Chapter 2 Mor and Less

Australian Teams Station
Australia, Earth
Wednesday, May 5, 2004
Less and KA knew that something was up.  The last that they had heard from Liz was that Sally’s cousin was also coming.  No one on the shuttle had any more to say.  The girls were at the shuttle field with their cousins and Life-Mates to greet the newest member of the family.  David and Fran White had also shown up.  Fran was seven months pregnant and had been complaining about missing all the fun though Teresa said that her sister was looking forward to the birth of her twins.

Just before the shuttle was preparing to land, Robert, Claire, and Nancy showed up and walked over to KA and Less.

“What is it with Sally’s cousin?”  Less asked them.

“His father is the uncle that Sally was supposed to marry.  He is going to testify against his father in the death of his mother.  The assistant attorney general told Mother Bethany to keep him with her but to have him back next week so that she could talk with him.”  Claire knew that her words would raise the protective nature of the two sisters especially Less for Sally’s cousin.

“He is Sally’s cousin.  He is family.”  Less definitely thought of him as someone for her to protect.

Nicely done.  Nancy complimented Claire.

Yes, they are not looking at a mystery now.  Robert smiled as he anticipated Less’s reaction to meeting her Life-Mate.


Jevron was the first person off the shuttle.  He went to greet his daughter Vesta, Less’s Kin-Mate.  Liz and Dray were the next off and they were greeted by Liz’s brother, Mike, and KA.  Patty and David with DJ were greeted by their best friends Robert, Claire, and Nancy.  JJ, Sally, and Bethany went to KA and Less, where JJ introduced his Life-Mate and her mother to his sisters.

Morris had come quietly behind them as he had been instructed.  He was unseen by the distracted sisters.

“Less, I would like you to meet Sally’s cousin Morris, your Life-Mate.”  JJ had timed it perfectly with the words Life-Mate being said as Less saw Morris.

There was no hesitation as Less ran and caught the startled Morris in a fierce embrace.

KA laughed.  “Well done brother, but watch yourself she may take exception to how you surprised her.”

“No, surprise is the better way.  Brenda and Mary nearly drove us crazy with questions about Charles and Ben when we flew to Texas.”  Claire remembered that day well.  “Our surprise at meeting Nancy later that day was better than the nervousness that she felt.”

“KA, you notice the strong tie between the four of them.  You and Mike have a separate path from theirs.”  Nancy comment was driven by one of her hunches.

“Yes, we feel drawn to the Swizz.  We want to tour the Swizz worlds in search of the Team that we should join.”  Mike’s statement was one that he and KA had not known how or when to tell the Three-Fold Life Mates.

The three Life-Mates were not surprised at what Mike told them.  “There will be a lot of changes following our wedding.  JJ and Less will start new Teams starting with their Life-Mates relatives.”  Robert turns to Teresa, Jason, Eric, and Jerome.  “What are your plans?”

It was there sister, Alice, who spoke.  “They are taking their Kin-Mates and will travel beyond the Hand.  I will stay with mommy and daddy with the little ones.”  Their parents Kim and Rob Reynolds had had two additional sets of twins after Alice’s birth five years ago.  Beth and Marge were three, not much younger than Alice was though you would never know it to talk to Alice.  Tom and Martha were just short of a year old.

“We don’t know how they will survive without your guidance.”  Fran jokes.

“Better than with my guidance.”  Alice responded with a smile.  “Now I can pay more attention to you.”

Dave White laughed at the look on his wife’s face.  “No, we are not transferring to one of the Clar based Teams but I would like us to lead one of the local action teams.  We could be ready in about eighteen months.  Our moms will help Alice with guiding our twins.”

Fran had brightened at the idea of leading an action team but she gave Dave a glare at the mention of their twins and Alice.

“She was a big help with my other two.”  Edna Farwell had walked up unseen by her great grandchildren.  At seventy-nine, she was looking much younger and healthier than she had five years ago.  The synergy of the combined medical knowledge of the five species of the Hand was leading to great advances in medicine.  It was conservatively estimated that the life span of humans was over one hundred fifty years for those born today.  The Kin had made the biggest change with their life span almost tripling.

“Being able to communicate with the young mentally helps.  With Marge and Alan, I led by example.”

“You need to do more than train children.”  Fran looked forward to teaching her children but also looked forward to leading an action Team.

“My body is not ready yet.  I will start doing more physical things over the next few years.”

Claire saw Bethany and Sally looking at Alice in confusion.

