Ch 12 Progress Reported

Oval Office
White House
Washington DC, USA
Thursday May 20, 1999
Dave and Sue Clarke sat together on a couch in the Oval Office as they ate their lunch.  Across from them sat Vice President Al DeSang and CIA Director Margaret O’Reilly, who had joined them for the luncheon meeting.  They weren’t sitting together but they were on the same couch.  Dave thought about how his two most trusted advisors, after Sue of course, had been antagonistic to each other over the last couple of years.  It had started after Al’s wife had died.  Not that that could have anything to do with it, since they had always had differing views on how to do things.  Al was a diplomat and compromise builder.  He felt that discussion of differences and problems would lead to better understanding and less need for use of force.  Margaret believed that having a strong military and an active intelligence community, allowed the US to bargain from a position of strength.  These beliefs weren’t incompatible but they often led to disagreements.  It was good to see the two of them on better terms.

You said it started when Kim and I came in with the baby.  Sue’s communicated thought interrupted Dave’s musings.  I felt that baby Alice was following everything that was going on around her.

Yes, I also felt the same thing.  Dave replied, “Al, what are your thoughts on the negotiations at the Jordanian embassy?”  He took another bite of his lunch as he waited for Al to reply.

Al took a sip of his ice tea as he considered his response.  “I think that we will get nowhere with them.  They are waiting for something.  As the FBI just reported, there are definitely more terrorists in town but they have gone to ground.  The attack on the embassy following the kidnapping attempts has united the Moslem world.  The Arab street didn’t like the attempt on your children and the governments certainly didn’t like them bringing the Jordanian embassy into the hostage situation.  They are wondering at which embassy Tommy was going to be held.  Jordan offer of their military attaché to work with us on a rescue attempt is very important and useful.  Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco have also offered help so that any rescue won’t be seen as an attack by the US on a Moslem country.  This is one instance where force will do more good than continued discussion with the kidnappers.”

“I don’t disagree with Al on the benefits on working with these countries on the rescue, but if we hold off for a couple of days, NSA will have a better chance to capture some messages about them that will lead us to who set this up.  So far, we only have guesses.  Discussions between Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Iran appear to indicate that they were surprised by the kidnappings.  From what CIA sources can tell in each of these countries, they aren’t happy with having a new player attacking in the name of Islam.  After we destroyed Al Qaeda, they haven’t wanted to give support to any organization that wasn’t in their control.  This new organization has surprised them and they are actively seeking information on it.  I think that this is an opportunity to bring about better if not friendly relationship with these countries.  I suggest we hold off on a rescue for a few days.”

This was a reversal of their usual positions.  Dave saw that Al has more to say, so he held off on commenting.

“We can’t appear weak and indecisive.  The FBI says that they will be ready for the rescue tomorrow.  We should give the go ahead for them to go in.”

Sue also had noticed the reversal of positions that Al and Margaret were taking.  “The rescue should be Saturday.  It will give the FBI time to work with the four countries so that it’ll be a joint effort.  The memorial service is at noon Saturday and it’ll be televised.  This will be a distraction for the kidnappers who will surely be watching.”

“Those are all good ideas.  Al and Margaret work together and determine how we can coordinate the search for the group behind the kidnappings with any country that might be interested.  Offer them our help if they want it.  Do not comprise are abilities or assets but make it known that we are willing to work with them.”  Dave said.

“I like the idea of timing the rescue with the memorial service.  Claire has asked to go.  Sue and I were hesitant to let her, but she said she wanted to say goodbye to her friends.  We are pulling both Claire and Tommy out of school.  Claire will take the GED tests.  She will wait to start college until after I am out of office.  We are considering an offer for Tommy’s schooling.  With Claire at the memorial and speaking, the kidnappers will definitely be watching.  I will direct the FBI to work with the Jordanian attaché on the rescue.  In fact, I’ll have him take charge of the rescue with the military attachés from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco acting as advisors.  We’ll set up a meeting here with them and the FBI to go over the plan.”

