Chapter 7 World Chain

Olympus Mons, Mars
Solar System
Monday, May 17, 2004

The converted oil tanker landed at the dock on the side of Olympus Mons.  Julvia and Karvian had put on their spacesuits for the docking.  They were expecting to have to walk from the ship to a building through the slight atmosphere of Mars.  Julvia was still getting use to the idea of having no one to attend her.  She was solely responsibile for herself.  She had packed all her clothes in her trunks except for what she planned to wear for the next few days.  She had put a change of outer clothes and several changes of under clothes in one of the backpack that Nancy had given them.  She figured that would be all that she would need on the three window crossings and the three shuttle trips between planets in each of the three star systems through which they would be traveling.

When they opened the door to leave their suite, Nancy was waiting with a large handcart.  She was wearing a burgundy shirt, jeans, and boots.  Put your trunks and backpacks on the cart.  You will need to push them over to Turkey.  We will move through a window in the ship to the planet.  After everything is stored on the cargo trailer, you can change out of your space suits.  She helped them load the cart but the two young Risari pushed it.

Nancy led them to a window and over to the world Turkey.  They were exhausted by the time that they got the cart unloaded and their baggage on the shuttle, but Nancy told them to take it back to the ship.  As they returned to the shuttle, they had time to look around.  The only living things they saw were plantings around the compound that had been setup and a moss like carpet of growth that covered the flat ground as far as they could see.

Why do you have people on this world?  Julvia knew that there were plenty of worlds that were far more hospitable for living on.

They were experimenting with plants to release the carbon and oxygen out of the ground.  Now that this world will be part of a world chain, they may have to move to another world.  We will move frozen gases in from the outer planets to increase the atmosphere.  It is working well on Clar Home.  They have started to resettle there.
World chain?  Karvian hadn’t previously heard that term.
That is what we are calling the worlds that we traverse between major planets.  If we were not so limited in detecting other worlds, we would have something much more complex connecting the worlds.  The Swizz were checking possible window setting on HHo4 when they found planet Forest.  They checked the star system that Forest was in and found the world Wayfaire that is the same size and has the same orbit as the planet Breeze in this star system.  We will be going over and determining the connections between the two worlds, Breeze and Wayfaire.
How long will that take?
Hopefully less than a day.  The Swizz from Hhooozzess will be putting about thirty exploration parties at locations where they want to put the first city and the windows between the worlds.  We will check for them and determine which one has the best location on Breeze.  We will set up windows and a compound there on Breeze while the Swizz set up one on Wayfaire.  We will take another day to check out other worlds adjacent to them.
Can we buy one of the window machines for checking out adjacent worlds?  We need to find what worlds are adjacent to Lastarna and our other planets.

JJ and Sally will check out what worlds are adjacent to Lastarna when they visit.  We were lucky that we found the connections to you outer planet that gives us the world chain to there.  That should give you a number of more worlds to colonize and possibly other world with which to trade.  JJ will check to see if any of the worlds belong to the Nartak or Qoof.  If they do, we will work with you to set up to spy on them.  We will have to check if the Qoof can sense Risari that can mentally communicate.  Also, the creatures that the Nartak have created to attack those with mind powers.  That brings up two of the abilities we want to see if we can teach you.  Nancy motions for the two Risari to take seats in the shuttle as it prepares to take off.  Could either of you sense the windows opening into the ship that we had been traveling on?

No, can you sense them.  Is that related to how JJ and Sally will find the worlds adjacent to Lastarna?

Yes, many of our team members can sense windows.  Only a very few of them that can sense a window, can also sense adjacent worlds.  The ability to sense windows sometimes take a while to develop.  We will check is you have the ability to detect windows at all the windows that we use.  Now let us check if you are able to shield your thoughts.  Join your thoughts then I will join mine with you.

Their thoughts joined.

Now I will shield my thoughts.  First from one of you, then each individually.
I could still sense your thoughts through Karvian mind when you shielded me.
I did not shield you.  I shielded my thoughts from you.  The Life-Mate connections lets you sense what your Life-Mate can sense.  That is why you must make your shields to exclude everyone except those with whom you want to communicate.