“Alice has reincarnated twice that she will tell us about.  Both times were within the same family.  When Edna’s…”  She pointed to Edna.  “grandmother Alice died, Edna’s daughter Alice was born on the same day.  When that Alice, who was JJ’s grandmother, died, our current Alice was born.  Unlike the Glazen Guides, she was aware of her past lives from an early age.  The Glazen Guides like O-dof do not begin to remember their pasts until they are adults.”

“Many reincarnate, very few remember.”  Alice told them.

“Every once in a while, she gives us an important piece of information like that.  The number of religious scholars and holy people that have tried to learn from her and gone away mad because she will not tell them ‘the secrets’ is quite large.  Now they do not even try.”

“Lars and Mai-yun are still here.  They learn much from all of us.  I am not a fount of wisdom though occasionally I get something right.”  Alice showed a thoughtful smile.

“I wish that I could spend time with you.  Your words stir something in me.”  Mother Bethany says.

“You and Jeremiah have had many lives together.  I will return with my cousins and spend some time with you.”  She turns to Fran.  “I will be back to help you and yours.  We will have to expand the nursery since many young children will return with me.”  She walked over and took Bethany’s hand.  “Let me show you the nursery.  We have a lot to talk about.”  They walked off.

“I don’t think that I am the only one that would like to know what they will be discussing.”  David Meir saw quite a few of the other shake their heads yes.

“Sally let us see what we can do about dresses for you and your mom.”  KA took Sally’s hand.  “JJ, Morris will need a suit, tie, and shoes.  See what you can do.  Dad has hurried up his trip and will be home for dinner.  Mom said seven.”  She and the other young girls started off.

Fran looked at them then at Dave.

“Go, Fran.  I think that you will enjoy helping.”

Theresa had waited for her sister to decide.  They walked off after the others.

Dave White looked at JJ and Morris.  “JJ, I want to hear more from Morris about the new members of the family.  I think that we are in for a few surprises.”

JJ turned to the Three-Fold Life-Mates.  “Sally has telekinetic abilities.  She taught me how during the flight.”  JJ lifted a small stone until it floated in front of him.

“We decided to surprise you.”  Patty smiled at her friends.

Robert laughed.  “You succeeded.  We are still not ready for large actions against the Qoof or the Nartak but Teams that will be going into the field will find the ability useful.  We have people coming from all over the federation for the wedding.  This will be a good time to distribute training in the new ability.”

“You do not want to work with the Group Mind to teach this to everyone.”  Liz asked.

“No, it is not something that most will be able to learn.”


Sally was confused as they headed for what was obviously a shuttle repair shop.  The girls waved at an older teenager working on one of the shuttles as they headed towards a door marked Friendship, Kartan, Frontier, and Refuge.  He looked related to JJ and his cousins but with brown hair.

JJ, who had been maintaining a mental conversation with Sally, detected her curiosity about the possible relationship.  He mentally checked who it was.  That is Bruce Junior or Bam.  Bam is a distant cousin.  His father was in charge of the Secret Service detail for Claire when our abilities became public.  He can fix almost anything and is near to completing his degree in spacecraft engineering.  His goal is to be the chief engineer on one of the new destroyer spacecraft, but he is not keen on the number of years it will take to work his way up to being the chief engineer.

“Oh.”  Sally wondered how her cousin Martha would like living in a spacecraft.  My cousin Martha is his Life-Mate.  She headed over to Bam.

Bam saw her coming and grabbed a rag to wipe his hands as all the girls followed Sally over to him.  He could tell that the other girls were surprised by Sally’s change of destination.  He mentally contacted John Jesse.  JJ, is this your Life-Mate that is heading my way?
Yes, I will let her explain.
“Bruce, I am Sally Green.”  JJ had included Sally in his conversation with Bruce.  “My cousin Martha is your Life-Mate.  I am not sure where she is.  See ran off a couple of months ago when she found out that she was supposed to marry Randy Winslow.”
All the girls had heard and JJ had passed on that information to the boys as well as what Sally had added in a message to him.

Sally saw the worry on Bruce’s face.  “She is OK.  Her brother Tom went with her.  They made it to Phoenix but they have not contacted anyone since they let us know that they had safely arrived.”

Link up.  JJ commanded.  Sally, Martha and Tom both have mental abilities.  You should be able to contact them with our help.  Especially Bruce’s help.  Sally take Bruce’s hand and both of you take one of Teresa’s hands.  The two groups each made physical contact with each person in their groups.

