Ch 2 Reference 1

The Scotsman, March 8, 1999 – Douglas Richards – Local Woman Wins at Biathlon World Championship


Alyca Maclaren won four events in the Biathlon World Championship.  Her times in the Individual, Sprint, Pursuit, and Mass Start all broke previous records and her shooting was perfect in each event.  These were the first wins at the Biathlon World Championship by a Scottish or even a British athlete.  Hopefully, this will encourage more Scots to take up this exciting sport.  This is the first year that Alyca has competed in the Biathlon.  In the 1996 Olympics, she won a silver medal in three-position rifle.  Her wins at three biathlon competitions that she entered earlier this season qualified her for the world championship events.


Alyca has doctorates in both electrical and mechanical engineering from the University of Edinburgh.  She designed both the ski equipment and the rifle that she used in the Biathlon.  She first became interested in cars at Maclarens Automobiles, which is owned by her family and run by her parents, but her uncle Jess Maclaren of Balerno was the one that introduced her to engineering.


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