When Dreams Come True

Adjacent Worlds
When Dreams Come True

The people hurried through the rain to escape.  A few carried the young children.  Again and again, someone would glance at the sky looking for the coming attack though the clouds would block sight of the attackers until they were upon them.  Their destination was a round window through which was another world where the sun shined brightly.

Just as the first of them neared the window, a tall, red haired, young man and two women stepped through from the other side.  One woman had blonde shoulder length hair and the other had long black hair in a braid that hung to her waist.  All three were armed.  While the blonde moved forward to talk to the people, the other two stood on either side of the window and scanned the sky beyond the clouds.

When the people saw the three, the soon to be refugees visibly relaxed though they continued to hurry.

Alice awoke quietly, knowing that her younger sister Marge had again left her own bed to sleep with her.  The same dream but the three who stepped out of the window were new.  The man looked like Jess and Will but older.  Then she knew who he was.  Will’s son.  She also knew that she and Jess were responsible for the window that let people step between worlds.

I need to tell Will and Jess about this dream.
Farwell  and Maclaren Homes
Edinburgh, Scotland
Saturday, May 15, 1954
As soon as she finished her chores, Alice hurried over to the Maclaren home next door.  When she knocked at the door, Jess’s mother Mary Alice answered the door.  “MA, Is everything all right?”  Isn’t this MB’s Saturday to stay home?”

MA laughed.  Alice and her mother were the only two outside of the family that she and her twin sister Mary Beth could never fool about which sister was which.

“She had work to do at the shop.  So we switched.”  MA knew Alice had come for her son and her nephew.  “They are almost done.  Come in and talk with me while I make the pies.”

“Mom and Marge are making a couple of cakes.  I will make sure to look for your pies tomorrow.”

As they entered the kitchen, two boys who were Alice’s age of ten ran in.  Anyone looking at them would take them for identical twins, but they were cousins who had been born on the same day within minutes.  Both of their parents were identical twins.

Alice’s mother, Edith who had been eight month pregnant with Alice at the time, had helped her mother with the deliveries of the boys.

“Mom, we’re done with our chores.”  Jess reported.

“Aunt Mary Alice, will there be some pie for us later?”  Will loved his aunt’s pies, which were better than his mother’s pies.

“Yes, I am making extra pies.  Alice if you bring them back in a couple of hours, there will be some for you also.”

“I will try and keep them away that long.”  Alice called back as the three headed out the door.

They grabbed their bikes and headed for the nearby stream.


They sat together on the stream bank with their feet dangling above the water.  As usual, the boys flanked Alice.  They were talking about the past school week and the writing assignment they had.  The boys soon noticed that Alice had something else she wanted to talk about but they waited for her to decide to bring it up.

“The math assignment was simple for Will and me.  It must have really bored you.”  Jess smiled at Alice.

“Yes, I need to find away to learn a lot of math.  I think that both of you should also.”  As she looked from one boy to the other, she saw the startled look in both boys’ eyes.

“That is not what I meant, but if you are going to do it, I will to.”

Will looked at his cousin as if he had two-heads.  Then he shook his head.  “It could not be any worse than the boring math assignments that we have now.”  He looked hard at Alice.  “Is this related to what you wanted to tell us?”

“Yes, I had a dream last night.  I had a similar dream last Friday, but the one last night had a little bit more in it.  Will, I say your son.  He and two women about his age were there to guard the people while they fled.”

“My son!  That must be thirty or forty years from now.  Whom were they running away from?  Russians?  Chinese?  Nazis?”

“Aliens, they were under attack from space.  I guess we will have space travel also, unless we just used the windows.”

“Aliens!  What do you mean ‘used the windows’?”

“That is how they were escaping.  A round window between worlds.”

“You do not read a lot of science fiction.”  Jess was the only one of the three that did.  “I guess this is one of your dreams that come true.”

