Ch 2 Reference 2

The Sydney Morning Herald, April 29, 1999 – Richard and Laura Hunt Surprise Other Shooters


Richard and Laura Hunt, son and daughter-in-law of Prime Minister Jimmy Hunt, have proven themselves to be the leading contenders to win spots on the Australian Olympic shooting team.  Their performance over the last few weeks shows that they will be medal contenders at the Sydney Olympics.  PM Jimmy Hunt is proud of his son and daughter-in-law.  In the past, he has often talked about teaching all three of his children to shoot.  When we contacted him he said that the proficiency that Richard and Laura have recently shown was not his doing and that he has proud of the improvements that they had made.  Contrary to some rumors, the Hunts lead position was due to their shooting and not any pressure that the Prime Minister put on the Australian Olympic Committee.  John Stevens, who almost won a bronze in the last Olympics, said that after the Richard and Laura returned from Scotland, their shooting had improved immensely.  When asked about their trip, Richard said that they had trained with Alyca Maclaren.


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