Chapter 4 The Wedding

Maclaren-Clarke-Tohe Wedding Background Information – Douglas Richards and Amy Tucker-Richards, Team News Wire

Nancy, Claire, and Robert put a lot of time and effort planning their wedding.  They consulted not only their family but also Team members especially the other members of their squad.  Elements from the mating ceremonies of the other species of the Hand are incorporated into their wedding.  Though all three were brought up in Christian homes, they choose not to have a Christian ceremony.  The Reverend Alan Farwell Junior and A-dof will be jointly conducting the ceremony.

The brides will wear matching white dresses with the ribbons to highlight their coloring.  Claire’s dress has light blue trim matching her eyes and sets off her blonde hair and fair complexion, while Nancy’s dress has burgundy ribbons that goes with her dark complexion and complements her dark black hair.  The dresses while showing off the athletic bodies of both women emphasize their feminine side that has not often been noticed in their activities of the past five years.

Friendship was chosen for the location of the wedding for a number of reasons.  First is that Friendship has two moons.  Claire and Nancy have both had visions of the two moons of the world where they would be married.  Another reason is that it will allow all the Kin on Friendship to experience the wedding.  The use of technology communication devices has not become widespread among the Kin.  By having the wedding on Friendship, the Kin attending the wedding will be able to share the ceremony with all the other Kin.  As they started discussing the wedding plans, Linda Maclaren, Robert’s sister-in-law told them that she knew just the place.  When they took a trip to inspect the location, they knew they had found the spot.  The Kin readily agreed to their use of the location for their wedding.

The wedding location is in a natural amphitheater with three openings that show very different scenery of forest, ocean, and mountains.  Two small streams flow from the mountain and forest openings and join near the center of the amphitheater.  The combined stream flows past a large flat rock outcropping upon which the ceremony will be held.  Family and close friends will be seated near with others seated farther back.  Over a thousand people will be able to be seated within one hundred feet of the ceremony.  With over seventy-six hundred attending, most will be seated farther back but all will have a clear view of the ceremony.

Broadcast crews had initially worried about the placement of cameras without obstructing some ones view.  Tom Farrell showed them the locations selected on Frontier where they would be setting up their cameras and use windows to view the ceremony.  The window openings will be restricted to above head level so as not to obstruct the view of those attending.

Joined Hands

Saturday, May 8, 2004

Sue and Claire Clarke were alone getting Claire dressed.  As Sue placed the wedding veil on her daughter head Claire looked her in the eye and asked.  “Mom, when were you and dad planning to tell Tommy and me?”

Sue blushed.  “I should have known that you would know.”

“I know because, we check the health of family and friends when we have not seen them for a while.  You and dad were off working with the Swizz ruling family for five months, so I checked both of you when you got back.  Your pregnancy was very obvious as was the fact that you and dad have kept yourself in excellent health.  I am also glad that both of you visited the clinic as soon as you got back and got the latest treatments.”

“You can tell that we go the latest treatments.”

Claire smiled.  “Mom, you were meeting with us with our three closest Teams.  Our abilities are enhanced just by our being in contact with them even if we do not directly work with them.  I noticed as soon as you entered the room.  We joined so that we could do a thorough scan.  I told Linda about the small gene defect we noticed in the fetus.  She has you scheduled to have it corrected after she double-checks what we found.  If you had had the latest treatment before the conception, there would not have been a problem since it checks for defects and corrects them after consultation.  When you had the new treatment to correct DNA, they skipped the fetus.  Then when Linda, did her exam, she knew that you had just had your updated treatments, so she did not check.  She is putting out a bulletin to remind doctors not to skip checks when a patient has been away for an extended period.”

“You know Dr. Klemanski?”

“Nancy and I had Linda check us out to make sure we were ready to make babies.  We are not stupid enough to trust that we know everything we should be looking for.”

“Yes, my little girl is not a little girl any longer.”  Sue gave Claire a hug and a kiss.

Sue checked to see if it was time to start.  Edna, Claire is ready.

Marion reported Nancy was ready a minute ago, so everyone is ready.  Edna addressed the brides.  Girls, Will checked in for the fourth time to see if you were ready.  I think you groom is nervously waiting for you.

Ask Nancy if she wants to wait a few minutes to let the nervousness grow.  Claire asked Edna since the three Life-Mates has agreed not to directly communicate until the ceremony started.