“It is a possibility, but the first dream ended without Will’s son and the two women appearing.  Something happened to change it.”  Alice looked into the eyes of both boys then down at her hands.  “In both dreams, I felt that Jess and I were responsible for the window to the other world.  It was as if the two worlds were adjacent and we build the window to connect them.”

“I didn’t help?  What was I doing?”  Will felt he was being left out.

“Will, you do not like math or science.  You are good at them but you are really good with people.  You are always the captain of the team.  You do OK at the shop helping to fix the cars and trucks but you only want to fix not make them better or try something different.  You told me the other day, that you want to join the army.”

Will shook his head agreeing with what his cousin said.  “I guess someone has to defend us from aliens when we go to the other planets.”

“The other possibility is becoming a politician.  The three of us cannot do it by ourselves.”  Alice knew what Will’s reaction would be.

“No politician.  I will be an army officer.  I want to do things not talk.  I will leave it to you to take care of the politics.”

“Let me tell you about the dreams.”


Alice got the boys back less than a half hour late.

“I thought that you could not wait for a piece of pie?”  MA teased the three.

“Mom, we want to go to the university.  It would help if we learned more than we are being taught now in school.”

They had anticipated the surprise they would see on their parents faces.

“The headmaster talked to my mom and dad about skipping a grade.  When they talked to me, I said I wanted to stay in the same class with Will and Jess.”

MA burst into laughter.  When she stopped, she had a big smile.  “That is what they said about you when we talked to them about skipping a grade.  I guess you did not talk about it with each other.”

Alice and the boys exchanged looks and burst into laughter also.

“We will talk with Headmaster Hardesty on Monday.  Let me cut you pieces of pie.  Jess get the milk.  Will, the glasses and plates.  Alice, would you get the forks.  I will call your mother about us going over to talk to her after you are finished.

Three Sixth Year Leavers at Forrester have Perfect Grades – Sarah Richards, The Scotsman
June 2, 1962

Headteacher Devin Scott reports that three of Forrester Students, Alice Farwell, William Maclaren, and Jess Maclaren, have had perfect grades during their six years there.  All three have also been active in extra-curricular activities.  William Maclaren was captain of the rugby and basketball teams that were first in Scotland the last two years.  He and his cousin Jess made a formidable combination that led the teams to these victories.  All three have scholarships to Edinburgh but William Maclaren will be attending the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.  Alice Farwell will be studying Mathematics.  Jess Maclaren will be studying Electrical Engineering. …

University of Edinburgh
Scotland, Great Britain
Thursday, September 3, 1964

Professor Morrison had been right.  The guest professor from Texas was very good.  The fact that Professor Low was a woman only a few years older than Alice was made her someone that Alice also wanted to talk to personally.

At the end of class, Alice walked to the front of the class to introduce herself.  “Professor Low, I am Alice Farwell.  My plan is to be a professor of applied mathematics at Edinburgh and the Maxwell Institute.  I would like to talk with you about your experience especially as related to being female in a male dominated field.”

Beth had been interested in meeting the second year student that Henry Morrison, the department chairman had asked her to include in her class.  The redheaded, young woman looked even younger than she expected, but handled herself as though she had many more years than she looked.  She had easily noticed her in the class, being that there were only two women and the other was her own age.  She had never had the confused look of the other students.  She wondered how much she had understood.  “Miss Farwell, you were the only one that never looked confused during my lecture.  Do you have any questions?”

“Your interpretation of the Euler beta function model differs from Gabriele Veneziano’s in his paper that you reference.  I find that I agree more closely with you but a dual resonance model, which is based on this model, appears to require a more general interpretation.

Beth was stunned.  Her difference from Veneziano’s interpretation was not something she had expected any of the students to notice.  That Alice had considered a dual resonance model to consider the difference was something that she had considered for her dissertation but had discarded.  Alice’s idea of a more general interpretation was not something she had considered but it seemed to be on the right track.  “Alice, your idea of a more general interpretation was something that I had not considered but may lead to a better dual resonance model.  I thought that this course was not directly related to your intended field of study from what Professor Morrison told me.  Your understanding is surprising for something outside of your field.  What is your reason for taking this course?”

