Ch 1 Reference 2

The Scotsman, April 17, 1974 – article on award of patent

The British Patent Office has granted a patent to Jesse Montgomery Maclaren of Balerno for a hand held arithmetic machine.  Mr. Maclaren has nineteen other patents.  In an era of large engineering companies, Mr. Maclaren operates an independent engineering shop. …


Note to Professor Elizabeth Reynolds from Professor Alice Maclaren.


I hope you, Tom, and the children are well.  With Kim in school, Jess has more time to devote to his work.  He has made a three-seat bike to take the girls back and forth to school.  He says that the kilometer ride to Dean Park Primary School is good exercise for them and helps the girls be more alert in school.  He promises to take the car when the weather gets bad.  I think that he misses the girls while they are at school.  I told him that they would want to go on their own when they are older.  He has a number of requests for the bikes from parents.  Most of them are mothers with young children that want to exercise and bring their children along.  The bikes are adjustable so that as the children grow it will grow with them.  It has seats with sides and belts so that even young children can ride along.  He requires the parents to sign a pledge that the children wear helmets.  He is providing the helmets at no charge.  I have enclosed a clip from the local paper showing Jess and the girls along with Rachael Morton and her daughter Sue, Marie’s best friend, on the bikes.

My paper on strings was accepted for the conference in Los Angles next summer.  Thanks for reviewing it.  Jess and the girls will accompany me.  The girls are excited about visiting Disneyland.  It would be nice if Tom, Rob and Lynn could accompany you.  They could join Jess and the girls in exploring Disneyland.  We would also like to spend a while visiting you after the conference.  Jess plans to rent a car and drive to Texas.  We will stop and see Yosemite, Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, Indian reservations, and a whole lot of other places.  After the sightseeing, a week spent with you would be welcome for more than just catching up with you.

Jess has a European patent for an arithmetic machine that is similar to one that Tom’s company, Texas Instruments, has just received.  It started as an example for Jaguar to show the potential of integrated circuits.  Jess has an idea to control car engines with integrated circuits, and needed a simple example.  The girls loved it.  They use it to practice their math.  I caught Marie the other day doing four figure multiplications as fast as the calculator does.  I think that we will have another mathematician in the family.  Jess decided to apply for a patent and it was granted last February.  Jess is modifying the math machine to do square and cube roots.  I told him that he would have to work hard to stay ahead of the girls and what was needed was a small computer.  He agreed that a computer would be better.  He spent the next two days down in the workshop.  When he came out, he said that it was possible but that it might be four or five years before some of the necessary items would be developed.

Anyway, the patent needs a large company.  We thought to have Tom present the enclosed letter offering Jesse’s patent to them for a percentage of profit and royalties.  We feel that having all the patents in one company would be better than having competing patents and companies.  I have enclosed the letter from Jess and a copy of the patent.





Dallas Morning News November 16, 1974 – Business section

Texas Instruments has announced that it has been granted exclusive rights to the European patent for hand held arithmetic machines.  This consolidates two competing patents for calculators.  TI spokesperson Michael Jones said that the patent was secured with no outlay of cash. …

The Scotsman, November 19, 1974

Jess Maclaren of Balerno has assigned his patent for a hand held arithmetic machine to Texas Instruments.  The agreement gives Mr. Maclaren 5% of the profit or 1% of sales whichever is greater and 25% of royalties for calculators build by other companies.  …


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