Ch 13 What Will Claire Do

Oval Office
White House
Washington D.C., USA
Friday May 21, 1999
Dave Clarke was at his desk reading reports while Sue and Claire sat quietly talking.  They were discussing whether Claire would attend the memorial for the students, the teacher, and the Secret Service agents that had died when she had been kidnapped.  Claire accompanied by her mother and Robert had already visited her wounded classmate Maria at the hospital late last night.  The visit had been less of a risk since it was unscheduled.

“Mom, I cannot run away and not acknowledge the sacrifice that they gave when I was kidnapped.  It disrespects their deaths and will just embolden more kidnappers.”

“If you go to the memorial, it will draw the terrorists that are still out there to attack the memorial service.  If we put enough agents and officers there to keep the service safe, it will look like we are afraid of these terrorists.”  Sue argued.

Dave has finished commenting on the last report.  He looked up at his wife and daughter.  “You are both right.  Let’s see if we can provide sufficient protection without showing it.  You’re planning on Robert going with you.”  Claire nodded yes.  “Would his sisters be willing to go?”

Claire paused a second.  “Mary said they would like to go.  Brenda is still asleep.  Mary and Willy are working with their cousin Stephanie.  That will make the fifteenth Macphater cousin that is able to communicate with us.  Kim, reports that she and her boys have taught two of them to sense people and things.  The boys are still complaining about not being able to stay up last night and help.”

“Sue, if Bruce agrees that Claire can be protected by the three Maclarens, a Secret Service detail, and the police that will be there, do you agree that she could go?”  Dave asked his wife.

“Yes, I realize the importance of Claire going, especially for her personally.  I just was concerned about making things worse.”  Sue answered.

“I will be armed also.”  Claire stated.

“Is that an argument for or against you going?”  Dave teased his daughter.

“It is an argument for the terrorists not to show up.”  The look on Claire’s face led him to believe that the terrorists would be smart if they didn’t show up.

Sue smiled.  She liked the changes that have occurred in Claire the last three days.  She was surprised that she wasn’t unhappy with her growing up so fast.  Robert was all she could ask for in a son-in-law.  Yes, they weren’t getting married for years but she couldn’t think of him otherwise.  “When will Robert and his parent be here?”

“They have just cleared security.  Did you know that there are pickets out there protesting the killing of the kidnappers?  What did they want Will to do?  Ask them to let me go?”  Claire was upset.

“Claire, there were protests after the US entered World War II following Pearl Harbor.  Can you image the protest if we had sunk the Japanese fleet before they bombed Pearl Harbor?  You can never get one hundred percent agreement out of the people.  You want to keep the majority with you, but the more important thing is to do what is necessary to keep people safe.  I would rather have them out there protesting than dead.”  Dave told his daughter.

Claire was silent for a second.  “Robert shared what you said with his parents.  Will is laughing at the example.  He thanks you for the reminder.”

“Yes, Will is a solider not a politician.  I expect the protestors didn’t bother Leslie as much.”

“No, they did not bother her.  She did appreciate your example.”

The intercom light goes on.  “If Agent Maclaren is here, you may send him right in.”  Claire and Sue couldn’t hear the reply.  “Thank you.”

Bruce Maclaren entered a couple of seconds later.  “Mr. President.”

“Bruce, what have you determined about security for Claire attending the memorial service tomorrow?

“It could be done with ten agents but I’m uneasy with the level of aggression that the terrorists have shown.  I understand the reasons why you think Claire should go, but I wish we had a better understanding of what was going on.”

Dave nodded in agreement.  “Would Claire, Robert, and his sisters with them all carrying guns help?”

“Yes, sir.  I’m still concerned that the terrorists may do something unexpected.  We could handle most any surprise that I can imagine.  In fact, most of the ones that they cannot handle, I would expect that even here you would be in danger.”

“You are certainly looking for surprises.”  Sue was concerned at the level of the threat that Bruce was considering.

“After the surprises that we had the past few days, I have raised the level of concern that I have for the unexpected.  I figure sooner or later, the bad guys will realize that they have to really think outside the box if they hope to succeed.”

“Good, that’s what I was expecting from you when I gave you this assignment.”

“Thank you, sir; I think.”  Everyone laughed.

Bruce went over what he had found out about the memorial.  The most interesting item was that the FBI was also expecting that the terrorists would be trying something.  They would have a large number of plains clothes agents in the area.

“They are here.”  Claire announced.  “Vice President DeSang is on his way.  Ms. O’Reilly pulled up a couple of minutes ago.  She is coming up the stairs.  She does like to keep in shape.”

“You’ll find out what it’s like when you’re older and have a job that doesn’t let you get much exercise.  That’s why I moved some of my briefings to the gym.”