Claire, Nancy said that she wants to get started.  She says that Robert is not the only nervous one.  I will leave out the rest of what she said.  Edna’s amusement was evident.

Now that you mention it, I think that I would also want to get going while my dress is looking good.

Sue opened the door.  Dave took his daughter and wife’s arms to escort them to the ceremony.


Unlike normal wedding, the three Life-Mates had chosen for the three of them to enter simultaneously, thus the natural amphitheater with it three entrances.  Robert would enter from the ocean entrance, Claire from the forest entrance, and Nancy from the mountain entrance.  They with their parents would step from the planet Frontier to appear simultaneously at the amphitheater.  Robert stood up from where they had been seated and offered his hand to his mother, who ignored it as she got up.  “Brian may be my twelfth grandchild, but I can still get up by myself.”  Contrary to what Edna thought, Robert was not nervous.  Will was just doing regular check-ins as he had learned in the military when waiting to move out.

“No, but your pregnancy is more advanced than Sue’s.  I want to make sure you remember that you are twenty-two years older than when you were pregnant with me.”

“I told you that they would know.”  Will rose more like a man in his twenties than one almost sixty.  For him the medical breakthroughs that came from combining the knowledge of the different species were especially welcome.  He was back participating in the training of the MME security force rather than watching.

“Sue is pregnant.”

“Yes, I think that they and you both saw that Marion had had no real problems with Eva and Andy’s birth so you decided why not.”

“I wanted to experience myself being able to hear my baby’s thoughts in the womb and watch her as she developed.”  Leslie was surprised as she saw her son’s smile.

“You are going to ignore your new son?”

Leslie was speechless, but Will was smiling as he said.  “Twins again.  One of each?”  He asked Robert.

“Yes, the same as Sue, but Claire is leaving it to Linda to tell her that, as she would have noticed on your next visit.  We found out yesterday at the meeting about both of you.  We spent a lot of time speculating about all of our parents having mixed twins.”

“More Three-Fold Life-Mates?”  Leslie was concerned about Marion, Sue, and her being used to produce special Life-Mates.”

“We consider that also.  We asked the Group Mind, who consulted the Dreamgiver.  The answer was that you all got what you wanted.  So what were you hoping for?”  Robert asked his parents.

“We could not make up our mind if we wanted a boy or a girl but we knew that we only wanted to do it once more so we decided to accept what we got.  I guess we got both because we wanted both.”  Leslie looked thoughtful.  “Does that mean that our wish was granted?”  She giggled.

“That is one way to look at it, but we have had other indications that the Dreamgiver has been pleased with the results of what was started long ago.  We got the impression that we are very useful to it.”

“Does that mean that the bodies of the individual, is as important as the soul?”  Will asked.

“I think that the body allow for the soul to more fully manifest in this existence.  When individuals work together both physically and mentally, it is more like in the other existence that the soul have.”

“We will need to talk about this more especially with the Clarkes and the Tohes.  We have a wedding at hand and you do not want to leave you ladies waiting.”  Will lined up with his wife and son to step across to Friendship.


Nantai and Marion Tohe were sitting while their daughter Nancy paced.  She was the one that was nervous.

“Nancy, the three of you go perfectly together.  I am amazed every time that I see the three of you together.  Sometimes I wonder if that is the way that we should be.  Then I try to image the second man for your mother.”

Nancy head whips around to look at her father.  She saw that both her parents were smiling.

“Marion, you were right.  That got her out of the state that she was pushing herself into.”

“Yes and it is time to go so she does not have time to get off track again.”  She smiled.  “Ben, Sue and Leslie are both pregnant with mixed twins.  Leslie wants the six of us to get together to talk over the implications of this.  These three knew about it since yesterday.”

Nantai had both a smile and a thoughtful expression.  “That will be a very interesting conversation.  We may want to have a larger talk later.”

“Edna says that Claire is ready.”  Marion and Nantai stood and moved next to Nancy.

“Claire wants to wait to see how nervous Robert will get!”  Nancy started to respond but Nantai put his arm about his daughter.  Nancy took a deep breath.  Tell Claire I need to get started.  I am nervous too.  If we don’t start now, I may have to be carried.  If she waits, Robert and I will start without her.
“That’s my Nancy!”  Nantai took his arm from around her and took his wife and daughter’s hands.

