Ch 2 Reference 4

Dallas Morning News   Sunday May 16, 1999

TI announced a 4.3% increase in sales and a 2.7% increase in profit.  Estimates for the year are 13% increase in sales and a 9% increase in profits.  Thomas Reynolds, Vice President for special projects, attributes the gain to a power controller designed by Jess Maclaren.  The controller is the heart of the AJ Power Generator.  Based on a mathematical theory by Dame Alice Maclaren, Jess’s wife, Reynolds predicts that it will revolutionize electrical power production.  The generators are being co-produced by Smythe Industries (S-I) in the UK, Trail Drive International (TDI) in the US, and Macphater Mining Equipment (MME) in Australia.  None of these companies, all privately held, have offered any information on the AJ Power Generators.


Dame Alice was last in the spotlight two years ago for her adjacent world theory that was met by much disclaim.  Without further information, we can only wonder if this new power generator will also prove a fantasy.


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