Nancy continued to train them in shields for the first couple of hours on the trip to Breeze.  They took a break to eat and sleep then Moria, Nancy’s Kin-mate, took over the training.  Swizz and Glazen members of their squad took over the training after that.

Planet Breeze
Turkey Star System
Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Over a day later, when they started to orbit Breeze, all five species of the Hand had worked with the two Risari to improve their mental abilities.

Nancy mentally contacted Sheila and Tom Brown, who were waiting at the windows on Turkey.  Let JJ know that Julvia and Karvian were only able to learn second level shields.  We tried by individual species and then all together, but the results are the same.  They were at their limit.  For window sensing and detecting other worlds, they have shown no aptitude.  We suggest that he continue along the same line.
With respect to adjacent worlds, we detected fifteen.  Six have civilizations of which three of those have space travel.  There are no signs of any Nartak or Qoof on any of the planets.  We had no problem determining which planet was Wayfaire.  We are evaluating the possible initial windows locations selected by the Swizz from Hhooozzess.  Several look good.  We will select the three best then go and discuss it with them.

With six adjacent worlds with intelligent life, we request that the initial base be upgraded to level three military with mixed forces.  We will need Teams for initial contact with each of the species.  Let Leslie know that we need initial support for at least twelve teams locating along the chain.  This world chain appears to have a lot of good connections.  We should find more intelligent life when we check planets in the adjacent world systems both here and at Forest.
So pass the information back to Earth and Lotatt, then head on to Breeze.  We will start collecting the information that you need to calculate the window settings.

Good, squad Math-1C is eager to start.  The Lotatt Teams have squads scheduled to man the communication relay.  We will start out as soon as we relay your report.  Sheila was excited for their squad to be starting work on building world chains.  They had waited to start mapping world chains until after Tom and she had married.  Unlike Nancy and her Life-Mates, they had taken a real honeymoon.  Now their squad would be the second squad that would be calculating window settings on remote worlds.  Sherry and Jane’s squad had been very busy over the last few months.

Planet Vision
Unnamed Star System
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Claire, Nancy, and Robert had returned to the world that they had named Vision.  They had finished collecting the data that squad Math-1C would need to calculate all the window settings.  Tom figured that they would need a day to finish the calculations, then two more days to setup and checkout the initial windows for each world.  They would also have the settings for the return windows but they would not be setup until there was a permanent Hand settlement on Breeze.

It is the world from the vision, but there is nobody here.  Robert and his Life-Mates had recognized the world from Alice’s vision, but the people that they were expecting to rescue were not there.

There are plenty of signs of animals but none of anyone having been here.  This is the highest spot for miles.  Plenty of grass like vegetation with tall tree-type plants by the stream.  If the large group of people from the vision were near here, they would need the stream for water.  Claire continued to summarize what they had found.

When Claire finished, Robert stated the obvious conclusion.  They are not here yet, but it will not be too long since the vision showed both of you with long hair and you did not appear pregnant.

The trees by the stream would hide a small starship.  Nancy and her Life-Mates knew what was going to happen.  They are running from the Nartak in a stolen spaceship.  If we rescue them, the Nartak may see the window.  That would mean that windows between worlds would not be a surprise to them later when we start conducting operations on their planets.

We can either destroy the attackers completely or let them think that they destroyed the refugees.  The vision showed them preparing to fire on the refugees.  If we can shoot down the attack fighters and make them use a ship killer missile, we should be able to make all the evidence disappear.  Claire’s idea surprised her Life-Mates.
Ok, that is what we appear to be doing in the vision, but why are we doing it the hard way?  We could have windows ready where the ship lands and whisk them away before the attack.  Robert knew that they could accomplish what Claire suggested but did not know why they would do it the hard way.
Because we are playing to an audience.  Nancy had figured out that the intelligent species on the adjacent worlds was the reason that they would do it as Claire suggested.

They had been thinking independently, which they found gave them the ability to come up with more original ideas.  They now linked their minds and thought as one.  Linked they started the plan for how they would accomplish what was in Alice’s dream vision.  They stayed linked for twenty-seven minutes.

Well it is just hard and not impossible.  Robert smiled at his wives.

Now we just have to convince everyone that this is the way it should be done.  Claire wondered if they would have to go back to Earth.

