Chapter 6 Planning & Preparations

Meeting to Discuss Plans to Defend Horstant – Lisa Saunders and Thomas Farrel, Team News Release, May 12, 2004

Maples Pavilion at Stanford University has been chosen as the location for the kickoff meeting for planning the defense of the planet Horstant from attack from a Qoof fleet.  Leads from most of the Teams that will participate in the defense will be there to learn more about their Team’s role.  Military leaders from the five species of the Hand as wells as the Risari and Mossen will also be present.  Most of the Federation of the Hand Senate will be attending.  C-SPAN will broadcast the entire meeting with comments on the mental discussion.  Other news networks and reporters will not be permitted into the meeting with the exception of Tom and myself, but we will not be there to report but to participate.  We will be responsible for organizing embedded news coverage of the defense of Horstant.  …

Horstant is the capital of the Qoof subsector closest to the Clar.  Subsector Master Quirta has been making changes in the subsector that have reduced the harshness of the Qoof rule over the many species in the subsector.  This has resulted in increased productiveness in the subsector.  Sector Master Vab –Quertz has been upset with the changes though he has been happy with the increase of productivity.  This has Quirta to more than fill his levy requirements for the Qoof-Nartak war with Qoof unhappy with the changes.  Vab-Quertz has requested help from his superiors on what to do about Subsector Master Quirta.  That Quirta was the only Qoof to survive the attack on the Clar five years ago has kept Vab-Quertz from personally acting against him. …

Team members will be translating for the Risari and the Mossen as well as C-SPAN.  Most of the meeting will be conducted as a mental discussion that they will otherwise not be able to follow.  …

Maples Pavilion, Stanford University
Palo Alto, California, USA
Friday, May 14, 2004

Maples Pavilion was filling up.  All of the Team members that would be part of the defense of the planet Horstant who could get to Earth were present.  A transparent environmental enclosure had been installed over a section of the seating for the Clar.  The heads of states for Earth countries that had Teams that would take part in the defense were seated with those teams.  JJ and Less had decided to place their still forming Teams between the Mossen and Risari delegation, since they were not sure which country their Teams should consider home.  The Mossen delegation wasn’t a surprise since Stanford University was the location of the first window between Mossly and Earth.  The triumvirate of Mossen leaders for their world headed their delegation along with the three Mossens, Xella, Yosen, and Zatah, that the Three-Fold Life-Mates had first met.

That the Risari Queen, Sewreista, had the time and the desire to come was a surprise to most of those attending.  She had brought advisors and senior military staff as well as her two oldest children.  They had made two window crossings and two interplanetary flights to get there.

The Earth nations, when they heard that they were the only ones not having an official representative of their species attending the meeting, finally acted.  A meeting of the leaders of all Earth’s countries using mental communication was setup.  Dave and Susan Clarke were selected to be the joint diplomatic and military leaders for Humans.  When they were mentally contacted, most of the Earth leaders were surprised at the two conditions that they set.  The first was that they would require confirmation vote from all Earth’s Humans.  Many of the leaders felt that this would take to long until they were reminded that the Group Mind could conduct the poll.  The second condition was that they would only accept a temporary appointment until a world government was setup but no long than two years.  This made several of the world leaders happy since they wanted to lead the world government once it was formed.  Dave and Sue were more interested in raising the children they were expecting.  The world leaders should know that making last minute deals of this importance had a way of not turning out as you expected.


After introductions, Nancy stood to address the audience, while Claire and Robert stayed seated in their swivel chairs.  Before we start our discussion, we have been asked by the leaders of Earth’s countries to request the Group Mind to poll Earth Humans as to the appointment of David and Susan Clarke to represent them in diplomatic and military matters.  We must respectively decline because of the possibility that some may perceive a personal conflict if the three of us initiated this poll.  We would like to request that John Jess Lawrence and Sally Green contact the Group Mind to conduct this poll.
JJ and Sally had been given only a couple of minutes notice that the Three-Fold Life-Mates would be handing this task to them.  They stood up and JJ addressed the meeting.  To ensure that the poll questions is correctly asked could we have French President Ronain stand up and state what he and his fellow leaders wish to present to the Earth’s Humans.
President Ronain found himself standing.  We wish the Human’s of Earth to confirm our selection of David and Susan Clarke to represent Earth for any diplomatic or military discussions with leaders of other species.  A committee of Earth leaders will establish Earth’s positions for them.  They will remain in this position for two years or until a unified Earth government is established, whichever is sooner. 