Alice blushed.  “I test out most of the courses after reading the text and reference material.  The only ones that I attend classes for are those where I expect to learn more from the professor.  Professor Morrison is my advisor and knows this.  He recommended that I take this course for that reason.  My real field of interest is much broader than my stated field of interest.”

Now, Beth was blushing.  Morrison had recommended her course because Alice would learn more than what was in the reference material.  “Alice, please call me Beth, I think that I will also be learning from you?”

Alice shook Beth’s hand.  “We learn from everyone that we meet, but I agree that we both will learn much from each other.”

Beth wondered if she misjudge Alice’s age.  “How old are you?  You look younger than I expected but act much older.”

“Nineteen.”  Alice did not tell Beth about what only she and her mother knew about the reason for Alice seeming older.

“Would you like to get something to eat?”  Beth wanted to learn more about this remarkable woman.  She knew that she was regarded as an exceptional mathematician, but Alice was young and matched her in her field, which was not the one that she was pursuing.

“Thank you, but today is my sister’s birthday.  We need to get home.”  Alice turned and motioned to a young man who had just entered the room.

How did she know he was there?  She was not facing the door.  Beth considered the man as he joined them.  Same age as Alice and well over six foot but his red hair was much lighter than Alice’s.
“Professor Low, this is my fiancée, Jess Maclaren.  Jess, Professor Beth Low.”

They shook hands.  Beth could have sworn that Alice and Jess communicated.  She had asked him something.

“Beth, would you like to join our families for dinner and a little party.  We live only about ten minutes from campus.”


“Jess and I grew up next door to each other.  The two of us and his cousin, Will, did everything together.  Will is at Sandhurst, so it will be less confusing than it might be.”

“Jess realized that he needed to explain Alice’s statement to Beth.  “Will and I have been hard to tell apart as our parents are identical twins.  They will switch identities to confuse you but they do that with everyone except Alice and her mother.”

Beth realized that she was very interested in finding out about Alice, Jess, and their families.  It sounded like a lot more fun than going back to her apartment and eating alone.  “Yes, I would like to join you.  I have to go back to my office first.  Where should I meet you?”

“Jess can get the car.  I will go with you and we can meet him out back.”


Alice and Beth exited the backdoor and found Jess waiting by the car for them.

“That looks like a Jaguar but it is different.”  Beth wondered at a college student being able to afford such a car.

Jess opened the back door for Beth.  “Yes, it started out as one before some idiot wrecked it killing his wife and himself.  I convinced Will to do modifications when we rebuilt it.  It took a while longer to make the custom parts.”

“Their parents own the dealership and a repair shop.  This is the fifth wreck that we made over, but the first that Will agreed to modify.  We have not had much time to work on cars since we started at the university.”  Alice added.

“You are studying mechanical engineering?”  Beth asked Jess.

“No, electrical engineering.  That is where the major advances are needed.”

“We both have scholarships.  We will marry after he graduates and can support a family.  I will get my doctorate soon after and join the faculty.”  Alice saw the surprised look on Beth’s face.  “Professor Morrison has said that the selection committee had already discussed it.  They wanted to make sure that I did not accept another offer.”

Beth was surprised.  She had got an offer from SMU her first year of graduate school which was unusual.  She had never heard of a sophomore getting an offer.  “You sound like you have your life planned out”

“The three of us decided what we needed to do when we were ten, but Jess and I did not fall in love until we were fifteen.  That led to a better understanding of what we needed to do.”

“What about Will.  Does he have a fiancée?”

“No.  He will not meet her until after he graduates.  When will you be getting married?”

