• Balerno – Alice and Jess Maclaren’s home is located here is Scotland, UK
  • Carlisle – The first British exploration to adjacent worlds was at the Smyth Industries Kingmoor facility near Carlisle, UK
  • Chevy Chase – Location of Reynolds home near Washington D.C., USA
  • James Cook University – located in Townsville, QLD, AU
  • Lavarack Barracks – Location of the first Australian exploration to adjacent worlds.
  • Stanford University – Dr. Solomon White and Professor Mei-lei White teach here.
  • Maples Pavilion – Arena at Stanford University
  • TDI Ranch – Location of the first United States exploration to adjacent worlds.  Located between Dallas and Houston
  • Townsville – MME headquarters is located here in QLD, AU
  • White House

Companies working with the Maclarens

  • Maclaren Enterprises – ME – Auto sales and repair company (originally Maclaren Motors) started by Jess and Will’s parents.  When the four of them retired, Jess’s brother Jim took over running the company.    ME has expanded into the manufacturing of products designed by both Jess and Alyca.  Many of these products are devices to help the handicapped and elderly.
  • Macphater Mining Equipment – MME – The company started with Ian Macphater repairing vehicles after leaving the Army.  After fixing a large mining excavator, Ian found that he had more business than his small shop could handle.  MME manufactures mining equipment, owns mines, runs a major investment company, and has a major wilderness vacation station in the Outback.  MME is the second largest company in Australia.
  • Smythe Industries – S-I – Diversified manufacturing company based in Carlisle, UK.  It is owned by the Lawrence family.
  • Texas Instruments – TI – they have made use of a lot of Jess Maclaren’s patents
  • Trail Drive International – TDI – Outdoor sports related company based in Dallas, TX, USA.  Owned by the Smith family.  Manufactures sports equipment including ATVs, rifles, skis, etc.  including ones designed my Alyca Maclaren.

Special Equipment

  • Window – generates opening to adjacent world based on Adjacent World Theory
  • AJ Power Generator – produces electricity from the electrical potential between different locations in space as postulated by the Adjacent World Theory.
  • Coil Gun Rifles, Pistols, & Cannons – Alyca took a small AJ Generator and designed coil gun rifles and pistols.  Later with Bruce and other Team members she develops a Coil Gun Cannon which was more efficient because of the use of multiple AJ Power Generators along the length of the cannon.

Planets and Stars

  1. Worlds adjacent to Earth
    • Kartan
    • Friendship – Kin home world
    • Refuge
    • Frontier
    • Mossly
    • Oz
    • Harmony
  2. Other worlds
    1. Lotatt
    2. Stroven
    3. Lyysssiisss
    4. Mother – Glazen home world
    5. Home – Clar home world
    6. Lastarna – Risari home world
    7. Horstant
    8. Trraanneee
  3. Star/Planet Map for local arm of galaxy

Note: I am using wikipedia for many of the references.  It is not the best but it also has more references under external links.  The references here are just a starting place for further research.


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