites on the four new worlds.  Once we have working shuttles on a world, they will survey the entire planet.  Earth will be the first.
Will MME be setting up mines at these locations?  Mary McAleese, the President of the Republic of Ireland, asked.
No, we do not have the ability to expand like that.  Even if we did, we prefer to have competition.  It will keep us sharper.  We will make most of the information available so that others can use it. 
Our squad yesterday worked with Mertt and Mibss, the Swizz mining engineers to blast an entrance into the cavern that we will be using for a shuttle hanger on Kartan.  The cavern has space for over a hundred shuttles.  We will also be using it both as a mine, there is a large deposit of transuranic elements that we can reach from it, and as an underground base.  We have decided not to build above ground until we have better knowledge of what spooked the Clar.  Robert reported.
 You have radioactive elements at the location where you will be setting up a base?  Jimmy asked.
The Swizz and the Glazen have advanced technology for handling radioactive material.  That includes ways to shield from the radioactivity.  The shielding is part of their spacecraft defenses.  Robert explained.
Who on your squad was doing the blasting?  Sue had gone white.
Not Jason.  Robert had misunderstood.  He was acting as the safety officer for us.  It kept him involved and alert since he knew our safety depended on him.
ClaireSue was very upset.
Mom.  The explosive is very stable.  You need to use the detonator to set it off.  It is good practice for when we will be using explosives against the Nartak and the Qoof.  Flying the shuttles will be much more dangerous.
Claire, I do not think that put your Mother at ease.  Dave also was worried but he had realized what working on the Team would mean more than Sue had.  We will need to discuss this later.
Yes, sir.  Claire realized that she was the only member of the Teams who parents were not intimately familiar with what they were doing.  Sol and Mei-lei White though not on any of the Teams worked closely with the Teams and knew what their children, Dave, Al, and Jen, were doing.  She would have to give her parents an update of Tommy’s and her assignments.  
Dave, I have been thinking about how we might set up a confederation with all five species.  I know that all of us would want it to be representative where all species have a say.  The Kin with their small population with respect to us would have little say if it was only proportional representation.  With the Glazen, Swizz, and Clar having multiple worlds we may also face a similar problem.  I think that we need to include something like the Mixed Member Proportional system that New Zealand uses.  Silvia Wilson knew the MMP system that they used in New Zealand was not perfect but with five different species, some such mechanism would be needed.
Jimmy Hunt was familiar with the New Zealand MMP system.  Silvia, I agree that we will need something like that, but we will need to look at many different systems.
I am a little concerned that we Humans may be planning something without having input from the other species.  Nancy realized that those that didn’t have close contact with the other species didn’t understand how different they are.  There may have methods that we never thought of or they may have beliefs that do not allow something.  I know that we have never talked to them about it.  The Kin have almost a pure democracy since their packs just join mentally together to make major decisions.  With the Glazen, O-dof word carries a lot of weight, but he is smart enough not to exercise his power too often.  When we were talking with the Glazen the first day, U-tet and U-wef kept looking to him to see if he was going to say anything, but he kept quiet until the Glazen realized that we were communicating mentally.  You need to realize that they do things differently from us.  We are learning how to work with them every day.
Thank you, Nancy.  I know that I have misunderstood how different the different species are.  Dave again marveled at how wise Claire’s Life-Mates were.  He could see the changes that all three were undergoing.  Even Tommy was quickly maturing and gaining confidence in his abilities.  He communicated privately with Jimmy.  Jimmy, you asked me about whether your daughters, Samantha and Sheila, should join the Teams.  I am very happy with what is happening with Claire and Tommy even if they are working with explosives.
Yes, these three have progressed a lot in the past six weeks.  I have seen the changes in Rich and Laura also.  I will tell Rich, that it is ok with us.  Lisa answered for her and Jimmy.