Beth glanced out the window thinking of Tom Reynolds.  “Tom might have asked me if I had not taken the opportunity to teach at Edinburgh for a year.”  She turns back to Alice.  “How did you know?”

“Your reaction when I introduced Jess as my fiancée was the main hint.”  Alice had much better reason to know but it was not something that she thought she could tell Beth at this time.

Alice and Beth discuss Tom in the few minutes it took to reach Alice’s home.  There Beth is overwhelmed by their families.

Maclaren-Farwell – Alice Lisa Farwell and Jess David Maclaren were wed on Saturday June 11, 1966 in a ceremony by the bride’s father, Reverend Alan Farwell Senior.  Marge Farwell, the bride’s sister, was the bride’s maid and Lieutenant William Maclaren, the groom’s cousin, was the best man.  …


Lavarack Barracks
Queensland, Australia
Friday November 3, 1972
Captain William Maclaren had just finished his first week of training with the Australian SAS.  Three of the officers had really impressed him and then they had that additional factor.  The Macphater brothers could mentally track their men just as he could and often knew what each other were thinking just as he did with Alice and Jess.  Well maybe not that well but it was obvious, which Alice had always told them not to be.  They were reservists and lived off base.

It had come as a surprise when they had asked him to come home with them for the weekend.  Their homes were together with their parents on land that the family owned out in the country.  He would be staying at their parents’ home in one of their old rooms.

He was surprised when they had turned off the paved road, especially when it took another twenty minutes to reach the house.  “Why are you so far from town?”

“Mom likes the country.  She is part Bushman.  When Dad took over this land in payment for a debt, she told him that she wanted a house out here.  Karen loves the area, so we build our house next to theirs.”  Andy the oldest brother told Will.

“Don and I built homes out here after we each got married.  I will be opening an office in Brisbane soon so we will only be here now and then.”  Gav the youngest brother added.

“We own all the land since we left the paved road.  No minerals, but nice land.  This is why dad got so much of it for the debt.”  Don pulled the Land Rover into a large carport with over a dozen vehicles outside of a very large garage fully equipped for any automobile repair.

“That is a well equipped garage.  Reminds me of our shop at home.”  Will had spent many hours working the Maclaren’s repair shop behind the family dealership.

“Your family repairs cars.”  Andy and his brothers had not talked to Will about his family.

“We sell them, fix them, and modify them.  I enjoy helping when I am home on leave.”

“Dad started off repairing cars and trucks.  Then he got asked to fix some mine equipment.  Soon we were designing and making mining equipment.  This garage allows us to fix our own vehicles.”

Will saw that this was another thing that he had in common with the brothers.

Suddenly two young boys, yelling Daddy, ran up and hugged Andy.  Behind them was a young girl holding a toddler’s hand, who also was excitedly approaching though slowed down by her brother.

Andy kneeled down and hugged the children who then went and greeted their uncles.

“I didn’t know you had four children.”  Will was the only one of his siblings or cousins that was unmarried and without children.

“He doesn’t.  He has seven.”  Gav laughed.

“June, Joyce, and Jane are triplets.  My name is Isaac.  Brad is my twin.”  Isaac proudly tells Will.

“Gav has one girl and I have two boys.”  Don says as he picks up his niece.  “This is Lynn.  Andy is holding Nelson.”

As they head toward their parents house, the brother’s wives exit the house to greet their husbands.

“Will, this is my wife Nancy and my boys Donny and Justin.  Gav’s wife Christine and his daughter Casey.”

“This is my wife Karen.  This is Will Maclaren from Scotland.”

Will notices that the three women were looking him over.  Before he could give it much thought, Gav’s introduction of his parents interrupts his thoughts.

“Father, Mother, this is Captain Will Maclaren from Edinburgh.  Will this is my father Ian and my mother Brenda.”