Bruce remembered when the President had made that change six years ago.  Some of the people thought the President wouldn’t be paying attention and had tried to take advantage of it.  He remembered what the President had said to the former Secretary of Agriculture.  There had been an investigation and the man was out of a job.

The intercom lit.  “Send them in.  When the Vice President and Directory O’Reilly arrive, have them come right in.  Dave got up and moved over by his wife.  Sue and Claire had also risen.  Sue gave Claire a little push towards the door.

Robert entered first and held the door for his parents who went to greet Claire.  When the door shut, they each gave her a hug, then moved on to Sue and Dave.  Claire and Robert embraced and there was a short kiss.  They broke apart and Robert turned to Bruce and shook his hand.  He then went over to shake the President and First Lady’s hands.  He and the president shook.  When he went to shake Sue’s hand, she surprised him with a big hug.

“Robert, I am glad that Claire and you have found each other.  You are part of our family.”

“Thank you, I know how long it took mom and dad to meet and Willy just found his Life-Mate.  I had expected it to be years before I found mine.”

He stepped back as Al and Margaret entered.  They had run into each other before getting to the offices and were discussing something.  Margaret looked around the room and noticed Robert standing with Sue and Dave.  “Al, I believe that we missed something here.”

Al was also taking in the room.  “Sue, did you just give in to the inevitable?”

“Yes, I’m learning that Dave and I aren’t the only ones to have such a close relationship.  In fact, I am finding out that we still have a lot to learn.  Why ignore that Claire and Robert have found in each other.”  Sue said.

“Does that mean that she’ll be going to Townsville to study?”  Margaret asked.

Leslie spoke before the Clarkes could answer.  “There have been a number of developments over night.  We’ll be staying in Texas a little longer than expected.  We’re needed more in Texas than in Queensland.  Therefore, we have a little longer to decide.  Willy and Ian were …”

Sue interrupted.  “I don’t need longer to decide.  Claire and Robert should be together wherever it will be best for them.”  She looked at Dave.  “Sorry, I didn’t talk with you first, but I felt there is no reason to continue acting like a silly overprotective mother.”

Dave hugged Sue.  “I knew it was just a matter of time until you overcame your fears.”  Robert and Claire came over and the four of them exchanged hugs.

“Sue, I’m glad you put it that way, we may need Claire, Robert, and the girls in Texas.”  Leslie said.  “Let us sit down and we’ll make our report and explain why I say that.”

“Leslie, will you explain what has happen and why it changes things?”  Dave requested.

“We have reached a critical mass in the number of individuals able to mentally communicate and also those able to communicate over great distances.  I want you to understand that only some of those that are able to communicate may be able to communicate at long distances.  We don’t know if it just takes longer to learn or that only some can do it.  We are definitely still learning about mental communication.”

“What do you mean by critical mass?”  Al interest in mental communication had risen since he had been told that he had the ability to learn it himself.

“Up until recently, mental communication for our family has been between husband and wife or siblings.  Additionally, Will and my brothers when in the service had been able to keep track of their men.  We’re unsure if this is the same or different.  Most of the mental communication has been feeling and intuitive ideas about the other person.  Recently, I would say the last couple of years that thoughts have started to be communicated.  Right now Willy and Ian are finishing transmitting their reports of what they have found when looking at the four worlds using an observation window system.  Sorry, I am getting ahead of myself.”  Claire had brought her a glass of water.  She took a drink.

“Yesterday, we were sitting here when Claire learned to communicate with our family in England.  Bruce and Alyca were wed this morning.”  Leslie said.

Margaret spoke up.  “Leslie, we know that your family considers the Life-Mate of a family member as family.  You even seem to include others like the Steele girls as family members.  No there is something else that has got you excited.”

“Willy found  that his Life-Mate is Linda Steele.”  Robert was concerned at his mother being upset.  “Mom, I found Claire when I helped Jason track her.  It is not that different that Willy and Linda found each other.”

“No, it’s not that much different.”  Leslie agreed.  “What is very different is that Tom Reynolds recognized her as Willy’s Life-Mate on Tuesday.  He had only met Willy a few times.  He was more familiar with Linda, but it doesn’t make sense.”

“Didn’t I understand that your brothers brought Will home to meet you?  That sounds like they knew something.”  Sue said.

“But Tom has never shown any ability.”  Leslie said.

“Mom, he has been working with his grandsons.  Just like everyone else, the presence and activity of others using their gifts may have awakened his.”  Robert explained.

“Leslie, let us go and welcome Linda into the family.  Mary and Martha also.  We don’t want Linda to feel that you are rejecting her.”  Will said.

Leslie face went white.  She realized with the mental communication that Linda now had that she may have misunderstood her concern.

“Dave, we have to go.”  Leslie headed for the door.

“We’ll be back for the meeting.  Robert can brief you.”  Will’s eyes followed Leslie out the door.

