Ch 1 Reference 5

Analog Magazine, April 1998 >  The Need for New Worlds for Mankind by Solomon White

… It has long been obvious to anyone that looks at the moon that there are forces that can wipe out mankind while we are limited to this single planet.  That Dame Alice Maclaren’s Adjacent World Theory would be rejected without even any scientific review show the deep hole that scientists have their head in.  I have read the paper and reviewed her mathematics.  Her theory shows that there is a world where mankind can find protection.  It is only one world but that will give us time until we can reach the stars.  …

Note from the editor:  Dr White’s article was printed in Analog after being rejected by newspapers and science magazines.  Though we may disagree on his assessment of Maclaren’s Adjacent World Theory, we felt that the ideas expressed were in line with the stories we publish.


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