Chapter 5 Recruiting in Arizona

Expanded Dream Visions To Be Shared – Malcolm Newell, London Times, May 10, 2004

As most everyone heard when Nancy, Claire, and Robert spoke after their wedding ceremony, they will be addressing not only the entire Hand but also the Risari and the Mossen concerning planning for operations against the Qoof Empire.  In an effort to let us know how visions shape planning for the Teams, they planned to share one of their visions.  They had recently learned that it was possible to share a vision with others when they attempted it at a meeting last Thursday.  A vision when shared conveyed more information.

From a video interview of Alice Maclaren Reynolds and Jess Reynolds taken at the wedding reception, we have learned that Alice will be sharing the dream vision that started her in her past life of Dame Alice Maclaren towards development of the Adjacent World Theory.  In the video, she is shown sharing the dream vision with Jess Maclaren, Will Maclaren, Leslie Maclaren, Leslie Saunders, Tom Farrel, John Jess Lawrence, and Sally Green. …

John Jess Lawrence (known as JJ) is not as well known as his sisters KA and Less or his cousins.  When he won the flyer competition at the Team competition last year, his short interview is the only time that he has previously talked to the press.  As was seen in the video interview from the wedding reception, he and Sally Green, who we learned is his Life-Mate, were able to hold their own in the conversation concerning the dream visions with his grandparents, Will and Leslie Maclaren, and later in the interview the Tri-Fold Life-Mates.

I became curious about why and how JJ had maintained such a low profile, so I contacted Douglas Richards at the Team information office.  He laughed when I asked about JJ keeping a low profile.  He said that with the way that his sisters, parents, and grandparents were making news, JJ only had to not seek out the press to maintain a low profile.  He said that with his rescue of Sally in Arizona last week that he would no longer be able to keep a low profile.  When I said that I had not heard about the rescue, he told me that was a good example of how JJ was usually ignored in the press.  He said that Sally’s uncle was forcing her family to have her marry him.  Sally had run away but she was being pursued.  JJ had come to her rescue and dispersed the men that had pursued her.  When I asked what JJ was doing in Arizona, he said that he and Jevron had tested the latest version flyer that Boeing had developed for the Teams and were flying two of them back to California. When, I asked if that was Jevron the senior Kin representative to the Federation of the Hand, Richards said that Jevron and JJ were Kin-Mates.  Another example of how JJ had escaped notice by the press.  I asked about JJ test flying prototype fliers.  Richards said that JJ had gotten lucky with everyone busy getting ready for the wedding and had not done anything to get the assignment.  When Richards said that JJ and Sally would be one of the top Team Leads at the up coming Team Competition, I expressed my surprise and asked how they could be leading a Team since they had just met.  Richards said that at the meeting when the first dream vision was shared, that the Tri-Fold Life-Mates had requested new Teams to be formed and they were one of those that had been assigned to set them up.  He understood that this was part of the dream vision and that everyone would be able to learn more when the dream visions were shared.

I was able to find out a little more about JJ by searching the internet but the picture is confusing.  John, at 13 year of age, has degrees in engineering and psychology.  He is working on a doctorate in psychology.  I have also found him listed as a speaker at every major Team conference on the Qoof.  His topic has usually been mental combat with the Qoof.  JJ has been listed at the apprentice in squad B of AU-2 Team.  That squad is led by Keyvan and Sandra Lawrence, JJ’s cousin.  Keyvan has close ties to the Persian Republic.  It has been rumored that he has been asked to lead the Persian Republic a number of times.  I have interviewed him twice.  The first time not long after he joined what was to become the first Teams.  Both times, I felt confused after the interview.  He is very down to earth but at the same time leaves you with the feeling I would almost have to describe at mystical.  That JJ has been Keyvan apprentice for the past five years, adds to my feeling that he is someone that we will be hearing much more about.

