Ch 21 What Was Found

Lavarack Barracks, Townsville, Queensland, Australia – Sunday May 23, 1999
Smyth Industries Kingmoor Facility, Carlisle, Cambria, UK – Saturday May 22, 1999
White House Conference Center, Washington DC, USA- Saturday May 22, 1999
Trail Drive International Facility, Dallas, TX, USA – Saturday May 22, 1999
The secret service agents were a combination of Dave and Al’s protection details.  Jeff had put the head of the VP’s detail in charge until he was able to get to the meeting.  None of them had been at the memorial but they had had time to watch the telecast or one of the many replays as they waited on their principals.  They were too professional to stare at Robert but he repeatedly found them glancing at him with a questioning look.

Will had seen what was going on and Robert’s unease.  His mental message had been simple.  They do not know what to make of you since you are fish, fowl, and good red herring.
Robert had almost laughed at the way his father had turned around the popular saying.  He now could see their problem.  He was the President’s unofficial aid, Claire’s intended, and to them probably the most dangerous person there.  Robert knew that his father was more dangerous for though he had ability as had been shown today, his father had experience.  Since they had gotten back to the White House, Will had required the four of them to keep him abreast of anything that could impact on their safety.  After a few minutes, the rest of the family had joined in.  Sue and the Whites had joined not long after that.  Jeff and Bruce had not joined in, since Will was tutoring them on how to request, collect, and make use of the information that they got from the others.

At the presentation room, Robert again followed Dave and Sol to the table at the front of the room.  The others in their party took seats together in the front.  Robert could tell that he was the center of attention.  In the video monitor, he saw his grandfather talking with PM Jimmy Hunt and Jon Albright.

Ian glanced at the local monitor and smiled at his grandson.  Robert, well done.  I look forward to meeting Claire in person.

Thank you, Grandfather.  I look forward to getting home, but I fear it will be a while longer than expected. 

Yes, there is more for you all to do before you return.  Ian’s attention to the monitor has caused Jimmy and Jon to look at the monitor.  It was before 5 AM on a Sunday morning in Townsville, but some word of what had happened at the memorial service had obviously reached them.

“President Clarke.”  Jimmy called.  “Dave, can you tell us what has happened there with the terrorist?”

Dave heard Jimmy call and looks up as the question was asked.  “Robert, would you answer.  You have the firsthand knowledge.”

“Yes, sir.”  Robert looked at Dave and nodded.  He turned back to the monitors.  He saw that John Harvey, PM Charlie Blake, and the Army officer that was sitting with them had stopped talking to hear the answer.

“The rescue at the Jordanian embassy had been scheduled to coincide with the memorial service.  It was expected that the service especially when Claire spoke would distract the kidnappers.  The Jordanian military attaché led the FBI Hostage Rescue Team on the rescue.”  Robert paused as he considers how to put the identification of the terrorists.  “When we approached the auditorium, it was determined that there were people with guns and a bomb in the front center of the audience.  The only possibility that we saw was to go to the front of the stage and confront the terrorists.  We walked to the front of the stage, where I asked them to put down their weapons.  Instead, the men drew and they were shot dead.  The woman initially reached for the girl, but when the men were shot, she remembered the switch for the bomb.  Claire and I shot to disable the trigger.  Brenda and Mary disabled the bomb, which I then showed to everyone.  Claire calmed the crowd.”  He paused at the look of surprise on PM Hunt’s face.

“Claire, the president daughter, shot the terrorist with the bomb.”  Jimmy was thinking of his daughters in such a situation.

“Yes, sir.  Both of her shots hit the woman’s wrist.  If we had not cut the wires, Mary and Brenda were ready to jump down and subdue her.”

“But she is only fourteen.”

“I am sixteen, sir.”

“But what kind of training has she had?”

“Brenda trained her the day before.  The secret service was surprised but she met the criteria that they had set.”

Before Jimmy could ask another question, Alyca spoke up.  She was leaning over Jon Harvey’s shoulder.  “Brenda and Mary have been helping me train the Lothian and Borders Police as well as some Olympic shooters.  Your son Richard and his wife Laura were two of them.  Ask them about the training.”

“Rich mentioned the training that you had given them.  How could Claire learn so much in just one day?”  Jimmy had taught his children to shoot and remembered how long it had taken Rich to get to Olympic level.

“It surprised the Secret Service and me, but I trust the Secret Service with my family security.  I know it is early there but have a look at the video when it is broadcast on the news.  It scared Sue and me, but it impressed Jeff Wilson, the head of the executive protection division.”

“I watched it a number of times and was very impressed.”  Charlie Blake added.  “Let us get on with the meeting.  We have important news, but let us start with the report on the Australian exploration.”