“Invite Will Maclaren.”  Margaret suggested.

“That is a great idea.”  Al turned to Margaret with a smile.

“Yes, I will.  Now Margaret, do you have an update on attempts to access adjacent worlds.”

“Well that photograph of the Maclaren workshop has set things a buzz.  Most of the researchers realized that what Dame Alice and Jess Maclaren were doing had to do with adjacent worlds.  I had to pull back my agent in Edinburgh because MI5 has saturated the area with people.  She reported that there were other inquiries by foreigners but she hadn’t been able to determine anything before I had her withdraw.  After yesterday’s meeting, I ordered her to report her findings to MI5 and offer any assistance that she could give.  I also had her inquire about the other agent that I had sent to Carlisle to investigate what Smythe-Industries was doing.  He hasn’t reported in.  They had no information and would investigate.”

Sue laughed.  “We should ask Will to find out.  If their family in Carlisle is half as good as what we saw here yesterday, they would be the ones to ask.”

Margaret realized that she had missed that possibility.  “I’ll do that.”

The phone rang.  Dave picked it up.  “Yes.”  He listened for a few seconds.  “Have them all come up and have lunch brought in for them.”  He hung up and returned to his place beside Sue where he took her hand.  “Claire and the Maclarens have returned from the shooting range.  Agent Bruce Maclaren says that Claire, Will, and his family would like to talk to Sue and me.  Bruce has asked if he could also attend.  Al and Margaret, I would like you to stay.  This may be personal but it’s also relevant with much that we’re planning.  I want to make sure that Sue and I don’t let our private concerns interfere with national interests.”

Claire just contacted me about talking with us.  Sue’s thought was clear to Dave.  She had a smile on her face.

Mentally!  That is probably one of the things we will discuss but it won’t be the major one.  Dave mentally replied.

“Let us start out with asking about Bruce Jenson.  If they don’t know, they may be able to have John Lawrence help get an investigation going.  If someone other than the government is responsible, they may have problems of their own.”  Margaret said.

“Sounds like a good idea.  Now I know why you’re so concerned.  Isn’t Bruce Jenson your godson?”  Dave asked.

“Yes, you don’t forget anything, do you?”

“No he doesn’t.  It’s good and bad living with three of them.”  Sue shook her head.

“Claire and Tommy also have eidetic memory?”  Al had realized that Dave had an exceptional memory, but hadn’t known that the children had also.

“Yes, I have taught them not to raise their hand and answer every question and other things to disguise it.  That’s one of the reasons that they do so well in school.”  Sue said.

“Dave, how did you handle it in school?”  Margaret asked.

Before he could answer, the intercom sounded.  Dave answered.  “Yes, bring it in and send them in when they get here.”

The door opened and a couple of additional chairs and TV tables were brought into the room along with the food and drinks.  The staff knew what was needed to seat the additional people that would be meeting and they had timed it right.  Just after they exited, Claire and the Maclarens entered.

Claire and Robert took seats close to her parents.  Will and Leslie sat by Margaret.  The girls took up two of the remaining seats.  Bruce saw the others sit but was hesitant to sit down.

Dave pointed to the seat.  “Bruce, sit down.  You are making a report, not guarding us.”

Bruce sat.

Margaret turned to Will.  “I need information about an agent who’s missing in Carlisle.  His name is Bruce Jenson.”
“So that’s his last name.  After Alyca reported the status on the work on the windows, she couldn’t stop talking about Bruce.”  Brenda said.

“When did you talk to Alyca?”  Will asked.

“It was early this morning when she called to talk with us.”  Mary answered.

“He wasn’t mentioned in that phone call.”  Margaret said.

“No, he was sitting right next to her driving.  Can you believe that she is letting a guy drive Betsy?  She will hardly let her brothers drive her.”  Mary replied.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”  Leslie asked.