I think that this is a good assignment for Team S.  Martin McAleese suggests.  They will be discussing the five species joining together with the Swizz.  This will get them thinking about how the species will live and work together.
I believe that what the Teams 1-3 learn about working with members of all four species will also be useful.  Jean Chrétien was familiar with the difficulties of having different cultures in Canada.  He realized that they would have to work to overcome inter-species difficulties from the beginning.  The examples that you gave showed us that we have much to learn about the other species.  It would be useful if members of the other species could also attend these meeting when you do.
That would not be a problem.  We will have our squad from Team 1 attend the next time that we do.  The squad is one of the four in all the Teams that includes members of all four species.  Claire didn’t mention that David White, Jason Reynolds, the Glazens A-tye and E-per, the Swizz Smeyy and Swertt, and all nine of the Kin that were linked to the squad members were listening in on the meeting through them.  They felt that the meeting was good training for their squad as well as providing them with perspectives of the other races on what was being discussed.  It hadn’t only been Claire, Nancy and Robert using the explosive to shape the cavern on Kartan for their use.  It had been all the members of the squad.
With little discussion, they decide to ask Team S to look at how the relationship between the five species should be configured.

The next topic is the fighting and political unrest that is going on in many areas.  Dave hoped that with the help of the other countries that they could develop a better picture of what was going on.  They had lost almost all in country intelligence assets in some areas but they had also picked up intelligence from citizens that had friends and relatives there.  These citizens had started out asking the government to help end the fighting but had soon realized that peace couldn’t be imposed by outsiders after it had been pointed out to them.  They had been encouraged to provide information and encourage their friends and relatives to seek peaceful solutions.  The countries represented at the meeting had taken an active role in stopping all arms shipments to these areas.

Does anyone have information about what is going on in Iran?  After we identified the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as the main backers of the terrorist that attacked Claire three times, contact with Iran became almost nonexistent.

Keyvan says that they should have control of the last of the Revolutionary Guard stronghold by Wednesday.  Surprisingly there has been very little bloodshed.  He has had his people isolating the Guard.  With the help of JJ, we found a few individuals that could learn persuasion and we taught them how to talk the individual groups in to surrendering.  Following the surrender, they talk with them and determine if they are ready to accept the changes that have occurred.  The high rate of success is hard to believe.  Robert attitude was one of both respect and astonishment.

Who is Keyvan and what do they do to those that will not accept the changes.  Silvia Wilson was unsure if she could believe the report.

Keyvan is Sandy Lawrence Life-Mate.  They are on Team 2.  Claire explained.  He is from Iran or as he insists on calling it, Persia.  He says that he was one of the young boys that the Revolutionary Guard sent against the Iraqis during the Iran-Iraq war.  He led a group of them through the Iraqis lines and they walked to Europe.  The others eventually returned to Iran but he stayed in Europe.  He has worked and studied in at least nine cities.  He has attended classes at a number of universities but though he took many classes, he never tried to earn a degree.  He is one of the most likeable people I have ever met and one of the strangest.  His attitude and comments sometime make him seem more alien than any of the three species.
Keyvan difference comes from his living with repeated hunches that my dad and I believe come from the same source as the visions we have.  Nancy and her dad had taken a strong interest in learning about Keyvan.  It had taken a while but they had gotten to know him quite well.  Take the way he joined us.  He woke up in Rome and had the urge to leave.  He did not know where he was going or why just that he should catch a train to Paris later that morning.  He gave away everything that he could not carry.  The hunches continued until he walked up to the gate at Kingmoor S-I facility the next day.  He had no idea why he was there just that he should go there.
Why did you not tell us?  Claire was surprised that Nancy had not told her.
That would have been too close to gossiping.  This was important to let them understand what was happening in Persia.
I just barely remember meeting him.  Dave said.  I had been figuring that the Iranian people had risen up and were fighting it out with the Guard.  I was almost ready to attack Iran after the attempt they made with an atomic bomb but the fighting we heard about at the beginning showed that we couldn’t have added much to the effort.  Later when communication ceased, I figured that too many innocents would be harmed.  He paused.  I am glad that I didn’t.  This outcome is the best for the country and I don’t have to live with the feeling that I had anything to do with people dying because I sought revenge.
I know what you mean.  Roxanne Martinez was remembering her election campaign for president.  When my husband Fernando was killed, I almost gave up my campaign, but then I realized that winning would be the sweetest revenge that I could have.  I doubled my efforts and became the first real reform president in Mexico’s history.

