Ch 20 Keep the Children Safe

White House
Washington D.C., USA
Saturday May 22, 1999

Brad Henley and Tony Raines had joined in the discussion of the press conference to cover the two actions against the terrorists, when Bruce and the four young people entered the room.

“Thanks, Al but it would be better for me to hold the press conference.  I don’t want it to appear as if anything was wrong.  Claire and I both not being there would cause too many questions.  I can also use Claire as an excuse to keep it short.  Tony set it up for 8 PM.”  Dave saw Claire and started to rise.  “Brad, make sure that everything is ready for the meeting.  That’s all for now.”  Claire came over to him and they hugged.

Brad and Tony headed out the door.  They realize that the President had dismissed them so that he could talk with his daughter.  They were surprised that none of the others was leaving.

Sue and Tommy went over and hugged Claire.

Will and Leslie were hugging their children.

Dave went over to Robert.  They started to shake hands but Dave turned it into a hug.

Will cleared his throat.  “Robert, you did not include Bruce in your planning.  He was responsible for Claire’s protection and has years of training and experience.  He might have reacted to protect Claire and thrown your plan off.  You could have mentally communicated with him while you were planning.”

“Yes, sir.  I messed up.”  Robert realized that his father was right.  He had not included Bruce in the planning.  It was so obvious now.

“I don’t think that I could have added much to the plan.”  Bruce knew that he barely understood what the four of them could do, so he did not have enough knowledge to be helpful.

“You are right Bruce.  You do not have enough knowledge and neither do the four of them.  Not to even mention their three helpers.”  He looked at Kim’s sons.  “What we need to do is some planning and training, but I think that will need to include your wife.”

“Bruce, go and get your wife.  I need to have both of you fully trained in mental communications and any other ability you can learn.  So that all of you will readily work together, we are going to have these four be the ones to train the two of you as well as Sue and myself.  Call her and ask her to come in.  I will pay for the cab so that you can ride home together.  I think that you will have a lot of talking to do.  Do it now.  I want you at the meeting.”  Dave ordered.

“Yes, sir.”

“Jeff, we will also have to get your wife in here to learn.  By Tuesday, things should have settled down here.”  Sue said.

“I don’t understand?”  Jeff had a confused look on his face.

“You and Carla are Life-Mates.  I learned how to identify Life-Mates from Tom.  Carla and I met a couple of years ago, so I know both of you.”  Sue explained.

“But can she learn to mental communicate.”  Jeff still did not understand.

“Life-Mates can mentally communication.  It might not be developed but it is what brings them together.”  Will added.

“I can bring her in Tuesday after the kids are off to school.”  Jeff remembered times that they had been especially close when it seemed that they knew what the other was thinking.  That must be like what they have.  Carla and I will have it also.

“Good.  Leslie, can you brief me on how things are going in Texas?”  Dave asked.  “Hopefully by tomorrow night, I will know how to search out someone there to find out how things are going.”

“Dave, you don’t call people to find out how things are going.  You’re the President.  You have people collect the data and report to you.”  Margaret said.

“Can Brad or someone else on my staff learn how to mentally communicate?”  Dave understood his mistake.

“I know Brad’s and Tony’s wives.  Neither couple is a Life-Mate pair.  I did not get any indication that they would be able to learn mental communication.”  Sue replied.

“Janet Morris and Maurice Brown will be able to learn.”  Claire suggested.

“I will have to explain mental communications to Brad before I can have them briefing me.”  Dave was concerned about upsetting Brad, who has been with him since his first run for governor.

“I will handle it until we can get things squared away.”  Sue told her husband.

Claire mentally communicated with her mother.  We will help you check all of the staff and cabinet secretaries.

Sue responded.  Thanks, but you may be on your way to Australia before Monday.  Claire realized how much she and her mother would miss each other.

Robert reassures Claire.  You will be able to communicate with them wherever you are on Earth.
What about on the other worlds?  Claire asked.

No one has yet been able to communicate between worlds.  Robert answered.

“Well there is a lot of good news from Texas.  All of the adult Smiths and the older children have the ability to communicate.  They have also identified over twenty workers at TDI that can learn.  The Steeles are leading the training.  They have asked Kim and Rob to bring their children to help with training the children.  Tom has told me to get Brenda there as soon as possible.  He has an Army lieutenant that he wants her to meet.”  Leslie looked at Brenda, who is standing with her mouth open.  Mary and Claire hugged her.  All three were crying.  “He and Jess want to know if it is OK to start training the Army personnel that have the ability to learn to communicate.  He thought that you might want to set up a separate unit.”