“We slept in and missed breakfast because of the call and we rushed to make the bus.  Since then we haven’t had a private moment to give you the report.”

“Not that.  That the two of you and Alyca can communicate long distance.”

“Oh we knew we could do it short distance.  This is the first time that we have been that far apart in the last few months and Alyca really wanted to talk about him.”  Brenda said.

“Excuse me.”  Dave said.  “I take it that Bruce Jenson is with Alyca, that the three of you can communicate long distance, and that there is a status report on how the windows work is going in Carlisle.”

“Yes, sir.”  Mary answered.

“Well since Bruce Jenson seems OK, let us hear the status report.”  Dave commanded.

Will and Leslie were smiling at the girls.

As Mary started to give the report, Brenda was passing on to Claire and Robert what Alyca had to say about Bruce.  It took only a few second.  All four of them now have big smiles.  She then showed them how to contact Alyca.

“Alyca reports that all the windows equipment is ready and updated mechanical information has been sent to TDI and MME.  Simplified electrical information for the new circuits has also been sent.  I have the information to make the exact circuits, but I can work with Alyca if there are any problems.  They have half a dozen large windows and four of the new observation windows ready for operation.  They’ll send out the observation windows and scout out possible locations to open the larger windows on Friday.  John Harvey, Marie’s husband, will return home today.  Scientists, engineers, and an Army platoon will also be there today.  The platoon will provide initial security for the facility and for the scouting.  Alyca plans to teach them how to use the observation windows so that they can do the scouting.  Early Friday, the remainder of the army company will arrive.  They’ll provide security when the large windows are opened.  They’ll also assist in reconnaissance for the second world.  The plan is to have a special battle group to perform extended reconnaissance.  A report on what they found will be available for the Saturday meeting.”

Mary paused.  Her father was about to say something but she raised her hand for him to hold off while she finished.  She turned to Margaret.

“Director O’Reilly, Mr. Jenson wants to know if he should resign or is there an assignment for him reporting on the work from Carlisle.  He intends to resign after he and Alyca marry but they’re going to wait until her family can all be there.  He thought that you would like to have an inside person that can give you the information that you want.  Also he has some information about others seeking information there but he said not to worry that security was better than Fort Knox.”

“Alyca is getting married!”  Will and Leslie said at the same time.  They hadn’t expected Alyca to marry since she had shown little interest in dating.  Her mother always complained that she would end up as a spinster.

“You did say that she did things fast.”  Sue commented.

“Well, I guess we can keep him working.  He has the technical background to give us a good report.  He’ll need money for a house and all.  Dave, do you have any problem with that?”

“No, we were planning to have representatives observing when each country opens their windows.  We wanted them to be multi-nation events.”  He saw Will chuckling.  “Are we missing something?”

“Bruce and Alyca are doing you a favor.  They don’t need Bruce’s salary.  Alyca is a multi-millionaire and with the way the AJ Power Generators, ATVs, and the Window Generators will sell, she will have a lot more money coming in.  They just didn’t want to burn any bridges.  I expect that Alyca has him working with her on everything.  Your reports will be by someone that has a better understanding than anyone else that you could send.”

Margaret remembered when her godson first came to talk to her about joining the Agency.  “When Bruce came to me about joining the Agency, I asked him why he wanted to join.  He had said that working for an engineering company would get boring.  He wanted more excitement and physical activity.  I said it isn’t always like that and he should have another talk with his father.  He laughed and said that his dad had told him to talk to me.  His dad was my first partner.  He lost his leg protecting me.  Bruce is one of my best industrial reconnaissance specialists.”

“Well, you may have just gotten your own Q for your agency.”  Claire said.

“What do you mean?”  Margaret asked.

“I know where Agent Maclaren got the gun that he gave me.  You were carrying one just like it this morning.  It is one of Alyca’s specials.  Brenda said that she is very restrictive on who TDI sells them to.”