The talk turned to other problem areas.  The civil war in China as the people revolted against the communist party and the roundup of former KGB members who had been planning the political takeover of Russia drew a few remarks.  Many areas were discussed but the need to intercede was found in none of them.

I think that there is one area that we should take action.  Mary McAleese, the Irish President, knew that there was one area where they were needed.  Sub-Sahara Africa has benefitted from the changes we experienced a month ago.  Now is the time to give them aid.  We need to supply them with AJ Power Generators and windows generators.  Many of those countries have very poor land.  The other planets would give them an opportunity to find better lands.

The leaders agreed that this would be a very positive step.

We have a problem.  Robert agreed with the need to help but he had mentally checked with the scientists that were working with the map data from the Swizz and the Glazen.  Friendship has no land overlap in that area of Africa.  With Kartan, northern and western Africa has an overlap with a landmass that also overlaps with southern Europe and half of the Middle East.  We only have some local area maps for Frontier and Refuge, but nothing for most of the world including Africa.  We will need to either use observation windows in Africa or wait until we have photographs from a spacecraft before we know where we should put windows to cross over to these worlds.

How long until we can map those worlds?  Charlie asked.

We are having special shuttles built to do the mapping.  One will be stationed on each of the five worlds.  Robert replied.

Why on Earth?  Jean Chrétien did not understand why they needed to map Earth.

We figure that we will want to check out Mars and the other planets.  There has been some thought that the other planets that you can reach from Mars may be useful.

Useful!  Do you think that they will have atmospheres?  Jean was intrigued at the idea.

Marie thinks that is highly unlikely.  It is the possibility that one of the possible worlds might be in a system where the Nartak or Qoof have a world.  Or it could be a system where the Swizz, the Glazen, or even the Clar have a world.  All would prove useful.  Robert can tell that the leaders had never considered these possibilities.  For a system that our allies control, the shorter travel time would easily offset the problems of operation on a world with hardly any atmosphere.  If the star system were controlled by the Nartak or the Qoof, the ability to spy on them would be of great benefit.  When we are able to attack and take over the world by going through space then we could have a very short supply line.

Well whatever aid we can provide Africa is important.  Dave paused but there are no further comments.  The next topic is the disruption to the economy that the changes have brought about.  The energy sector has been especially hard hit.  Stocks of coal, oil, gas, electric utilities, and companies that move energy resources have collapsed.  The change over to AJ Power Generators is only restricted by the supply of the controllers and the parts to make the generators.  The production of the controllers is being ramped up as fast as possible.
Then we have industries where the new technology is leading to new designs and products.  Vehicle manufacturing is switching to electric.  The auto companies are getting competition from startup companies or companies that made other types of vehicles.  Aircraft design and production is being switched to shuttle and small spacecraft.  Here also new companies are entering the field.  Not since the early days of aviation, have we had so many companies in a new transportation field.  Ship builders are working on medium and large spacecraft design and construction.  All of these designs are using patents coming from the companies related to the Maclaren family, MME, TDI, and S-I.  Dave paused to see if there are any comments.

Actual, all the patents are being consolidated into a holding company, The Fruits of Friendship.  This includes patents for Swizz and Glazen designs and ones based on what was found on the Qoof spacecraft.  Robert tells them.  TFF will use its money to help the Kin, Swizz, and Glazen set up colonies on all five worlds.  The Teams will also initially be funded by the company.  TFF ordered the shuttles that will be used to survey the worlds and to meet the Clar.  Teams 1, 2, and 3 have formed a company that is contracting our services to TFF.
Who controls TFF?  Pita Wilson figured that it was just a front company for the Maclarens to control everything.

The board will be made up of Life-Mates from each of the species and a CEO.  The CEO does not have a vote unless there is a tie.  Claire answered.
Who is the CEO?  Sue was curious which of the family members was taking on the task.
Jamie Wong.  He was CEO at South Asia Mining.  They had bought most of MME’s mining outside of Australia and our coal mines in Australia.  He was fired for that when the coalmines became worthless.  Mom and Grandpa Ian have always got along with him.  He just got a little greedy because he thought we needed money.  Mom had inserted a clause in the contract that allowed us to buy the mines back at the original price if both companies agreed.  After the way they treated Jamie, mom would not agree to that price.  She bought them back at just over a quarter of what they had paid us.  He and his family have moved to Townsville.  His son, Jason, will be joining the Teams.