“From Lavarack Barracks, we have started to explore all four new worlds.  The Fire world was the first world entered.  A full compound was set up.”  Jon Albright reported.  “The first unexpected situation was the difference in air pressure between the two worlds.  Gravity is 1% greater than gravity at the Barracks so we could have a denser atmosphere or a weather difference.  We did have a continual wind from the Fire world to Earth.  The windows were moved into buildings on both worlds to avoid a heavy rainstorm on the Fire world but the move also cut down on the wind through the windows.  We will be moving all windows into buildings as soon as possible after initial setup at a new site.  For the Air world, the initial site was in a wetland on that world which required that we switch to an alternate site.  That site also had locations suitable for the Earth and Water worlds so it was decided to set up windows there to explore them.  It was decided that all four sites would be controlled by the military so MME will be paid Monday so that they can replace the equipment being transferred to the military and for their work in setting up the compounds.  One interesting note is that all four worlds each have two moons.”

“The rain and the change of sites have delayed the start of science investigation of the Fire and Air worlds by a half day.  Additional scientists to investigate the other two worlds will be arriving in the coming week.  Military forces for garrison and initial exploration of the four worlds are available but we will be turning long-range exploration over to MME.  They have trained people to conduct this exploration.  Will Maclaren, when will you be home to take over the exploration?”  Jon inquired.

“Not soon enough.  Things continue to come up, but there are plenty of good surprises.”  He thought of Linda Steele, Charles Koloski, and the Kin.  “My sons Willy and Ian can handle it.  PM Blake, I would like to involve Major Lawson, your military attaché, in the planning.  I understand that he and his wife Lisa have visited all four worlds and have contributed with some very good suggestions and some manual labor.”

“Of course, Sir William.  I have read his reports and have found them very informative.”  Charlie Blake said.

Jon continued his report.  “There have been no indications of a technology advanced civilization on any of the worlds.  The only intelligent life is the Kin, which the British have found.  Today, two ultra lights will be flown in each of the worlds.  They will be supporting the ground exploration.  The seaplane powered by an AJ Power Generator will be test flown today.  After it checks out, it will be moved to the Earth world to search for Kin in this area.  Those are the more important items.  We have set up a database with reports on yesterday activity.  Most of the summaries and analysis of the situation on each world are also available.

Robert looked at Kim.  Kim, your boys, my sisters, Claire and I may be able to check for the Kin if we go through the Earth window in Texas.  We just need to know the Kin.

You will have your chance to meet them.  Some of them are attending the meeting.  Kim answered.

Robert wrote a note and passed it to Dave.

Dave read ‘British have brought some of the Kin to the meeting’.  He smiled and passed the note to Sol.

“Sol, would you go next.  Our presentation may take a while.”  John Harvey said.

Sol read the note as he listened to John Harvey.  He looked up as he pocketed the note.  “I understand.”  Robert, introduce me to John Harvey.
Robert mentally introduced them.

Do you want me to cut it short so you have more time for the Kin?  There are a few thinks that may lead to a discussion.  Sol asked.

No, I just thought that once they were introduced we might never get to your report.  John Harvey replied.

“General Kamalski will give the first part of our report.  Switch our feed to the one from Dallas.”  Sol ordered.

The US portion of the video monitor switched to show General Daniel Kamalski flanked by Jess Maclaren and Larry Smith, the president of TDI.  “We have operational observation and access windows.  Early this morning 6 search teams with observation windows left Dallas.  So far, eight locations that allow easy access to another world have been found.  We confirm that using a window while flying can cause electrical problems.  We luckily suffered no injuries and minor damage.  We rushed sending the teams out and we had not fully briefed them.  Out best location is the TD Ranch.  Yes, another lucky coincidence.”

There were laughs from everyone.

“We can access all four worlds at TD Ranch.  The closest two locations are a quarter mile apart.  We will do our first access from TD Ranch.  The ranch will allow us to keep our work quiet and TDI had prepositioned one of their two sets of exploration equipment there.  We just have to get our people there.  The plan is to build four building compounds on all the worlds to support exploration.  A major compound will be built on the most promising world.  Exploration is to commence Monday with the Earth world.  The exploration windows will be moved by air to US locations in the southeast, northeast, north central, northwest, southwest, and Hawaii.”  Jess indicated to Dan to stop.

Sol took over the report.  “We expect that the Hawaiian Islands may give access to one or more major land masses on the other worlds.  The mountains there will allow altitude changes from sea level up to 14,000 feet.  In addition, the islands stretch over 1500 miles.  We suggest that searching be spread to other areas, both locations under our control and areas controlled by close allies.  Our thoughts are to bring Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand in on the knowledge of the four worlds.  We each have started exploration at very good locations.  Our activity will be hard to conceal in a short while.  I believe that we need to plan to support exploration by all nations.  I would like to suggest that we build an observation window and an access window for each nation and set up a database of our exploration findings for all to use.”

“I agree that it will soon be obvious that we are doing something that is of major importance.  With as many people as we have working on this, it will be hard to keep the secret for long.  Having windows and a common database ready to give out, may lesson some of the criticism that we may get.”  John Harvey commented.

“I even like the idea of giving the samples out.  It will lead to orders, so I think that it will pay for itself.”  Ian Macphater said.  “It will take a while to build them.  I need the controllers that TI will have ready on Monday.”