“Go, take care of this family matter.  I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one finding it hard to accept all that is going on.”  Dave was glad to see that Robert’s family didn’t have everything under control.

Will rushed out the door to catch up with Leslie.

Dave looked to Robert.  “I guess a lot has gone on since you left here yesterday.  Start with telling us who has learned to communicate and anything else that is relevant right now.  Then tell us how your brothers were able to get the windows to the four worlds working.  Third, explain why it’s so important to go to Texas.”

“Sir, I would like to handle it a little differently.  The reason that we need to go to Texas as soon as possible is that the United States is behind in getting the window equipment ready.  The reason that we have the windows working in Queensland is that after we had gotten more of us able to communicate between here and Carlisle, we followed your suggestion and tried communicating with my brother Willy.  With the sixteen that we had here and the thirteen in Carlisle, we had no trouble contacting him.  He was actually sleeping.  It took him a while to realize that it was not a dream.  Twenty minute from when he awoke, he was fully communicating.  He went next door to tell Ian and his wife Naz what to expect and to help teach them.  Then Alyca and Willy decide to communicate the technical information for the window.  MME had built the equipment to the general information but the particular information that would actually make it work and the setting for the worlds we did not send over regular communications even with encoding.

Willy and Ian decided to get an observation window working.  Naz was working with us on training my Macphater cousins.  After Willy and Ian got the observation window working, they strapped it on a truck and drove it up Mt. Stuart.  We don’t know how to teach sensing of another world without actually opening windows with someone that already can sense the worlds.  Just another thing we need to learn.  They got the equipment near the top of Mount Stuart and hand carried it up to the summit.  They did bring some help.  They backed off with the remote switch that they had added and opened the window and photographed the four worlds at the four cardinal compass points.  When they checked the images, they found that there is land and water visible for all four worlds.  We had hit the jackpot.  They moved the equipment around and found locations for opening transit windows for all the worlds.  Several locations are good for multiple worlds.

Brenda, both Marys, Linda and I had been working with Naz to teach the cousins.  Most of the others especially the young kids had dropped out to either sleep or do other things.  The five of us were taking turns sleeping.  Willy and Ian were keeping us updated on what they were finding.  With less help, it was taking longer to teach communication.  Finally, there were enough of them there that had learned that only a couple of us had to be there to guide.  We have all of the cousins and their spouses that are in Townsville communicating.  The rest will be there Saturday.”

Sue asked, “Why wasn’t Claire helping?”

“I was here working with Tommy.”  Claire said.  “I taught him to be able to communicate and sense people besides being able to sense things.  We had cut contact to be able to concentrate.  I was falling asleep when I remembered I needed to tell Robert good night.  I was surprised at what they had accomplished but I was too tired to help.”

“So how does that affect TDI in Texas?”  Margaret did not understand how that put getting the windows ready in Texas behind schedule.

Robert explained, “Well, we expected to be late in Queensland, but this put them ahead of even Carlisle.  The military and scientists are already there.  They are hiding the operation by calling it a readiness drill.  Being able to communicate allowed us to catch up in Queensland, but we do not have the ability to do that in Texas.  Uncle Jess and Tom Reynolds plan to fly to Dallas on the Gulfstream and get things started.  When Linda found out that the Gulfstream would be leaving Tuesday to take the controllers to Queensland, she asked if she could go along so she could physically meet Willy.  Kim told her to take her sister and mother also.  Uncle Jess plans to check if any of the three Steele’s or Kevin can learn to recognize the other worlds.  If they can, then Mary will not need to rush back to Queensland.”

“Dad, they need to stop in Hawaii and check for the other worlds.  I do not understand how I know it but it is important that they do.”  Claire had just had an insight or revelation.

Robert had passed on what Claire had said and had gotten back comments.  “Dad and Uncle Jess agree that is a very good idea.  Hawaii is out in the middle of the Pacific with only ocean around it.  Uncle Jess says that there is over an eighty percent chance that there is a large land mass there on one of the worlds since the island chain is so long.  Dad suggests that if one of them can learn to sense the other worlds that they just do a fast check and leave it to a team with an observation window to do the work.  It would help in keeping the secret of our sensing the other worlds.”  Robert relayed.

“It makes sense that on the other worlds where the Pacific Ocean is that there is a possibility of a large continent.  We need to let Blake and Hunt know about checking for locations to set up windows at islands in the middle of the oceans.  Bermuda is another good area to check out.  I assume that besides New Zealand that there are other areas in the Pacific and Indian Oceans that PM Hunt should have checked out.  We will need to inform New Zealand and Canada.”  Dave began to realize that the secret may need to be made public sooner than expected.

“Ireland also.”  Margaret O’Reilly added.

Everyone laughed.

“Ireland makes a lot of sense.  It’s closer to the central Atlantic than Great Britain.”  Al commented.