Claire had been watching her parents.  Dad, mom!  We know that it is different from what you told us your agreement was.  Let us wait and see what happens.  A note of amusement was in Claire’s thoughts.

You had a Dream-Vision about the poll?  Susan asked her daughter.

No.  We have worked along with the Group Mind when he has contacted large numbers of those that are a part of him.  We believe that some of our world leaders have not understood the mood of the people.


President Ronain, join with the two of us.  You can then directly state this to the Group Mind and those that you wish to contact.

Anyone who would like to join with us while this is presented is welcome.  Sally added.

Quite a few of those at the meeting joined them but it was far from a majority of those present.  All of the world leaders were interested in firsthand knowledge of the Group Mind so they joined.

The leaders of the countries of Earth request that you help them put a proposal to the Humans of Earth.  They have joined with us so they can present this question.  JJ tells the Group Mind.

I am aware of the confusion of the people of Earth, which affects their ability to work together.  The Group Mind focused on President Ronain.  State what you wish to ask and it will be as if you address all.
President Ronain smiled as he repeated what he had stated earlier.  He was the first world leader to address all of mankind.  It wasn’t until after he finished that he realized that all had meant to the Group Mind.  His words had gone out to not only Humans but to all the members of the Hand.  In fact, the Risari and the Mossen at the meeting had also received them.

President Ronain didn’t have time to dwell on this.  The response to the request to confirm the appointment was coming to the Group Mind.  It wasn’t positive for the proposal though having David and Susan Clarke as the Life-Mates at the head of Earth’s government was enthusiastically supported.  Then the idea of an Earth government was being considered by the Earth’s Humans.  That there would be one government to represent the people of Earth when dealing with other worlds and other species that the Hand met was the next thing that was agreed to.  The next was that any people of the Hand that lived on Earth would be represented by that government and would have equal rights.  At that point, the Group Mind included the other members of the Hand resident on Earth in the deliberations.  The structure of a world government came together as the world leaders watched.  What they hadn’t even been able to start was being done by the people of Earth with the Group Mind helping them to share ideas and thoughts.  One of the last items to come up was the government’s relationship to the Teams.  It was agreed that the Teams were separate from the government since they weren’t of one planet but of all planets of the Hand, but the people of Earth wanted to fund the Teams while not giving the government control of the financing.  The plan was that ten percent of what the government collected would go directly to the Teams.

All were startled by what had happened, even the Tri-Fold Life-Mates.

JJ spoke.  Earth now knows the shape of its world government.  He looked at President Ronain.  I believe it now falls to you and the other heads of state to work out the details.  Be careful to get it right since you will have to do this again to get approval and what anyone knows about the documents will be known by all at that time.
Many of the world leaders were in shock.  The government that had been decided on did not favor anyone.  They knew also that they wouldn’t be able to incorporate anything that did in what they would be drafting.  A legislature would be elected to make laws and set taxes and fees, but what they could do was limited.  The head of the government would run things, with Dave and Sue being the first Life-Mates to hold that position and you had to be Life-Mates to hold the position.  In five years, the people would come together with the help of the Group Mind and select their replacement from those who offered to serve.  There would be no campaigning since there would be no real vote.  The assembled people of Earth would know of those wanting to head the government and decide who the next leaders would be.

We told you that it would change but we did not expect this.  Claire told her parents.  I think that we will have to re-share the Dream-Vision of the preparations for stopping the invasion.  There will be changes.


Sally was following JJ’s discussion with the Earth leaders as he explained why they had gotten more than they asked for when they asked for the approval of the appointment of Dave and Sue.  She sensed someone’s presence beside her.  When she turned, she saw a young Risari female in beautiful clothing and very expensive looking jewelry.