“Go ahead and build the windows.  Charlie, Jimmy, and I need to discuss this privately.  John Harvey, I think it is time that you tell us what you have found.”  Dave diverted the discussion of other countries to a strictly government meeting.

John Harvey smiled.  He would keep the report short before the Kin were introduced.  “Let me first introduce Lieutenant Colonel Charles Richie.  He commands the Army Battle Group participating in our exploration.”  Charlie nodded.  “Exploration on both the Water and Earth worlds has commenced.  Full compounds are up in both worlds.  Exploration on the Water will continue on Sunday.”  He glances over to where four of the Kin sat with the members of the family with whom they had bonded.  This would be the most important presentation that he ever made.

Marie could sense what he was feeling.  John, remember we are all available to support you.

John Harvey looked back at the camera.  “We have made contact with an intelligent species on the Earth world.  They call themselves the Kin and they are herders.  They are not tool users and do not communicate verbally.”  He paused and then held up his hands to forestall questions.  “They use mental communication.  By another lucky coincidence, my children have the ability to communicate mentally with other species as well as with other members of the family.  My children accompanied by Alyca and Bruce Jenson with support from the Army went across to the Earth world and met with the Kin.  They and members of the Kin have become friends.  Four of the Kin have joined us here today.”

The presentation quadrant of the video monitor is now showing four of the Kin and the persons with which they had bonded.

“Alyca Maclaren Jenson is with Avla.  Bruce Jenson is with Velvon.  Dr. Ann Lawrence Tidwell is with Kera, and John Jess Lawrence IV or JJ is with Jevron.  The Kin live in packs of around one hundred individuals.  They have nothing that corresponds to our governments but that will be explained later.”  John Harvey paused, but it is very short.  He could see that the fact that they could mentally communicate had not slipped by anyone.

“Before continuing with our discussion of the Kin, I need to explain about the mental communication that I and others have learned to do in the past week.  You have heard about the dreams that my mother-in-law Alice had.  Some of you may have wondered why Jess and Will accepted them.  It was because the three of them were very close because they often could share thoughts and emotions.  Not thought communication more like being able to say a few words and the other person can understand what you are thinking.  Jess and Will knew that what Alice had dreamed were more than dreams just as Alice did.  Jess and Alice married and grew closer together.  Will knew he wanted to find someone that he could be as close to as Jess was to Alice so he joined the army.  He found that he could keep track of his men when he was in the field.  This was another early example of the mental communication.  He found in Leslie Macphater what Jess had in Alice.  Both couples had children that share the ability to be very close to their mate.  That is what Marie and I have.  Then along comes Alice and Jess’s grandchildren.  They could mentally communicate among themselves.  They know how not to be obvious but their parents and other who spent time with them noticed it.  When Marie and I asked our children about it, they told us they could mentally communicate.  They kept it to themselves because they saw that we did not talk about the little bit that we, their parents, could communicate.”  John Harvey took a long pause.

“All this changed after Dame Alice’s death.  Over the past week, we have found that we could learn to communicate among ourselves.  It started slowly.  Robert learned from Kim’s three boys Tuesday night.  The boys knew Claire from the White House Easter Egg party.  When they saw the television reports on Claire’s kidnapping, they knew that she was not at the embassy.  Jason has the ability to know where someone is even people that he has only seen.  He knew that Claire was with some men that lived in the house behind them.  He told his family.  Since Tom had shown Will and his family, what his grandsons could do the night before, Will knew that they might have a chance to rescue Claire.  The rescue was successful.  One of the reasons for the success was that the boys knew where the kidnappers were.  The information was passed on to the shooters by adults with radios.  At that time, only the three boys and Robert could mentally communicate and Robert had not told anyone that he have learned how from the boys.  Robert was in mental communication with the boys as they tracked Claire’s movements.  During that time, he made his first mental contact with Claire.  He told her to be calm and that help was on the way.  In Claire, he found a Life-Mate that he could be close to just like his father had with his mother.  That is the extra bit that allowed Claire to be rescued.  Of course Will had trained his family and his security people but without the mental abilities that were used they would not even had known to try.”  John Harvey did not pause as he moved on to the more important point.

“We have had mention of coincidences earlier.  Look back at what I have just told you and see a whole lot of coincidences stacked up there.  One, the kidnappers were using a house behind the Reynolds.  Two, the boys had met Claire at the White House Easter Egg party.  Three, Will was at the Reynolds with armed and trained people to make the rescue.  Four, the boys could tell where someone they knew was.  Five, Robert learned these abilities from them the night before.  Six, Robert and Claire are what we are calling Life-Mates.  That is a couple who are mentally very close together.”

“Things like that don’t just happen.”  John Hauffman, the National Science Advisor, was trying to think on another explanation.

“Robert, is that how you knew about the terrorists today?”  Lieutenant Colonel Richie asked.

“Yes, sir.  That is why we had to go in and do it.  We could not explain it to the Secret Service in time to stop it.”  Robert did not go into more details.