Will saw an older man that had the same tall rugged look as his sons with a short, dark haired women beside him.  As he stepped forward to greet them a beautiful young women that combined the best features of both of them stepped from behind them.  All of his attention was on her, forgetting about everyone else.

Brenda Macphater turned and saw that her daughter Leslie was just as captivated by the man that her brothers had brought home as he was by her.  “Gav!”

“Will this is my sister Leslie.  Leslie this is William Maclaren.”

Will and Leslie approached each other and stood holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes for over three minutes before realizing they were not alone.  They turned as one to face her parents.

“Will this is my father Ian Macphater and my mother Brenda.”  Leslie repeated the introduction of her parents while still holding Will’s left hand.  Ian stepped forward and shook hands but Brenda embraced Will.

“Leslie, take Will to the living room.  Nancy and Chris take care of the children.  Karen can help me with the rest of the dinner preparations.  Ian, take the boys and talk to them about surprising us like this.”  Brenda directed her family.

After dinner, everyone helped clean up so that they were quickly able to sit out on the terrace.  The children played in a fenced area nearby.

“Will, I understand you are a career officer.  Could I persuade you to come and work for me?”  Ian was concerned about his daughter marrying someone that would be gone from home for long periods of time and might be killed.

“Father!”  Leslie sitting holding hands with Will was shocked at the presumption of the question.

“No, I can see your father’s concern.”  He told Leslie before turning to Ian.  “
Sir, I became a military officer because that is where I will be needed.  I still have much to learn and do.”

“You had a vision?”  Brenda’s question was not one of disbelief but of eagerness to know.

“Not I.  My cousin Jess’s wife Alice has dreams.  For me and at least one of my sons, she saw us as protecting people.”

Ian started to interrupt but Brenda’s hand on his arm stopped him.

Will looked at Brenda.  “I take it that I am not the only one here that believes in visions.”

The Macphaters laughed.  “I have had some.”  Brenda told Will.

“Let me tell you of my youth.”  Will related the unusual relationship and experiences that he shared with Jess and Alice.  He did not mention the windows that allowed access to other worlds or their plans.

“Both of my parents are identical twins, who’s twins also married each other.  My cousin Jess and I were born within minutes of each other.  We had been taken for identical twins all our lives.  Jess’s wife Alice is the granddaughter of the midwife who helped our mothers.  Her mother, Edna, assisted her mother.  They have lived next to us from before I was born.  Yes, Jess and I and our brothers and sisters grew up in the same household.  Our parents live and work together though it is two pairings and not anything else.  Many were never sure about them since they insist of dressing and looking alike to confuse people.  The family has never had problems with mixing them up but everyone else except Alice and Edna do.  Alice is sixteen days younger than Jess and me.  We grew up doing everything together.  When we were about fifteen, Jess and Alice fell in love with a bond that I envied.”  Will looked at Leslie.  “Now I have found Leslie, I feel that I have found such a bond.  It is more than I realized even knowing Alice and Jess so well.”  He turns to Karen, Leslie’s mother.  “But you want to know about the dreams.  Alice had dreams that came true as far back as I can remember, but she only told them to Jess and me.  We always knew that most people didn’t have such dreams.  Jess and I have never had them though all three of us have the same perception of family and others close to us as your children do.”

“I have it also and I have had several visions that have come true.”  Karen turns to Ian.  “Even Ian developed some perception of us when the children were young.”

“Well, because of this closeness between us, we never doubted Alice’s dreams.  We actually learned to make use of them or when we got older, we learned how to change them.  We only succeeded a few times.  It is hard to determine what to do.

“One Friday when we were ten, Alice had a dream of people fleeing.  They were being attacked.”  Will looked at the nine Macphaters and found that he had an audience that believed him.  “She did not tell us about the dream until she had another the following Friday.  This one started out the same, except three people appeared to help them.  One of them looked like Jess and me.  Alice wondered which of us it was.  Then she knew that it was my son.”  Will looked at Leslie.  “That is how we knew from that time forward that I would have to go out in the world as a warrior and find my wife, since Alice did not know who his mother was.”  He takes both of Leslie’s hands.  “Leslie, when I saw you.  I knew that you were the one.”  He turned to Ian and Brenda.  His smile turned to a very serious expression.  “Ian and Brenda, I ask your permission to court your daughter Leslie so that we may learn if we truly have such a bond.”