“Mother has some questions about what just happened.”  Crown Princess Julvia asked in Risari.

Sally knew only English and Spanish, but JJ had shown her how to communicate mentally with the Risari Admiral Verstanti after the wedding.  You needed to handle both sides of the communication since the Risari didn’t have mental abilities.  Their minds operated differently from any of the Hand species or the Mossen so you had to convert the thoughts to communicate.  I don’t speak your language yet.  Greetings I am Sally Green.  How may I help you?
Julvia smiled and repeated herself mentally.  I am Julvia.  Mother has some questions about what just happened.  Would you speak with her?

Mother?  Sally then realized who the mother was.  The Queen.  JJ, Queen Sewreista has some questions about what just happened.
JJ was getting frustrated over answering the same questions repeatedly by the different world leaders.  No, neither I nor any member of the Teams participated in the poll.  It was politics in its most basic form, democracy.  We would vote if it was by ballot or machine but to have us mentally join in this type of decision making could make people think that we are influencing the outcome with more than our opinion.  What happened surprised me and every other Team member.

Even the Three-Fold Life-Mates?

Especially them.  We are having a lively discussion on how this affects things.  They plan to reshare the Dream-Vision they shared the other day.  Excuse me, Queen Sewreista also has some questions about this.
JJ was now facing Sally and Julvia.  “Greetings, Crown Princess Julvia.  I understand that Queen Sewreista would like to speak with us.”  While he addressed her in Risari, he also mentally communicates.  This is new.  Have other also learned to mentally communicate?  JJ took the Princess hand and touched it to his forehead, in the Risari manner of a high born meeting a member of the royal family.

It happened when the Dream-Vision was shared with us.  My brother Karvian and I went looking for others since we have heard what Team members had told mother about when the species of the Hand learned mental communication.  We believe that less than one in ten thousand have gained the ability to communicate mentally but that is still over a million.  Mother needs to understand what happened so she came and brought us.
Sally was happy to find others that had just gotten mental communication.
I will answer a few questions before the meeting, but I have suggested to the Tri-Fold Life-Mates that you tell the story of the Risari gaining the ability of mentally communicate.
Me!  Julvia was surprised that she would be asked to address the meeting.
Yes.  You are you mother’s heir and you have the ability to mentally communicate.  Who else should tell this story?
They had made their way over to the Pavilion floor in front of where the Risari were seated.  Queen Sewreista was seated on the front row.  Since she was seated above them, the Risari greeting to royalty was impractical.  JJ bowed and Sally curtsied.
Admiral Verstanti had supplied his Queen with information about JJ and Sally and especially JJ family.  “You are young for responsibility that you take up, but I have heard how that is not unusual in your family.  Can you tell me more about what just happened?  Did Humans just change their government that fast?”

JJ answered in Risari.  “The people of Earth, that includes all species of the Hand, have determined how they want their world government structured.  The leaders of the individual countries of Earth had asked the Humans of Earth to approve David and Susan Clarke as the people to represent them at meetings such as this.  Earth has been in need of one government even before we met other species.  The wants of some held back the needs of all.  When the people were asked a limited question about government, they choose to answer with what they wanted for a world government.  Now the leaders of the countries have to determine how that government will be implemented and then go back to all the people like they did here to get their approval.”

“Will this happen to the Risari?”

“It happened here because the leaders weren’t doing what needed to be done and the people were dissatisfied.  Changes in government happen often under those circumstances, but often it requires violence.  There will be none here since the people determined the change.”  JJ paused.  “The Risari do not have the need to change their government.”

“But some Risari have learned to mentally communicate.”

“In the past five years most of the Glazen, Swizz, and the Clar have also learned to mentally communicate.  Their governments adjusted to the change.  That your daughter and son were two of those that have the ability will help you.  You family has led your people very successfully.  The Risari are the only species that we know of that maintained any freedom under the Qoof.  We offer our help to our friends the Risari.  You need only ask.”