Teresa took over.  Sally, try to contact Martha and her brother Tom.  Bruce, contact your dad.  We may need his contacts with law enforcement.  JJ contact Mel …

I think that Maria Sanchez would know where they are.  She had heard about Sally being forced to marry.  I think they may be her source.  JJ mentally contacts Maria.  She was at first reluctant to say whether the brother and sister were her source but when she found out the reason was that Martha had been identified as Bruce’s Life-Mate she told him that they were fine and that she would see that they were there when Sally, Bethany, and JJ gave their accounts next week.

Teresa had helped Sally in contacting Martha and Tom.  Sally was explaining what had happened today.

Patty showed me how to check to see if someone is the Life-Mate of someone that you know.  She noticed Mor watching us and recognized him as JJ’s sister Less’s Life-Mate.  We are going to making mom and me dresses for the wedding…

What wedding?  I thought you were not going to marry Harry Green.  Martha interrupted.

JJ’s cousin Robert is going to marry his Life-Mates, Claire and Nancy.

You are going to ‘The Wedding.’  It is all over the news.  We are going to watch it live on Fox.

On television!  Sally had not understood how big of a happing the wedding was.
That is why we need to get you clothes for the wedding.  Less added.

That is my sister, Less.  I am JJ.  Martha, the reason Sally contacted you was that she found your Life-Mate, Bruce Maclaren.

Your brother or cousin?  Tom asked.

A very distant cousin.  He is one of our Team members.  His dad was the head of Claire’s Secret Service protection.  I will introduce you but Tom you also have a Life-Mate on our Teams.  Her name is Melissa West.  Lissa and her cousin Helen Richie are not on Earth right now.  We are contacting her but we are unsure when she will be able to get back.  I expect though that she will not be long.

JJ and Less spent the next several minutes answering questions.

Planet Frontier
Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Sally did not see her mother for nearly an hour.  The girls had taken her to a dress shop but one unlike any that she had ever heard of and it was on another world.  They had walked through a round opening and Sally had lost mental contact with JJ who she had been in mental conversation with.  Teresa who was JJ’s cousin Jason’s Life-Mate though see seemed like another sister just as all her father’s daughter’s were her sisters, knew immediately what had happened and showed her how to communicate with a Team member on another planet.

The dress shop was run by three women Team members one of which was a cousin though she got confused when they tried to explain the connection.  Edna had told her not to worry, that when her cousins, sisters, and brothers joined the teams that there would be so many connections that it might be hard to find someone to whom she was not connected.

They had shown her their dresses and she had only seen such beautiful clothes on television.  They asked her what style she liked.  When she had finally realized that she was going to have a dress just as fine as theirs, she cried.

She chose a style and material for her dress.  They cut the material and worked together sewing the dress.  Sally who had helped make clothes for the family for years had never experienced anything like this.  They had divided up the pieces and started assembling the dress.  There was a constant mental conversation as well as verbal among them.  At first, she had had to stop conversing with JJ but soon she found that she could maintain two mental conversations, a verbal conversation, and sew all at the same time.  When they got to the fitting part, she had stopped her conversation with JJ.  She had not felt right conversing with him when she was not fully clothed.  He had understood, saying that privacy was even more important when one could sense and converse at a distance.

Once the dress was fit, she sat down with Edna, who advised her as she put the finishing touches on her dress.  Not until the other girls brought their dresses over and joined them, did she realize that they had gone through the same process as she had for their dresses.  When she asked Edna about her dress, she had got up and gotten it.  It was of the same fine type of material as the others but without the details.  She said she had been taking the new anti-arthritic treatment for a couple of months and it would be a while before her arthritis was fully gone.  She smiled at the girls saying that they had all offered to do it for her but had chosen the simpler design.

Planet Refuge
Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Sally was tired by the times they had finished the dresses.  KA, Less, and Sally said goodbye to the others and headed off to the Lawrence home.  Her mother was still working on her dress.  She was surprised that their help was not needed to prepare dinner.  Marie and John Harvey were preparing the meal while JJ, Mor, and Tom were helping with the young ones.  Tim was three and the twins, Edie and Margie, were two.

As they climbed the hill where the Lawrence home was located, Sally saw a herd of horses in the valley below.  “There are horses on this world.”

KA laughed.  “Less would not be without her horses anymore than I would be without my dogs and cats.”

“Sally, do you ride.”  Less asked.

“Mor taught me on his horse but Father could not afford a horse.”

“Mor has his own horse!”  Less was quiet for a few seconds.  “I had not even thought to talk about horses with him.  We are going riding tomorrow.  Do you and JJ want to go with us?  If you want, you can select a horse and I will give him to you.  JJ’s horse is named Starlight.  He is the white Arabian that you see on the far side of the herd.”