Mesa, Arizona, Earth
Monday, May 10, 2004

They had arrived early.  Bethany had learned that Harry Green though in jail had had his brother’s credit stopped at the local grocery that he owned.  They were shopping for food and other essentials that were needed for a household of over twenty that they now had since Jerry had taken Harry’s children into his home.  Rich Douglas had picked them up in his van at Falcon Field and driven them to the nearby Walmart.  KA and Less had accompanied Sally while she picked up the items on her list.   Mike was with Mor as he picked up items for his siblings.  JJ was helping Bethany.  Within a half hour, they were in the checkout line where it took twenty minutes to tally the items from the three shopping carts.  When JJ went to pay with his credit card, the problem occurred.

“Sorry sir, but I will need a picture ID.  A driver license, passport, or other government issued ID to show that this is your card.”  The cashier told JJ.

“I do not have a driver license and I have not needed to carry my passport in years.”  JJ looked at his sisters and Mike but they did not have any ID with them either.

“Sorry, you will not be able to purchase these items.”

“Rachael, I think I can help you confirm JJ’s identity.”  Rich Douglas had been standing in line behind them and had not been noticed by the cashier.

“Elder Douglas” She had known Douglas family all her life.  “I would need more than your word as to who he is.  If you wish to pay for it though that would work.”

“No, but I think that JJ and Sally’s picture on the front of the Arizona Republic would confirm his identity.”  Rich handed her the paper he was holding.

When Rachael saw the picture on the front of the paper and John Jess Lawrence name, she glanced from the picture to JJ and Sally and then read more.  She stopped reading when she realized that she was holding them up.  “That should do it but I will need a manager to sign off on it since it is irregular.  She turned on her light to call for assistance.  The supervisor had been watching what had been going on and she was there in a couple of seconds.  Rachael explained the situation and the manager was called.  They were quickly on their way when the manager agreed that JJ was the holder of the card.

When they were in the van, KA read the article to them.

“Well the Teams have a new star.”  Less teased when KA finished reading.  “I guess no one will ever hear about us again except as JJ’s sisters.”

“I think that Mike and I will be noticed when we begin to confront the Nartak.”  KA attitude seemed both eager and pensive.

“I am not doing any of this for my name in the paper.”  JJ did not look at his sister but at Sally.  “What is important to me is Sally and the rest of you.  I am doing what I am doing because I am the best at it and I intend to see that the fewest people get hurt while the job is getting done.  We know that we were very lucky when we went up against the Qoof fleets the first time.  I do not expect that we will be fortunate enough to get off without losing people this time.  News reports like this are good for getting people behind us but not much else.”

“Also, not bad for getting your credit card accepted when you forget to bring your ID.  Mike comment started everyone laughing.

As they approached their shuttle, they saw two more sitting beside it.  BAM and Lissa West were eager to meet their Life-Mates.  Their siblings and cousins had joined them.  They were eager to find out if their Life-Mates might be found in Arizona.  Some of their parents had also accompanied them.

“I think that we will need more food.”  JJ said.  “I hope someone has a picture ID.”


Marie Sanchez arrived with another attorney from the Arizona Attorney General’s office.  They had come to take Sally, Mor, JJ, and Bethany’s statements about Harry Green both on what had happened last Thursday and what Harry had done previously.  She was particularly interest in the death of Bethany’s sister Ellen’s death.  The state had opened inquiries into the deaths of Harry’s wives.

It was the two teenagers that had accompanied Marie, that drew everyone attention as they met their Life-Mates.

Marie Sanchez was surprised at the change she felt as the two pair of Life-Mates met.  “Is it always like this?”

“Pretty much.  Grandfather says that when Nancy met Claire and Robert it was much more intense.  Less and Mor’s meeting was very intense also.”  JJ turned and faced Marie.  “Assistant Attorney General Sanchez, I would like to formally request the state’s help in locating other citizens of Colorado City that have been either forced out or escaped from the situation there.  It is believed that they as well as many of the residence there are likely candidates for joining Teams.  The Tri-Fold Life-Mates have requested that my sister Leslie and I along with our Life-Mates form Teams including individuals from Colorado City.  We believe that these Teams will be essential in the coming conflict with the Qoof.”

Marie was startled by the request.  Essential in the coming conflict with the Qoof.  She started to question him on this but realized that he would not have made the statement if Tri-Fold Life-Mates had not felt that it was important.  “I know of a few more that I have talked to during my investigation of Colorado City.  I know that there are others that these or authorities in Utah or Nevada should be able to help you contact.  What are your plans?”