“The Teams.  I have been in mental conversation with the Tri-Fold Life-Mates.  They agree with what I told you and it was they who made the offer but Sally and I personally offer our help.  We need to discuss this later.  The meeting is about to start.  Excuse us, we need to return to our Team.”
As JJ and Sally returned to their seats, Nancy again stood and addressed the meeting.  When we reviewed the Dream-Visions that were shared a few days ago, we noticed some changes.  Changes caused by individuals making choices based on what they saw in the two Dream-Visions.  The biggest changes were among the Risari and the Mossen, whom we had also shared the Dream-Visions with.  Some individuals of both species now had the ability to communicate mentally.  Among the Mossen this had been extremely rare, but among the Risari these are the first instances of such ability.  We will now hear from Risari Crown Princess Julvia, one of the Risari that now has the ability to communicate mentally.  I will repeat mentally what she says since the Risari mental voice differ from ours such that only some of us can mentally communicate with them.  Nancy had mentally spoken much the same to Julvia and the other Risari.
“I am Crown Princess Julvia.  I am my mother’s heir.  After the Dream-Visions were shared, my brother Ferda and I found that we could communicate mentally.  When we told mother, she made plans to come here and find out how this could be.  As we prepared, Ferda and I found that we were drawn to individuals that we knew from school.  When we contacted them, we found that they also could communicate mentally and that they were likewise attracted to us.  Thus Karrian and I feel that we are Life-Mates as does Feda and Lithia.  Mother included them in the trip, which she now saw as more important since my brother and I having Life-Mates upset the political alliances that she was planning.  Are we Life-Mates?.”

“Yes, Life-Mates are not unique to the Hand.  We have found that the more a species is exposed, to mental abilities, the more and stronger mental abilities are.  We do not know if this is common to all, but sharing the Dream-Visions with the Risari and the Mossen has had this results.”

Why my two children?

Nancy understood the Queens worry for her children.  “We have often seen that the appearance of mental abilities and Life-Mates based upon a need.  That is how we knew about your children and their Life-Mates.  When we viewed the Dream-Vision again yesterday, we observed a number of changes including your children and their Life-Mates participating in the effort to stop the attack.”

“Julvia can take command of our fleet.”

Julvia was shocked at her mother’s decision.  She had no experience on a spacecraft except as a passenger.

“That is not where we saw Julvia and Karvian.  They were working with my Life-Mates and me.  They were learning about mental abilities, the people of the Hand, and how we sought to help others.  From them we were learning more about the Risari.  Ferda and Lithia were working with Jason and Teresa, who have been our apprentices for the past five years.  They are leading the Teams that are responsible for capturing anyone that is observing the attack by the grand Master.  Your smaller spacecraft were assisting with Ferda and Lithia coordinating those spacecrafts.”

The Queen realized that where her suggestion was a place of honor with the Risari fleet, her daughter would be only a figurehead since she knew nothing of space warfare.  The Three-Fold Life-Mates offer was much, much more.  Not only her family but all Risari would gain from it.

“I am deeply honored by your offer to take my children into your household.  I would offer to bring your children into my household, but that is far in the future and we would not want to bind you to such a distant occurrence.”

“There is much that we can learn from each other before our children are ready for a second home.  The Hand and the Mossen have had individuals learning on each other’s worlds.  We would like to have a similar arrangement with the Risari.”

The Queen was surprised.  To have Risari’s learning Hand science was something that she wanted.  “Yes, I would be interested in discussing that with you.”

