Ch 2 Reference 5


Presidential Briefing
May 17, 1999
AJ Power Generator

Summary: Unexpected breakthrough in power generation based upon unknown theory.  Power generator reported to require NO FUEL.  Power said to be generated by difference in field potential.

Background: Major General Daniel Kamalski, Commanding General 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas, was invited by Larry Smith, president of Trail Drive International (TDI) to go boor hunting at TD Ranch in Long Lake, Texas on May 8, 1999.  [Representative Sandra Smith Lewis, R-TX 5th District is Larry Smith daughter.]  Kamalski is an avid hunter.  TD Ranch is one of the top ranches for hunting in Texas.  Kamalski was accompanied by Colonel Juan Sanchez, Colonel Marcus Petrov, and Lt Colonel Martin Simon, all of the 1st Cavalry.  The trip developed as expected until they were shown the ATVs (TDI AJ-100s) that they were to use for the hunt.  These ATVs are all electric with independent motors for each wheel.  Power is supplied by AJ Power Generators.  The officers never got around to hunting.  They spent the rest of the day testing the ATVs.

Summary of the TDI AJ-100 capabilities as reported by the officers:
–          No fuel required.
–          Engine is electric and silent.
–          Top speed on an open road 108 mph by Colonel Petrov (solo).
–          Top speed on an open road 99 mph by Colonel Petrov with Colonel Sanchez as passenger.
–          Top speed in open field 87 mph by Major General Kamalski.  ATV limited speed when ground instability detected.
–          Top speed in rough terrain 63 mph by Colonel Petrov.  ATV reported to redirect power away from  slipping wheels.
–          Top speed in reverse on an open road 43 mph by Lt Colonel Simon.  Simon reported that he was the limiting factor.
–          Turning radius is the length of the vehicle.  The opposite side wheels turning in opposite directions.
–          Unit can be used for 5 KVW power source when driven and 15 KVW when stationary.
–          Startup is instantaneous.
–          ATV has built in two-way radio system with either hardwire or RF connection to helmet.

The officers made a number of suggestions, which were written down by Mr. Smith.  General Kamalski asked if the ATVs had been designed for military use.  [TDI sells to private and commercial market with the only military use being standard ATVs for security patrols in rugged terrain.]  Mr. Smith said that the ATVs were designed for wilderness exploration but that they would be willing to license the basic design to a military contractor for development of a military version.  Mr. Smith stated that TDI was not interested in developing products for the military.  That TDI recognized that the ATVs had capabilities that would make such a vehicle of interest to the military.  [All four officers agreed on this assessment.]  He admitted that the invitation was intended to introduce them to the capabilities of the ATVs since they did not intend to make the vehicle public in the near future.  Colonel Petrov asked what the market was for the vehicle.  Mr. Smith stated that all production for at least the first year is for undisclosed private companies.  When asked whether any larger vehicles were in design, Smith replied that the propulsion system designer was building a car that she with thinking about racing.  When ask whom she was, Smith named Alyca Maclaren (see separate report.)

Colonel Petrov is the Division Intel officer.  He gave a separate report (see attached report) on his assessment of the probable purpose of the vehicle as designed.  He found that the design is in harmony with the stated purpose of wilderness exploration and did not take into consideration any requirements for combat situations.  The ATV would provide rugged and reliable transportation in a wilderness situation.  This ATV could replace both the mule and the horse that were still the best method of exploring a wilderness area.  He noted that US wilderness areas do not allow motorized vehicles.  It was assumed that they were designed for use outside the US.  Use of the ATV by those hostile to the USA may give them an advantage over US forces.

When asked about the power source, Mr. Smith stated it was based on a design by Jess Maclaren (see separate report.)  The power source is an AJ Power Generator.  It uses a controller built by Texas Instruments.  (See report on TI reporting projected increase in sales and earnings based on sales of the power controller for the AJ Power Generator.)  The AJ Power Generator is based on spatial theories by Jess Maclaren’s wife, Dame Alice Maclaren, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh and Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

Mr. Smith stated that the AJ Power Generator was developed as a portable power generator.  That 100KW was the largest generator model that had been designed.  The power was DC but could be converted to AC.  The AJ Power Generator was capable of a primary voltage up to 250 VDC, but voltage was usually chosen to meet the application often because of legacy consideration.  Multiple voltages from the generator were possible with additional circuitry.  He confessed that the generators were causing them to rethink most of the ways that we use electrical power.  Smith said that demand for the power controllers was causing TI to increase production.