“How did you know that I had …”  Margaret stopped as she realized how Claire knew.

Al looked at Will.  “You taught her how to sense objects.”

“Not I, Robert did that at dinner last night along with sensing people.  Of course, we didn’t notice it right away since they were conversing mentally.”  Will replied.

“How did you know that it was OK to tell them?”  Dave was concerned about Claire spreading knowledge of her abilities.

“Daddy, I know that you keep very few secrets from Margaret and Al.  I trust them as much as you do.  I guess that along with everything else that I have learned, I have learned how to tell if I can trust someone.”  Claire said.  “As for Bruce, he saw how fast I learned to shoot.  I know after the rescue yesterday and what the boys did at the meeting that he had a very good idea what was going on.  Anyway, we believe that the five of you can also learn.”

“Who told you about the meeting yesterday?”  Will asked.

“The boys told me what they had done.  When they found out that I was learning, they told me what they had done at the meeting.  It was amusing to get their view of a cabinet meeting after all that Dad has told me about them.”

“What do you mean the five of you can learn?”  Al looked around at the others in the room.  He has been intrigued by the boys’ abilities but he had never thought that it was something that he would learn.

“We have been discussing how to tell if someone can learn how to use these abilities.  There were one or two others at the fire range that might be able to learn but Bruce was the one that really stood out.  Then we come in here and the two of you have the ability to learn.”  Claire smiled at the three that had just learned that they could also learn much of what she could do.

“Well in that case, Mary will you give the full report from Alyca.”  Leslie said.

“Full report?”  Dave was surprised.

“Marie’s children are as talented as the ones we have here.  You will be interested to hear how Bruce Jenson got caught.”  Leslie replied.

Mary added to the report.  “They caught Bruce when Sir John returned from the meeting with Prime Minister Blake.  Sir John had finished his reported on the meeting and they were going over status.  The dogs started howling.  KA reported one intruder.  She directed the dogs to bring the intruder to the house.  Alyca and Nelson went out first.  Sir John took KA and JJ, outside next.  The pack had the intruder surrounded.  Regis brought the parabolic mike recorder to KA.  KA sent Regis with most of his pack to check for additional intruders.  They bound the intruder and took him inside.  It took JJ only a couple of minutes to convince him to cooperate.  Alyca said she knew that Bruce was going to be no problem but she said that she wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on.”

“Who is JJ and how did he break Bruce so fast.”  Margaret wanted to know.

“John Jess Lawrence, Marie’s eight year old son.”  Will stated.

“So KA is Marie’s oldest daughter, Karen.  Who is Regis?”  Dave knew the children’s names from the reports that he had received.

“Regis is KA’s lead dog.  Mainly a German Shepherd but KA is breeding more for intelligence than pedigree.”  Mary answered.

“How long has she been breeding dogs?”  Al asked.

“I’m not sure.  It was before we started at Edinburgh.  She asked Aunt Alice why some dogs were brighter than other dogs.  Aunt Alice explained and when KA said that she wanted smart dogs, Aunt Alice told her that she would have to breed them.  KA asked how to do that.  Aunt Alice explained and got her some books and other information.  When KA presented her plan, she had to get JJ’s help in getting her parents approval.  Aunt Alice gave her the money to start the breeding program.  She makes enough money now from training and selling of the ones that she doesn’t want.  She only needs financial help occasionally.”  Mary was thinking about the progress over the years that she had seen in KA’s breeding program.  KA was as driven as Alyca, though so far she had a much narrower field of interest.

“She would have been six and JJ would have been four when she started.”  Sue commented.