“This explains the success that you have had with the terrorists.  The question then is why the coincidences are happening.”  Jimmy Hunt asked.

“I believe that whoever sent Dame Alice those dreams is setting things up.  I think that we will continue to have this extra help as we do things that it feels need to be done.  I also think that we need to think in terms bigger that just our nations.  Now that we have met the Kin, I believe that we need to think in terms larger than just the human race and Earth.”  John took a drink of water, to cover all the mental communication as the family discussed how the announcements are being taken.

“John, you and Claire Clarke are not blood relatives of the Maclaren’s.  How is it that the two of you are able to learn mental communications?  Charlie Blake asked.

“We are Life-Mates of family members.  People who have the ability to learn mental communication appear to choose mates who also have the ability.  That is not the important answer to your question.  We have found that not only are we learning this, but also people around us are.  We had two thoughts on that.  One thought is that we have reached a critical mass of people doing mental communication.  Others that have the latent ability can sense the mental communication and learn.  Another is that the same someone that sent the dreams is enabling people to learn.  The current consensus is that it is probably a mixture of those two.  What we do know is that as fast as things are happening, we do not yet expect to see things slow down.”  John Harvey’s answer drew a laugh from most of the people.  “We are not sure if only some people will be able to learn or all people will eventually be able to mentally communicate.  We are hoping for the latter.”

“I have suggested that those that can mentally communicate should concentrate more on finding and training as many people as they can.  I feel that now that each country is on the way to having good window sites to the other worlds that ensuring mental communication becomes wide spread is our most important task.”  Dave added.

“Those that have the ability to mentally communication are not just Scottish or white?  Jimmy Hunt asked.

Leslie laughed.  “I am part Aborigine.  My daughter-in-law is Indian.  One of my future daughter-in-laws is black.  That is part of the reason for our theories about why it is happening now.  The ability is wide spread across the human race.  Abilities may vary from person to person but it is not a racial trait.”

“I agree that spreading the ability to mentally communicate is now the more important tasks.”  Charlie expression turned to a smile.  “I think I will spend a few more days here and see if my unconscious can catch on to how to do this.”

“Well it will draw more attention to what we are doing, but I think I will hang around a few days also.”  Jimmy said.

“I will get my training tonight then Robert will not have to sit in these meetings to pass me messages.”  Dave looked over at Robert.

“I have learned a lot in the last two days.  Claire and my sisters are right now trying to figure out who and where Mary’s Life-Mate is, so I have the free time.”  Roberts comment was met by laughter.  Robert broke into a smile.  Dave turned back to the audience and saw Will, Leslie, and Sue smiling also.  He looked back to Robert with a questioning look.  “Mary’s Life-Mate saw the memorial services and called in to the White House to talk to Mary.  Claire and my sisters are on the phone talking to him and his sister.”  Robert looked at the monitor.  “Sorry about the personal comments.”  John Harvey, we need to get back to the Kin.  Benjamin and his sister have been to another world but they did not need a window.  Marie you should contact Mary.  Ben and Linda are going to Dallas.  You may want to talk to him face to face.  He is a candidate for a Physics PhD at Stanford.  He is basing his thesis on the Adjacent World theory.  Sol, you know him and his sister.
Ben and Linda Tohe.  Sol was surprised that Ben was Mary’s Life-Mate, but he was one of the people that he planned to ask to join in the exploration of the worlds.
John Harvey and Marie were surprised at the news.  Yes, we need to keep this private.  Have Bruce discuss meeting the Kin.  I will ask Alyca and Sol to join me in talking with them.  Marie mentally contacted Alyca and Bruce and lets them know what is going on.
“Let us get back to our discussion of the exploration.”  John Harvey said.  “Bruce Jenson will tell of meeting the Kin.”

“I would just like to mention that Alyca and I are Life-Mates.  We met Tuesday night when I was spying on the Lawrences.  My first sight of Alyca was with her two pistols pointed at me.  Things soon calmed down and we realized that there was something special between us.  We are now married.  Yes, things are happing fast, but I for one am mighty glad about how things are going.”  Bruce’s comments also drew laughter.

“The other great thing to happen was meeting the Kin.  It has been a mind-expanding experience.  We have been translating and explaining things to them throughout the meeting.  It is very interesting to learn their take on what is happening.  They see our meeting as very important for both of our species and all our worlds.”  Bruce and Velvon were on the presentation quadrant of the monitor.  Bruce’s comments started a lot of comments.  He raised his hands.  “Let me go over our meeting with the Kin.  Some of you questions may be answered but I believe many more important ones will come up.”

“We knew about the Kin from a lucky mistake with one of the observation windows.  Yes another coincidence.  The images from the Earth world showed the Kin working with two types of the animals that they tend to rescue a third type from a bog.  It is a most amazing series of images which have been sent out with our reports.”  Bruce stopped and looked at JJ.

“Jevron says then want us to call the Earth world, Friendship.  They had not known that the world was round and had not named it.”  JJ was explaining what Jevron had asked him to say.  “They only use mental communication so naming thinks is very different for them.  The names we use for them are what our minds translate their mental names into.”