Margaret gave Al a smile.

“There is one more important thing that we wanted to bring up.”  Robert said.

“Go ahead.”  Dave told him.

“We want the five of you to take the time to develop your ability to communicate.  Sue started yesterday, but it will take a committed effort.  With the number of people we now have with the ability and the experience that we have gotten, it may take only a half hour but no more than two.”  Robert’s words have shocked them especially Bruce.

“I don’t know.  I…”

Margaret interrupted Al, “Al, You would be a fool not to.  It would be an immense advantage when you are President.”

Bruce finally got over his surprise.  “Why is it important that I learn?”

Dave laughed.  “If you are to keep track of what is going on at the memorial service Saturday it would be a big help.  Besides, you are a Maclaren.  That’s why you have been doing so well handling all of this?”  He turned to Al.  “I agree with Margaret.  Being able to communicate mentally when you are president will be an immense advantage.  And if this critical mass thing gets even bigger, then we may have a lot more people that can real soon.”

“Not as many as you might expect.  It seems that we have been lucky or the ones with the potential have gravitated together but we are beginning to be able to sense the potential now.  Many people in Washington and Carlisle do not have the ability.  For some reason Naz believes that there are more in Townsville, but we are not sure what she is sensing is the same as what we do.  It will be a while before we know more.  Also many that we sense are not as strong.”  Robert stated.

“It’s new.  I’m ready to learn but I’ll not have time until after the meeting tomorrow.  We need to get as many individuals that can communicate into the CIA as possible.  It will make things much easier.”  Margaret commented.

“Margaret, I agree but we need to know we can really trust these people first.”  Dave told her.

“Dad, can you lie to Mom when you communicate?”

“No!  You mean that you cannot lie mentally.”  Dave considers the implications of this.

“I do not know that you cannot, but you will have to learn how to do it first.  Therefore, if you show a person how to communicate mentally, it will take a while for them to learn to lie.  That’s the time to find out if they are really the type of people that you want.”

“Excellent point.  We can use all the insight that we can get.”  Margaret praised Claire.

“Here are some more points to remember.  We have found that gaining the ability to communicate mentally has increased a person’s ability to do more than one thing at a time.  It is as if you had turned on a portion of the brain that was not being used.  Larry said … That is John Harvey’s brother-in-law, Dr. Laurence Tidwell.  Larry said that the number of thoughts that a person can work on simultaneously is an indicator of genius.  He and his wife are planning to do some research on what is different in the brain.  The important thing to remember is to keep the mental communication in the background.  That way no one knows about it.  Also, remember that you can contact someone if you need help.  Once you are able to communicate, we have some other things that we can discuss with you.”  Robert added.

“Who should I contact for these secrets?”  Margaret asked with a smile.

“Oh, it is not secrets so much as it is easier to explain if you can mentally communicate.  It is sort of like explaining the colors of a sunset to a blind man.”  Robert laughed.

“So we are blind?”  Sue asks.

“Mom, it is a sense that most do not have and you are not fully using.  The way you and dad communicate now is equivalent to being color blind with cataracts.”  Claire exclaimed.

“Ok, we get the idea if not the picture.”  Dave was laughing at how worked up Claire had gotten.  “Robert, in your brothers’ reports, is there anything special of note.”

“The biggest surprise is that the Fire world was in the middle of the night.  There was enough moonlight to determine that there was water and land.  They have a crew making more observations but Willy and Ian had gone to bed early to be ready for the meeting.  Willy has just sent in the preliminary report.  We now know that for all four worlds that we have land and what appears to be ocean if not a very large lake.  Each world is fertile with abundant animal and plant life.  There has been no observation of anything that would indicate intelligent life.

Robert describes the four worlds.

“What are their plans?”  Dave wondered if what they would be doing matched his ideas.

“Prime Minister Hunt will fly to Townsville to observe the first expeditions onto other worlds.  The thought is to go into the Air world to which the UK does not have access and one of the other three.  We have only enough equipment ready to explore fully two of the worlds.  The thought in Australia is for the UK to choose what two worlds they would like to investigate and for Australia to investigate the remaining world.  John Harvey is leading a lively discussion in the family of which worlds to select.  You have to remember that neither Prime Minister Blake nor Hunt knows about our mental communication.  We are restricting knowledge to those we know will be able to learn.  Determining those who can learn is an ability that we have not been able to train anyone in at a distance though Naz seems to have a similar ability.  We may have to wait until Linda gets to Australia and one of us goes to the UK.  That puts you ahead of the others in that.”  Robert smiled at Dave.  “We are also seeing if Tom Reynolds ability to detect Life-Mates can be taught but we hope to find some more through Tom and someone may be coming around to teach you and Mrs. Clarke.”

“Bruce, will Robert have time to get back to the meeting tomorrow from the memorial.”  Al asked.