“Maybe a little younger,” Brenda answered.  “KA had the help of JJ and Less from the beginning.  Seeing three-year-old Less among all those dogs the first time that we visited gave me a scare.  After a little while, I realized that she had nothing to fear from them.  JJ and Less also can command them, but KA is definitely their mistress.  Then she has her cats.  Have you ever seen a large number of dogs and cats get along?  KA had started her cat-breeding program even before the dogs, but hadn’t told any of the adults.  She had simply collected smart cats and sent the dumb ones away.  She controls both groups and doesn’t allow any conflicts.  The dogs have their kennels and the cats have their retreats.  She has over fifty dogs and even more cats.  We don’t know how many cats she has since she has many of them at the S-I facilities.”

“Cats at the factories?”  Al asked.

“No vermin and she also taught them to alert security if anyone breaks in.  The cats hunt together as a pack.  That isn’t naturally something they do in large groups but she has taught them to work together.  Her grandparents were skeptical but JJ got them to give it a try.  They now have cats at all the facilities.”

“So what is the youngest child’s ability?  Margaret asked.

“Well they all have control over the animals.  You have to be careful about them talking you into something.  I would say that the only special ability Less has shown is horse riding.”  Brenda stated.

“Horse riding?”  Claire knew the twins were holding back something to tease them.  She had been riding since before she could walk and did not consider it a special ability.

Brenda was smiling at Claire as she says.  “Yes, but it is a little different when you have a five-year-old jumping high fences bareback and without reins.”

“I have to see this.”  Claire said.

She wasn’t the only one unable to picture it.

“She knows just what the horse will do and flows with it.  The only problem she has ever had was when a bird flew up just before a jump.  She now takes some of the dogs to range ahead and make sure there are no surprises.”  Brenda added.

“Dad, I have to meet them.”  Claire had already been looking forward to meeting Alyca.  Now these three of Robert’s cousins were just as interesting and KA was only four years younger than she was.

“Claire, we still have to worry about your safety.  Not all of the kidnappers have been found.  We can’t have you put at risk.”  Sue told her daughter.

“Sue, I think that you’ll find the Lawrence’s will be able to provide excellent security for Claire and Tommy when they visit.  Claire, we can’t have you going there now because it’ll risk exposing the secret of the windows.  After the public knows, you’ll be able to visit.”  Dave looked at Will who nods his head in agreement.

“Concerning Claire’s safety.”  Bruce was smiling.  “I have told Claire that she should start wearing the pistol.”

“I thought you were concerned about her learning to shoot?”  Dave was surprised at Bruce’s change of plans.

“When she out shoots most of the officers on the range including me, I don’t have any reason not to have her armed.”

“She hasn’t fired a pistol before.  How did you teach her so fast?”  Sue looked at her daughter, who was smiling.

“You will have to ask her teacher.”  Bruce pointed to Brenda.

“Mary and I learned from Alyca over the last three years.  Claire, Robert, Mary, and I used mental communications to make the training go much faster.  Of course, Claire being smart and a good athlete helped.”

“She wasn’t the best shooter, Mary and Brenda were.  They also broke the range pop-up target time by over six seconds.  Robert isn’t that far behind his sisters.  Rich Lee had to keep asking the other shooters to continue shooting.  Of course everything stopped when we saw how fast mental training of a shooter could really be.”  Bruce looked around.  He could tell that none of the four who hadn’t been at the shooting range could figure out about whom he was talking.

He continued.  “Jason asked the range master, Rich Lee, if he and his brothers could try shooting.  After what he had seen the others do and getting agreement from Kim and Rob, each boy was allowed to shoot.  Jason was first.  You could tell that he was learning.  He went from a near miss with the first shoot to the last half of the shots in the center or first circle.  Eric shot next and he started out in the outer circles and improved as he shot.  Jerome shot last.  Seven of his shots were in the center with three in the first ring.  Rich asked Jason if he wanted to try again since his younger brothers had done better than he had.  Neither he or his brothers showed an interest in any further shooting.”

“What were they shooting?”  Margaret was intrigued.

“A twenty-two pistol.”

“Dave, do you have anything stronger.”  Margaret pointed at her empty glass.