No, KA and Mike should be here in a few hours.  Let us see if my cousins are holding anything back on what they can do.

I think they are not the only ones.  Nancy smiled.  Alyca and Bruce have been too happy lately.  They have come up with something new.  Let us return to Breeze.  They should have the window settings in a few hours.  We will bring all the Team members on Breeze here and go over what we want to do.


Planet Breeze
Turkey Star System
Thursday, May 20, 2004

KA was all for heading on to Hhooozzess to meet the Swizz members of her new team.  Her objection ended when Diiivvaa and Doovvenn, her new Swizz squad members, as well as other members of her new Team landed on Wayfaire.  The Swizz Team members had been eager to check out the new world chain and meet the rest of new Team.

How did you know to meet us here?  KA asked the new Swizz Team members.

The dream vision about the refuges being saved by the Tri-Fold Life-Mates showed us there but not there.  Diivvaa and the other Swizz were surprised to have run into the three Life-Mates.

Yes, the rest of us knew that we were involved somehow even if we didn’t see ourselves in the dream vision.  They want to talk to us about the rescue.  The first window to that world, Vision, is set up.

The world of the vision is adjacent to this world?

We have always found that when the coincidences increase something important is going to happen.  It looks like we are destined to play a part in the rescue.  KA turned to the three where they stood at a distance watching.  Give us an hour to get our Team settled and have something to eat.

Planet Vision
Wednesday, May 19, 2004

As soon as KA stepped onto the planet, she knew it was the one from her grandmother’s dream vision.  She continued walking to let the rest of her Team through the window, but her attention was on her surroundings.  The mountains to the left and the ocean behind the window matched.  Even the small stand of trees from which the refugees would come was in the same position as the in the dream vision.  Only the lone tree to the right on the hill was wrong.  In the dream vision, it was laying on the ground.  She called her dogs through the window.  Happy led the pack of eight.  One of his brothers and a sister were in the pack but the other five were from different bloodlines.  Happy, search for people.

Pairs of dogs went in different directions.  The mate pairs spread out a little to cover more ground but were in position to protect each other.

While the Team members mentally searched the area also, they were restricted for direct observation to having to go from item to item to examine them.  There were no intelligent creatures nearby except those that had stepped through the window.  The dogs’ senses of smell and hearing along with their eyesight let them examine more that the Team members.  Mike and KA scanned for intelligent life while joined with their Team squad.  This was the first time that they had worked together so Mike guided the Team members in working together.  Part of KA was attached to each of the dogs helping them while watching over them protectively.

Happy and his mate Curious were investigating the stand of trees when they reported that they smelled old smoke.  As they headed towards the source, KA led the joined minds to view the source.

There are signs of a campfire.  Burnt wood, bones, and flaked flint.

When the dogs got there, they split and each took a scent trail.  In nine minutes, Happy found where the dinner had been slain.  The tool users had run down their quarry but it had been killed at a distance.  The first signs of blood occurred on the quarry’s trail before the hunters had reached it from different directions.

Mike had been monitoring Curious as she followed the trail leading from the campfire.  The trail had turned and headed toward the hill with the tree.  Shah and Daisy who had been searching in that direction found the trail and it headed away from the window.  Mike called all the dogs back.  The Team started mentally scanning for the hunters in the direction of the trail.

Claire watched as her two Life-Mates examined the campfire and the surrounding area.  They each had hunted for years before they met so they had experience that she did not so she stood guard and learned.  Robert and Nancy had been taught from different schools.  Robert training was from a military background.  He looked at the human elements or in the case of these the intelligent tool using species of the planet.  Nancy training was what her father had taught her and her brothers and sister.  It had been passed down from father to son for as long as the Navajo could remember.  Nantai had seen no reason not to pass the knowledge on to his daughters.  Nancy looked at the site as a whole and felt for how it had been changed by those that had been there.  The three conferred.

They were here over two weeks ago.  There were seven full grown, two smaller, and one being carried.  They were just passing through.  They were making a seasonal change of hunting grounds.  They live in forests.  The stand of trees attracted them because they feel safer with trees.  They were wary of the ocean.  There is a danger associated with it.

How do you know about the ocean?  Doovvenn asked.