Why do you want the coalmines?  Dave was confused especially because he could sense that Jimmy thought it was funny.

Jimmy was the one that answers.  I had to sign off on the sale because it transferred thousands of square kilometers of land to foreign ownership.  You don’t want them for the coal.  You wanted them for the land and the access it gives you to the other worlds.
Yes, the biggest track is in central Australia.  We have determined that with that land we have access to land on all four worlds.  Mom told us how Jamie laughed when he found out how she put one over on those that had fired him.  Robert told them.
Robert, are you parents still on Team 3?  Sue asks.  Leslie appears to be running MME.
No, mom final got dad to agree that he should let others do the fieldwork while he took command of exploration and security.  Grandpa is retiring and mom will become chairman of MME.  It will be announced at his retirement party tomorrow.  Robert doesn’t mention the other changes that would be occurring.

Robert, can you explain Bombardier’s complaint about interference in negotiations with the Swizz over patents?  Jean Chrétien and other members of the Canadian Parliament had been hounded to do something about the Maclaren’s interference when the Bombardier representatives went to talk with the Swizz.

I think you will all agree that we need to get the best spacecraft we can into space as fast as we can.  Robert got a response of agreement from everyone.  It was decided that we would require anyone that was using our patents for the anti-gravity, ship propulsion, and other improvements that they had made on the Swizz and Qoof designs to agree to design sharing for twelve years with all the companies that were using the designs.  There would be a fee paid to the company that originated the design improvement but they could not make it proprietor or not allow other companies to improve on the design. 
Bombardier figured that the Swizz had been using these systems for years and the improvements could not be that important.  Bombardiers set up a meeting with the Swizz engineers.  The Swizz engineers had thought it was to talk over how to implement the systems in a spacecraft.  When they found out that Bombardier wanted to use the original Swizz design and not Alyca’s and Jess’s improved designs, they told them they should use the new design.  My brother Willy and Linda Steele were doing the translation.  One of the Bombardier engineers got upset and started yelling that Willy was a Maclaren and that he was interfering with the negotiations with the Swizz.  The Swizz engineers had been mentally linked directly to Willy and Linda so they essentially heard everything that was said and could understand it.  The Swizz engineers did not take kindly to the insults to the Maclarens.  They started yelling and they have much stronger voices than we do.  Will and Linda had to keep them off of the Bombardier engineers.  What the Bombardier engineers did not realize was that they could have been mentally communicating with the Swizz all along.  All Willy and Linda had been planning to do was help if there was any confusion between the way the Swizz and Humans handled engineering.  The Bombardier engineers were just not willing to communicate directly.  They got out of there and returned to Canada.  The Swizz refused to talk to them again.  They think that the Bombardier engineers are crazy idiots is the best way to interpret it.  They were all for not allowing Bombardier to use any of the patents. 
Willy would have never figured out what Bombardier was trying to do except they left their briefcases when they ran.  He found their directions to negotiate a cheaper deal directly with the Swizz.  The memo called the Swizz designed tried and proven.  When Willy explained the memo to the Swizz, they had a hard time understanding why Bombardier did not see the value of the improvements that had been made for the new designs.  Bombardier has refused to talk to us.  We would like to explain what happened and discuss the difference between the new and old designs.
Were the changes that significant?  Roxanne Martinez asked.
Yes.  Nancy answered.  Alyca redesign of the propulsion system for the Mirrraaattee increases the speed from 350 light years per year to 500 light years per year.  By the Swizz taking the time to convert their spacecraft, the time for their return trip drops from 8 months to 5.6 months.  The savings is almost as long as the time from when they met us until they depart.  They will also save that time when they return here.  The design for propulsion systems for new spacecraft will be faster and it is a distributed system.  That means that standard size propulsion units will be able to be built.  You just install the number of propulsion units that you need for your spacecraft.  The other advantage is that in a space battle, one lucky hit does not knock out your ability to move.  There are a lot of other advantages but those show you that the changes are not just minor upgrades.  That is why the Swizz engineers thought the Bombardier engineers were idiots.
How does this compare to the Nartak and Qoof spacecraft.  Dave asks.
The Swizz believe that their spacecraft was faster than the Nartak spacecraft, which tricked them before they were captured.  The Qoof spacecraft that crashed had a slight speed advantage over Nartak spacecrafts but it is nowhere near as fast as the Swizz spacecraft will be when they leave.  Claire answered.  It will be faster than any spacecraft known to the Swizz.
I will have a talk with Bombardier.  Jean Chrétien couldn’t believe how stupid the Bombardier management was.   
Roxanne, would you tell us about your success in ending the influence of the drug cartels.  Dave had moved on to the next topic.
As you are all aware, after humans learned the mental abilities, we now have a reduced tolerance towards the use of drugs physically, mentally, and politically.  That has led to the drying up of the drug cartels’ cash.  They have tried to branch in to other lines of endeavor.  The police and the army have been successful in rounding up the leaders.  We expect to have the major arms caches of the cartels under government control by the end of next week.  We thank the United States for supporting our efforts but the main reason for our success is the help that the five Teams that organized in Mexico are giving us in rounding up the cartel leaders and their arms.  Roxanne Martinez had an extremely favorable impression of the Mexican Teams. 
Madame President, will your government be able to supply the Teams with locations where they can live and train.  Claire was aware that there were no rich families of any of the Mexican Team members that could help support the Teams.  If you can supply them with some of the confiscate weapons, then they should be able to look after themselves until TFF can get them the equipment that they will need.  They will then set up on Friendship and work with the Kin locating there.
That shouldn’t be a problem.  We already consider them as militias.  Roxanne replied.
Will the other Teams need similar support.  Silvia Wilson hadn’t thought about helping the New Zealand Team.
Yes, they will.  Nancy knew that the Teams in many countries had been unwilling to ask for help from their government.  We will be contacting the local governments that are not hostile to the Teams.  We need to identify contacts for the Teams in each country and finding out whom the Teams should contact in the government.
We have some governments that are hostile to the Teams.  Silvia asks.
Yes, Iran and China are two of the most obvious examples.  Mental communication leads to more participation in government.  Countries that have governments where most of the people had no say, find that they are losing power and have targeted the Teams in their countries.  The Teams will not be taking power in any country but they will not be easy targets for anyone that comes after them.  Robert informed them.
There was laughter because they have all heard stories of what some of the other Teams had done.
Dave, can you explain what is happening with the environmental impact suits that the WWF, Green Peace, and others have filed to stop colonization of the new planets.  Mary McAleese asks.