“We would like to move the location where you take our statements to Colorado City.  Patty has authorized the Western NA Teams to supply you with transportation to and from Colorado City as well as anything else that they can do to assist you.  I also offer my services as well as other Team members here with me in finding out more about what is going on.  This could also include methods that you could nor or should not want to introduce into a court proceeding but would allow you to determine what has been happening.  Any, all, or none of this assistance is to be made available to your office solely at your discretion.”

“You father is a lawyer.”

JJ smiled.  “He is as was his father and grandfather.  They were also members of parliament and government ministers.

Marie considered the offer.  “I readily agree with moving the taking of statements to Colorado City.  That will allow me to interview other members of the Green family today.  The shuttle will also allow me to commute for the other days that it will take to complete my interviews.  As to other assistance for the investigation, I will have to take it under consideration.  I would like to do this without setting any new precedents.”

“In that case, I would like you to introduce you to Bruce Maclaren.  He is a former Secret Service agent and will be your interface with the Teams.  We believe that this will allow his experience to prevent many of the mistakes that I might make.”

After the introductions, they took the three shuttles and the shuttle used by Mel and Rich Douglas to Colorado City.

Colorado City Public School
Colorado, Arizona, Earth
Monday, May 10, 2004

Most of the adults of the congregation that the Greens attended and many non-affiliated residents of Colorado City were crowded in the cafeteria-gym of the Colorado City Public School.  They had been told that Team members would be discussing the Tri-Fold Life-Mates’ presentation that would be made later in the day and how the presentation related to the residents of Colorado City.  That three members of the Green family had attended ‘The Wedding’ had been a hot topic for the past few days.

The Team members had set up a large projection television and a satellite antenna so that they could show the presentation that the Tri-Fold Life-Mates would be making.  They had also set up a window so that they could demonstrate access to another world.  These had been brought by the seventeen shuttles that had flown directly to Colorado City.  They had brought three cargo trailers that were set up for the medical exams that they had started to give.  The Team members were mostly Human, though all the other species were represented.  Since the local population had mostly rejected the new mental abilities and most everything else that the Teams had done, they did not want to upset them by having a large number of non-Humans.

“I am surprised that the elders have not shown up and ordered the congregation to go home.”  Marie Sanchez commented to Mel Douglas from where they stood at the side of the stages.

“JJ did not want a confrontation with them.  When we noticed any of them thinking about coming here and doing something about the ‘witches’, he mentally directed them to go to their religious center and pray for guidance.  With Sally, Less, and Mor’s help, he has been giving them guidance by putting them in contact with the Group Mind.  I must say they are getting quite a ‘religious experience’”.  Dr. Ann Tidwell told Marie.

“Mentally directed?”

“JJ has the ability to compel someone to do things, his sisters also have the ability but not as strong.  Their Life-Mates also have the ability.  We did not know how strong Sally and Mor are in any of the abilities so I have been monitoring their activities.  I am JJ’s aunt, Dr. Ann Tidwell.  I lead the Team research into mental abilities.  This is one of the abilities that we do not discuss too much.  Anyone who has the ability, which is very uncommon has agreed to not use it unless attacked or in a monitored situation like this.  This is the first time that I believe that it has been used on Earth.  JJ has used it mostly to keep the Qoof prisoners under control and during scouting trips to Qoof worlds.”

“I thought you had to have Team squads constantly monitoring Qoofs especially the masters.”

“That is how we did it for a while, but it was too much trouble.  We dumped them on a planet that is hard to access and far from the Qoof Empire.  JJ left them with a bunch of commands and memories that keep them from trying to escape or even be discovered if someone lands on the planet.”

“Contact with the Group Mind would be seen like a very significant religious experience.  Could that be the source of previous religious experiences that mankind has gotten over the years?”