“Sally, you should wait until you have ridden regularly for a while before choosing a horse.  You will learn about the differences between them.  Of course you might find one that you have an attachment to.”  KA suggested.

“Or one may choose you like Swimmer chose Tom.”  Less looked at the herd.  She wondered if one of the horses would bond with Sally.

“My own horse!”  Sally hugged Less.  They talked about horses as they continued the walk to the house.

When they came in sight of the house, two German Shepherds met them.  KA then Less knelt and hugged each of the dogs.  KA turned to Sally.  “These are my lead dogs, Regis and Tammy.  Hold your hand so that they can remember your smell.  I have told them that you are JJ’s Life-Mate.  I will introduce you to the rest of the pack later.  Then you will be able to come and go without them stopping you.”

“You can communicate with them!”

“What they understand is in dog terms but we have been expanding that.”  KA switched to mental communication.  Let me show you.  Regis, call Happy in.

Regis gave a series of barks.  There was an answering bark from behind them.  A white German Shepherd trotted towards them.

Happy.  JJ’s mate, Sally.  Greet her.  KA shared her mental communications with the dog.  Sally, say hello to Happy.
Hello Happy.  She knelt and hugged the dog as the sisters had hugged Regis and Tammy.  She then opened her arms to them.  Hello Regis.  Hello Tammy.  There was joy and wonder in her thoughts.

The new greetings of the dogs were more enthusiastic than they had been.  JJ’s mate was like KA and Less.

KA sent the dogs off and they continued towards the house.  Sally got her first good look at the house.  It was like no other that she had ever seen or heard about.  It was build into the peak of the hill with bottom two stories extending into the hill.  Only the top floor was not part of the hill.  They were coming in from the side so she could not get a full view of the house but it looked many times larger than any she had ever seen, but with all the windows it did not look like any mansion, she had seen on television. JJ’s family was wealthy.  No wonder he could have paid dad’s mortgage.

As they approached the door, it opened and a man that looked like JJ but with brown hair welcomed them.  Beside him was a woman with red hair like her children.  “Sally, welcome to our home which is also your home whenever you wish to stay with us.  I am Marie and this is my husband John.”

She had seen them on the news even more than the Three-Fold Life-Mates.  John Harvey Lawrence was a Senator from Earth to the Federation of the Hand.  Professor Lawrence was always meeting with scientists and others to discuss the latest discoveries relating to the Adjacent World Theory.  Her introductory video on that theory had been distributed to any who wanted it.  She had finally seen it last year when an official from the state school board along with the state police had come to her school and required all students to watch.

Marie stood there with open arms but she waited for Sally who had not expected this warm of a welcome.

Sally saw Marie waiting for her.  This is JJ’s mother.  She stepped forward and returned the embrace.  When they broke apart, John Harvey embraced her with the same warmth.

After they entered the house and she was introduced to the three young children, Sally sensed her mother behind her.  She and a tall, older red headed man had stopped through one of the round windows between worlds to the side of the entry hall that she had not noticed.  Sally ran and embraced her mom.  She then turned and introduced her to the Lawrences.

When she was finished, JJ took her over to the older man who was talking to Mor who had just been introduced to him.

“Sally, this is my Grandfather Jess.  Grandfather, this is Sally my Life-Mate.”

“Sally, this is a very happy day.  Two more of my grandchildren have found their Life-Mates.  Welcome to the family.”  His embrace expressed the same love she had felt from JJ’s parents.

As soon as they separated, Marie hugged her father.  “Dad, I thought you were not returning until tomorrow.”

“Alice contacted me and told me about Sally and Mor.  So I came back early.”

“She is more into things than she was before.”  Marie shook her head.

“Your mother had responsibilities that did a little to hold her back.  Alice has the body of a little girl but she has all the memories that your mother and the others before her had.  O-dof and I have had long discussions about the difference in Human and Glazen reincarnation.”

“Jess, that has changed.  O-barp is eight and he is starting to remember his past lives.”  John Harvey told him.

“They need to talk to the Group Mind.  Things may be speeding up.”  Jess looked worried.  The Three-Fold Life-Mates were the ones to whom he referred.

“The Group Mind says that the Three-Fold Life-Mates will announce a meeting for Friday to discuss changes.”  He saw the look that his parents and grandfather gave him.  “Sally and I can communicate with the Group Mind.”  He hesitated.  “We, Less, Mor, and Alice will be returning to Arizona to set up teams.  Alice is seeing to an increase in the size of the nursery to make room for the children.”