“I for one am tired of calling that world the Earth world.  I like the idea of calling in Friendship.  That is what I want between the Kin and man.”  Jimmy Hunt was very intense in his feelings.

“I am in complete agreement.”  Charlie added.

“So Friendship is the world on which we met the Kin and may there always be friendship between our two species.”  Dave made it official.

Bruce continued with the story.  “We did not know how the meeting would go, so we planned for the worst and worked for the best meeting.  It was decided that John Harvey and Marie’s children, KA, JJ, and Less, would go to Friendship and attempt to mentally contact the Kin.  We knew that this would be dangerous so we planned on how to keep them safe.  We built a full compound on the Water world and a four building compound on Friendship.  We added additional windows on the Water world that would open on to Friendship.  Through these windows, we could create smoke screens, create loud noises, send soldiers, and a number of other defenses that would allow us to control the situation with hopefully little injury and no deaths.  Alyca and I were to be with our three young ambassadors.  We were the first line of protection.  Soldiers in the compound were the second line of protection.  Our final line of protection was the windows through which we would retreat.  Colonel Richie had us practice retreating on the Water world.  We got it smooth but not perfect but our ambassadors were eager to meet the Kin.”

“KA sensed the Kin as soon as she set foot on Friendship.  She had us shield our thoughts so we only communicated with each other.  The Kin had detected us as the compound was being set up.  We checked for anyone with the ability and had that person return to Earth.  Major Kevin Douglas and his men knew nothing about mental communication.  They had been suspicious of the control that the family had over KA’s dogs.  Alyca had a private conversation with Major Douglas in which he was told about our communicating mentally.  She explained that the Kin had sensed our thoughts and were coming to investigate and that KA, JJ, and Less would contact them.  Alyca told him that we needed him and his men to provide protection.”

“We also set up a communication relay by the windows since we cannot mentally communicate between worlds.  KA asked for her Aunt Ann to help her to understand the Kin.  Ann is a professor of medicine at Edinburgh Medical Hospital.  She has been studying mental communications since KA was young.”  Bruce nodded towards Ann and the camera turned to her.  She nodded and the camera returned to Bruce.

“Nine of the Kin were approaching us.  KA said that there were two on the trail, five in the bush and the last two were staying back guarding the trail.  We passed the information on to Major Douglas on the roof of one of the buildings.  He could see the two farther back on the trail and realized they were guarding from something they feared.  The kids searched for anything else out there.  KA noticed that animals were fleeing the area to our right.  Kevin has the soldiers look at that area.  Less was the first to sense the animals making the disturbance.  She described them as nasty and wanting to kill but not for food.  There were three of them.  The soldiers were alerted to these animals presence and their drive to kill.”  Bruce paused and looked out over the people in the room where he was and those on the monitor to judge how the story is going.  The members of the family told him how the audience was reacting to his story.

“KA had been in communications with the Kin.  She mentioned the creatures to them.  The Kin felt fear.  They knew these creatures that they called the silent ones.  They told us to go and they would deal with them.  They said that if any of them survived they would come back to meet with us.”  Bruce paused.  He again sought information on how his story was being taken.

“The Kin thought of our protections first and would be back to meet with us if they survived.”  Bruce emphasized.

“The soldiers had remained out of sight so they only saw two adults and three young ones.  They could not mentally detect any of the soldiers and guns were unknown to them.  We changed our plans since we could not retreat and leave the Kin to die.  We told them to come forward and join us and that we had more members of our pack that did not communicate and that we would all work together to protect all of us from the silent ones.  Ann had joined us.  We let down our shields and the silent ones could now sense us.  Their thoughts about killing increased.  They began to charge even though they are out of sight of us on the ground and only those on the buildings could see them.  Only the Kin close to us had joined us.  One of the soldiers saw a silent one kill an animal that did not get out of way fast enough.  It continued its charge.  The kids helped the soldiers to find the three as they charged and the three were killed.  This was the first time the Kin have heard gun fire.”  Again, Bruce paused and got feedback on his story.

“When KA told the Kin that the three silent ones were dead, they told us that the silent ones always hunted in at least groups of seven.  We joined mentally together with the Kin and searched for the other ones.  There was six more approaching from the direction from which the Kin has come.  They had planned to attack the Kin from behind when the others attached from the front.  All the Kin now joined us and we present a united front to the silent ones.  After the kids located all of the silent ones, Ann took them back to the windows.  This time the firing was more intense.  Again, the military did not allow any of the silent ones to reach us.  Alyca and I had been ready to fire but we were not needed.  We and the Kin had stood united against a common foe.”

“Am I to understand, that these silent ones attacked you just because they could sense you mentally?”  Jon Albright asked.

“That is what we gathered from what happened.  When we let down our mental shield, the need to kill intensified.  The Kin knew nothing about shielding so they never were shielded.  The silent ones attacked those that can communicate mentally and that are not shielded.  We immediately informed the Macphaters.  They had all of the people that could communicate mentally return from Friendship.  Those on the other three worlds stayed in the compound buildings.  They sought to see if there were any silent ones on the other worlds.  ”  Bruce answered.