“The Group Mind was not in existence before five years ago.  When the Group Mind has been asked about where religious experiences originate, the answers were at first confusing, but after a while, the standard answer was that the Group Mind could not provide a better answer since it did not understand that which it was being told.  This is going to set off a new round of discussion and definitely more questions especially with the religious scholars that repeatedly request that we ask about their particular religion.  I think a number of them will request the ‘religious experience’ that the elders are receiving.”

“I had not realized that what you are doing had so much religious significances.”

“We have been guided by dream visions that have come from a higher being.  We have just started using the term Dream Giver to refer to this higher being.  We are not sure how the Dream Giver relates to angels but the one think that it has passed down to us, is that it is not God, but strives to do God’s work.  It also told the Tri-Fold Life-Mates that our job is to help other species return to the path God has set for them.  I expect that with the sharing of the dream visions this evening, we will learn more and may still be just as confused.”

Their discussion ended when JJ and Sally approached the mike at the front of the stage.  The crowd quieted.

“My name is John Jess Maclaren Lawrence.  Many of you know my Life-Mate, Sally Green.  I met her here a few days ago.  That day, I also met Marcus Green, Sally’s cousin.  He is my sister Leslie’s Life-Mate.  We have also found that two other of Sally’s cousins were Life-Mates of Team members.  They and other members of Sally’s family have strong, mental abilities that will allow them to become Team members, if they want to.”  JJ paused.  “That is the important thing to remember, you only become a Team member if you want to join a Team.  Neither I or anyone else can make you join one of the Teams.”  He paused again.  “The mental abilities that I spoke of earlier are those that your congregation chose to reject when they were offered to you five years ago.  These are mental abilities that had been extremely uncommon in man and most of the other species we have encountered.  Some of these abilities may be what caused people to identify someone as a witch.  People feared a witch because it was said that a witch got their powers from the devil.  The abilities that I and other Humans have were given to us to help others.  Those others not only include Humans but members of other species.  Additionally, we are one of five species that were given these abilities to help others.  We were shown that our five species should work together to help others.  We have found that when we work together our abilities are stronger and that the five species working together can accomplish more.”

When JJ again paused, someone in the audience called out.  “What about the dreams and visions that we have heard about?”

“Thank you for bringing that up.”  JJ smiled.  “One of the reasons that we have asked you all here tonight is that we all are going to have the opportunity to share two of those dream visions.  The first is the one that my grandmother Alice Farwell Maclaren first had at the age of ten.  She told my grandfather, Jess Maclaren, and his cousin, William Maclaren, about this dream.  Now she had told them of other dreams that she had had and they knew that Alice’s dreams came true.  The first time that she had this dream, she saw people fleeing from one world to another as a disaster struck that world.  They fled through a window like the one over there.”  JJ pointed at the unpowered window next to the stage.  “Alice understood that the three of them would be the ones responsible for the window that people would use to escape the disaster.  They then committed themselves to doing what was necessary to ensure that the people would have the window to escape the disaster.”  JJ laughed.  “This was 1955.  There were no satellites, no astronauts going into space, but we have three ten year-olds committing themselves to saving people from a worldwide disaster and they would succeed.  They told no one else about their goal but worked together until they succeeded.  That window setting over there is a symbol of their success.”

“The Teams were formed to carry on the same commitment to help others that those three ten-year olds had.  That is what I, my sisters, my cousins, and all the others that have joined the Teams are committed to.”

“Now, Alice had the dream again after they made their commitment.  The dream changed.  There now were a man and woman standing beside the window as the people escaped.  They were there helping them.  The dream continued to reoccur and continued to change as they worked to figure out what they had to do and learned what they would need to know.  They all were good students but they worked harder.  Alice knew that she was to provide the science on which the window was based.  Jess would design and build the window.  Alice was unsure at first what Will’s role was and that bothered her so she told none of them what their roles were to be.  One day Will made a comment that he would be the one beside the window with the rifle protecting the people.  When he said that Alice realized that the man did look like him but she did not remember the rifle.  That night she had the dream again.  This time she saw the rifles that the man and women were holding, but the man was not Will though he looked like Will and Jess especially because of the bright red hair that ran in their family.”  JJ ran his hand through his red hair.  A few people in the audience laughed.  “She knew for sure that the woman was not her, since she did not have her dark red hair.  She was a blue-eyed blonde.  When she thought about the dream the next day she realized that the man in the dream was Will’s son, but not her son.”

