Ch 2 Reference 3

News & Star, March 15, 1996 – Monica Bairely

John Lawrence III elected to Parliament with 85% of vote.  He succeeds his father Sir John Lawrence II who held the seat for twenty-three years.  Sir John chose not to stand for the seat.  He will become President of Smythe Industries, which is owned by his wife LeeAnn Smythe Lawrence.  She will relinquish that position and concentrate on the position of Chairman that she has held since the death of her father, Fredrick Smythe.  Our new MOP who goes by John Harvey said.  “I intend to provide the same quality of representation that my father and his father before him provide when they represented Carlisle and west Cumbria for the last forty-nine years.  I learned from both of them the need for commitment and hard work when serving as a member of parliament.”  When asked what his goals were he said, “I will make no promises beyond a commitment to serve to the best of my ability.  During the campaign, I discussed what I see as the important issue facing us.  I will work to see that these issues are addressed.”  John Harvey said that he and his wife Marie would continue to maintain their home in west Cumbria.  He will use the Lawrence family flat when in London but plans to spend as much time as possible with his wife and children.  When asked how he and his wife who is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh will manage a home when they both have positions so far from home, “Family.  Both Marie and I have very supportive families that put family first.  You will be surprised what you can accomplish working together as a family.  And family is not restricted by blood.  Just as my grandfather did, my mother sees Smythe Industries as part of the family.  That is the attitude that I take to Parliament.”  Most of us here in west Cumbria know someone that works at Smythe-Industries so we have heard how it is to work there.  It will be interesting to see what John Harvey accomplishes.”


News & Star, April 4, 1999 – Monica Bairely

After the election that Prime Minister Blake is rumored to set for this fall, our local MOP John Harvey Lawrence is expected to hold a major cabinet position.  With John Harvey having been instrumental in helping to secure broad consensus for most of the recent major bills, Charlie Blake is expected to make greater use of his abilities.  …


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