“Yes, but he’ll not have much time for a briefing.”  Bruce replied.

“Mom or dad can brief you.”  Robert suggested.

“Good.”  Dave wanted Robert at both the memorial and the meeting after the first exploration tomorrow.

“Oh, Ian just noticed after going over all the images from the four worlds that they have taken that the sunrise and sunsets are all different.  Bruce Jenson is looking at the British observation window’s images that were taken.  They are changing to Ian’s idea of a series of images.  The sunrises and sunsets are different there also, but the lengths of the days also vary.  Marie believes that the worlds and suns are similar with each world’s orbits being the same general size, but the axial tilt and other things may be different.”  Robert relayed.

“Real time reporting.”  Margaret commented.  “What other things may be different?”

“Oh, that three of the worlds have multiple moons is the other difference that was noted.”  Claire answered.

“Why wasn’t that mentioned before?”  Sue knew why her daughter was interested in the moons.

“Oh, I just asked about it and Ian and Bruce checked.”

“Trying to find out where you are going to get married.”  Sue teased her daughter.

They all laughed as Claire blushed.

“John Harvey Lawrence is heading up the work with the windows for the United Kingdom.  General Jonathan Albright is filling the same spot for Australia.  Mr. President, do you plan to appoint someone to head up the United States work.”  Robert asked the President.

“I take it that you are relaying a question from someone else.”  Dave asked Robert.

“Yes, sir.  Grandfather Ian was taught mental communication.  He, Sir John, John Harvey, Uncle Jess, Marie, Kim, mom and dad have been having a discussion of how the family should proceed.  One of the problems is that the United States is several days behind the United Kingdom and Australia.  Uncle Jess and the others will be going to Dallas to get the technical moving but we feel that having someone heading things up would help.”  Robert answered.

“I have several considerations that Blake and Hunt did not.  I wanted a scientists not a politician or military officer.  As the world superpower, I wanted to assure other countries that we viewed this as primarily a scientific endeavor.  Additionally, the person will have to be able to readily pass congressional approval.  We will have to operate as a black project for a while so we need to ensure that no political problems arise.  My first thought was John Hauffman, but Al and I agreed that he wouldn’t be a good choice.  Al suggested Solomon White.  He is a doctor, has a PhD in physics, and is a popular write of science articles and science fiction.  He’s scheduled to be here in a few minutes.”  Dave tells them.

“Uncle Jess said that he is an excellent choice.  He, Kim, mom, and dad will be here in a few minutes.”

“Dave, it sounds like they liked Al’s and your choice.  Did you know that he wrote an article supporting Dame Alice’s Adjacent World Theory?  Also, he is leading the Stanford group researching adjacent worlds.  Mostly private funding but using a front company, I put a little money into it last year to find out how things were going.  I believe that they are the most advanced of any non-government research group.”  Margaret had surprised Dave.

“No, I did not.  I should have asked you for a report on adjacent world research.”

Margaret picked up her briefcase and extracted a file with Top Secret on it.  She handed the file to the President.

“How long have you had that ready for me?”

“After I saw General Kamalski’s report on the AJ Power Generator, I had this and a report on foreign governments’ reactions to the AJ Power Generator researched.  Russia’s and China’s were in disbelief that we are not restricting export.  They were setting up to steal the secret, but were surprised when they just had to order samples of the controller.  Of course, the self-destruct that Jess put into the design had them upset when they tried to reverse engineer it.  North Korea had gotten their hands on one and they also destroyed it when they opened the IC.  I have taken efforts to cut their backdoor access to the controller.”

“Why?”  Dave didn’t understand why she would block the backdoor access if the North Koreans could just order one directly.

“I wanted to keep everyone concentrating on the AJ Power Generator and not what we are doing with the windows.”

“Margaret, you do know that the controller is integral to the windows generator and the AJ Power Generator is used to power it.”  Dave said.

Margaret realized that her plan might have backfired.

“Tom says that it is not a problem.  All world governments are receiving calls today asking where they would like their sample of the AJ Power Generator and a power controller to be delivered.”  Robert tells them.

Al and Dave broke into laughter.  Then the rest joined in.

“Now that will confuse everyone.”  Sue said.

Robert explained the “Clean Power for All” campaign that TI, S-I, TDI, and MME were running.
“So the plan is to base early distribution on a country’s plans to meets goals in cutting pollution, helping the poor, and other criteria.  We will watch what they are doing with them but every country will be getting some, but there are additional generators that will be going to countries that meet their goals.  Additionally, assembly facilities will be built in countries that are the leaders in meeting the goals.”

Claire interrupted, “They are here.  The secret service is clearing two visitor.  It may be Doctor White.”

Dave pressed the intercom.  “Let the Maclarens and Kim Reynolds in when they show up.”