“I think that we might consider the lieutenant for the group that Bruce is putting together.”  Dave was smiling.  He was amazed how so much was going together so smoothly.  He glanced over at baby Alice.  Then he looked at Will.  “A special unit sounds like a good idea, but I would like to have yours and Margaret’s input before I raise it with the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs.  We need to see if we have any general officers that have the ability.”

“I am having a staff meeting Monday morning and then I am touring all the local offices.  I expect to find a number of possibilities.  Doing something similar at the Pentagon, should find some possibilities there.  Did anyone check at the meeting yesterday?  Margaret asked.

“We didn’t think about it.”  Will realized that they would have to be checking everyone with whom they came into contact.

“Well check them all out.  I especially want to find more people in Congress.  Sol and Mei-lei, I want you to keep this in mind as you set things up.  We will need scientists to investigate the ability and the best ones will be those with the ability.”

“Don’t forget Congresswomen Sandra Smith Lewis.  I would not be surprised if the colleagues that she invited down to the ranch for some shooting don’t include some with the ability.  She is the one that recommended Linda and Mary to me as nannies.”  Kim said.  “Her mother, Diana, is always joking about how her mother and grandmother practiced voodoo in New Orleans.  I expect that they had abilities that they were using.”

“She had slipped my mind.  Ask her to come back to Washington as soon as possible.  I could use her help in Congress.”  Dave thoughts returned to exploring.  “What is the status on the windows and the exploration?”

“Half a dozen observation windows are operational.  They called General Kamalski in the middle of the night to authorize the Army to start searching using them.  That is how they met Lieutenant Koloski.”  Leslie was interrupted by Mary.

“Mother, quit teasing her.”  Mary is upset at how her mother was teasing her twin.

“First Lieutenant Charles Koloski.  Age twenty four.  West Point.  From Wisconsin.  That is all Linda told us.  She felt it was better for both of you to meet before you found out more.  She contacted us when you were at the school and we decided not to interrupt you.”  Will told his children.

“Thank you, father.”  Brenda was smiling.

“Al, I think that you have at least one extra passenger when you leave tomorrow.”  Dave suggested.

“Mei-Lei and I would also like to join you.”  Sol said.

“We would like to join you also.  Jess expects to have the first window open tomorrow.  We got to view the other worlds Monday but I am eager to step over into one.  These four should come with us.  Al should have enough security to keep them safe and this will be an unexpected move for the terrorists.  We will be there a few days so Bruce will have time to catch up.”  Will was also thinking about meeting his future son-in-law.

“No, Martha can learn today.  She will be able to start preparing for the move.  I need to stay with these four and learn what is needed to make their security work.  That is especially true if we will have another person joining the team.”  Bruce was not going to let Claire’s security slip.

“Thank you, Bruce.  I will see that Martha has any help that she needs.”  Sue understood the sacrifice that he was making for her daughter’s safety.

“It will take Rob and me a few days to get things together here before we can move.  I want to go into work and check if anyone there has the ability.”  Kim said.

“Jeff, make sure that they have protection.  They are a target for the terrorists.  You might assign one of the agents that you and Bruce found that have the ability.  Kim and Rob can train him.”  Dave looked back at Leslie.

“They have located seven possible locations.  We cheated a little there.  Jess had Kevin, Linda, and Mary with him when he checked out the observation windows.  He arranged it so that they could learn to detect the other worlds.  Each of them is with one of the scout teams.  That was how Linda met Charles.  They investigated in the direction towards the TDI ranch.  Linda has just reported that some of the workers there also have the ability.  I don’t know if Diana and Larry unconsciously hired people with the ability or if the ability just developed in those around them.  We have not proven that everyone is not able to develop the ability only that some have.”

“That is a good point to remember.”  Sue could see the implication of both possibilities.

“Oh!  The ranch has locations that allow access to all four worlds.  One location has close access points to both the Earth and Fire worlds.”  Leslie was very excited as she reported.

“Ask the Smith’s if we can set up windows at the ranch.”  Dave requested.

