** denotes individual who is listed
L-M denotes Life-Mate

MaclarenBalerno, Scotland, UK

Alice Farwell Maclaren – she has dreams of the future that guide her and her family.
Professor at the University of Edinburgh and Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Developed the Theory of Adjacent Worlds
Dame Alice is a Dame Commander in the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.

  • Husband: Jess Maclaren**
  • Daughter: Professor Marie Maclaren Lawrence **
  • Daughter: Doctor Kimberley (Kim) Maclaren Reynolds **
  • Mother: Edna Cowan Farwell
  • Sister: Doctor Professor Mararet Farwell Gillon
  • Brother: Alan Farwell Jr.

Jess Maclaren:  Lead inventor of the Windows that allow access between adjacent world.  The Windows are based on his wife Alice’s Adjacent World Theory.  Also invented the AJ Power Generator which is also based on the Adjacent World Theory.  Jess has numerous earlier inventions that had made his family rich.

  • Wife: Dame Professor Alice Maclaren**
  • Daughter: Professor Marie Maclaren Lawrence **
  • Daughter: Doctor Kimberley (Kim) Maclaren Reynolds **
  • Father: Douglass Maclaren Jr.
  • Mother: Mary Alice Lewson Maclaren
  • Brother: James Maclaren
  • Cousin: William Maclaren Sr. **

Alyca Maclaren – 23 – PhDs in mechanical and electrical engineering.  Silver medal in the 1996 Olympics in three- position rifle.  Winner of four events in the 1999 Biathlon World Championship.  Inventor with many patents.  Designs skis, guns, racing cars among other things.  Assisted in the design of the windows.  She is her uncle Jess’s protogee.

Lawrence – Carlisle, England, UK

Marie Maclaren Lawrence:  Succeeded her mother as Professor at the University of Edinburgh and Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

  • Husband: John Harvey Lawrence III **
  • Daughter: Karen Alice Lawrence **
  • Son: John Jess Lawrence IV **
  • Daughter: Leslie LeeAnn Lawrence **
  • Mother: Alice Maclaren **
  • Father: Jess Maclaren **
  • Sister: Kim Reynolds **

John Harvey Lawrence III – 34 – John Harvey is a member of the British Parliament, who is expected to have a major position in the British Cabinet following the upcoming election in the fall.  He knows he will be busy elsewhere.  He is a part owner of the family business, Smythe Industries (S-I) which is run by his mother and father.

  • Wife: Marie Maclaren Lawrence **
  • Daughter: Karen Alice Lawrence **
  • Son: John Jess Lawrence IV **
  • Daughter: Leslie LeeAnn Lawrence **
  • Mother: LeeAnn Smythe Lawrence
  • Father: Sir John Lawrence II
  • Sister:  Barbera Lawrence Pace
  • Sister:  Professor Dr. Ann Lawrence Tidwell

Karen Alice (KA) Lawrence – KA breeds smarter dogs, cats, birds, etc.  She is looking forward to the animals she will meet on the new worlds.  She mentally communicates with animals which she has taught her brother and sister.  She is ten years old and has been breeding animals for five years.  Her grandmother Alice provided the initial encouragement, suggestions, and moneys for her breeding program which has shown a profit for the last couple of years.

  • Mother: Marie Maclaren Lawrence **
  • Father: John Harvey Lawrence **
  • Grandparents: Jess and Alice Maclaren **
  • Regis: her lead dog
  • Sphinx: her lead cat

John Jess (JJ) Lawrence IV -At eight, JJ knows when someone is telling the truth.  He can persuade a person or a group of people into believing and/or doing things.  Luckily his parents and grandparents recognized the problem and JJ understands when  and when not to apply this ability.

  • Mother: Marie Maclaren Lawrence **
  • Father: John Harvey Lawrence **
  • Grandparents: Jess and Alice Maclaren **

Leslie LeeAnn (Less) Lawrence – At six, she shares the abilities of her sister and brother but is mainly interested in riding horses.  She may ride in the Olympics in 2000 if she can get an exception from the Olympic Committee.  So far her cousin, Alyca Maclaren **, has secured the Russian and Chinese members votes so she may not need JJ to talk to the Olympic Committee.

  • Mother: Marie Maclaren Lawrence **
  • Father: John Harvey Lawrence **
  • Grandparents: Jess and Alice Maclaren **

Reynolds – Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA

Kimberley Maclaren Reynolds – Researcher at the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.

Robert Reynolds – IC Design Engineer for Texas Instruments

Jason Reynolds – 8 – Jason original mental abilities were able to sense and locate people at a long distance.  He can mentally communicate with his brothers.  His Life-Mate is Teresa Fusco.  When they met they were the youngest Life-Mates ever to find each other.

Eric Reynolds – 5 – Eric and his twin Jerome has the ability to locate objects.  He can mentally communicate with his brothers.

Jerome Reynolds – 5 – Jerome and his twin Eric has the ability to locate objects.  He can mentally communicate with his brothers.

Maclaren – Townsville, QLD, AU

William (Will) Maclaren Sr. – Sir William was knighted for leading SAS teams in defense of the Faulkland Islands.  His planning and actions are credited with preventing the invasion with the only wounded being himself.  He had a little help from Alice, Jess, and his wife Leslie in the planning.  He is currently head of security for Macphater Mining Equipment.

Leslie Macphater Maclaren – Joint owner with her father and brothers of Macphater Mining Equipment (MME).  MME is the second largest company in Australia.  She is CEO of the Out of This World Adventures division of MME.

William (Willy) Maclaren Jr. – Mechanical engineer at MME.  Lieutenant in the ASAS Reserve.

Ian Maclaren – Geologist at MME

Brenda Maclaren – Just graduated from the University of Edinburgh in pre-medicine.  Her twin is Mary.