“We are leaving after this meeting but we have a pair of Life-Mates who would be perfect for the job.”  Nancy turned towards those seated to her side.  “Alice and Jess would you meet with Queen
Sewreista and discuss an exchange of researchers, educator and students.”  Alice and Jess, We need you to negotiate with the queen.  Your status though unofficial is high enough to not offend her but you know what is needed and have the ability to see that it gets done on both sides.
Also, you need us to step up and take up some of the work instead of my bothering the young team members.
Alice, what you have been doing was very important and we learned a lot from it.  Claire’s comment surprised Jess.  He had kept his relationship with Alice distant for the past five years.  No, you and Jess need work that you can do together.  It will both help you to remember you are Life-Mates and remind everyone else about it as well.
Additionally, you’re requesting the two of us for this job puts your seal of approval on us.
Alice and Jess stood up where they were seated in the front row.  “We would be honored to work with Queen Sewreista to bring us closer through shared education and research.
The Queen was startled at the young human addressing her in perfect Risari.  Then she connected the names with the briefing she had had on the Teams.  The young human female was the reincarnation of the mathematician that had the Dream Vision of the windows.  She and her husband had spent over forty years learning so they could build them.  “I am deeply honored to work with you to bring our people closer together.”  She turned and addressed the Three-Fold Life-Mates.  “I have taken up much time in this important meeting.  Thank you.”

“This was important to this meeting as it shows the importance of what we decide for causing changes in the Dream Visions.  We will now share it again with those here and others watching.”  Nancy sat down and the Three-Fold Life-Mates joined hands.

For most, this was the first repeat of a dream vision.  That it was what was most likely to be but still changeable could be felt by all.  If different choices based on what they now saw in the dream vision were made, they now understood changes could occur.  Most changes would be small, but they saw that Queen Sewreista decisions to come to the meeting and what she had agreed to here had had made noticeable changes and there situation before the upcoming confrontation with the Qoof had improved.

Afterwards individuals were discussing what they had learned, but soon everyone’s attention was fixed on the Mossen where a very loud and passionate discussion was occurring.  Xella, Yosen, and Zatah were pressing an issue with the Mossen political leaders.  The Mossen language wasn’t one that was widely known even among Team members, but those that knew it we smiling.  Finally, the three Mossen Life-Mates won the argument.  They turned so that they faced both the Three-Fold Life-Mates and Queen Sewreista.

“We saw the wisdom of Queen Sewreista decision to increase the Risari cooperation with the Hand.  The Mossen also wish to join in this type of cooperation with the people of the Hand.  Queen Sewreista, the Mossen ask to join in the same cooperation with the Risari.”

Queen Sewreista had been surprised when the Mossen had spoken Risari.  What was said surprised her much more but did not stop her from responding.  “The Risari would welcome such a relationship with the Mossen.  I see all benefitting from it.”
They set this up.  Sue Clarke’s mental comment was private with her husband.
Yes, look at our heads of state.  I think that they realize that if Humans do not come up with a united government that we will be left behind.  I think we will soon be out of a job.”
I am not so sure.  They continue to look at us.  I think they realize the power that the three of them have not only from their position as head of the Teams but from what they can accomplish because of who they are.  Sue sighed.  I was hoping to raise these children without having to have been tied up as the head of a government again.
Nor I.  But it will be both of us not just me.  The position will be for Life-Mates working together as the Swizz do.  I think we can influence it to be more like the chairman of a company where we set policy and monitor what is done with a CEO running the government.  We have learned from our trip to the Swizz home world and from O-dof and O-dofi.  We should also talk with the Mossen and Queen Sewreista.  Since we will be starting something new, we should see what works for others.

Robert took over addressing the meeting.  “When Grand Master Qif-Weirta fleet arrives at the sub-sector capital, we will need to defeat him without letting word of what happened get back to the other Grand Masters.  We had thought that we had a good plan for this, but we were just shown that we have resources that we have been forgetting.  We were just shown how the Group Mind of the Hand is able to bring us together to make decisions that will affect all of us.  We would like to invite any who wish to contribute to join us in deciding how we will deal with this invasion.  This includes the Mossen and Risari.  Let us take a break which will give everyone here a chance to consider this.”

President Ronain followed by other of the Earth leaders sought out JJ.  “We thought there was a plan.  Why are they subjecting themselves to this.”