TI confirmed that production was limited and that they were looking to increase production.  All production was currently going to TDI, Smythe-Industries (S-I of Carlisle, UK), and Macphater Mining Equipment (MME of Townsville, QLD, AU).  These companies had priority for productions per Jess Maclaren’s licensing agreement for the power controller.  S-I, TDI, and MME are all owned by the Maclaren extended family.  Jesse and Alice Maclaren have two daughters, Professor Marie Maclaren Lawrence and Doctor Kimberly Maclaren Reynolds.

S-I’s chairwomen is Marie Maclaren Lawrence’s mother-in-law, LeeAnn Smythe Lawrence.  She succeeded her father after his death in 1994.  S-I is privately owned by the Smythe family.  Marie’s husband is John Lawrence III, a member of the UK Parliament.  He and his father John Lawrence II have close ties to PM Blake.  John Lawrence II became president of S-I and gave up his seat in Parliament.  John Lawrence III was easily elected to his father’s former seat with 85% of the vote.  He is expected to be named to a key minister position after the next election in the fall.

MME is owned by the Macphater family.  William Maclaren is Jess Maclaren cousin.  They are extremely close.  They were born on the same day and their fathers and their mothers are both twins.  Will and Jess were mistaken for twins until Will joined the SAS.  He retired a major after being wounded during the Falklands war.  He was knighted for his efforts there in protecting the lives of civilians.  His wife is Leslie Macphater Maclaren.  Her father Ian Macphater is chairman of MME.  Her brother Andrew is CEO of MME.  Her brother Donald is CEO of MME mining division Rainbow Mines.  Her brother Gavin runs Pot of Gold Investments, the investment division of MME.  Leslie Maclaren is CEO of Out of This World Adventures, which runs adventure vacations from the Macphater ranch.  Ian Macphater and his four children are the owners of MME with equal shares.  They make up the board of directors of MME.  Unlike other large family businesses, there have never been any signs of major disagreement or conflict between the family members.  The copper, iron, gold, silver, and other metals from Rainbow Mines have made MME a multi-billion dollar company with excess cash flow for investment.  They are the second largest company in Australia.  No direct ties to the government but they support PM Hunt.  All three Macphater brothers were in the ASAS.  Will Maclaren is head of security for MME.  MME has large shipments of gold and other precious metals.  Their security is rated as one of the three best industrial security operations in the world.  They have close working agreement with the AU military based at Townsville, QLD, where MME is headquartered.  Many of their employees especially the security people are in the reserve regiment and air reserve squadrons based at Townsville.  During the last six months, MME has done extensive hiring in mining, equipment manufacturer, and security.  Rumor has it that they are expected to open a number of new mines.  They have also sold off all their mining holdings outside of Australia and their Australian coalmines.

TDI has a little more distant relationship to the Maclarens.  Kim Maclaren Reynolds’s sister-in-law, Lynn Reynolds Smith, is married to Brad Smith.  His family owns TDI.  TDI is into outdoor sports through both the products they manufacture and properties like TD ranch that they own.  They are producing skis and rifles based on designs by Alyca Maclaren that she used in winning the Biathlon World Championship this past winter.