“This dream continued to reoccur for Alice and it continued to change in response to what they did.  She still had other dreams both regular and dream visions but this was the one that started all of what they accomplished.”

“One of the abilities that we have was shared by these three, Alice, Jess, and Will, as they worked to meet their commitment.  They were able to sense each other and know something about what the other person was doing, feeling or thinking.  This ability was at first sporadic but it grew with them.”

“Alice Farwell Maclaren died the day that she and Jess opened the first window.  Water from a lake on one of the worlds that they opened a window to poured through and electrocuted her.  Jess was confused at Alice’s death.  He knew that she was dead because he was the first to try to revive her, but he also knew that she was not gone from this world.  He could sense her at a distance.  He realized that the direction was towards where their daughter lived and that Kim was soon to give birth to a daughter who she had planned to name after her mother.”

“We now know that Alice Maclaren Reynolds is the reincarnation of Alice Farwell Maclaren.  Yes, my grandmother is now my cousin.  I can tell with my ability to know about a person that they are the same, and in case I should forget she is ready to remind me.”  JJ had a broad smile that wanted to turn into a laugh.”

“Now the Three-Fold Life-Mates have recently had a dream vision about the Qoof.  Qoof Grand Master Vab-Quertz will take a trip to the sector of the Qoof Empire nearest to us.  This trip follows a request of the Qoof Sector Master who has had problems since three Qoof fleets were destroyed when they attacked the Kartan system four and a half years ago.  We helped the Clar destroy those fleets when they attacked the Kartan system seeking to capture it.  The Qoof have attacked and captured hundreds of star systems for the past three thousand years to help them support the war that has been going on between the Qoof and the Nartak.  Friendship, the Kin home world, and Earth are not far from the Qoof Empire border.  The Swizz have had the Nartak come to one of their world and try to kill the leaders of the planet’s government in an effort to enlist the Swizz to their side of the war.  Only the Glazen of the five species that make up the Federation of the Hand are not near either the Qoof or the Nartak.”  JJ pauses and scans the audience.  “Earth by itself cannot stand against the Qoof or the Nartak.  Even the Federation of the Hand cannot stand against them in a war.  We would be lucky to survive a couple of hundred years if it came to war.  If we could gain the strength to equal either of these two empires, we would be locked in a war for thousands of years.  The Three-Fold Life-Mates are following dream visions that show another way to end the war.  The five species of the Hand would not be locked in a very long war, we would free and help other species that have been taken over by the Qoof and Nartak, and we would be able the guide the Qoof and the Nartak to leading peaceful lives.”

“Now most of you realize that this cannot be done without somebody being at risk.  That is the job that the Teams have taken upon themselves.  Not any governments, though we do have support from all of them, but the Teams.  Once we agree on a true government for the Federation of the Hand, they will take on more responsibility.  The existing governments will defend our planets and the people upon them but the Teams will be the ones taking the action to the Qoof and Nartak.  Most people with what I have told you so far will not want to join a Team.  That is how we want it.  We are not here trying to talk you into joining but to show you why people join.”

“To show you why we have joined the Teams, I started off by telling you the history of why the windows we use were developed, but that could be a fanciful tale that a teenager is telling you.  The second part will be the presentation that will start with the television special when Alice and the Three-Fold Life-Mates will discuss the two dreams that I have just mention and then they will share them with every person in the Federation of the Hand.  This will require the help of the Group Mind and every Team member.  Now Sally and I have already experience both dreams but that was a sharing with only a few hundred other people.  Tonight the experience will be more extensive than what could be experienced with that small of a group.  After we share the dreams, I will again speak for a short while and answer any general questions, then we will break up into smaller groups so you may ask questions of the Team members here or outside, talk among yourselves or just give you time to think about what you learned.  Team members will be here for the next few days to answer questions, conduct medical screenings for anyone who wants one, and if anyone wants to join a Team we will be able to discuss that with you and help you if you decide to join.”

“We have a few minutes until the television broadcast.  Sally would like to say a few words.”