“Mary, that cabinet behind you has some bottles.  Would you get me the Crown Royal bottle?”  Dave asked.

Mary handed the bottle to Dave.  Dave poured drinks for Margaret, Al, and himself.  Sue waves him off.  She was looking at Claire.  She then glanced at Robert and then back to Claire.

“Claire, why are you thinking about a wedding?”  Sue asked.

“Alyca and Bruce will be wed tomorrow but we’ll wait for Alice to be the flower girl.  Our wedding will be on one of the other worlds with two moons.  I wonder if KA and Less would want to be in the wedding.  I know we are going to be good friends.”  Claire said with a bemused look on her face.  Robert reached over and held her hand.  She turned to him.  Soon they had forgotten everyone else in the room.

Dave was laughing.  Sue gave him a look but he just put an arm around her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  He turned to Will.  “I guess the world with two moons will be a good place to settle.  Let me know which one it is.”

“Claire is too young to get married.”  Sue told Dave.

“And Alice is too young to be a flower girl.  I don’t think we have to worry about a wedding for the next two or three years.  I expect it’ll be at least five.  She knows what she wants for a wedding, so until she can have that she won’t be getting married.  I remembered how you wouldn’t marry me until you were out of law school.  She will wait until she has what she wants just as you did.”  Dave replied.

Sue looked at Claire and Robert.  She nodded her head in agreement then leaned into Dave who gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Claire suddenly turned to her father.  “Dad, I almost forgot.  I told the range master, Richard Lee, that I would mentioned to you about the range getting the pop-up target system that Alyca designed.  Mary and Brenda were laughing as they went through the pop-ups.  From what they say, Alyca’s system offers variable targets that require you to determine what type of threat is present.  I agree with him that such a system would improve the agents and officers reaction to situations.”

Dave looked at Mary and Brenda.  “What can you tell me about the pop up systems?”

Mary answered.  “The FBI range always has the same pop-up at each location.  A shooter knows what to expect.  Alyca designed her pop-up system such that there are multiple pop-ups at each location.  The shooter never knows which to expect.  If you raise the difficulty, you can have multiple pop-ups at the same location.  This can include an innocent that has a criminal with a gun pop up behind them after a couple of seconds.  It isn’t the same as the real thing as we found out yesterday but much closer than the system that they now have.  Oh, the good news is TDI is the manufacturer so you can buy American.”

Dave laughed at the buy American comment.  “It sounds useful.  I will ask the director to look into it.”

“Sue and Dave, I would like to have Claire come to Townsville.”  Will was making the pitch that he told Claire that he would.  “You see how their abilities let Claire, Robert, Mary, and Brenda work together.  I plan to have a course like the one that Robert was in for Leslie and the girls.  I would like to include Claire.  Afterwards, I would like to give the four of them training working together as a group.  Leslie can describe what is planned for combining education and research.”

“We are working with James Cook University to provide their professors and students the opportunity to do research and studies on the new worlds.  I am a member of the university council.  Chancellor White was one of the first persons outside the company that we brought in on our plans.  The idea of off world research without leaving home intrigued him.  MME has funded the preliminary planning.  Several degrees will have off planet studies.  We are funding a chair for a mathematician to study the implications of Alice’s Adjacent World Theory.  Additionally, we are funding astronomy studies for each of the worlds.  We want to find where these other worlds are in relationship to ours.  Of course everything will initially be restricted to Water, world 4, but we expect to clear individuals to study the other worlds.”

As Claire heard what was planned, she realized that even without Robert, she would want to go there to study.

Will took over.  “Overall, I believe that we can keep Claire safe and provide her with the training and education that she needs.”

“It sounds very good but we are just not ready to have Claire go so very far away from us.”  Dave replied.