Before Ian could speak, Leslie did.  “Will, we share such a bond.  Though I would enjoy having you court me.”

Will’s happiness at hearing Leslie’s words was apparent to all.  “Leslie, I will continue to cherish you and love you always.”

“And I you.”

“Leslie needs to finish up at the university.”  Ian did not want her sidetracked from getting her education.  Of all his children, she was the one that he thought showed the most promise.  “She is studying at James Cook.”

“Would the University of Edinburgh be acceptable?”  Will was smiling.

“She will have to apply and it will take a while for the university to process her application.”  Ian didn’t want his only daughter moving so far away.

“Alice is a full professor there.  She will be able to speed along the admission.”

“She is young to be a full professor.  She is only twenty-seven the same as you.”  Gav knew his professors were much older than him.  Even some of the graduate students helping them were a good number of years older than his twenty-two years.

“Alice does not let little things like age hold her back.  She was a full professor before Marie was born.  The youngest ever at Edinburgh.  Jess works from home and takes care of the two girls.”

“You expect to have children that soon.”  Brenda asks.

“It is not my call.  I will just assist.”  He nodded to Leslie who is blushing.

“No mother!  We will wait a while.  I will want some time with my husband before we have children.”  Leslie leaned over and kissed Will for the first time.


The next morning during breakfast, Will had a question that he was not sure how to ask.  Finally, he decided just to state it bluntly.  “Why did you readily accept that Leslie and I should marry?”

Karen laughed.  “That is the same question that I had when Andy brought me to meet them after we had fallen in love when we met.  Nancy and Chris were also brought home within a week.”

“My boys felt that you were the one for their sister.”  Ian wondered what the next generation would be like, especially Will and Leslie’s son that Alice had seen in her dream.


Will took a week of leave for the wedding and a short honeymoon after the Australian training exercise had ended before returning to Scotland with his bride.

As they started to leave the plane, Will knew that his parents, aunts and uncles, Jess’s parents, all of their children and grandchildren were at the airport to meet Leslie.  He then realized that he had forgotten to mention that his parents and their twins liked to confuse people about which twin they were.

“Leslie, I forgot to mention that Jess’s and my parents might try to confuse you about which twin they were.”

“I never confused any of Karen’s kids.  I am just as good as my brother’s at keeping track of people especially family.”

Will realized that Leslie would fit in to his family as much as he fit into hers.  “I think that my whole family is out there to meet you.  Even Grandma Maclaren is here.  I count forty-seven of them out there.”

The smile that appeared on Leslie’s face surprised him.  “I can sense them.  They are so eager to meet me.”


Jess, Alice, and their girls held back until all of the other relatives had greeted the newlyweds.  Finally when their turn came, Marie holding Kim’s hand moved forward.  “Uncle Will!”  Marie called as he scooped the two girls up, one in each arm.  They both hugged and kissed their “Uncle”.  Then Marie looked to the women beside him and smiled.  “Aunt Leslie!”

Leslie was surprised that the three year-old girl knew her name.  Then she saw that the younger sister was squirming around to see her.  She reached up and took the older sister from Will.  “Hello Marie.”  She said as the girls arms reached around her neck to hug her as she gave her a kiss.  Will then held Kim so that she could give Leslie a kiss.  “Hello Kim.”

Jess took Marie and gave Leslie a kiss on the cheek.  “Welcome to Scotland.”

Even after Will having told her that he and Jess looked alike, she was surprised at the similarity.  She didn’t think she would be able to distinguish between them in photographs though she would never mistake them in person.  She always knew where Will was when he was near.