Leslie laughed.  “Diana got the report from Linda at the same time we did.  She just asked me to ask you the same thing.  I told her she should get it rolling.  She gave me the number at TDI so that you can call General Kamalski.  The army has just radioed in the report.  She suggested that you call and ask how things are going.  Then order setting up at the ranch.”

“I will call.”  Sol reached for a phone.  “You need to delegate and I need to start doing my job.”

“I see we are going to get along just fine.”  Dave told Sol.

Jeff showed Sol how to make the call.

“We have one minor accident.”  Leslie had everyone’s attention.  “Three of the groups were using helicopters.  One of them decided to use the observation window while in the air.  It was slightly damaged when it had some electrical problems and had to land fast.  Luckily, they had just left the observation window run as they took off to the next location.  The other two have been ordered not to operate the unit unless they are on the ground and grounded.  The trucks have been ordered to stop and ground.  Jess is taking responsibility.  He said that he told them to land, ground and take readings but had not mentioned the electrical problem.”

“Well that confirms that we do not open a window while airborne.”  Dave had hoped for a faster way to search the new worlds.

“Jess and Larry agree that they will be able to set up the first window at the ranch tomorrow.  The Smiths had been hoping to set up a window there so they stockpiled one of their two sets of equipment at the ranch.  They suggest setting up four building compounds like we … Australia did, in each of the four worlds and explore before deciding where to put the large compound.”

“We need cost and time estimates for supplying what is needed to set up a full compound and exploration in a world.”  Dave requested.

“I have just told Sol to make the request.”  Leslie replied.

Dave laughed.  “I forgot that he and Mei-lei have learned to mentally communicate.”

Sue puts her hand in Dave’s hand.  “You, Al, and Margaret are the ones who are behind in getting the training.”

“After the press conference.”  Dave smiled at his wife.  Sue and Claire smiled back.  They would be handling Dave’s training.

“Linda is to leave with another group for Hawaii tomorrow.  She will stay there until Wednesday when the MME plane arrives.  She will then go on to Townsville.”  Leslie reported.

“Let us play a hunch.”  Dave had a grin on his face.  “Jeff, connect me in with Sol and General Kamalski.”

Jeff brought a handset over to Dave.  Sol had told Kamalski that the President would be joining them.

“General Kamalski.  I understand that things are going great there.  I would like to play a hunch.  The second set of equipment that TDI has for exploring a world.  I would like you to plan on airlifting it to Hawaii.  I expect that we will find a location at which we can access another world.  You have the mountains that give you a lot of elevation possibilities and it is possible that we could find a continent.  If we do, we will be ready to go and explore.  If not we should be able to find another location to set up.  Tomorrow, I want you to move the other search units to a wider search in the country.  Leave the one group at the ranch.  Tell Lieutenant Koloski well done.  His group is to search out the best locations that he can find.  Vice President DeSang will be there tomorrow.  Al is scheduled to go hunting at TDI Ranch.  He and his hunting companions will get a firsthand look at these other worlds.  There is a congressional group hunting this weekend.  You should go there and discuss what is going on with them.  Congresswoman Sandra Smith Lewis has been showing them around the family ranch.  I am sure that she will be able to help you.”  Dave can tell that he has completely surprised the General.  “I think that the Smith’s have set up communications so that they can participate in the meeting.  That would be in about twenty minutes.  Work on getting things started and join the meeting.  I will have you report the progress that we have made and the plans that we have just discussed.”  Dave paused while Kamalski replied.  “Dan, you don’t know what fast is yet.  We have been living with it all week.  Tell Jess to give you a short rundown of what has happen this week.  Don’t worry about getting things started until after the meeting.  I had thought that they had briefed you better.  I still expect you to give the report but don’t worry about being perfect.  Everyone understands how fast things are running.  Talk things over with Al when he gets there.  Things are going better than we expected.  Keep it up.”

Dave and Sol hung up.

“Sue, would you work with Jess on briefing General Kamalski?”  Dave asked his wife.

“Yes, you surprised us all with your idea to be ready to go in Hawaii.  We all agree.”  Sue was very proud how Dave was handling everything.  Dave realized that they had mentally discussed his idea while they were on the phone.  “The Smith’s are gathering the information that will be needed to plan the airlift.”

“We are running out of time.  Let me run down the rest of the status report.”  Dave nodded agreement to Leslie suggestion.