Mary Maclaren – Just graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in electrical engineering.  She has been helping with the work on the windows.

Robert Jess Maclaren – 16 – Will be entering John Cook University in the fall after having tested out for completion of his high school education.  He has just completed an eight week course with MME security that was for former Special Forces NCO who were joining MME security.  He ranked third.

Macphater – Townsville, QLD, AU

Ian Macphater

Maclaren – Washington, DC, USA

Bruce Maclaren

Martha Maclaren

Betsy Maclaren

Bruce (BAM) Arnold Maclaren Jr.

Karen Maclaren

William Maclaren

Clarke – Washington, DC, USA

Claire Clarke – One of the Three-Fold Life-Mates is the daughter of US President David Clarke.    At the memorial service after her kidnapping, she spoke to a worldwide audience and showed that she surpassed her father as a speaker.  She has inherited her eidetic memory from her father.
Her original mental abilities:
–          Win over an audience when she speak or captivate a crowd with a wave or a smile.
–          Suggest / make someone go to sleep.

David (Dave) Clarke – served two terms as president of the United States of America, Earth.  He is the former governor of Tennessee.  Dave and Sue, his Life-Mate and wife, have shared thoughts and feelings since they met.  His children, Claire and Tommy, inherited his eidetic memory.

Susan Clarke – She is the Life-Mate and wife of Dave Clarke.  Sue had always been Dave’s chief advisor though unofficially.  They had always had the ability to share feelings and sometimes thoughts.  After they were able to fully communicate mentally, they worked closely together.  After Dave left office in 2001, they worked where they could share responsibility.  This included diplomatic visits to the Glazen, Clar, and Swizz home worlds.

Thomas (Tommy) Clarke – He is the son of Sue and Dave Clarke.  He has inherited his eidetic memory from his father.

Tohe – Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Nancy Tohe – She is one of the Three-Fold Life-Mates.  Like her father Nantai, Nancy paints of her dream visions.  Both she and Nantai often do not know the significance of their vision paintings.  One of her early paintings is of the Three-Fold Life-Mates.  She recognized Claire, the young daughter of the just elected president in the painting but she never showed this painting to her family.  At Chaparral High School, Linda lettered in volleyball, soccer, and softball her junior year.

Nantai Tohe – He is a Navaho painter with a studio in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Many of his paintings especially the better selling and more expensive ones are from vision that he had.  He met his wife and Life-Mate, Marion when she was his nurse when he was wounded in Vietnam.  They married and he brought his bride home to the Navaho reservation.  With money earned from his early paintings, they were able to bring Marion’s parents, brothers, and sister to the United States.  Their children are Elvis, Ben, Linda, and Nancy.

Marion Che-Tohe – Marion had been a nurse at a small hospital run by her parents.  When she moved to Arizona, her lack of formal training hampered her in getting a job.  When Nantai set up his studio in Scottsdale, she was able to earn her BSN and MSN.  She is the wife and Life-Mate of Nantai.  Their children are Elvis, Ben, Linda, and Nancy.

Elvis Tohe – He is the oldest child of Nantai and Marion.  He is a US Marine Sergeant station in Hawaii with the 1st Radio Battalion.  While in the service, he earned a BS in Electronic Engineering.  His Life-Mate is Marsha Breckington, a NASA engineer specializing in space communication systems.  During his senior year at Chaparral High School, he was the wide receiver, the first year that his brother Ben was quarterback.

Ben Tohe – He is a physic PhD candidate at Stanford University.  His advisor was Doctor Solomon White.  He is the Life-Mate of Mary Maclaren and the twin of Linda.  After leading Chaparral High School to successive Arizona state championships, he was a highly sought after football recruit by major universities.  He chose not to play football in college.  Instead, he and his twin Linda attended Stanford University on full academic scholarships.  He was basing his PhD work on Dame Alice’s Adjacent World Theory.

Linda Tohe – She is medical student at Stanford University.  She is the Life-Mate of Nels Lawrence and the twin of Ben.  At Chaparral High School, Linda lettered in volleyball, basketball, and track & field.  She was the home coming queen during her senior year.

White –Palo Alto CA, USA

Solomon White

Mei-lei white

David (Dave) White –  Life-Mate: Fran Fusco

Albert (Al) White- twin of Jen White

Jennifer (Jen) White – twin of Al White

Fusco –Townsville, QLD, AU

Teresa – Life-Mate of Jason Reynolds


Salvatora (Dora)

Steve – Life-Mate of Carol Stanley

Francis (Fran) – Life-Mate of Dave White

Steele – Washington, DC, USA
The Steeles are related to Diana White Smith (Trail Drive International)

Linda Steele – Life-Mate of Willy Maclaren

Mary Steele –  Life- Mate of Leroy Brown

Martha Steele – Mother of Linda and Mary


Tom Brown

Leroy Brown

Lawson – Balerno, Scotland, UK

James (Jamie) Lawson – Jamie is Eric’s father.  He is Professor of Electronics at University of Edinburgh, who advised Mary Maclaren.  He is a friend of Jess Maclaren.

Eric Lawson – Eric is a Major in the British Army.  He is the Military Attache for the British embassy in Australia.  Lisa is Eric’s wife and Life-Mate.  Eric credits Will for his joining the Army.  His PhD thesis on the rapid deployment of a force into a hostile environment was used by the Macphaters in planning the movement of goods to adjacent worlds.

Lisa Larson – Best friend of Kim Maclaren Reynolds.  She and her husband grew up in Balerno.  She had to postpone her studies for a PhD in Botany when Eric was posted to Australia.

Douglass – Balerno, Scotland, UK

Edward Douglass

Susan Douglass

Jenni Wavi – member of the singing group Hand; friend of Linda Tohe





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