We were able to get the suits consolidated and heard by the Supreme Court.  My administration objected to the suits for a number of reasons.  First was that US environmental laws only applied to Earth since what happened on other planets does not affect the environment in the US.  Other reasons included lack of jurisdiction, positive effects to the US environment both from colonization and from the impact that the AJ Power Generator was having on the environment as we convert from using carbon based fuels.  Dave does not mention the private talk that Al, Margaret, Sue, and he had with the nine justices.  They had discussed the danger that the Nartak and Qoof posed to humanity.  The Court chose to cut off all suits under US law for what happens on the other worlds by ruling that US laws only apply on Earth.  Privately Chief Justice Burger told me that we needed to make a lot of changes to take into account both the other species and planets.  He felt that we would have to hold a constitutional convention to revise the US Constitution.  I told him that we would need to do more than that and that we were making plans to bring people together to work on a solution.

This brings us back to the first topic of discussion.  If there are no other issues to discuss, we should switch to discussing what we should do about the items we have just discussed.  Nancy, Robert, and Claire thank you for providing your reports.  Dave added a private message.  Have fun tomorrow.

The three young people quit the meeting.

Good night, my loves.  I look forward to taking both of you to your first Macphater family party tomorrow.  Robert told them from his room in Marie and John Harvey Lawrence’s house which was to have been his house.

Good night, Robert.  The two girls responded from their room in what was to have been Mary Maclaren’s house but was now Kim and Rob Reynolds’s house.  These houses were not destined to be homes for any of the family.  The family homes would be across the worlds, with the ability to step through one of the Maclaren Windows to go from world to world.

Chapter 8 A Macphater Party


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