Marie looked at KA.

“Tom and I will be visiting the Swizz worlds looking for the Team that we will join.”  KA found herself in her mother’s embrace.  “I don’t think it is soon.  We just decided that we would be going today.”

“What about your animals?”  Less asked her sister.

“Just like family, we will be leaving most of them behind.  Regis and Tammy are too old to come with us.  We will choose a few pairs of the younger dogs and cats to come with us.”

“How many dogs and cats do you have?  Bethany was surprised at the concern that the Lawrences had over dogs and cats.

“The breeding programs have 2398 dogs, 1751 cats, 103 parrots, 241 ravens, and 47 hawks.  The dolphin and porpoise programs have no fixed population.  They come and go as they please.  Three Kin packs are doing most of the work.  They have also set up programs for their animals.”  KA paused.  “Too much travel by spacecraft, so we cannot take the birds.  We will select four pair each of dogs and cats.”

“Less, you are breeding the horses!”  Sally exclaimed.

“I am only monitoring it.  I got some good people taking care of it for me.”

Sally, Mor, and Bethany looked at JJ.

“No breeding programs.  I have been concentrating on the Qoof masters.”  He realized that he now had a life mate.  “Sally, …”  JJ was not sure how to bring up the passion that he felt for taking on Qoof masters.

“JJ, you have much to teach me so that we can face them together.”  Sally knew how her father’s wives always stood with him.

“New Life-Mates have a lot of adjustments to make.”  John Harvey looked at his children and their life mates.  “Let us eat now.”  He and Marie led the way to the kitchen.

When Bethany entered the kitchen, she was surprised.  It was enormous.  There was room enough around the large table for at least thrice as many as the thirteen that were there.  The entire outside wall was windows with a spectacular view of a valley where she could see another herd of horses.  The kitchen took up one end of the room and looked like those from expensive restaurants that she had seen on television.  They are rich.
We are all family.  We have this because we need it to feed us when we get together.  Marie put her arm around Bethany.  You should see Aunt Leslie’s kitchen.  Hers is big enough for her brothers’ children’s families as well as hers, but she has four people to help her.  This is especially important since she needs experts in cooking for other species.  “Come give us a hand.  I think you will be more comfortable helping than sitting.
I cannot remember when I have not helped with the meal.  Jerry takes each of us out for dinner on our birthdays, but that is at a restaurant.
Marie was startled.  She eats all her meals at home with the family except the one dinner on her birthday.  We will have to see about changing that for her and the other wives.  I am very lucky that we have plenty of money.  I forget what it is like for most people, and she has had it harder that many.  She kept her thoughts to herself not even including John Harvey.

As they sat down, Sally noticed that there were two additional places set and three more high chairs.  As she turned to ask JJ about them, a couple entered the room carrying three young children.

“Sorry we are late.  Sarah has been teething and it took longer to get her ready.”  Sandy put down her baby bags and hugged Marie.

“Bethany, Sally, Mor.  This is my cousin Sandy and her husband Keyvan.  The children are Majid, Sarah, and Sepehr.”  John Harvey introduced the newcomers.

JJ and KA helped get the children into the high chairs.  When they were settled, Keyvan approached Sally.  “You will meet the rest of our squad tomorrow, but you are family so we did not want to wait.  JJ has been our apprentice for the last five years.  We have been eager to meet you since the vision that you would need his help.”

“There was a vision that I would need JJ’s help?”  Sally looked at JJ.

“It was during the battle with the Qoof fleets.  We had just captured the Sub-Sector Master Quwart and I was eager to find others to battle.  I think Nancy told me her vision as she did so that I would work hard to learn more and improve myself.  I was even cockier then than I can be now.”  JJ blushed.

“I wondered if you had figured out what she did when she told you of her vision.  As to being cocky, yes you have been but you keep it under control.  You are very gifted but I think now you see that you are now more than you thought you were.”  He turned to Sally.  “Both of you will need to be careful that you don’t take on too much.  You are just as gifted as he is.  Hopefully, you will have the time to learn and grow before you are tested, but I believe the lull that we have had the last few years is coming to an end.  I both dread and am eager to learn what they will tell us on Friday.”

“Both JJ and I will be forming new Teams with the help of our Life-Mates and their families.  That will take some time.”  Less’s anticipation of what was coming agreed with Keyvan’s

“I expect that you will be getting some on the job training, just as we did when we formed the first Teams.”  Sandy added.

“We can continue this discussion later after we eat.”  Marie ordered.


Book 3  Chapter 3


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