Even TI had close ties to the Maclarens.  Robert Reynolds, Kim’s husband, is an IC design engineer for TI.  His father, Thomas Reynolds is a senior vice president at TI in charge of special product development.  A good portion of his work is related to patents licensed from Jess Maclaren.  The Maclaren’s are major stockholders in TI.  Jess Maclaren first dealing with TI was in 1974 when he licensed his European patent for a calculator to TI.  Much of the earnings from this patent, and other patents that he had assigned to TI over the years were paid out in TI stock.  Jess and Alice Maclaren are estimated to be worth $197 million.  Each of the daughters has been given a portion of the TI stock since they were young.  John and Marie Lawrence are estimated to be worth $367 million.  Robert and Kim Reynolds are estimated to be worth $131 million.  The Lawrence’s higher net worth is due to John’s ownership in S-I.  Marie Maclaren Lawrence is a professor of mathematics at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, UK.  Kim Maclaren Reynolds is a doctor doing genetic research at the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.  Before Robert Reynolds worked on the AJ Power Generator Controller, he had worked for TI on IC designs for the NSA.  Currently he is working on optical and other sensor ICs that are being used for satellites both by the military and NASA.  These ICs are based on Jess Maclaren’s patents.  They will advance our capabilities to monitor ten-fold.  Jess Maclaren has developed a sensor to detect enriched atomic material.  Jess Maclaren’s group of patents for these sensors are at odds to his history of patent development.  First, these are the only patents that appear to be primarily military in purpose.  Second, the patents are based on a number of different technologies.  At least two (radiation and electro-magnetic) are based on advancements in physical theories.  This theoretical work was most likely done by Professor Alice Maclaren or possibly Professor Marie Maclaren Reynolds.  Neither has published anything related to this work.  This is to our benefit since without this theoretical work, the sensors are impossible to duplicate.  The patents understate the abilities of the sensors and leave out vital information to make them function to the full capability.  Third, the theory, patents, and design of the sensors were done in less than two years.  For a government project to do this work, it would have taken a staff of over thirty, ten years and a budget of almost a hundred million dollars.  Fourth, the technology was offered to the US government not the UK government.  We are able to put it to use more readily and have the bigger satellite network, but this would have allowed the Europeans to pass our capabilities.  Fifth, the Maclarens have only asked for standard royalty rates for the technology.  Sixth, Last week, Tom and Robert Reynolds of TI and Brad Smith of TDI met with the project managers of both the military and NASA satellites that will be using the sensors.  They showed a prototype of an AJ Power Generator designed to replace the power source of the satellites.  In summary, the Maclaren extended family has advanced are monitoring satellite capabilities by more than twenty years.  Why did they expend the effort to do this?  Their financial gain from this will be less than they could have demanded.  What is the need that they see for these satellites?  Our analysts were unaware of the magnitude of the satellite advancements and the circumstances of their development until we started research into the Maclaren extended family and the AJ Power Generator.  A detailed report on the satellites with the AJ Power Generators will be available on Wednesday.


Jess and Alice Maclaren could have been worth several times what they are.  Much of Jess work during the last twenty years has been designs for equipment for the handicap, energy efficient devices, and security devices.  These designs have been licensed to companies for manufacture.  Much of the earnings from these designs have been directed to a charitable foundation that uses the money to provide the devices to the poor.  The foundation is run by Dame Alice’s brother, Reverend Alan Farwell Jr.  Jess turned down a knighthood in 1992 for their charitable activities.  He stated that a knighthood should be for something special not something that everyone should be doing.  Much of their work over the last 20 plus years seems to have been aimed at helping humanity.  Their recent work appears to be more purposeful but they have not publicly discussed their purpose.  Whatever it is, MME, S-I, TDI, and possibly TI have been convinced to expend major efforts towards a common goal.  The financial return from the AJ Power Generator will eventually pay for all that they are doing even without payoff from the individual items but the work is too coordinated and co-operative not to have a large purpose.  That larger purpose is unknown.

Security analysis of the AJ Power Generator (AJPG):

Jess and Alice Maclaren have developed a power generator that will change the way electrical power is generator.  Current development is for portable applications.  The ability to scale up an AJPG for large power plants is unknown.  Wide spread use of AJPG for transportation would do away with the oil industry and most of the pollution caused by transportation.  There is no known environmental impact for the AJPG.  There are no indications that any party connected to the Maclarens is trying to take advantage of the negative impact of the AJPG to segments of the economy.  All development work appears to be towards developing new products for mining, farming, building, and wilderness exploring.  The emphasis by all three companies on wilderness exploring products appears unusual.  The return on such products would be very modest compared to the other types of products that they are producing.  Even third world countries do not have much need for equipment for such primitive locations.

Impact of the AJPG will be significant in the private sector but will have a major impact on national defense.  The following is a sample of areas, which are expected to be impacted.  New ideas are continuing to be identified.  None of them is related to wilderness exploration.

Suppositions on the purpose of the development work that the Maclarens have organized for the AJPG.
Alice Maclaren’s past work has one item that everyone has thought was a major mistake.  In 1997 in Brisbane Australia, she presented her Adjacent World Theory to the XIIth International Congress of Mathematical Physics.  Her paper was roundly attacked and discredited by most everyone in mathematics, physics, and the press.  The only other time that she publicaly spoke of the theory was at a small news conference the day after her presentation.  At the time, she said that the Adjacent World Theory was her gift to humanity of a new frontier.  She never tried to defend her theory.  The press and the science community took this as her capitulation.

What if her Adjacent World Theory is true and there is a world adjacent to Earth.  Have the Maclarens developed a way to reach this world?  Have they spent the last few years making ready to go and explore the wilderness of a new planet?



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