This is where Ed Patterson posts his SF writing.

Non main stream writers that you might enjoy:

–  Ed Sutter – his stories are set in Arizona though they end up going a lot of interesting places.

Laer Carrol – I find his Shapechanger tales very entertaining and original.  Many separate stories of 1-2 books that he is tying together into a broader work.  His WordPress site and his writing encouraged me to start this site.  I have a lot to learn to catch up to him.  A good portion of his stories are on his website which I have linked.  I think that you will go to Amazon to get the whole story.  A great try before you buy opportunity.

Laurence Dahners – Exciting stories that I stay up late to read instead of reading David Weber.  His Ell Donsaii stories (6 so far) is the best new series that I have found in years.  Tau Ceti, the sixth in the series, is the best so far.  I will be using what I learn from his writing style to improve my writing.

All three have technical / professional backgrounds that make the stories better.

I would appreciate comments telling me about other authors that you enjoy.


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