They had guards during night.  Each one watch the direction of the ocean most of the time with only a few walks around the trees to check the other directions.  It does not appear as if it is a major threat but they spent most of their time watching that direction. 

The Swizz had evolved from amphibians and still retained a psychological need to spent time in the water.  They led the scanning of the ocean for a cause for the hunters concern.

There is a village under the water.  Plants are arranged to give privacy to the different areas.  There are a dozen families living together.  They have tools and weapons.  No clothes but they have jewelry.  Doovvenn summarized.  The Swizz Team members were very excited.  They had not run into a civilization that lived under water before.

The discussion about finding two intelligent species on Vision was a hot topic among the Team members.  Sheila, Tom and their squad mates, whose main interest was helping Marie with the study of the relationship between the Adjacent World Theory and the mental abilities, had joined the discussion.

The Three-Fold Life-Mates didn’t participate unless asked about their opinion.  They watch and enjoyed the enthusiasm that the new Team was bringing to their assignment.

Suddenly KA had a shocked look on her face.  She turned to the three Life-Mates.  We are supposed to learn more about the Nartak.  Another Team will have to come here and study this planet.

Who do you think is pursuing the refugees?  Your Team will have to help ensure that the refugees escape and the Nartak have no reason to investigate this planet.  Robert tolf them.

But after that we will have to leave.

I would not want to bet against you finding out that, more of the other adjacent planets are close to the Nartak or that the space faring species on them may be worried about them.

We only checked out the adjacent worlds and you see we did a fast check by looking for signs of civilization and then we never thought to look in the oceans.  Claire acknowledged the quick check that she and her Life-Mates made of the adjacent worlds.  You will need to contact the space faring species and see if they know of the Nartak and Qoof, check out the other species, do a thorough check for other species, work with the two species on this planet so they will share it without fighting, and many other projects that should keep you busy for years.

You might also look into setting up trading with these species including trading among themselves using our windows.  For all this, you will need more Teams to assist you.  Robert added.

The first priority is to save the refugees and discourage the Nartak.  Nancy told them.  Having these other species witness this may help in getting them to work with us.
This will take years.  Mike realized the amount of work that they had ahead of them.
Yes, all of you should keep an eye out for where you want to build your homes.  In addition, you should invite Alice, Jess, Will, and Leslie to come and help you with the rescue.  They were there at the beginning of this dream vision.  They will want to help now that it is coming true.

The Prime A squad stayed to help carefully survey the adjacent star systems.  The found five more intelligent species on planets in other orbits.  Three of them breathed the same atmosphere as the Clar.

A Team specializing in determining the location of the adjacent planets within the Milky Way galaxy arrived and started to work.  After they were done there, they would move on to the planet Forest, which had the next window connection in the World Chain.  There they would determine the locations of the worlds that the Prime A squad identified and for which the Math 1-C squad would calculated window settings.


Julvia and Karvian continued to learn, but they soon realized that the members of these squads with which they were working had superior mental ability to them.  They were discussing this in spoken Ristari, when Claire overheard them.

“You are unhappy that you do not have abilities like the Teams do?”

“Yes, we are nothing.”  Julvia had forgotten that some of the others knew her native language.

“So what does that make your mother?”  Queen Sewreista was among the vast majority of the Risari that had not gained any mental powers.

Julvia looked at her Life-Mate.  Both of them had forgotten that they both were among the small percentage of Risari that had gained mental abilities.  “She is the Queen.”

“She would have benefitted from having the powers that you have.  Why did the two of you gain these abilities and she and others did not?”

The two Risari realized that was more important than how much ability they had.  They turned to Claire for the answer.

“I do not have the answer, but I have some thoughts.  The Dream Giver or one above him is changing the normal course of development in our species.  The five species of the Hand have been chosen to stop the war between the Qoof and the Nartak.  The Risari and the Mossen have chosen to work with us on this task.  I believe that some from each species have been granted mental abilities to aid us in working together, but this task is for those of the Hand.  Your path is not ours.  I believe that the five species of the hand were given these mental abilities to help us in our task.  That which was our paths had to be altered so the five species could work together on this task.  Much of that of which I have just spoken is assumptions that we have made.

(Claire explains how being a member of one of the Team squads strengthen the mental abilities of the members.)


[[A temporary ending]]


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