Saturday, May 8, 2004

Lisa and Tom Farrel were both guests and reporters this day.  Lisa would not give up the opportunity to report on the biggest wedding event ever.  Unlike modern royal weddings, the three Life-Mates shared power that exceeded the governments of just five years ago.  That they took no direct part in the government of the Federation of the Hand that was still forming to unite the five species did not mean that they did not have influence in what was happening.  The Clarkes and the Lawrences were very much involved in the government.  As were other members of the Family to varying degrees.  They were very close to O-dof and O-dofi, who were leaders of the Glazen through many generations.  It was even more basic with the Kin, who as a whole saw the Three-Fold Life-Mates as having authority from their Herder who spoke through them.  So though they choose not to exert their authority except as leaders of the Teams, like O-dof with the Glazen, what they did and said carried much weight.  Their marriage was viewed by many as more than a marriage.  It was somewhere between a coming out party and a coronation.  Their marriage was seen as them coming of age and fully accepting the power that they had as adults.

“The Three-Fold Life-Mates have stepped over from Frontier.  They are accompanied by their parents.  As I mentioned earlier, they are each approaching from a different direction.  As with everything they do, they will reach the center platform in unison.  Each of them is dressed in white.  Roberts tie is blue and burgundy, matching the ribbons and flowers of Claire and Nancy.  The women’s dresses and veils are identical except that Nancy has burgundy ribbons and Claire has pale blue ribbons.  This is the first time that I have seen Nancy with her hair up, usually her hear is flowing loose down her back or tied in a braid to keep it out of the way.  Both women look very beautiful and extremely happy.”  Lisa paused to let Tom speak.  He was not behind a camera today and he was reporting with his wife.  It was a job that he had become comfortable with over the past few years though he did not have her passion for it.

“Robert is very handsome in his suit as is his father Will, who is looking more and more like an older brother than Robert’s father.  They are flanking Leslie Maclaren who also looks more like a twenty year old that a grandmother.  All three have broad smiles.”

“Marion Che-Tohe also does not look like a grandmother but like a young mother which she was again just four months ago with her twins Eva and Andy.  She and Nancy are on either side of Nantai from who Nancy gets her height.  Their smiles also show their happiness.”

“Sue and David Clarke returned two days ago from talks with the Fllaaazziii Clan, the Swizz ruling family.  Most mothers would not have returned so late before the wedding of their only daughter but Sue laughed when I mentioned it to her.  She said that most of the planning had been completed over a year ago and that Alice was both willing and able to take care of anything that came up.  That is something that I would have to agree with.  Alice Reynolds who is the reincarnation of Dame Alice Maclaren may be just short of five years physically, but has the memories of at least her past two lives.  She refuses to mention earlier incarnations.  She and Edith Farwell, Dame Alice’s mother and the current Alice’s great grandmother, have been responsible for coordination of preparation for the wedding.  I have to agree that it could not be in more capable hands.”

“Alice is one of the three flower girls, along with Ginger Maclaren, Robert’s niece, and Karen Huang, his cousin.  They are each preceding one of the three groups.  Ginger is in front of her uncle and grandparents, Karen is in front of the Tohes, and Alice is with the Clarkes.  Claire had promised Alice that she could be a flower girl when they met.”

Tom signaled his wife that she had almost let out the secret that Alice had been in communication with her family when she was a newborn infant.  It was something that no one still understood but all saw no need to make common knowledge.  “The Reverend Alan Farwell Jr., O-dof and O-dofi will be conducting the marriage ceremony.  The ceremony will combine portions of mating ceremonies from a number of species, which brings up the multi-species nature of those attending the ceremony.  Besides the five species of the Hand, two other species are represented.  Admiral Verstanti is representing Sewreista, the Risari Queen.  The Mossen are represented by Xella, Yosen, and Zatah.  These are the three Mossen that the Three-Fold Life-Mates brought back to Earth when the Teams did the initial exploration of Mossen.  They were the first Life-Mates for the Mossen among whom Life-Mates are extremely rare.”