“Tom has passed on the need for a faster ramping of controller production.  TI is working on it, but determining how to do it will take some time.  This will be the fourth increase within a month.”  Leslie paused to see if Dave has a comment but he signaled her to continue.  He seems distracted.  Colonel Juan Sanchez of the 1st Cavalry wants to discuss the possibility of an electric tank.  This would be straightforward development from the ATVs.  The second would be a rail gun powered by AJ Power Generators.  It could be either for the wheeled vehicle or for a stationary gun.  The advantage for the tank would be no explosives or fuel to explode.  Larry said that Alyca would be the one to talk to but she was unavailable to consult at this time.”

Dave was following her since he indicated for her to continue.

“The next item is a request for a bid from the Pentagon.  They want to replace all mobile generators and a number of fixed power sources with AJ Power Generators.  They see a payback period of 2.5 years on fuel savings alone.  Based on the experience that we are having with the generators, I would suggest only a small order.  Our three companies are the first to build and use the generators.  We are just starting a second generations of generators based on what we have learned in the last couple of months.  There will also be a number of generators built by others in the next couple of months.  Learn what you will need, then submit a request for bids when you have a better understanding of what you need.”

“Am I correct in understanding, that you want us to wait until you have some competition?”  Al asked.

“In a way, yes.  Our work right now is concentrated on what we need for these new worlds.  We could have someone design something based on what you are asking for, but I know that use of the generators will lead to changes in your requirements.  I am suggesting that you buy some of the ones that we have designed.  Use them for a while.  Take them apart and decide what you want changed.  You will have a better product and we will be able to put your input into our design to improve it.”  Leslie answered.

“Dave, that sounds like a good idea.”  Al looked at Dave who has not been following what they were saying.

Dave thoughts had been elsewhere.  “We need to change our priorities.  We need to have as many people trained in using the mental communication ability as we can in the next few weeks.  We have a lead in exploring and colonizing these worlds.  Yes, it is good to have those that have the ability leading the way, but we need to increase our numbers as fast as possible.”

Alice had started to laugh.  She was looking at Dave and smiling.  Everyone looked at her then turned to Jason.

“Did Alice say anything?”  Rob asked his eldest son.

“She is just happy.”

“Well we can’t expect Alice to tell us everything.  She has to start being a baby soon or she will not develop.”  Edna said.

“What do you mean, grandma?”  Kim asked.

“One of the things that I learned in looking into souls coming back in babies is that the soul needs the new life to improve or develop itself.  The idea of a heaven that we go to after death to live the rest of our lives seems strange when you consider that you continually learn throughout your life.  No one dies perfect.  Why would there be a heaven where we go and live a perfect life.  I know that I look forward to a coming life where I can improve on what I have done in this one.”  Edna told them.

“That makes sense but it is not in line with most of our major religions.”  Sue thoughts on the possible conflict with the major religions.

“And Alice having lived in three bodies that I have knowledge of fits into which of those religions.”  Edna replied.

“That is a long discussion for another time.  I see Dave’s point.  Let us discuss this mentally later.  We have a full training schedule ahead of us right now, so let us wait until all of us can mentally discuss this.  Jeff, your wife is the only one that I think we need to make a change for right now.  Move her training up as much as you can.”  Will then nodded to Leslie.

“It is time to go.  I only want to bring up one thing that will not be mentioned at the meeting.  The kin are bonding with us in a one to one mental relationship similar to what we have with Life-Mates but with other types of implications.  Our people that have bonded have found that their abilities are stronger especially range.  Second, the Kin are reporting that their abilities are stronger.  Third, we are learning each other’s abilities.  The Kin have a multi-level mind.  One is the personal level like we all have, but they also have the pack level where they work together.”

“That is similar to what the seven of us have been doing.”  Robert commented.

“Yes, but they live that way every minute of their lives.  That is why the attacks by the silent ones are so devastating to them.  They are losing not just relatives and friends but part of themselves.”  Leslie explained.

“That makes finding a solution to the silent ones even more important.  How we explain this to those that cannot mentally communicate will be very important.”  Dave rose from his chair.  “We need to be on our way.”

We will go back to Blair mansion.  The children need a rest.”  Edna looked to the four young people.  “What will you four be doing?”

“I have one more time acting as Dave’s aid.”  Robert hurried to open the door for the president.

“We are going to try and figure out who Mary’s Life-Mate is.”  Claire said with a smile.

Chapter 21


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