“Yes, Sir.  They are here sir.”  The secretary seemed surprised.

“I will have to stop doing that or the secret will get out.”

“Dad faked a call to cover you.  It will look like he called me.”  Robert smiled.

Dave chuckled.

“Claire, are you monitoring the White House?”  Bruce asked.

“We are taking turns monitoring the vicinity.  Mary Steele was the one that passed the information about the visitors.”  Claire replied.

The door opened and the Maclarens and Kim Reynolds entered and took chairs at the side of the room.  Dave moved to his desk.  Claire and Robert sat with Sue.  Al and Margaret left the couch where Dr. White would be seated for the pair of chairs opposite the President.  Bruce moved to stand to the side of the President desk.

“Well I feel much safer.”  Bruce replied.  Claire started to explain.  “No, I actual do.  I cannot stay late today but I should have an hour if the meeting stays on schedule.  I want to know how to communicate and track people.”

“We can get you started but communication may be all we can do today.”  Robert said.

“How about communication and then show me how people and objects are viewed.  Maybe I can figure out how to do it on my own.”  Bruce asked.

“Larry says that would be an interesting experiment.  He suggests that you also see if you can communicate with your family.”  Robert passed on the message.

The President’s intercom light went on.  Dave pressed the talk button.  “Yes, Jill?”

“Doctor Solomon White is here, sir.”

“Send him in.”

Jill opened the door and showed Doctor White in.  He was a tall athletic black man with a short mustache.  He was carrying a briefcase.  As he looked around at all the people in the room, a confused look could be seen in his eyes.  When he saw Jess, a thin smile appeared momentarily on his face.  He turned to meet the President who had come over to greet him.

“Doctor White, thank you for taking the time to come to Washington.  I have something that I believe will interest you.”

“Mr. President, when you call and ask me to visit to discuss something of personal and national interest, how could I not rush to find out what it is that is important enough that your daughter’s kidnapping is almost forgotten.  Now I get here and I see her, the first lady, the vice president, the CIA Director, and some of her rescuer here to greet me.  You had my curiosity before, now you have my undivided attention.”  He was looking at Jess as he spoke.

“Let me introduce you.  Then we can get on to what I have to offer.”  The President accompanies Doctor White around the room and introduces him to everyone.  When he introduced Bruce Maclaren, Doctor White was surprised.

“You are American by your accent.  How distant of a relative are you?”  Solomon White asked Bruce.

“My great-great grandfather Maclaren and his brothers fought in the Civil War.  Pennsylvania.”  Bruce answered.

“Bruce’s part in this will come out as we tell the tale.  Have a seat and we will start.”  Dave said.

Jess asked.  “Doctor White, is your wife with you?”

“Yes, she is touring the White House and may go to the museums if the meeting is long.”  Doctor White said.

“Bruce, get someone to find her and ask her to join us.”  Claire requested.  Dave smiled and nodded when Bruce looks to him for direction.

“Claire, would you like to explain things to Doctor White.”  Dave asked.

Bruce was almost to the door.

“Bruce, her tour is in the East room.”  She turned back to her father.  “No, start with the power generator.  We will hold the rest until Mrs. White joins us.”

Dave smiled.

“Dr. White, I am sure that you have heard of the AJ Power Generator?”

Solomon White was confused.  It sounded as if the President daughter was a major participate in the meeting.  He had been surprised to see her and Robert Maclaren in the meeting, but she was actually suggesting or was it telling her father how the meeting should be run.  “Yes, I am.  I was surprised that Dame Alice and Jess Maclaren had developed it instead of working on proving her Adjacent World Theory.”

“But they didn’t.  The power generator was built to help in proving the theory.”  Dave tells him.

Solomon had the look of someone that has had a revelation.  He looked at Jess.  “Did Dame Alice know before she died?”

“She knew before she presented the paper, but I believe what you are asking is did she live to see another world.  The answer is yes.”  Jess replied.

The intercom light turned on.  “Yes, Jill.”

“Professor White is here.”  Jill answered.

“Send her in.”

Professor Mei-lei White entered the room.  She was a petite, oriental woman who at the moment was very confused as to why she was called to the oval office.  She looked around the room and a smile came to her face.  “Greetings, my brothers and sisters.  It was foretold that the time was near but I had not expected this meeting.”  She looked at Solomon.  “I told you the time was near when mankind would spread to other worlds.”

“Mei-lei, there is only one adjacent world.  I showed you the math.”  Solomon said with a sigh.  It was obviously an old argument between them.

“Solomon, your wife is correct.”  Jess said.

“But Dame Alice’s equations show only one solution.”

“No, Alice left the solution ambiguous.  She was looking for others that truly understood the equations.  You are the only one who ever published that even partially understood.  She wanted it that way so that no one else who did not understand the equations would be able to go there until we were ready.”