“If I were Claire’s age, I would jump at the chance.  As a father, I know how it was to have the kids leave the house.  At Claire’s age and after what happened yesterday, I know that it is much harder to let go.  I suggest looking at it from the perspective of ten years from now.  Consider what each option will look like then.  I expect whatever you decide that your whole family will be spending a lot of time off Earth once Dave is out of office.”  Al advised.

“Thanks Al.  Will and Leslie, we will consider the offer but I need more time.”  Sue said.

“Off course you do.  You should take it even if you were ready to let Claire go right now.  We aren’t leaving for Australia until next week.  In fact, it might be better for Robert to stay here a little longer so that all of you get to know each other better.  All four of you should go to Texas and take the opportunity to visit another world.  I know that I am going to take the opportunity as soon as I can.”  Will added.

“Al has the hunting trip to Texas.  It will draw too much attention to have both of us down there.  We will visit another world, but I’ll wait until we announce the existence of Water.  We need other name for these worlds.”

“The names will come after we walk upon the worlds.  Keeping them to simple words that no one will want to use in the future, will allow us to name them for what they are.  Neither Uncle Jess nor Alice would want the worlds named after them.  I favor names like some British warships or your shuttles.  We want to encourage democracy and freedom so the names should be chosen with that in mind.”  Robert had been thinking about names for the planets since he had seen the window in operation.

“That is an excellent idea, Robert.  I will present it at the joint meeting we will be having tomorrow.  Come up with some examples.  Also, I would like you to sit in on the meeting.”  Dave said.

“That’s the way to volunteer, Robert.”  Brenda kidded.

Dave looked at Brenda.  “Oh, I was going to ask you or your sister to attend.  I want to see if we can establish a more secure line of communication.  I want to have Alyca in the meeting in the UK and your brother Willy in Australia.  We know you can communicate with Alyca.  Can you work on seeing whether the four of you can open the same type of communication with Willy?”  He looked at the four of them.

Robert answered.  “I believe that the seven of us working together can have Willy on line for tomorrow.  Al, Alyca says that she will have a selection of her new guns for you to look at when you get to Texas.  They are designed for exploring on the new worlds.  She is having custom ones made for Claire and me, like the ones that Mary and Brenda are getting.”

Sue had noticed that Claire is sitting oblivious to the meeting.

Mary saw Sue’s concern.  “Sue, Alyca has introduced Claire to Bruce, KA, JA, and Less.”  She looked at Dave.  “President Clarke may the four of us be excused?  We want to start on the long distance education.  Sue can you get Tommy and join us over at the Blair house.  We need to continue his training.  Not the full extend that Claire has since he is not part of a pairing but he still will gain.  Jason is having an area prepared since this may take a few hours.”

Sue glanced at Dave who smiled and said.  “Go, you also should take the time to learn.  You are part of a pair.  Bruce, would you get a secret service detail and go with them.  I want you to determine what may be necessary to guard individuals in this type of endeavor.”

“Claire just got into a long discussion with KA.  She is asking if it was OK to drop out for a bit.”

Claire interrupted Robert.  “She introduced me to her dogs and cats.”  Claire left out the other animals that she had met.  “I had to concentrate on them.  Dad, we hadn’t thought of tying us all together until you mentioned it.  Margaret, Bruce said hello.  He will have a report of the agents that they have caught, but none of them had any knowledge about what they were really looking for or that their countries may have had similar projects.  He suggests that we need to ramp up security in Texas.  He expects that TI may become a target.  He will send anything that needs immediate attention through us.  Otherwise, he will use the secure lines when they are set up tomorrow.  John Henry has gotten Prime Minister Blake to give him full clearance on all things related to the window.  As if, he didn’t have it already with Alyca.  KA will be a bridesmaid in my wedding.  Less asked me to wait until she is old enough.”

Dave laughed.  The wedding was being planned but it would not be for a few years.  “Go and set communication with Australia up and you will meet more of Robert’s family.  Will and Leslie would you stay.  I would like your help to plan what we need to do in light of all of these developments.”

Chapter 13


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