“What do we need to do to protect ourselves from these silent ones?”  Jimmy Hunt asked.

“We need to be able to detect where they are, but more importantly we need to be able to protect the Kin from them.  We have weapons that give us the ability to kill from a distance.  The Kin have no tools so they must fight the silent ones.  The silent ones are several times the size of the Kin.  The nine Kin that we first met are all that remains of a pack of over one hundred that had been attacked by the silent ones.  They had joined up with another pack.  Since they had lost all their young, they were a patrol to protect the new pack from the silent ones.  They had detected us and had come to investigate.  They informed us that the silent ones had come down from the mountains a few moons ago and had been attacking the Kin since they arrived.  Avla told us of a dream that she had had, in which she saw the silent ones being hunted.  She knew that we were coming.”

“We need a solution other than killing all the silent ones.  We have not been on Friendship for a day.  How can we know how the silent ones fit into the environment?”  Dave asked.

“What we can suspect is that the silent ones reaction to mental communication developed as a survival trait in response to some specie that has mental communications.  It is very unlikely to develop without outside influence and I do not see the Kin as the cause of that development.”  Mei-lei looked at Bruce.  “Do the Kin know of any others besides humans and themselves that use mental communications?”

Bruce did not immediately reply.  Almost ten seconds later, he answered.  “A couple of moons before the silent ones arrived there were others in the sky that communicated with them mentally.  There were bright lights by one of their moons and they sensed the others die.”

“Get tissue samples of the Kin and other species on Friendship and of the silent ones.  I suspect that the silent ones are not native to the planet.  I think that we have two species with interstellar travel.  One has mental communication and the other has created a species of fighter that tracks down and kills the other.  There was combat in space.  The second specie crashed on Friendship and some of these fighters survived.  We do not know if any of the others did but if they did, they may be very hostile to the Kin and us since we are species that can communicate mentally.  And they will have technology in advance of our own.”  Kim is not sure how she knows this but it rings true as she says it.  Marie, mother talked to us about her dreams when we were young.  It is as if, my mind has taken bits and pieces of those dreams and put them together into what I just said.  She looked down at Alice, but the only thing that she got from her was the baby smile that sometimes comes when a baby recognizes her mother’s face.

“I agree with Kim.  I am not sure why.”  I too remember bits and pieces of dreams that mother told us about, but I do not see how they fit together.  Marie is also confused.

“That is enough for me.”  Colonel Richie was very concerned.  He realized that these aliens could be a threat to Earth as well as Friendship.  “I say that we warn all personnel on Friendship to be ready to pull back to Earth if they are attacked.  No window generators on Friendship.”

“I am in complete agreement.”  Jon Albright added.  “I suggest that we examine the bodies of the silent ones and see if there are any traces of technology.”

JJ has just communicated with Less who had just returned from Friendship to go to bed.  “Less says that one of the silent ones had a bracelet.  When they examined it, they found what looked like electronics and a battery in it.”

“A tracker!”  Robert realized that the masters would want to have a way to track the silent ones.

“I have just told Less to go back to Friendship and tell Sandy to disconnect the battery.”  John Harvey informs them.  “Then they are to bring it and the body back to Earth.

Dave saw that his previous objections did not apply.  “I take back my objections to killing the silent ones.  We need to track them down and eliminate any that are near the Kin.  We also need to find out if any intelligent beings from the spaceship are on Friendship.”

“We need to find all the kin and the silent ones as fast as we can.  There may be more elsewhere on Friendship.  Once we know where they are we can open windows near them to reach them.”  Major Eric Lawson said.  “Robert and JJ.  Can you link and search for them all across Friendship.”  Eric had forgotten that he should ask them mentally first.

Robert contacted Eric mentally.  You need to ask those kind of questions mentally first.  It may be something we need to keep hidden.  What you asked is straight forward from what we have discussed about what we can do.
“We may be able to do it.  Mary and Brenda need to meet their Life-Mates first.  After the two of them learn to communicate mentally, that will give three Life-Mate pairs and the three young Reynolds in Texas.  We can check each of the worlds from there but I think we may need to meet the Kin before we can go looking for them.  It is not something that JJ can communicate to me.  That would be later in the week.”  Robert suggested.  Let us keep the Kin bonding with us secret for now.  He passed the message on to the rest of the family.
“It will take probably that long to rundown all of the silent ones that we can here.  I would like to try capturing them first.  We need nets to start with and maybe Tasers.  Then we can see if a tranquilizer gun might work.”  Colonel Richie remarked.

“Not too likely that a tranquilizer will work on an alien species.  With Friendship’s fauna it might work, but probably not on an alien species.”  Dr. Margaret Gillon responded.