“You mean, we have been wasting our time. “  Solomon looked upset.

“Your group, most of the nations of the world and twice as many universities.”  Margaret replied.

“And you have not been wasting your time.  Did you not make other discoveries?”  Jess asked.

“Yes, some are very interesting, but nothing of the importance of what Dame Alice discovered.”  Solomon was looking depressed.

Mei-lei put her hand on her husband shoulder and squeezes.  It was obvious from his reaction that she may be small but she was not weak.  “Fool man.  They did not bring you here to tell you that you were wasting your time.”  She walked over to the First Lady and introduced herself to Sue.  Sue introduced her to Claire and Robert.  Mei-lei smiled at them.  “May you have a long and happy life together. “

“When we met your husband, we knew that we had to have his Life-Mate also in the meeting.  There is much for both of you to learn.”  Claire said as she looks into Mei-lei’s eyes.

“Life-Mate!  That is an apt description.”  Mei-lei replied.

Sue introduced the rest of the people in the room.  Mei-lei joined her husband on the couch.

“Dave, before you start I would like to know what Professor White teaches and what is her specialty.”  Leslie asked.

“Yes, that may prove important.”  Dave said.

“Please call me Mei-lei.  I am a Professor of Zoology at Stanford.  My specialty is determining the evolutionary connection between different species.”

“Is your maiden name Huang?”  Kim asked.

“Yes, you are the geneticist, Doctor Kimberly Maclaren Reynolds.”

Kim nodded her head.

“Am I right in understanding that Mei-lei’s is a top expert in her field and it will be very useful for what we will be doing?”  Dave asked.

“Mei-lei Huang is on the list that we gave Leslie.  I remembered reading her thesis but nothing more than her name about her.  She definitely should be on your team.”  Kim said to Dave.

“You mean Solomon’s team.”  He was looking at Solomon and Mei-lie.  “I want you to be head of the United States efforts to explore the four new worlds that can be accessed through the Maclaren window.  You will be coordinating with similar groups from the United Kingdom and Australia.  Both of the other groups have started investigating the other worlds.  They will each in the next twenty-four hours make the initial forays into the four worlds.  We are behind but should begin exploring within the week.”  He looked to Jess who nodded.  “Solomon, would you lead our efforts?”

“I accept.  Why are we behind?”

“Alice was killed when we opened the window in a lake on the third new world.  We were lucky though.  If we had opened a window into the fourth world, the entire village would have been destroyed.  An active volcano is at the location on that world.  We would have opened into a lava pool.  We have developed an observation version of the window that opens a small window behind quartz glass for less than a second.  This is helping us to find locations to open the windows.  We are not transmitting the technical information so that we can make sure that no one goes and opens a window at a dangerous location.  We also will be restricting public knowledge to only one world since most of the scientist are convinced that there is only one world.”  Jess explained.

Solomon looked at Dave.  “Is that one of the reasons that I was selected?”  He did not look happy.

“I had not even realized that everyone thought there was only one world.”  Dave looked at Al.  “Al, did you know that when you suggested Solomon?”

“I did not know he had any interests in the adjacent world theory.  His degrees in medicine and physics and his writings of fact and fiction are what would make him a good choice.”  He turned to Solomon.  “I have heard a couple of interviews that you have given and I liked how you handled yourself.”

“Sol, they want you for what you will do to organize the exploration, migration, and scientific investigation.  You are a person that the people will trust when they find out about the new world.  They are giving you the job that Columbus messed up in developing a new world.  There is no way you would turn this job down.”  Mei-lei told her husband.  He turned and hugged his wife.

“The primary criterion was an academic with a wide range of interest.  You are not a military officer or a politician.  I felt that having the man in charge be either of those would send the wrong message to the world.  Exploration, migration, and scientific investigation as your wife mentioned are what I want to see happen.  Yes, there will be a military presence in the new worlds.  And politics is in everything we do.  Between the AJ Power Generator and one new world, thing will be disruptive enough.  I do not want to start military confrontations on the new worlds.”  Dave was very emphatic as he explained his goals.

“Mr. President, I understand your vision and I share it.”  Sol smiled as he realized that he wanted the same things as the President.

“Sol, when we are meeting like this, let’s keep it on a first name basis.”

“Dave, the attendees are arriving.  We need to tell them the other half of the story.”  Robert said.

“Ok, one last thing.  Sol, are you going to hire your assistant or are you going to leave your wife sitting there?”  Dave added.

Sol laughed.  “Mei-lei, would you help me to get this right, just as you have done for everything else in my life?”

“There was no way you were leaving me behind.”  She told her husband.

“Mei-lei would you like to have communication even better than that you have with your family with Sol?”  Claire asked.

“Yes, he is a thick headed scientist that wants proof before he will even try.”  Mei-lei looked like she was talking about a child who would not listen to his parents.