Alice stepped forward and embraced Leslie.  “We are so happy that you and Will have found each other.  He now has you to share his life with as Jess and I share ours.”

Leslie realized that she could feel the connection between Will, Jess, and Alice.  Then she realized that the connection now included her.

“We have found you a house to rent near us so that you and Will can have privacy.  When Will is away, we have a guest room where you can stay.  Monday, I will take you to the University and walk you through the paperwork.”  Alice’s words and smile showed how welcome Leslie was.

Leslie embraced Alice in a fierce hug.  She hadn’t known such a sense of belonging even with her own family.


Alice and Jess Maclaren’s Home
Balerno, Scotland
Sunday, January 31, 1982

It was another Sunday dinner as they usually had whenever Will was home.  Will’s and Jess’s families together after church with the wives cooking and the husbands with the children.  Lately, Marie and Kim being teenagers would sometimes help with dinner or help with their cousins.  Will and Leslie had lived in Scotland for eleven years during which Willy Jr. had been born just before Leslie got her degree, followed by Ian a couple of years later, and the twins, Mary and Beth, three years after him.  All of the children were red heads like their father, which made Leslie the single blonde among all the red heads in both families.  They had made three trips with both families to visit Leslie’s family in Australia over the years and Leslie had taken the children there the previous summer when Will had been on a long deployment.  Ian had offered Will a job every time that he saw his son-in-law.  Macphater Mining Equipment had prospered and Ian wanted Will as family to handle security.

Will and Jess were in Jess’s workshop with Willy and Ian “helping” them.  The current project was a prosthetic arm using a TI processor for some simple movements.

Kim and Marie were playing a game with the twins in one of the bedrooms while Alice and Leslie talked while they prepared dinner.

The back door opened and another red head girl hurried in.  She was bundled up for the cold and still had some snow on her legs.  “Hi Aunt Alice, Aunt Leslie!”  She cried as she ran over and hugged them.  “Can I stay for dinner?”

“Yes, you may Alyca.  Your mom called and said you were on your way over.”

Mary and Beth ran in.  The three young girls joined in a big hug.  The twins must have sensed Alyca and hurried out to greet her.  They had been in one of the bedrooms with the door shut.  Marie and Kim followed.  They each hugged their cousin.

“Come play with us.”  Beth asks.

“After dinner.  I want to see the arm that Uncle Jess is working on.”

“OK.”  The twins said in unison and turned back to where they had been playing.

Alyca ran off to the workshop.

“If I didn’t know better, I would suspect that Sonya sends her over here.  That girl has more energy than any two children that I know.”  Leslie tells Alice after they are again alone in the kitchen.

Alice laughed.  “I don’t think Sonya discourages her.  Alyca overwhelms her mother.  She will be an excellent engineer.  She is always asking Jess questions about the things that he makes.  Last week he made changes because her questions showed that he had not taken something into consideration.  I expect that she will need to work on many different things to keep herself busy.”


After dinner, Will and Jess were helping their wives cleanup.  The children had just gone outside to play.

“Will, the exercise in Canada needs to be cancelled.  You and your men need to be ready for the real thing.”  Alice comment stops all activity in the kitchen as the others looked at Alice.

“You know the real purpose behind the exercise?”  The British government had publicized the exercise with the Canadians as no more than a show of the ability of both Britain and Canada to operate independently of the United States.  Will knew the real reason was to show the Argentine government that Great Britain was able to protect the Falkland Islands.

“The Argentineans will invade when the British forces are committed.  The military will be unable to quickly respond with their forces ashore in Canada.”

Will had thought that the exercise would not deter Argentine on their ambition to take over the Falklands and the other South Atlantic British possessions.  He had argued that it would allow them to get a better understanding of the British military capabilities and use the information for planning.