“We may have to tell the world before we can go into other countries to open up windows to save the Kin and hunt the silent ones.  Telling the world before someone opens a window and runs into hostile intelligent aliens might also be something we have to consider.”  Dave was considering the world political situation.  “General Kamalski, make plans for a military strike force to be able to go into Friendship or another world and be able to support the Kin, neutralize the Silent Ones and raid or attack the intelligent aliens.  Coordinate with the British and the Australian.  Plan to also work with other countries especially if we have to operate within their borders.”

“General!”  Eric Lawson interjects.  “You might also want to consider, transitioning to another world and then moving by window from there to the target location on Friendship.  The example of large land mass on another world accessed from Hawaii is one possibility.  Another is a location that would require going in to North Korea to set up windows.  It would be safer to make a long trek in another world.”

“This looks like it will be a fun exercise.”  General Kamalski said with a sigh.

Tom Reynolds cut off the microphone at TDI.  “General, you wife is back from shopping.  Beth just met her.  The two of you are Life-Mates.  Welcome to the family.”

Executive Residence, White House
Washington D.C., USA
Saturday May 22, 1999

Claire led Mary and Brenda into the family sitting room.  They sat on the couch with Mary in the middle.  Claire sat with her fingers interlaced and her elbows on her knees.  Her chin rested on her hands.  “Mary, I am sure that I have met him, but we meet so many people.  I am sure it was here at the White House.”

“Was it recent?”  Mary asked.

Brenda took off her shoes and brought her feet up under her on the couch.  She was not paying much attention to what was going on as she thought about First Lieutenant Charles Koloski.  It is nice that he was in the military.  Dad had been SAS and Willy and some of the cousins had joined the army just as mom’s brothers had.  Was he planning to make it a career?  I need to thank Claire’s dad for telling Bruce to look into adding him to the protection detail.  That would keep him near until Al DeSang became President.

“I remember that he was injured.  He could have been a wounded soldier, but most of those we meet when we go to the Bethesda VA Hospital.  I am sure I met him at a ceremony here in the White House.  I think it was in dad’s first term.”

The phone rang and interrupted Claire’s thoughts.  Who could it be?  The operators would know that dad and mom were at the meeting.  She turned to the end table and picked up the phone.  “Claire Clarke.”

“Miss Clarke, there is a man on the phone who wants to talk to Mary Maclaren.  He says that she is with you.  I would not have bothered you but I remembered when his father was here for the arts award.  I loved the paintings that they had brought.  Should …”

“Tohe.  The Navajo painter.  His son had injured his knee and he would not be able to play college football.  Yes, we want to talk to him.”  It’s him!

“Miss Clarke, this is Benjamin Tohe.  You probably don’t remember me but we met when my father got the award for his paintings.  We talked …”

Claire interrupted him.  “I am putting you on speaker.  I was just trying to remember you name before you called.  How is your knee?”

Ben laughed.  “It got better as soon as the college football recruiters left town.  It was the only way that I could get out of an athletic scholarship.  Linda and I went to Stanford on full academic scholarships.”

“Linda?”  Does he have a wife?  Mary worried.

“My twin sister.  Are Mary and Brenda there with you?”

“Yes, that was Mary.  If Linda is there, can you switch to speaker so we can all talk?”  Claire realized since Ben is Mary’s Life-Mate, Linda as his twin would probably also has the ability for mental communications.

“She is right here.  She has been urging me to call since we saw the four of you on TV.”

“Hi!  Ben wants to talk to you about your aunt’s Adjacent World Theory.”  Linda greeted them.

“Mary when I saw you on TV, I felt the urge to call you.  We have proof of your aunt’s theory.”  Ben did not want Mary to think it was all Linda’s idea to call.

“Aunt Alice’s Adjacent World Theory?”  Mary was confused about why Ben would call about the theory.

“Yes, Linda and I were on the adjacent world this morning.  Ever since I heard that your aunt had died, I knew I needed to prove her theory.  I am a doctoral candidate in physics.  I have been considering using your aunt’s theory as the basis of my thesis.  I have not spoken to Doctor White about it yet, but he believes in your aunt’s work.”  Ben was interrupted by the laughter of the three women.

“We were on another world this morning.”  Linda was upset.

“We believe you.  Our older brothers have been on four of them.  Sol had not told us that he had anyone else convinced of Aunt Alice’s theory.”  Brenda said.

“Four worlds.  They walked to four worlds?”  Ben was surprised that there was more than one.

“Yes.  Sol had it wrong.  Aunt Alice was killed when she opened a window to one of the worlds.  Water from a lake shorted out the equipment for generating the window.”  Mary replied.

“Equipment for generating the window?”  Ben was confused.

“Yes, the window that you generate to get to the different worlds.”  Mary explained.

“We don’t generate a window.  We meditate and stepped into the other world.”  Ben explained.

The three women exchanged looks.

“Ben and Linda, we should hold off talking about that for now.  We are using two different methods.  We have something more important to talk about now.”  Claire did not want to say too much, where others might hear.  I just told Robert about Ben and Linda.

“More important?”  Linda wondered what could be more important.