“The three Maclaren led teams were involved with the wedding planning, since their siblings were on the three teams.  Claire had promised to include Karen and Leslie Lawrence as part of the wedding party, but one day when they were discussing how to arrange the wedding party, Karen realized that the bride’s maids and ushers did not really have any function and would end up with their backs to the audience.  When she brought this up, they soon decided the maids of honor and best man also were not needed.  The flower girls and the ring bearers would be kept.  They also choose to include part of the Kin mating ceremony by adding Kin berry bearers.  The sharing of the berries with your mate is similar to sharing of wedding cake in an American typical wedding, but has a more ceremonial purpose.”

“They have reached the center platform.  The groom and brides hug and kiss their parents, then step up onto the platform.  The flower girls and the parents go to their seats in the front row.  Alice is sitting with Jess Maclaren.  Robert flanked by Claire and Nancy are standing very close together.  The women are holding hands with Robert’s hands above and below theirs.  I will continue my commentary after the ceremony.”  Lisa turns off her microphone and sets it down before joining hands with her husband.  Tom had been surprised when she had told him that they would not be commenting during the ceremony.  When he had ask about it, she had told him that it was more important to watch the ceremony

The ceremony took less than a half hour.  Their vows to each other were unique as they had vowed a commitment to each other through all of their lives.  This commitment was similar to what the Glazen Guides had vowed to each other after they had realized that their reincarnations allowed them to continue their commitment through their many lives.

As the ceremony ended but before the Joined Hands could start the processional song, Robert spoke to those there and to the billions watching the ceremony.  “We would like to take the opportunity to speak about some recent occurrences and a special presentation that we will be making in about forty hours.  We will be postponing our honeymoon until we have ensured that preparations are underway to address the challenges that we face in the next few years.”  They had stepped off of the platform and walked over to where Lisa and Tom were seated.

“Lisa, can I borrow your microphone.”  Claire asked the startled reporter, who picked it up and handed it to Claire.

You will need to turn it on.  Tom tells Claire.  Lisa had forgotten that the microphone was off.

We are sorry that we did not tell you sooner.  We wanted to emphasis the importance of what we had to say by dramatizing that we are postponing our honeymoon.  Nancy tells Lisa and Tom as Claire begins to speak.

“We have known for the past five years that we have been given the task to end the conflict between the Qoof and the Nartak.  The three of us, the Three-Fold Life-Mates, were select to lead this task, not by you the individuals of the Hand but by the Dreamgiver, the being that has guided our three species with dreams, visions, hunches, and all the other hard to fully, understand advices we have been given over thousands of years.  Recently we have found that our time of learning is coming to an end and our time of action will soon begin.  When we were discussing this change on Thursday, we found that we could share these visions.  In sharing a vision with a group in the hundreds made up of all the species of the Hand, we were able to see the vision in much greater detail.  We plan to share at least one of the visions with you at the presentation that we will be giving.  We expect that with billions of individuals participating that we will all understand more about the task that we have been selected to perform.  We are unsure what to expect so we will wait until after sharing the first vision to decide if more visions are to be shared.  We feel that it is necessary to share this with you since they are the source of most of the information that leads us to take the actions that we are planning.  We will explain the reasons that the time for action has come.  More information will be made available before the presentation.”  Claire paused.  “That is all we have for now, we have a party, before we will have time to be alone.”  She handed the microphone back to Lisa, before she and her Life-mates returned to the planned processional.

Lisa looked at Tom as they mentally discussed what they had just heard.  They reached a decision.  “We have no additional information, since we were surprised almost as much as you were.  We had heard that a Qoof Grand Master was coming to investigate the changes that have occurred in the nearest Qoof sector following the defeat of the Qoof fleets when we met the Clar, but nothing about sharing visions.  We will be attending the reception, where we intend to find out more and report it after the reception.  We are very interested in knowing more about the visions that have guided us.  I had never expecting to experience one, but that looks like what we will be doing.  I have to admit to being both excited and scared, but how else can we fully understand these visions.  We will get back to you.”  Lisa turned off the microphone and put it in her purse.

Tom laughed.  “Our gift was the video of excerpts of the interviews that we have had with the three of them.  Well they are one upping us with the sharing of a vision.  Plus they are giving you the opportunity to get more information on what is happening before anyone else except for Amy and Doug.”

Lisa realized that Tom was right.  “Let us coordinate with Amy and Doug.  It is more important to get the information out to the public than it is to get an exclusive.”  Lisa had changed a lot in the last five years.  Then what getting the story for the public would do for her had been more important that reporting the story to the public.