“There is no proof that psychic powers exists.”  Sol had a stubborn look on his face.

“How did we know where to find Mei-lei or that she was even here with you?  How do I know that you have three quarters, two dimes, and six pennies in you left front pocket?  How did we get the secret technical information to Australia but we cannot get it to Texas?  Robert will explain Texas later.  Why did Mei-lei greet us as brothers and sisters?  Everyone in this room has psychic potential.  That includes you.”  Claire responded.

“Mei-lei, I am sorry that I did not believe you.”  Sol was very worried that his stubbornness has affected their relationship.

“Life-Mate is what they called us and that is what it means.  We are mates for life.  Now, listen and stop being a fool.”  Mei-lei’s words had put a smile on Sol’s face.  He turned to Claire ready to believe.

“Did my rescue leave you asking questions?  Robert and his cousins located me.  They knew that I was going to the house behind Kim’s house.  Will was able to organize the rescue and save me because of the information that they gave him.  Robert had not told them that he had learned to locate people from his eight-year-old cousin Jason or to locate objects from his twin five-year-old cousins Jerome and Eric.  Robert and I found out that day that we are Life-Mates just like you and Mei-lei.  He taught me how to locate people and objects and to communicate just as he learned from his cousins.  Since then we have taught members of his families here, in Carlisle, England and in Townsville, Australia.  My brother has been taught and my mother has started.  These three high government officials have not given us the time to teach them but are improving from just being around us.  We feel that when enough active or potential psychics are together that it allows our abilities to manifest and for use to teach others with the potential.  We do not have the answers yet.  Most of this has occurred this week which is part of the reason that we have not gone off and set up the windows for the United States.”

“That explains the questions that I had about the kidnapping.  Did the kidnappers really pick a house behind the Reynolds and all of you ended up stay at the Reynolds?”  Sol was starting to accept, but still had many questions.

Robert answered, “We have been seeing coincidences that we are beginning to have to attribute to guidance at some higher level.  How else do you explain Mei-lei’s expertise that we dearly need?  A few you can write off as chance but when you keep having more and more, you start looking for a cause.  Do you know how Jason recognized Claire mentally though she was miles away?  He had met her at the White House Easter egg celebration.  An eight-year-old boy does not usually remember a fourteen-year-old girl over a month later.  There are just too many things for it to be just chance.”  Sol started to say something.  “Hold off questions about this until you can communicate with us mentally.  Mom wants to teach you and Mei-lei to communicate later today.  Kim wants to talk with Mei-lei while the meeting is going on.  We will start her education then.”

“You are communicating mentally.  Your mother and Kim talked with you about what you mentioned while you were talking.  I did not notice any break in your attention.”  Sol continued to have questions.

“Learning to mentally communicate appears to open up additional portions of your brain.  You can communicate in the background.  Tom and Rob have talked about how wide the bandwidth must be with which we communicate.  I also just communicate with my brothers in Australia and John Harvey and Alyca about the meeting.”  Robert explained.

“So are you running the meeting or is Dave?”  Sol asked.

“Dave is.  I am just coordinating things for him.  Claire and I want to get him communicating so he can handle most of this without us.  We need to help in Texas and then go to Queensland to explore and study.  We want to get some time in each of the worlds before we start university in the fall.”

“You are both starting university.  Claire is only fourteen.”

“I was a junior but have most of the courses I need for graduation and a few college level.  I will take the GED and get a diploma.  It is too dangerous for me to be in school here.  I might lose more friends.”  Claire replied.

“Are you not scared for yourself?”  Mei-lei asked.

“I do not intend to be a victim again.”  Claire showed them her pistol.

“She learned yesterday.  She shoots better than I do.  Robert’s cousin is Alyca Maclaren, who is an Olympic shooter.  Shooting turns out to be something they can teach mentally.”  Bruce commented.

“Dave, I need to update you and the others on the latest information and what John Harvey is planning.  Grandfather and Willy know some of what General Albright and Prime Minister Hunt are considering but they are pretty sure that there are things that they have not been told.  We need to get Linda there so that we can see if they have potential.  Mental communication needs to expand beyond the family, if for no other reason than Brenda and Mary are wondering where there Life-Mates are.”  Robert’s last comment brought laughs from everyone but Sol and Mei-lei.  “They are my sisters.  They were happy for me when I found Claire.  Then with Alyca finding Bruce Jenson and my brother Willy finding Linda Steele, they are starting to feel like old maids.  They are twenty.”  He put a strong emphasis on the last word.  Sol and Mei-lei joined in on the laughter.

“I will take Mei-lei and discuss the biological aspects with her.”  Kim stood.

“Claire, take them up to our sitting room.  I will be up to join you after I hear Robert’s report.”  Sue directed.

Claire led Kim and Mei-lei up to the Presidential residence.

Chapter 14


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