“This past week, I have seen my world turned upside down.  My Uncle Harry was forcing my parents to have me marry him.  I ran away minutes before we were to leave for the ceremony.  I had no place to go and no one to ask for help.  I mentally called for help and John Jess came.  With him, I will never be forced to do what I do not want to but more importantly, I found a purpose for my life and people who would help me to be whatever I wanted to be.  JJ and I have been two of the few that have shared the dreams so far, but the dreams have given me reasons to join a Team well beyond being JJ Life-Mate.”  She paused.  “Come talk to me afterwards, I would like to tell you what I have learned and experienced during the past week.  Now you will get a chance to experience the two dreams that have changed my life.”

Townsville, Queensland, Australia, Earth
Monday, May 10, 2004

It took less than an hour but it changed what everyone thought that they had known.

The Tri-Fold Life-Mates are helping them escape and they are not human.  Alice was upset.  The dream that she thought she knew so well was not of humans escaping a catastrophe by using a window to go to another world but humans helping another species to escape from the Qoof.

The Dream Giver chose to give you this dream because it would get us to develop the windows.  Jess told her.  If it was not for the windows that we developed to step between worlds, the Qoof or the Nartak would have eventually attacked Earth and Humans would not have been able to defend themselves.  The Qoof are attacking this would because they think that these people are us.
Jess, is right.  Will was the third person that has followed the wrong interpretation of the dream from the beginning.  Only now can we understand the dream and know that what we had accomplished with the windows and the Teams is still what we would have done knowing what we know now.
How will we ever explain this to everyone?  Leslie realized that everyone knew that it was not Humans being helped.
That was my job.  The Over Mind told them.  I let them know that The Dream Giver sent a dream, which it knew you would mistake the Yessi for humans just as the Qoof will.  It knew that when you fully understand the dream that it would not change your view on what had to be done.
Mom, there is a more important question.  Robert and his Life-Mates entered the conversation.  What are the three of us doing there without any other Team members?
Yes, everyone else is Yessi.  Alice quickly reviewed what she now knew from the dream.  It is not their home planet.  They were hiding there when the Qoof found them.  I would say that you found them when you were exploring and recognized the situation.  You got them to flee just before the Qoof Starships attacked.
Why would the Qoof hunt them down?  Claire knew that the Qoof did not consider it worth the effort to track down small groups that escaped.  As the Qoof empire expanded they would find them and they did not fear others learning about them.
That is probably another reason why this dream is so important.  Will answered.  The Yessi have information that is important.  I believe that you will appear as other Yessi to the attackers.  When they launch the attack, they will use ship killer missiles.  When you and the Yessi disappear through the window just before an atomic warhead goes off, it will appear to them that you all were killed.
I think that they do not want to time it that close.  Jess suggested.  Take an atomic explosion nullifier and keep their weapons from exploding until you are through the window.  Then turn it off.  You might also have a nuclear bomb to explode to make sure they think you are destroyed.
Jess, Can you provide us with a nullifier and a bomb that will go off when the nullifier is turned off without disarming it first.  We will need it before we go.  The dream shows our hair long and we are not showing that we are pregnant.  We planned to cut our hair short when we get back from the honeymoon.  Nancy informed them.
I will see that you have what you need.  Jess realized that the Over Mind had been communicating with the four of them before the Tri-Fold Life-Mates had joined them.  You were talking to us directly.
You, your cousin, and your Life-Mates are another strong nexus of ability.  I could have communicated with you earlier but you and Alice had let her youth stand between you.
Colorado City Public School
Colorado, Arizona, Earth
Monday, May 10, 2004

“What we just experienced in the two dreams is much more than what Sally and I experienced.”  JJ expression was thoughtful but also amused.  “I will answer any general questions that anyone has but I think that discussions in small groups will answer more questions.  Afterwards we will summarize what we have learned.”

There were no general questions.  Everyone was looking to talk to a Team member about what they had seen themselves doing in the dream.


A woman came up to Helen Ritchie.  “In the vision, I saw you with my son Rick.  Tell him to call his mother.  I miss him.”