“The military and the government are committed.  At most, I may be able to keep my men out of the exercise.  We could be ready to infiltrate and harass them until our main forces could get there, but it would be months.”

“No!!”  Leslie grabbed Will’s arm.

Will hugged Leslie.  “I will be all right.”

“Only if you start preparing now and take extra care.  You need to be there when they invade.  Even then, you will need everything you have to keep the islanders safe.”  Alice had had dreams about the coming conflict over the past weeks.  She had a fairly good idea of what Will would face.

“The Argentineans are just trying to get the people to think about something other than the economic and other problems in their country.”  Jess knew that the Falklands came up every time there was unrest in Argentina.

“They will need more than talk this time to divert the peoples’ attention.”  Alice dreams had been very specific.

“I am pregnant.”  Leslie voice was barely a whisper.

Will turned and looked in surprise at his wife but there was a big smile on his face.

“I only became sure today.  I was going to wait and tell you when we were alone.”  She told him as Will picked her up and kissed her.

“He is the one that I dreamed about all those years ago.  Will, you must take care.  He will need you more than any of the others will.”  I still do not know more about the two young women that I saw with him.  Only that they are together just like Jess and I or Will and Leslie.  I need to know more before I can speak about them.  Could it be that I am not to tell anyone about them?
“I will need to talk to General Stewart.  Another squadron will need to be designated to infiltrate prior to the main attack during the exercise.  If I convince him, I can have plans to infiltrate and”

“No, it will not work and you will die.”  Alice voice was commanding as she cut Will off.  “You need to be there to meet them.  Can you convince them to assign two SAS squadrons and a SBS squadron so you will be there before the invasion?”

“We will need a ship and the ones big enough to take us are all tied up with the exercise.”

“The Thuringowa!  She is almost ready.”  Leslie was excited.  Could I help keep Will alive?  “She is a cargo ship.  She is not meant to carry people.”  Ian Macphater had decided he needed his own ship to carry the mining equipment that Macphater Mining Equipment manufactured.  Alice had convinced him that it could be profitable when they had visited six years ago.  Leslie turned and stared at Alice.  “You knew.”

“I knew that the ship would be important when your father decided to look into it but I did not see Will on it until three days ago.”  Alice was amazed how her dreams were converging.

“Do you have a way to convince them that the Argentineans plan to invade?”  Will knew that would be the crucial item to make this happen.  “And anything else that would be useful.”  Will realized that Alice had been holding back information from them.  He could tell by the look on his cousin face that she had kept him in the dark.

“The Chilean military has information that will convince both the military and the politicians.”

The four of them spent an hour talking over what Alice knew and how Will would need to present it.  Will then put a call to his general and arranged a meeting for Monday morning.

While he was on the call, Leslie and Alice went and told the children that they would be staying over.  Marie and Kim would take care of the twins and see that the boys went to sleep when they were supposed to.  Alyca asked if she could stay over.  Alice took her aside and told her that it wasn’t yet her time to have adventures but that if she worked hard and studied that she would have more than she could imagine.

The four adults stayed up late talking about Alice’s dreams and figuring out what information they could garner from them.  As they were finishing Leslie took Will’s hand.

“If we loan you the ship, I want you to go to work for dad when you get back.”

Will knew that Leslie was serious, but didn’t know what to say.  He enjoyed what he did and it was what he needed to do to be ready for what was to come.

“Will, your time here is done.  You will be needed in Australia.  Even more, Leslie needs to be there.”

Alice’s statements caused Will and Leslie to turn their attention to her.  They could tell that they would have to wait to find out more about the other dreams that Alice was not yet ready to share with them.

Will felt that it was the right thing to do what Leslie wanted.  With Alice saying that it was necessary, any hesitation that he had was gone.  “Tell your dad that I need the ship and that I will take his offer of security chief that he had been offering for the past ten years when I return.”

Leslie hugged Will.  “You just make sure that you come back to me.”

‘I will.”


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