Saturday, May 8, 2004

Lisa and Tom found Alice and Jess watching the dancing from a table under a nearby tree.  With a number of adjacent worlds available, the party was spread out among the adjacent locations.  This location on harmony had been chosen for dancing because of the temperature and trees.  The dance floor was set up in an open area with the tables under the nearby trees.  Alice and Jess’s table was further back than most but still had a good view of the dance floor since it was on a small rise.

“Alice, I have some questions about the sharing of visions.  We discussed this with Amy and Doug.  We all agreed that we needed to supply more information to the public before the presentation that Claire mentioned.”  Lisa was unsure how Alice and Jess would respond to being interrupted.

“We expected you.  Tom set you camera up over there then both of you have a seat.  We can eat and talk while we watch the dancing.  Did they go looking for O-dof or Nantai?”  Alice asked.

Lisa looked at the other two seats at the table and the food and drink by them.  It was what she and Tom would have selected, including Tom’s favorite beer.  Sometimes the ability of some of the Team members almost frightened her.

Tom laughed as he set up his camera at the suggested location.

After she had a sip of her wine, Lisa started the questioning.  “Alice, you have had visions over more than one life.  What are your thoughts on this sharing of visions?”

“I wish I had been able to do it.  When they shared the vision you were able to understand much more than I was able to do with any of my visions.”

“Have you tried since you share their vision?”


Lisa was able to tell that Alice and Jess were mentally communicating.

“I cannot share it with Jess.”

The expression on the face of the young body that was Alice made Lisa want to go and hug her and tell her it would be all right, but then she remembered that Alice could remember many more years of her life that she could.  “Maybe if you included Tom and me it would help.”

Alice tried Lisa’s suggestion, but the results were the same.  Or almost.

“I can almost sense it.”  Jess reported.

Lisa and Tom acknowledged that they had sensed something also.

“We need someone that we are very close to.”  She looked at Jess.  “The girls?”

That Alice could speak of Marie and Kim as girls when Kim was the mother of her current body almost mad Lisa laugh.

“No, Will and Leslie.”  Jess expression showed that he knew his suggestion was true.  Will, Leslie will you join us by the dance stage.  He got back no response, so he mentally reached out to family members on the dance floor.  Can you help me contact Will and Leslie?  I want their help to see if we can share one of Alice’s dreams.”
JJ and Sally were out on the dance floor slow dancing.  It was one of the few acceptable ways that they knew to have close contact, but neither had much experience.  OK grandfather.  Sally, I think that they are on Frontier.  Help me reach them. JJ and Sally stopped dancing and walked over to the table where Alice and Jess were being interviewed.  They are on their way here.
When Will and Leslie arrived, JJ and Sally had just gotten them and themselves seats, food, and drink.

“Will and Leslie, Lisa asked Alice if she had tried sharing one of the visions that she had had dreams of with me.  We tried but were unsuccessful.  Next, she tried including Lisa and Tom, but we were not successful.  I could almost sense it and so could Lisa and Tom.  It was almost as if we need more help.  That is why we invited the two of you.  I think that the four of us together can do it.”

“Will has always been close to the two of you.”  Leslie knew that Alice, Jess, and Will had been even closer than she and her brothers had been growing up.

“Not as close as we are.”  Will hugged his wife.

“The four of you are one just as the Team squads are one but it is even stronger.”  Sally remark startled them.

“Sally’s right.  You were not like this before.”  JJ looked at his grandparents, uncle and aunt.

“No, we were not like this even in Alice’s last life, but we are stronger than we have been recently.  Have you to resolved your problem with Alice’s rebirth.”  Leslie smile as she looked at her old friends.

“Yes, I am still unsure how to handle our relationship but we will do it together.”  Jess reached over and took Alice’s hand.

Will’s smile threatened to reach his ears.  “I just had to wait.  I could not do anything but pray.”

“And bring it up almost daily for the past five years.”  Leslie hugged her husband.

“It is hard to be the first to do something.  No one else has had their Life-Mate reborn as a member of their family and had to figure out how they were to continue their relationship.”  JJ smiled at his grandparents.  “Now let us see if the four of you working together can share one of grandmother’s dreams.”

“Sally, I think that I would like to interview you and JJ.  We had known that JJ was to find you before we next encountered the Qoof.  The Teams are new to you and your views and comments on them will give people a better understanding of them.”  Lisa stopped when she saw how Sally was blushing.