As she started to turn away, Helen grabbed her in a warm embrace.  “I saw my Life-Mate but not his name.  My name is Helen.  My cousin Melissa met her Life-Mate Tom Jessup this morning.  Maybe he knows something.”  She turned the woman towards Tom and Melissa.  Tom, do you know this woman’s son Rick.  He is my Life-Mate.
Yes, Rick Ross.  He helped Martha and me when we got to Phoenix.  “Mrs. Ross, Rick is fine.  He asked me to let you know but I was waiting for after the meeting.”

“Thank you Tom.”  She again started to turn away.

“Mrs. Ross, I will fly down to Phoenix to meet Rick.  You could fly down with us or better yet, we can bring Rick back to see his family.  Let us go and talk with my mother.”


“Sally, we saw that we are on your Team.”  Rachael Matthews along with her husband James were two of the teachers at the school.

Sally had been talking with three of the girls that she knew.  She had not seen the Matthews approaching but had sensed them with the abilities that let her keep track of all around her.  “We are glad to have you with us.  JJ and I saw you in the dream the other day.  We were glad that not all the Humans on our team would be young.”

“We are only in our thirties.”  Rachael Matthews did not consider herself as old.

“I am older than her father though I think it is only a couple of months.”  James had grown up in Colorado City.  He had met Rachael when he was at NAU.  That they had decided to live and teach in Colorado City had been a surprise since James had broken with the congregation so that he could marry Rachael.  Only the inability to attract qualified teachers to Colorado City had forced the local school to accept them.  “I saw that they would also be part of the other Team.”

“Yes, they will be on Less and Mor’s team.”  Sally blushed.  “I had not understood how JJ and I could be the leads since we are young but Alice explained that age was not even a minor factor as to whom the Team leads would be.”  She looked at Rachael.  “I was trying to help Karen, Nancy, and Pam figure out who their Life-Mates were.  I got the impression that the three boys knew each other well and that you knew one of them.”  She shared her memory of the dream that the Three-Fold Life-Mates had shared with them with the Matthews and the three girls.”

“That is Aaron.  I know his mother Sarah from school, but I have not seen him in years.  How do I recognize him?”  Rachael was confused.

“You recognize someone mentally even if you saw them before you had abilities.  The ability to recognize that two people are Life-Mates works like that also.  That and the ability to find Life-Mates among the people that you know were two of the first abilities JJ taught Mor and me.  Let me show all of you how to use those abilities.  Then you can help us find more Life-Mate pairs.”

JJ was surprised by Sally mentally joining with five of the new Team members to identify Life-Mates.  Aunt Ann, Sally formed a mental group to search for Life-Mates.  They are using the dream as a reference and checking who the group knows in it.  I think that we could have everybody here join and identify even more of the Life-Mates.

Yes, the dream and the number of new Team members mean that there are many possibilities to look into.  Go ahead and set it up here.  I will contact the Three-Fold Life-Mates.  We may be able to form even a bigger group.

I think that the Group Mind may be able to help with that.  We may be able to find the members from all the species.

The Three-Fold Life-Mates again shared the dream of the Teams preparing for the Qoof attack on the sub-sector capital, Horstant.  The members of the one hundred and thirty-seven Teams involved were all identified along with the ground based military force from the Hand that would travel via windows to defend Horstant against an invasion.  It had been found that both ground and space based forces did not need to be made up of Teams or even Life-Mates though the number of Life-Mates and Teams that were part of military units was increasing.  The mental abilities that the soldiers and sailors now had were changing the way all the Hand species except the Kin handled military matters.  The Kin had not had a military, indeed none of the Kin had joined any military units of the Hand unless they were Kin-mated to a member of the military.  They had joined the Teams, but finding the Team they should join had been hard.  They had very strong ties to their home planet Friendship and  their herds.  They did not travel much in space except short trips within a star system.  The use of the dream to help find Team members was a great boon to them.  They now knew the Teams that they would join and now waited for the other Team members to join them on Friendship.

KA and Mike had identified the Team they would join.  They also had learned of the Human and Kin members who would be joining the Teams.  They were contacting them to set up the trip to the Swizz planet Trraanneee, where the Team would be based.

