The Kin are a species that originated on the planet Friendship.  They are one of the five species of the Hand.  Before meeting the other species of the Hand, they made use of their mental abilities to communicate and control other non-sentient species that they herded.

Individuals of the Kin and individuals of the other species of the Hand may form a bond called a Kin bond that is similar to the bond between Life-Mates.  This bond is most likely to occur with individuals of great mental abilities.  Also, it is most likely to form with Humans.

Kin                             Kin-bond
Lantarn                     Robert Maclaren
Moiria                        Nancy Tohe
Xeria                         Claire Clarke
Atter                          A-tye
Elsen                        E-per
Sislai                        Mary Maclaren
Trovtan                     Brenda Maclaren
Velvon                       Bruce Jenson
Avla                          Alyca Maclaren Jenson
Vesta                        Karen Alice (KA) Lawrence
Kurtun                      Keyvan
Fela                         Sandra Lawrence
Jevron                     John Jess (JJ) Lawrence IV
Mixen                      Nelson Lawrence
Mort                        Leslie (Less) Lawrence
Vorosta                  John Harvey Lawrence III
Kaitu                      Marie Maclaren Lawrence
Nix                         Laurence (Larry) Titwell
Kera                      Ann Lawrence Tidwell
Claveria                Leslie Maclaren
Crevia                  John Lawrence II
Pretet                   LeeAnn Smythe Lawrence
Jarsa                    Len Pai
Paldinet               Kun Tsui
Palidai                 O-dof


Maria – Kin member of the singing group Hand.


  • Lack of information on this list for individuals Kin-bonded does not mean that a Kin-Bond does not exist.
  • Jess Maclaren and Alice Elizabeth Reynolds do not have Kin to who they are bonded.  This may be due to the trauma their Life-Mate bond suffered when Dame Professor Alice Farwell Maclaren died.

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