“Sally, one of the biggest problems that the Teams have is how those that do not have contact with Team members view us.  This is true for all the species of the Hand except the Kin.  It will be also important for other species.  We are seeing more Teams forming every year but we are still a very small portion of the population.”  Alice told her.

Sally realized that there was much more to being JJ Life-Mate and a Team member.

That is one of the ways that you help me.  You presence reminds me that there is more to life than Qoof masters, flyers, and saving worlds.  Also, you saw the change in the four of them that I missed.  JJ’s words conveyed how important she was to him as well as the love they shared.

“Let me show you the dream that started it all.  The window between worlds and how it would help when one of the worlds were attacked.”  Alice looked at the camera.  “I know that I cannot share this dream with you at this time but if the sharing of dreams and visions works out, I plan to share it with you soon.”  She paused and looked at Lisa.  “Lisa, I think that we should do that on one of the regular one-hour news stories and let someone who is less familiar with the Teams be the one who asks the questions.”

Alice focused her attention back on the camera.  Her attitude and presentation was that of the world famous professor who was use to speak before large crowds.  This more than anything else would convince the viewers that reincarnation was real.  She was more than the five year-old girl that they saw when they looked at her current body.  The viewers were not the only ones convinced.  Jess often had still thought of her as his granddaughter not the women that had been his wife for over thirty years and that he had known all his life.

“The first thing to remember about dreams, visions, and hunches that I and others get, is that what will happen can change as we react to them or others change what they would do.  This dream has changed many times and I suspect that what I am going to share today will change from the last time that I had this dream.  The first dream showed people fleeing through a window when their world was attacked.  Later I saw Robert Maclaren and a woman protecting them as they escaped.  The next major change was when I saw Robert and two women protecting them.  At that time I had no idea who the women were or who Robert was except that I recognized him as being Will’s son.”  She paused to give the audience time to consider what she had said.  “I have not had this dream in the last few years and I do not know how what has happened recently will change it.  I will now share it with the seven people sitting here with me.  We will then discuss what this dream or vision now has to tell us.”

Alice glanced at the seven with her to see if they were ready.  She then shared the current version of the dream with them.

It took only seventeen seconds since mental communication was much faster than normal communications.  Lisa was the first to speak.  “This makes any video news report that I have seen seem like a two or three line news report.  I hope we can convey this so that you can understand.  The one thing that I got an impression of that was not really a part of this vision was the needs to share this with all the people of the Hand.”  She looked to Jess.  “Jess, let us start with you.  You have heard Alice talk about this dream many times and have known the changes that have occurred.  Tell us about what the eight of us just experienced.

“Lisa, if Alice had not said that this is the same dream, I would not have recognized it as such.”  He smiled at Alice.  “In this dream, we were not falling back from a Qoof invasion.  The Three-Fold Life-Mates were leading an attack upon them.  Not only were the five species of the Hand were with us, but the Risari and the Mossen were also helping us.”  He looks at Alice with an unspoken question.

“Yes, it is the same dream though it is obviously also not the same one.  I understood a message, that this is what has resulted from all that we have done.  We are no longer the victim but the ones who are to make things right.  Besides those species that you mentioned, other species under the rule of the Qoof would help us, but the biggest change is that Qoof Master Quirta was also with us and that he had quite a few Qoof helping him.  We must let them know.”

“Grandmother, we have called them they are on their way.


It took nine minutes for Nancy, Claire, and Robert to get there.  The others had continued to describe the dream vision until they arrived.  Others had come with them.  All of the dancers had also gathered around them.  They waited another seven minutes as more people from the several worlds on which the reception was occurring arrived.  Marie and John Harvey Lawrence were one of the last ones to arrive.

Again, Alice shared the dream vision.

“That meshes with the vision that we were going to share.”  Nancy in her wedding dress flanked by her Life-Mates was standing behind JJ and Sally.  “Alice you should share your dream vision just before we share ours.  It has much that will add to ours.”

“No, the seven of you should work together to share the two.”  JJ spoke up.  “That is how they are meant to be told.”

Nancy looks from JJ to Alice.

“He is right.  They are two parts of the story that we need to tell.”  Alice smiles at JJ.  Your sisters and cousins will one day share the dream vision that will guide us then.

 Book 3 Chapter 5


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