Sally was the one that answered.  “They saw that what was accomplished for a world government.  The US and Arizona constitutions are the only ones that I know anything about, but what was decided today is so much better than either of them.  It allows Earth to work with others without interfering with any of the existing governments.  Isn’t that why we have not made any progress towards a world government in the past?  No one wanted to concede anything.  How could they not see that we have so much to gain by joined together on the planning.  It is not like they have a lot of experience in stopping an invasion.”

The Earth leaders considered what had happened previously.  Instead of just worrying and complaining about how it had been forced on them they thought about what had been decided.  Everyone stood there for a couple of minutes then individuals started returning to their seats.

President Ronain had made up his mind early.  He now stood studying JJ and Sally.  “I was not happy with the ten percent for the Teams.  Now I am not sure how I feel.”

“We were not sure how we thought about it when we found out that it had been added.  If they had allowed the Team members to join in the discussion, I expect it would not have been included.  Now we are glad that it has.  We are finding that we have a lot more people wanting to join the Teams.  We will need the money to help in setting up new Teams.  It is expensive to move people between worlds so we have Teams with all five species on them.  There were a lot of people that found their Life-Mates.”  JJ’s words confused Ronain.

“You would have turned down the money!”

“Each team works to be self-sufficient.  Unless they are doing something that does not give them time to do that, it has not been a problem.  Most regional Team organizations take care of seeing that any of their Teams are funded.  The Three-Fold Life-Mates fund major undertakings but most of those start paying for themselves before long.

“I need to talk with the French Teams.  It appears that I am ignorant of how they operate.”  He turned back towards his seat.

“Let us get started.”  Robert switched to mental communications.  The Group Mind will now connect all who wish to join into the discussion.

The Group Mind contacted all members of the seven species and asked if they wanted to participate in deciding how the invasions would be met.  Few felt that they had knowledge to help plan the Hand and its allies response but still that number was in the millions.  There were many times more that want to listen to what were being planned.  Many were young males and even young females, who were eager to know about such military happenings.  Others knew that many would die and wanted to know that the planning was well thought out.  Some were reporters or historians who would report on the event either for the present or for history.  There were those that knew that there was money to be made from such a big event and wanted to learn how they could make money on stopping the invasion.  There were many more reasons why individuals thought only to listen but that is not what they did.  They were all joined in the discussion.  All these minds worked together.

Facts and ideas that individuals had were considered whether they had known that they were important to the discussion.  Thus were conclusions reached that none has expected.

Robert presented the conclusions when the union of minds that the Group Mind had brought about ended.  We are not ready to make our plans to stop the invasion of Horstant by the fleet led by Grand Master Qif-Weirta.  We have things to do so we can meet again seven months from now.
We had planned our honeymoon as a trip to the Ridanna trading station near the Nartak.  We had planned to go alone but it was decided that our squad and are two new apprentices, Julvia and Karvian, should go with us.  The Ridanna have some ability or technology that have kept both the Nartak and Qoof from taking a trading station and acquiring the ability to gain an advantage in the war between them.  The Ridanna may not be willing to share their secrets but they many tell us what the Nartak and Qoof have tried to that we may learn more about their abilities.  That had been our original thought for the three of us going, but it was decided that a squad with the strengthening of abilities that occurs when we work together may learn more than just the three of us.  Adding two Risari with mental abilities may add to our abilities especially because of the difference in mental think that the Risaris have from those of the five Hand species.  We also expect to make contact with other species from beyond the empire of the Nartak.  Working with them in the future may prove useful since they also are at risk from Nartak expansion.  We also now have knowledge from those that have visited Ridanna trading stations.

The second major research initiative that came out of the discussion is that we need more knowledge about Qoof mental combat.  JJ and others have interrogated and studies our Qoof prisoners over the past five years but they are not familiar with the mental combat at the Grand Master level.  From the Risari, we have learned that former Grand Master Qif-Quirte has been living on their home planet, Lastarna, since suffering a stroke when he and his son, then Planet Master Quirta, went to investigate the Risari.  Qif-Quirte has told them that he had been defeated in a battle with another Grand Master.  The other Grand Master defeated Qif-Quirte but was unable to kill him.  Since this was a formal challenge, other Grand Masters intervened before outside non-mental forces could be used to kill Qif-Quirte.  He and his family were banished to the frontier.  JJ, Sally, Less, and Mor are to form up their Teams then go to Lastarna and learn about fighting a Grand Master.  Robert switched to voice.  “Yes, this is another major coincidence that we last saw almost five years ago.  We are entering another critical time.”