“Ben, you felt the need to contact Mary, not Brenda or Robert.”  Claire wanted to show Ben that there was an attraction between Mary and him.

“Yes, I wanted to talk to Mary.  The theory was a good way to get to talk to her.”

“So without the theory, you still would have looked for a reason to talk to her.”


“I spent the last couple of hours telling him to call.  He felt that he could not just call after what you have been through.”  Linda paused.  “You said you were trying to remember his name.”

“Yes, I knew that there is a link between Ben and Mary.  Did you use your father’s teachings to help you today?”

“Yes, we did.  He and mother have taught us many things.”  Linda answered.

“How did you know about the link between Mary and me?”  Ben asked.

“Robert and I have the same type of link.  We have learned to know about the links if we know both people.  Linda Steele told us about finding Brenda’s Life-Mate earlier today.  I had had the feeling that I had met Mary’s Life-Mate.  With Mary being the only sibling without one, I decided to concentrate on remembering.  I was just telling them what I could remember, when you called.”  Claire was almost laughing as she thought about the way that it had happened.

“What is a Life-Mate?”  Linda asked.

Brenda answered.  “The two of you are twins just like Mary and I.  Do you have instances where you know how the other is feeling?  Or what they are thinking?”

“Yes.”  Ben and Linda both answered.

“Life-Mates have that and it is much stronger.  Let us try something.  The two of you should hold hands and meditate.  We will try and contact you.”  Claire told them.

The three women also joined hands.  Let us try it by ourselves first.  Two sets of twins and the Life-Mate link should be enough to start.  Claire took the lead.  Mary you should send the first thoughts.
Ben, I cannot wait to meet you in person.
Mary, this is amazing.  I wanted to meet you since I saw you.
Ben, think of Linda so I can identify her mentally.  Linda, I also want to meet you.
Mary, I think that you and Ben will be very happy together.
I am thinking about Brenda.  Can each of you send her a message?
Brenda, you are like Mary but different.  Ben was surprised at the similarities but differences between the two sisters.
Brenda, do Ben and I also feel similar?  Linda was curious about the similarity between twins.
Claire was joined with the two women so she has also learned to identify Ben and LindaAll twins feel similar.  You two are female and male.  Someone’s sex is obvious when you link.  You cannot hide your sex.  We do not need the phone to communicate.  “I will talk to you later.  Thanks for calling.”  Claire hung up the phone.  Our communication is faster this way but it was many seconds since we spoke.  I do not think that they were taping the call.  I think that the residential phones are not taped.
How can you live like that?  Linda wanted to know.
I was eight when dad was elected President.  I was born while he was governor.  That is the life that I know.  I look forward to going to college in Australia.
They continued to discuss their lives.
When the meeting broke up, the other family members joined in to welcome Ben and Linda.  Sue, Sol and Mei-lei are the next to join the discussion, followed by Jess, Kim, and Marie.  Sol is surprised at how Ben and Linda had stepped into the other world.
What was the other world like?  Sol asked.
It was dark and we could not see too much.  The one thing that told us that it was another world was the three small moons.  Ben answered.
Three small moons.  It is one of the other worlds for which I have not worked out the settings.  Marie commented.
Ben and Linda, we need you to meet us in Dallas.  Sol said.
We have to work.  This apartment is not covered by the scholarships.  We don’t have the money for the flights.  Mary offered to pay for the tickets but she is also a college student.  I don’t want to use her money.  Ben explained.
Laughter was both vocal and mental.  Ben and Linda were surprised at it.
We can afford your flights to come meet with us even if you were not soon to be part of the family.  In fact, I suspect that the other members of your family also may be able to communicate mentally.  If they came to Texas, we could teach them.  Leslie explained to Ben and Linda.

Linda called her parents.  It was soon arranged that their parents and younger sister would be on a flight in the morning.  Their older brother, Elvis, was a marine sergeant in Hawaii.  When Linda and Ben talked to Elvis, he told them that he could not get leave on short notice.

Sue realized that it made more sense to have Marines that were already in Hawaii do the exploring through windows in Hawaii.  I will talk with Dave about using the Marines in Hawaii for the exploration there.  They will need to go to Texas to learn what they will have to do.  Elvis could accompany them. 

Yes, using marines based in Hawaii makes sense.  The Marine commander and his staff along with a core group can go to Texas.  There they can familiarize with the window technology and the other equipment for exploring.  Linda Steele meanwhile can go to Hawaii and check for locations for setting up the windows.  If Elvis were trained in mental communication and in the ability to sense the other worlds, that would be helpful.  I will join you in your talk with Dave.  Sol saw that they had had a few more lucky coincidences.

Ben, ask your father to bring a copy of the painting with the two moons that he brought when he received his medal.  I will explain when we meet.  Claire thoughts conveyed an importance that Ben did not understand.

They broke off their discussions.  Ben and Linda needed to make their reservations and pack.  Dave and many others needed to be trained, before many of them could head to Texas in the morning.

The End of A New World
The 2nd Novel in the Adjacent World Series is
A New Life


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