Jeremiah Green’s house
Colorado, Arizona, Earth
Monday, May 10, 2004

JJ was helping Sally with the breakfast dishes, while Less and Mort were helping to get the young children dressed.  Jeremiah and his three wives, Bethany, Jane, and Ruth, were discussing the changes that they would be making.

JJ, have you ever killed anyone.  Sally question had surprised JJ.  He had known that she had been worrying about the dream of them getting ready to confront the Qoof.

Not directly.  I helped when we captured the Qoof Sub-Sector Master but all I did was trick them and help block their mental communication.  Others fired the shots but I felt them die.  He considered what she had really wanted to ask.  You do not know if you can do it until you have to kill someone.  Brenda and Mary had talked about when they had killed the terrorists in DC while we waited for the Qoof.  The killing of the Qoof still affected them.  I do not see how someone who can share thoughts with another person and can sense someone die, could not be affected.

I know that you will be able to kill when we have to.  You flunk stones at your father and the other men you had know all your life to escape from being forced to marry.  You used restraint.  You did not attack until you were cornered and then you still did not try to injure.  You just sought to warn them off, but you would have done more if I had not arrived.  That was half the reason that I was mad at them.  They might have forced you to harm them to protect yourself.  If we have to kill any Qoof or more importantly any of those under their control, we will remember it for the rest of our lives.  We will wonder what we could have done differently.  Uncle Will says that is natural and very good as long as we let it go after the after action review.

If we have to kill anyone?

We are not there to kill them.  We are there to stop the attack and keep the word of what really happened from getting back to the other Qoof.

How can you stop an invasion without killing anyone?  Mort asked.  JJ and Sally had not been keeping their conversation to themselves.  The two Teams that the four of them were going to lead in the invasion would have to work together.  Very closely together.  They were practicing having separate conversations while monitoring the others conversation.

Uncle Will did it in the Falkland Islands.  Less explained.  Grandma Alice had a dream.  They along with Grandpa Jess and Aunt Leslie planned how to stop the invasion without killing anyone.  Uncle Will was the only one that got shot.
Uncle Will says that they were very lucky.  Their plan gave them a chance to stop the invasion without a fight, but they had made plans that allowed them to continue if fighting broke out.  He says that they were so well prepared that the Argentineans had no chance of winning but they also wanted to make sure that they did not try again before they had the windows.  We did not need to have us fighting among ourselves and more than we could not prevent.  Jess smiled.  Now we need to plan our part of the defense as well as they did.  Only I prefer that none of us got shot.

Townsville, Queensland, Australia, Earth
Monday, May 10, 2004

The level of mental abilities has gone up for the general population of the Hand.  Leslie had been coordinating the survey of the impact of the sharing of the dreams.

The Risari and the Mossen were able to receive the dreams.  O-dof added.  He had been coordination the survey of the reaction of the Hands two closes allies.  There are reports of the ability to mentally communicate being noted among both.

Good, it will strengthen the ties between us.  Claire responded.  JJ and Less have just mentioned the Falklands.  They are planning to try to emulate you.  Give them all the help you can.  We need to have a plan for how they will deal with Grand Master Vab-Quertz by the time that we return.  If we are successful, we may have more allies for later, but a victory will help to show what we can do.

Jeremiah Green’s house
Colorado, Arizona, Earth
Monday, May 10, 2004

Jeremiah had asked JJ and Sally to join them in the office.  He closed the door after they entered.

“JJ, we don’t want to break up our family, especially since we will be taking care of Mort’s brothers and sisters also.  Bethany and I are Life-Mates but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love Jane and Ruth.  Will we be accepted in the Teams as a family?”

“We would be concerned if the two of you saw being Life-Mates as a reason for breaking up your family.  From everything that I have heard about your family, I didn’t expect any other decision.  You won’t be the only Team member with multiple wives and I don’t just mean Robert or human.  Now things may get interesting if a Life-Mate for Mother Jane or Mother Ruth turns up but your family is based on love so you will be able to work it out.”   JJ smiled at his Life-Mates four parents.

Book 3 Chapter 6


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