Jason and Teresa are to form their Team.  After we return from our “honeymoon”, they will join us in going to Horstant and informing sub-sector Master Quirta of our plans to help him when Grand Master Qif-Weirta shows up.  Their Team will set up operation in the Horstant system to monitor activity in the system.
Len Pai and Kun Tsui set up Teams on OZ to form an industrial spy network to learn all we can about the Qoof and Nartak technology on the adjacent worlds.  Work with the science Teams, they will be able to identify what is unknown to the Hand. Alyca and Jess especially will be able to help with anything different.
Patty and Dave, you will organize Teams to support the Anvil Fleet.  Alyca and Bruce, you will organize Teams to support the Hammer Fleet.  Both groups of Teams will need to figure out how to hide or disguise that the shuttles are offensive weapons.
Eric and Jerome, you will organize a mapping of the Horstant system.  We want to know where everything is.  There will be reconnaissance platforms hidden in the system.  They must be identified.
Mary, Ben, Brenda, and Charles after your new Teams are assembled, you will plan how you will destroy or feed false data to the reconnaissance platforms.  You will work with Eric and Jerome to identify who is operating them.  We need to have control of information in the Horstant system before we can begin open operations in the system.  This will have to include stopping all starships from leaving the system on the eve of the attack.
KA and Mike, We know too little about the Nartak.  Your team has a large number of Swizz from Hhooozzess. It and other Swizz planets have not been fully checked for adjacent worlds. Go there and meet more of your new Team, then begin to survey adjacent worlds for Nartak worlds.

“We will meet again in about six months to go over what we have learned and start working on our defense plan.”  Robert sat down.

For the next couple of hours, the how to of implementing these decisions was discussed both mentally and verbally.  Most of the political leaders lost interest in the discussion and left the meeting.  PM Jimmy Hunt, Dave and Sue Clarke, and others who had family on the Teams stayed.  C-SPAN discontinued broadcasting when the politician started to leave.

“You have enough to go and prepare.  We have some entertainment now.”  Nancy smiled at the surprised audience.  “You may have heard that Sally has brought a new mental ability to the Teams.  She and JJ will show you some entertaining things that you can do with it.”

Sally and JJ walked to the floor and uncovered a sandbox that had caused many questions since it was so out of place and the Team members could sense that all it contained was sand.

Sally thought that she would have a hard time addressing such a large audience but she had been taught the ability to mentally relate to an audience that Claire had brought to the Teams.  “I have had but suppressed the ability to move objects.  When JJ came to my rescue, I was using the ability to prevent a force marriage.  We have found that manipulating sand is an excellent way to practice this ability.  We will show you some of the exercises that we have come up with.”

They raised two six- inch balls of sand.  When they were about a meter above the sandbox, each took a square shaped section from the side of their ball from the other ball.  They each moved their section to the other ball where they rotated it and inserted it into the other ball.

“This exercise teaches how to make a simple solid form, remove a section of the same size as what your Life-Mate does, then insert it into the solid form of the other.  Size and the shape of the form and the section are varied.  Next we will show you some animations that we use to entertain the young ones.”

While they were demonstrating the ability, the AZ Team members were monitoring the audience for those that understood how to use the ability.  Those that showed ability would be contacted and taught how to use the ability.  The most important task the AZ Team members were doing was looking for those with the same level of ability that the Lawrence siblings and their Life-Mates had shown.

Basic ability but none shows the same level of control that we have found in the AZ Teams.  Robert felt relieved.

These were the most likely to show strong ability, but none have.  Ann had been concerned about what they would do if they found that having a strong level of this ability was not rare.  I will set up sessions to teach them.  We will keep an eye on how the ability develops.

Book 3  Chapter 7


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